Friday, October 16, 2009

En Kannin Manigalae

Peppered with maxims and telling anecdotes, Sivakumar’s recent address in the presence of a 7,500-strong student community and stalwarts, at Sona College, Salem, will be an aural treat that awaits the Vijay TV viewer this Deepavali.

“My only strength is that I have no weakness,” begins the painter, actor and orator, smiling at the apparent paradox.

Initially, the flow of his speech doesn’t give you any inkling about what the speaker has up his sleeve. But the ideas that hang loose like unconnected strands of pearls get cohesive and culminate in pithy, thought-provoking messages. Thoughtfully titled ‘En Kannin Manigalae,’ the speech is at once endearing and forthright, preachy and friendly, funny and profound.

“Striking rapport with youngsters is a prerequisite if a speaker has to take them along. You have to present yourself as their voice, otherwise they could boo you out,” says Sivakumar. He establishes the connect straightway likening the boys to his sons, and girls to his daughter, after which they are all ears!

Positive approach

Sivakumar underlines the importance of morality, humility, compassion, respect, patriotism and honesty that are bound to take a person places. The event opens with the various portraits, pencil sketches and water colour paintings he’s done. “That segment of my life ended at the age of 23, after which emerged the aspiring actor, who went on to do nearly 200 films,” he says.

And from Kambar and Bharati to Kannadasan he quotes extensively. The fluency is amazing particularly because, as always, he has no reference material in front of him! Then comes the crux of the speech — a reservoir of pertinent thoughts for youth, which involves issues such as the present job scenario, post-marriage blues. So listen to him, enjoy and deliberate upon it. It should be worth your while!

‘En Kannin Manigalae’ is all set for this Deepavali on October 17, 3 to 5 p.m. on Vijay TV.


Jawahar K said...

i along with my family watched Thiru. Sivakumar's mesmerising talk on " En Kannin Manigalae". It was really an inspiring one and i congratulate and thank him for his efforts to pass his learnings in the benefits of the greater society. Thiru. Sivakumar again proves that he is an exceptional personality with huge knowledge stock. Good luck with his efforts and as he proves he is not here to help the community.

Jawahar K said...

My apologies for a mistake in the last sentence. kindly read " Good luck with his efforts as he proves he is here to help the community". the word "not" was a mistake resulted from editing a sentence.

regret for the inconvenience caused.

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