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Airtel Super Singer Junior 2, Deepavali Special 2

Airtel Super Singer Junior 2,
Deepavali Special 2, 14th October 2009

Airtel Super Singer Junior 2 - Deepavali Special 2

Airtel Super Singer Junior 2 - Deepavali Special 2
14th October 2009

En Kannin Manigalae

Peppered with maxims and telling anecdotes, Sivakumar’s recent address in the presence of a 7,500-strong student community and stalwarts, at Sona College, Salem, will be an aural treat that awaits the Vijay TV viewer this Deepavali.

“My only strength is that I have no weakness,” begins the painter, actor and orator, smiling at the apparent paradox.

Initially, the flow of his speech doesn’t give you any inkling about what the speaker has up his sleeve. But the ideas that hang loose like unconnected strands of pearls get cohesive and culminate in pithy, thought-provoking messages. Thoughtfully titled ‘En Kannin Manigalae,’ the speech is at once endearing and forthright, preachy and friendly, funny and profound.

“Striking rapport with youngsters is a prerequisite if a speaker has to take them along. You have to present yourself as their voice, otherwise they could boo you out,” says Sivakumar. He establishes the connect straightway likening the boys to his sons, and girls to his daughter, after which they are all ears!

Positive approach

Sivakumar underlines the importance of morality, humility, compassion, respect, patriotism and honesty that are bound to take a person places. The event opens with the various portraits, pencil sketches and water colour paintings he’s done. “That segment of my life ended at the age of 23, after which emerged the aspiring actor, who went on to do nearly 200 films,” he says.

And from Kambar and Bharati to Kannadasan he quotes extensively. The fluency is amazing particularly because, as always, he has no reference material in front of him! Then comes the crux of the speech — a reservoir of pertinent thoughts for youth, which involves issues such as the present job scenario, post-marriage blues. So listen to him, enjoy and deliberate upon it. It should be worth your while!

‘En Kannin Manigalae’ is all set for this Deepavali on October 17, 3 to 5 p.m. on Vijay TV.

Deepavali Dhamaka

Vijay TV has always been very different and unique in their programs for festivals. This deepavali is even in the similar way with interesting line-up of programmes.

17th October, 2009, Saturday

5.30 AM - Mangala Isai

6.00 AM - ‘Arul Urai’
Bangaru Adigalar, Muralidhara Swami and Bharadwaj Swami present discourses.

6.30 AM - ‘Samarpanam’
A devotional recital by Shobha Chandrasekar on Lord Krishna.

8.00 AM - ‘Sirappu Patti Mandram’
Scholar-writer Thamizh Aruvi Manian dons the role of a judge for the topic
‘Changes in today’s world: Acceptable or not?”

9.00 AM - ‘Neeya Naana’.
Small screen stars will be the special participants.

12.00 PM - ‘Koffee with Anu’ Special
Actor Suriya and producer Udayanidhi Stalin sharing their experiences while making ‘Aadhavan’.

2.00 PM - Curtain-raiser of Venkat Prabhu’s ‘Goa’
Curtain-raiser of Venkat Prabhu’s ‘Goa’ with Jai, Premji, Sneha and others.

3.00 PM - ‘Sivakumarin En Kannin Manigalae’
Multi-faceted personality addresses the youth of today.

5.00 PM - ‘Peraanmai’.
Jeyam Ravi talks to viewers about his Deepavali release,

18th October, 2009, Sunday

‘Antha Kaalam Indha Kaalam.’

9.00 AM - ‘Adu Idhu Ethu’
Features actors Jai, Premji and Vaibhav who talk about their friendship and their forthcoming film ‘Goa’.

12.00 PM - ‘Paatu Paadava’
Singer Vinaya is the special guest participant in this special episode.

Ulaganayagan Kamal 50 - Day 1 Part 2


I dont remember which actor started about the 1980s films. It was SP Muthuram and Prabhu

SPMuthuraman: “Me and Manorama Achi's first film as assistant director & female comedian was Kalathur Kanamma. We are proud to say that this is our 50th anniversary function as well. When Kamal was kid, I used to take him around the shooting set and explain him things... but now this guys is taking me around and showing his collections, world cinema“.

Prabhu - ”Kamal had spent more time with my father than me and my brother Ramkumar. So, I could say that Kamal is the real heir for my father in acting". I think Kamal had given Prabhu the break in the film which was a very big break in his career.

Heroines Stage

Actress Radhika came into the stage and she was making the show live... really live..she said, "Without heroines like us how can Kamal be called as Kaadal Mannan? Everytime I see movie or act with Kamal in scene where he romancing the heroine, I always believe that Kamal loves that girl in real life. But, after acting with him I came to know that if its even a buffalo he will look so romantic still. It shows his acting skills. I can tell here that I like Kamal Haasan;s eves very much". She started calling the heroines to the stage, Actress Revathi, Taby, Gowthami, Urvasi, Radhika, Rohini..

Revathi started singing "Ingi idupazhaga", Tabu spoke about what she learnt from Kamal.. on his make up time.
Gowthami said " I have acted 4 movies with him and after these many years I just wanted to say thanks". Gowthami was introduced by Radhika as Kamal Haasan's real life heroine.
Urvasi spoke about his eyes and his kissing and how she used to be in the sets.
Rohini had her poem about Kamal.

Kids with Flowers

It was very emotional moment when kids came in dancing for Kamal's super songs. Suddenly they started running to Kamal and danced in front of him with a rose in hand and Kamal was moved by this. Kids' dance was even very graceful and I liked this a lot.

Musical Delight

S P Balasubramaniam and Hariharan rocked the stage with their performances of the Kamal Haasan's songs. Stephen Devassy was scoring the background music and it was a perfect fusion in the evening. SPB said even though we sing the song, Kamal Haasan brings the emotions in the screen and that makes the song a super hit and popular.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Ulaganayagan Kamal 50 - Day 1 Part 1

First it all started with the red carpet welcome for the guests and there was very short interview with most of them asking few questions about Kamal haasan.. it was either what character of Kamal haasan you like, which character in kamal haasan's movie you like and which film would you remake if given a chance.. This day had many artists speaking.. some of them whom I could remember are Shantanu, Poornima Bhagyaraj, dance master Raghuram, Gayathri Raghuram, Ajmal, Jai, Myskin, Anu Haasan, Pandiarajan...

Popular work in every decade

The show was made in such a way that Kamal Haasan's popular movie's clippings were put in the AV and most important thing is these were categorised with every decade he had worked. the people who spoke about this was also the popular person of that decade.... they come to stage and speak about Kamal Haasan and their experience with Kamal. It all started from 1960s and went on with few of the industry people speaking on the occasion. I liked the way this was organised and AV was even opt..

Vijay TV's Hosts

Gopinath was hosting the show to an extent.. His trademark talk kept the show moving but I could say he did not had time to be on stage most of the time.. he was introducing few people and going off.. I think these days Gopinath is the first preferred host in Vijay TV. Other hosts were Ramya and DD.. they were mostly interacting with the guest who were given red carpet welcome.. DD had a lifetime opportunity to speak with superstar Rajinikanth and ulaganayagan Kamal Haasan together..she asked about the Sivaji film's dialog "naan kamal haasan mathiri vellaya irukenla". Kamal answer to that was really too good.. he said, "I know whats the color inside and outside color does not matter. Everyone is trying to get white color inside but its not easy to do that".

Sarathkumar's Welcome note

I think supreme star Sarathkumar was present in the show and even in the stage with Kamal, Rajini and other language super stars. It must be because Sarath is the south Indian film association leader. I agree he is a very good actor but I was not so happy with him on the stage alongside with Rajini, Kamal, Mohan Lal, Mammuty, Venkatesh. Sarath kumar's welcome note was okay, in one instance he said.. "I can act for 100 years also"..


Madavan's Anbe Sivam - Actor Madavan and a kid were conversing about the Kamal Haasan. His conversation was referring to Anbe Sivam movie and it was very interesting to listen to that conversation. It started with 1960s of Kamal..

AVM Saravanan - AVM Saravanan who has been in the industry for such a long time and he is been given the first preference by everyone in most of the functions. This day even was AVM Saravanan to start with. He said ” Kamal as a kid came to me and wanted to act in a movie. I took him to my father AV Meyyappa chettiar(AVM). On seeing Kamal, he moved the Lamp to his face and said ‘This guy is going to act in our next movie’. I said 'we have already booked someone else'. So, my father was the first person to show light to Kamal"

Saroja devi - Kamal is my handsome kid


Jeyaram - Actor Jeyaram came into the stage to speak about Kamal Haasan's films in 1970s. He invited K Balachander and Sivakumar for the same. Jeyaram said "I can proudly say that before Tamil industry found Kamal as a hero, it was Malayalam film industry who introduced Kamal as Hero.In my college days I used to do some mimicry like Kamal and got my first award for the same. I hap opportunity to act with Kamal in 4 movies and I am very much proud of that".

K Balachander - “Kamal keeps telling that I’m his guru, but, even if I have not brought him, he would have become a star by now. He is more like a Yugapurush, None was there before and none would come in future".

Sivakumar - ” I am very happy and proud of my brother. I pray the almighty to wish him all the very best"

Airtel Super Singer Junior 2 - Deepavali Special 1

Airtel Super Singer Junior 2 - Deepavali Special
14th October, 2009

Star India to take its Bengali regional channels pay

Star India is taking its Bengali regional channels pay, effective 1 November. Star Jalsha, the Bengali general entertainment channel, is being priced at Rs 12. Star Ananda, the joint venture Bengali news channel from the ABP Group and Star India, will cost Rs 6. The bundled package is priced at Rs 12. Star Den CEO Gurjeev Singh Kapoor says, "We are taking the two Bengali channels pay. They are popular in their genre and we are looking at subscription revenues from them." Star's two Marathi channels are, however, free-to-air. Star Majha, the news channel, launched in June 2007 while Star Pravah came up in November 2008.

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Ulaganayagan Kamal 50 - Kalai Vizha, Day 2 Final Part

Ulaganayagan Kamal 50
Kalai Vizha - Grand Event, Day 2 - 13th October Final Part

IPTV to gain relevance with broadband penetration

IPTV has failed to take off in India due to low broadband penetration and failure of government to help establish a quality of service standard. The government also did not pay much attention to this sector after issuing guidelines, according to Time Broadband CEO Sujata Dev. Addressing the concluding session of the India Digital Networks Summit, Dev said IPTV would gain in relevance as broadband penetration grows. IPTV has a great future in video-on-demand (VoD) and gaming. Dev complained that after paying off the broadcaster and the others, content aggregators for IPTV have very little left of revenue to pocket.

With both DTH and Cable being very strong, IPTV needs to develop its own identity, she added. Asked why she had switched her attention to developing content for mobiles, she said wireless connectivity would always have an edge over wireline connections. But the cost of 3G spectrum was very high, she said. She said her company had now become more of a content delivery network as there was no distribution via IPTV. Answering a question, she said the government had hoped that IPTV would help push broadband penetration, but this had not happened. There was need for awareness to grow in this region, but the government was "not even looking at this sector." Seagate Technology country manager for India and Saarc Rajesh Khurana said storage was an important issue for both IPTV as well as mobiles. The last mile connection would need tailorised options, and personal video recorders (PVRs) had to be low cost and would need a management strategy, he added.

Courtesy - Indiantelevision

Super Deepavali Week..

This week is becoming a SUPER DEEPAVALI WEEK in Star Vijay TV.. the channel has come up with unique programs for the whole week for Deepavali.. good thing was to have programs in the evening which people can watch after the office hours and complete entertainment for the weekend..

12/13 October 2009, 7 PM

Ulaganayagan Kamal 50 - Grand Event.. this has been extraordinary effort from vijay TV and the prgram was mind blowing.. I have a list to post on it sooooon..

14 October 2009, 7 PM

Airtel Super Singer Junior 2 - Deepavali Special, this will be non elimination round with contestants come along with thier family and perform.. its not only with contestants we will see Anuradha Sriram and Srinivas judging the performances and they even perform with their family.

15 OCtober 2009, 8 PM

slumdog Millionaire, Oscar award winning film which had A R Rahman composing the back ground score.. this is in Tamizh with Simbu dubbing for the hero... mmmm.. this will be must watch for most of us..

Govt favours 3-tier regulation for broadcasting sector

The Government is in favour of a three-tier system for regulating broadcasting in the country – self-regulation by the channels, adjudication by broadcasting bodies like the Indian Broadcasting Foundation or the News Broadcasters Association, and final intervention if necessary by an independent regulator. Stating this, Information and Broadcasting Ministry Joint Secretary (Broadcasting) Zohra Chatterjee said today that while the government did not want to regulate and wanted an independent regulator, there was unfortunately lack of support from the media which only wanted self-regulation and this was often not workable. However, she said the government was concerned about promoting digitisation and offering greater value added services to the consumer through this mode.

Addressing the India Digital Networks Summit (IDNS), organised jointly by and Media Partners Asia, she said the government had set a deadline of 2017 for the national broadcaster Doordarshan to go completely digital and switch off analogue. She was also in favour of a voluntary switch-over to digitisation within two years. She was not in favour of switching off analogue till what she termed as ‘the sunset hour’. Zohra said mandated conditional access system (Cas) for TV had also not taken off. She regretted that the billing system for Cas was not satisfactory. However, she hoped that the HITS policy (Head-end in the Sky), to be announced within the next few months, would help as that would speed up the digitisation process. This will also help all channels to reach rural areas, instead of just Doordarshan which was the country’s only terrestrial channel. She said the government was considering certain amendments in the Cable TV Networks (Regulation) Act 1995 to check malpractices like under-declaration and violation of piracy by placing provision for de-registration and penalties wherever necessary.

The Government has a three-tier monitoring process: there were certain authorised officers under the Act, District Monitoring Committees had been put in place, and there was an Inter-Ministerial Committee at the centre headed by the Additional Secretary in the I&B Ministry. Zohra wanted the broadcasters to conduct consumer awareness workshops to help the switch over to CAS or digital networks. The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (Trai) member R N Prabhakar said the sector regulator was for the first time carrying out a thorough exercise into the business models of broadcasters and the entire gamut of television and cable services, and would come out with comprehensive recommendations on various issues. “The stakeholders are yet to give us all the details that would help us in getting a fix on costs and coming out with a comprehensive policy,” said Prabhakar. Noting that the Indian cable and TV industry in the country had become one of the fastest growing industries in the world, he regretted that it was marred by disputes relating to actual subscriber base, poor quality of service, and inadequate consumer redressal mechanism. The non-availability of sophisticated data, lack of supervisory guidance, and unorganized development of cable TV service were some of the roadblocks to explore its full potential. Trai had, therefore, recommended a well-defined robust and supporting licensing framework to restructure the Cable TV services, suggesting a roadmap for ensuring effective licensing compliance, attracting investment and facilitate new value added services.

Courtesy - Indiantelevision

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DTH is a scale biz in India

The DTH industry has invested Rs 250 billion to build scale into their business model, but it is badly hurting their pockets.Dragged down by low ARPUs (average revenue per user), high customer acquisition costs and exorbitant taxation, DTH companies are bleeding profusely. "The DTH sector has piled up a subscriber base of 17.5 million over the first five years. The total investment stands at Rs 250 billion and all of us are bleeding," said Tata Sky managing director and chief executive officer Vikram Kaushik. Taking a dig at the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India, Kaushik urged the need for a broadcast regulator. "Trai has an overhang of the telecom sector as that was the first thing they regulated. We desperately need a broadcast regulator who can understand our requirements," he said, while speaking at the India Digital Networks Summit 2009 here today.

The under-reporting by the cable TV operators is keeping ARPUs artifically low and hurting everybody. "This is the crux of the problem and Trai has not understood this," said Kaushik, who heads a DTH service that has the "best" and the "healthiest" ARPU among all the operators in the country. The fierce competition over pricing is also being led by Sun Direct, the DTH company promoted by Kalanithi Maran. "Disruptive pricing is hurting not just the DTH companies but also negatively impacting the entire process of digitisation in India. This is unsustainable," said Kaushik. Sun Direct, which has the fastest run in subscriber growth, has an ARPU of under Rs 100 as against Tata Sky's Rs 200. "We have to compete with the cable TV operators and build a business case around it. We have already reached 4.3 million subscribers," said Sun Direct COO Tony D'Silva.

Emphasizing the need for equity in pricing, taxation and a level playing field among the different distribution platforms, D'Silva said the government should understand that cable and DTH operators are addressing the same consumers. "So why have different policies for us," he questioned. Speaking about low ARPUs, high content cost and taxes, Airtel Digital TV CEO Ajai Puri said, “DTH is a scale business in India and has a great potential to grow. But the business model is still a big question mark.” NDS Asia-Pacific SVP Sue Taylor said the government should encourage the sector and do away with such a high level of


Ulaganayagan Kamal 50 Kalai Vizha - Day 2, 13-10-2009

Ulaganayagan Kamal 50
Kalai Vizha Grand Event Day 2, October 13, 2009

Growing number of TV channels worries I&B

Concerned over the growing number of television channels and lack of availability of spectrum, the I&B ministry has asked
broadcast regulator Trai to assess whether the existing regulation needs to be made more stringent. The move comes at a time when the ministry has also received complaints from state ministers and elected representatives on some channels being run as fly-by-night operations. I&B secretary Raghu Menon has written to the Trai chairman to explore the possibility of additional qualifications being added in the uplinking and downlinking norms that will ensure financial viability of channels. ‘‘As a matter of abundant caution, the ministry has brought it to the notice of Trai to evaluate the situation,’’ a ministry source said. The government is considering possible amendments to the guidelines that will ensure that greater attention is paid to antecedents of channels’ promoters.


Ulaganayagan Kamal 50 - Kalai Vizha, Day 1

Ulaganayagan Kamal 50
Kalai Vizha Day 1, October 12, 2009

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New Entrants..

New shows starting next week...

BIG TV announces Diwali Movie Festival

As part of its on-going festive celebrations, Reliance BIG TV has announced the showcase of 3 Blockbuster Bollywood movies on their Pay-Per-View channels. The recently released Aushotosh Gowariker movie What’s your Rashee?, Abhishek Kapoor directed Rock On and Black Friday by Anurag Kashyap will be available only on Reliance BIG TV from 12 October,09 onwards for a month. The content offering is presented keeping in mind the festive period, for wholesome family viewing experience by Reliance BIG TV. “Reliance BIG TV has always offered great content and value to its subscribers. With this initiative we’re ensuring that our subscribers enjoy the festive period by watching movies on our Pay-Per-View channels. Reliance BIG TV is wishing it’s subscribers a prosperous Diwali by offering a bouquet of movies like What’s Your Rashee? Rock On and Black Friday” said Mr. Umesh Rao, Senior Vice-President, Reliance BIG TV.

This latest Bollywood flick, What’s Your Rashee? is directed by well-known director, Aushotosh Gowariker featuring Harman Baweja and Priyanka Chopra. Harman plays an eligible bachelor who has to save his family from calamity of loans and must find a bride in 10 days. The story takes an interesting turn when he decides to meet one girl from each horoscope to find the one who fits his horoscope. Rock On, a movie of four friends namely Aditya (Farhan), Joe (Arjun), KD(Purab) and Rob (Luke Kenny), fight hard to take their band 'Magik' to the position of number one. But no victory comes without its different effects. The story rolls for ten years and fate conspires to bring them together again and sets them on a journey back to where they left off. The reunion gives a rebirth to the band – Magik. Anurag Kashyap’s, Black Friday is a movie about the conspiracy and conspirators, the people who engineered the heinous and monstrous crime and the aftermath of 1993 Mumbai Blasts. This is a part of Reliance BIG TV’s effort to showcase new releases on its DTH platform especially during the festive season and offer innovative content to its subscribers. This festive offering gives the entire family an opportunity to view the film together on Reliance BIG TV at an attractive price of only Rs 75/-, 50/- and 25/- for What’s Your Rashee? Rock On and Black Friday respectively.

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