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Star Vijay to launch 2 Chennai Super Kings shows

It was exciting to see Dhoni saying - "Chennai Super kings Jr yaar? Namma Vijay TV paar" with that its not over at all.. there is lot of fun coming into Vijay TV !!!!!

Talk about exploiting a winning horse and Star Vijay is doing just that. The Star-owned Tamil entertainment channel has partnered with IPL team Chennai Super Kings (CSK) owner India Cements for two reality shows/talent hunts, Chennai Super Kings Juniors (CSK Juniors) and Chennai Super Kings Cheerleaders (CSK Cheerleaders).

CSK Juniors will go on air on weekends (on Saturday and Sunday at 7 pm) from 21 February and will run for 20 episodes. Auditions are to be held at Chennai, Coimbatore and Trichy and 11 kids between 8-12 years will be recognized as the CSK Juniors. These kids will get to watch all the CSK matches in Chennai sitting in the pavilion. The top three contenders (the best bowler, best batsman and best all rounder) will get an opportunity to be present with the CSK team at their net practice and will get a chance to travel with them to any one of the other IPL matches.

CSK Cheerleaders is slated to go on air on 20 February (every Friday at 10 pm) and will run for 10 episodes. As the show's name suggests, it will test a number of boys and girls on their dancing skills and cheering routines over a series of competitive rounds, to find CSK cheerleaders. The selected team will be cheering the CSK team in every IPL match and will also be recognized as the official cheerleaders.

To top this all, the show will have CSK and India skipper MS Dhoni as a lynchpin of sorts. Dhoni will be seen acting in the promos of CSK Juniors and CSK Cheerleaders. Other CSK team members VB Chandrasekar, S Badrinath, L Balaji, Krishnamachari Srikanth and percussionist Sivamani will also be joining him on Vijay TV.

Star India CEO Uday Shankar said - "This is the first time that a GEC has tied up with a sporting event like the IPL in the manner that we have; a great strategy to capitalize on the brand and generate viewership."

Adds India Cements head marketing Rakesh Singh - "The first season of IPL was a roaring success and the CSK reached the finals. We wanted a television partner with whom we could associate and take this great brand to the roots of Tamil Nadu. Star Vijay approached us with these two concepts which will popularise the brand."

Vijay TV GM K Sriram further adds - "We are sure that we will put our best foot forward in making this content interesting to both the cricket lovers and the general audiences. This show will portray the aspirations of kids and their passion for the game striking a chord with the families as well. The show will surely generate interest of advertisers both in the national and retail markets."

Sriram says that the channel has kept sponsorship open to one title and eight associate sponsors. "There is a lot of interest from about a dozen potential advertisers for the same even in these tough economic times because of our offering. We expect to close the title sponsorship for about Rs 10 million and associates at about Rs 4 million."

Content Courtesy - Indian Television

Again back to Top 10..

With the Recall round getting over in Airtel Super Singer show, the competition now has 10 contestants fighting for title. With Aruna getting into super 7 contestans earlier with the recall round 1, this week it was 3 more added to the contestant list. Now its, Vijay Narayan, Ragini Shree and Hari making it into the top 10. I feel bad for Aishwarya for being ignored in both of Recall rounds after giving very good performance. Hari was selected ahead of her for the reason he selected Medley round as the one he missed where he got to sing different genre of songs continuously. Now, the competition has come to 10 competitors for the next round. Lets see what the program directors do next.. ;)

Recall Round, Part 2

Recall round was again the part of Airtel Super Singer last week.. I was very much disappointed with the way the program goes... when the time had come to identify the super singer, they try to increase the competition again. This round had 4 judges, Malgudi Shuba, Unnimenon, Deepan charkravarthi and Sreelekha Parthasarathy. Contestants would sing for one of the round that they had missed earlier. Bhargavi was the first to start with her "Aasaya kaathula thoothu vittu" on Retro round. she was quite good not bad at all. Santhosh followed next with Emotion round "Aazhile muthalikum azhage" and "yethi yethi yethi nenjil theeya yethi". Unnimenon commented that his feel for the song was not upto the mark of his singing.

Madhumitha S followed him with "Ithu oru nila kaalam" for Item round & she was impressive. she made everyone shake their body ;) Hari was the next with Medley round starting "thoongatha kanningu onru" & he was quite okay. Ragini Shree followed him Lyricist round's "Vennila vennila". Aishwarya, whom I thought would be selected for next round was too good with "Aada varalaam" for item round. Bharthiraja's "en kanmani" was also good. Vijay Narayan was the next with Emotions round singing "venmathi venmathiye nillu" and "Azhagiya Cindrella" and he got very good appreciation from the judges and he was almost sure for the next round spot. Madhumitha R was the final contestant singing "Adi Penne" but could not make the most of the opportunity.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Whats special on Valentines Day

At 10 AM the programs begin, starting with ‘Ideal Pressure Cooker Sirappu pattimandram with Leoni as the Judge for this humorous debate. The topic to which the speakers’ debate will be ‘which love is considered as the best’? Classical and poetic love or the modern love. Following this at 11 AM is Valentine’s Day Special feature film - ‘Azhagai Irukirai Bayamai Irukiradhu’, where Bharath and Mallika Kapur take the lead roles. At 2 PM do not miss to watch, ‘Mint-O fresh Samayal Samayal’. Small screen actors, Deepak, George and Kamalesh take on roles as chefs and are set to cook some mouth watering recipes’ to impress the gorgeous glam-doll Namitha. The damsel herself will be present at the sets of Samayal and encourage the trio to cook well. At 3 PM for a Valentine’s Day Special Lollu Sabha titled ‘Lol Lol Love’. The Lollu Sabha folks like Swaminathan, Maran, Easter, Swetha and many others have an interactive and lively session where they discuss some of the best romantic scenes they have performed so far in Lollu Sabha. Following this at 4pm is ‘Pudhumai Pattalam’. The young, charming debutantes Saranya Mohan (heroine of Vennila Kabadi Kuzhu’) and Anuya, the lead of Siva Manasula Sakthi share their experience while filming They speak about their dream roles and the challenges that they are ready to face in the tinsel town.

At 4:30 pm is ‘Minto-Fresh Kadhal Padikattugal’. Iraianbu IAS, Lyricist Na.Muthukumar, Vivegan, Actor / Director Bagyaraj and many other celebrities from the film fraternity speak about their first love. The memory of the first love never fades away; these celebrities are seen to share their most cherished and wonderful memories of their first love. Following this at 5pm is Valentine’s Day Special America’s Funniest Videos’. Designed in bright and colorful sets and hosted by Jegan and Babuji, the show will feature the funniest and amateur home videos of millions of Americans that includes funniest love proposals and wedding clips. ‘Kadhalil Vizundhein’ will have the dashing heroes Jeeva, Sibiraj and Manoj Bharathiraja, share the moments before and after their “marriage proposal” to their wives. This is a Valentine’s Day special show where the married celebrity couples will share their moment of proposal! Kadhalil Vizundein is a feel good show which will feature the hits and misses of their love propositions before they were accepted. Do not miss to watch it at 5:30pm. AT 6pm is Minto Fresh Challenge with Jeeva. The handsome Jeeva sets out to find the most daring and fearless couple of the small screen in Challenge with Jeeva. Nethran and his wife, Badava Gopi, his wife Haritha and Aruna Devi and her husband take on challenges and face their worst fears. The winning couple gets to take home some awesome goodies. Finally do not miss to watch Idhayam Mantra Koffee with Anu Season 2 at 9:30pm, where Arya and Pooja are the special guests on Valentine’s Day. The charming couple speaks about their onscreen chemistry and their comfort level with each other.

Content Courtesy - Sulekha

Ella Pugazum Oruvan Oruvanukae

The world celebrates him! Considered as the icon of Indian music, A.R.Rahman originally named as Dilip Kumar is not just the talk of nation, but is the talk of globe!

Having won Golden Globe award and the prestigious BAFTA Award for Slumdog Millionaire film, Vijay TV is proud to celebrate the living legends achievement in ‘Ella Pugazum Oruvan Oruvanukae’. The show will be a biography of ‘Mozart of Madras’. Beginning from his childhood days, the show covers the life of the legend, all who is a part of his success till date, his school days; his struggle after the death of his father, and later his entry into films. The show will feature a documented film which will speak about his entry into media field as a jingle composer for advertisements. His achievements include four National Awards, six State Government Awards, Golden Globe award and the latest BAFTA Award for his Slumdog Millionaire.

Singers from the film fraternity who were introduced by the world’s renowned music composer will also be speaking about him. Apart from them, Directors Shankar, Gautham Vasudeva Menon, Vishnuvaradan, Music Directors – M.S.Viswanathan, Deva, G.V.Prakash, and Playback singers – Hariharan, S.P.Balasubramanian, Unni Menon, Chitra and many others will feature in this A.R.Rahman special and will speak about the great legend.

Fans of Rahman also get a rare chance to wish him. A signature campaign is set across Abirami mega mall, INOX and Satyam where the public can wish the legendary composer. This campaign is set only till Friday, February, 13, 2009.

The signature quilt, signed by the ‘whose-who’ of the film fraternity and fans will be handed over in person to A.R.Rahman by the crew of Vijay TV.

All such compilation will be featured from February 16 – February 19, 2009 Monday – Thursday, 7pm on Vijay TV. Do not miss to be a part of this legend’s achievements and wish the star to win the most prestigious award - The Oscars.

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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Valentines Day 2009 Special

Sirappu Pattimandram - Valentines Day 2009

Azhakhai Irukkiraai Baiyamai Irukkirathu
(Featuring Bharath, Mallika Kapoor, Arun Kumar)

Samayal Samayal - Valentine's Day 2009

Lollu Sabha - Valentine's Day 2009

Pudhumai Pattalam - Valentine's Day 2009

Kaadhal Padikattugal - Valentine's Day 2009

America’s Funniest Videos - Valentines Day 2009

Kaadhalil Vizhunthaen - Valentine's Day 2009

Challenge with Jeeva - Valentine's Day 2009

Kodambakkam Iskool

Namma Veetu Kalyanam

Boys Vs Girls

Koffee With Anu - Season 2
Featuring Anu, Aarya & Pooja

Dragon War

Dragon War is a science-fiction film released in North America as D-War: Dragon Wars, War of the Dragons in Malaysia, and sometimes referred to colloquially and in some marketing materials as Dragon Wars, is a 2007 South Korean film written and directed by Shim Hyung-rae. It is a fantasy-action film that was Korea's largest-budgeted as of 2007.

This film will be telecasted in holywood blockbuster series in Star Vijay on Feb 15, 2009 at 11 AM. Dont miss it !!!

Technical - DTH TV

What is direct to home (DTH) TV?
The DTH technology enables a broadcasting company to directly beam the signal to your TV set through a receiver that is installed in the house. There is no need for a separate cable connection. In India, direct-to-home (DTH) Broadcasting Service refers to the distribution of multi channel TV rogrammes in Ku Band by using a satellite system by providing TV signals direct to subscribers’ premises.

What is needed for a DTH connection?
The broadcasting company will supply a set that will comprise a dish and a receiving set. The company will beam an encrypted signal that only the set installed in your household can receive and enable viewing.

What are the advantages of DTH
One can do away with the cable operator who will give you channels of his choice and there is no assurance of quality. The quality of signals in this case is expected to superior since the signal is not split through a cable. By choosing just the signals that one needs, there is a possibility of reducing your monthly cable bill. The broadcasting company benefits as there is no possibility of under-declaration of subscribers.

What are the disadvantages of DTH?
Among disadvantages, the biggest one is the capital cost that has to be borne initially. Since this involves setting up of a receiving apparatus at the subscribers end, the cost can be prohibitively high. This can come down if the volumes are high enough, but in India it is a moot question whether people will invest in this higher end technology.

Are there any laws governing DTH in India?
The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting has laid down guidelines to be followed for obtaining a licence for investments in a DTH platform in India. The license will be valid for 10 years from the date of issue.

Who can invest in a DTH platform in India?
The guidelines say that 49% foreign holding is allowed of which 20% may be in the form of foreign direct investment. The company should have Indian management control. To prevent monopolies, no broadcaster/cable network should have more than a 20% stake in the DTH company and the company applying for a DTH license should not have more than a 20% stake in a broadcasting/cable network?

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Shivakarthikeyan Everywhere !!!

These days we could see Shivakarthikeyan everywhere in Star Vijay.. he is in comedy program kodambakkam iskool, he comes in dance program boys vs girls, last he came in samayal samayal program & won 3 consecutive week's and got him dream modular kitchen set as gift. Its not over yet, he also came in kana kaanum kaalangal as anchoring the dance fest 2009. He has been coming in lot of programs in our Vijay TV and whats so good about it is, he has got lot of fan following him & could attract easily with his talks. I wish he makes an intro into the cinema.. I also think its high time he should do that..

Pooja with kajar ;)

In last week's Samayal Samayal, it was Pooja of Jodi No 1 fame.. to be specific Sanjay-Pooja was there to prove herself in cooking after having given a big fight in dancing.. I was not familiar with the opponent but it was quite sad that Pooja lost the competition. The topic was - Any dish with carrot and there were items like carrot roll, carry stuffed in papad fry, salad... It is also notable that Shivakarthikeyan had come to the show last and won the dream kitchen prize winning 3 consecutive weeks of the show..

Monday, February 9, 2009

Gautami @ UYAP

Famous actress Gautami will be a part of Star Vijay with her entry in Amul's Ungalil yaar adutha PRabhudeva.. I remember she came in a show anchoring & interviewing personalities but this time she would be the special judge for this episode of the show.. it would be really great to see the actress after a quite long time.. she was everyone's favourite actress when she was at her peak in the market. and also she was a very good dancer & acted with most of the top heros during her time... good to see her back in small screen.

Its Brain with Mind ;)

Neeya Naana show had a quite interesting topic to speak about & frankly the topic was quite inter-related between the two sides.. anything of that instance can be said on both the sides. It was whether one should go ahead with his action thru his mind or thru his brain. The show went on quite jovial until there was a comment saying "if i am going in 120kmph speed in my car, i would not mind hitting a small dog that comes in the way to save my life".. this words got everyone raising their brows & shocked.

I feel its both the brain & mind game always.. and both play important n also both always play roles in any of the decision making comes in place.. i felt lil bad that this was not discussed by the ppl. everyone shared their own experience and how brain/mind helped them to achieve their goals.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Technical - Conditional Access System

A conditional access system gives the consumer choice over the pay channels that are beamed into his home. At an industry level, it tackles the issue of addressability that has been a problem in India with gross underreporting of cable homes by operators. This has resulted in potential revenue losses for broadcasters. A conditional access system will have two packages bundled in, one the basic free-to-air channels and the second will be the pay channels which will be chosen by the consumer.

How is CAS implemented?
A set-top box will be installed at the consumer’s end. This set-top box will be configuredto receive pre-determined signals from the cable operator’s end. The set-top boxes will have an additional cost that may be shared by the cable operator and the consumer. These boxes may also be rented out by the cable operator to the subscriber. Since these setboxes can be individually monitored, it will be more difficult for cable operators to under-declare subscribers.

What has the Cable TV (Amendment) Bill, 2002 got to do with CAS?
The Cable TV (Amendment) Bill, 2002 amends the Cable Television etworks 1995 to enable the introduction of conditional access systems. The bill deals with the number of free-to-air channels based on the state, city and locality and the government will also work out the subscription charges to be levied on the free-to-air channels. It also sets out broad guidlelines on pricing and implementation of CAS.

Courtesy - Television Point

Whats in store for Feb ???

Star Vijay had taken lot of care to bring interesting & impressive programs with proper timings.. may it be bhakti tiruvizha, andal thirupavai, swami Iayappan. What could be in store for Vijay TV for this feb ??? any new love story starting with the Valentines day coming closer ??? lets see what they bring in this week/month.. ;)

Something about Srilekha Parthasarathy

Srilekha Parthasarathy is a famous Tamil Singer of eminence who is commonly referred to by her first name Srilekha. In 2000, Srilekha started her Professional career by singing the scintilating famous Jingle for “Idhayam Oil” picturised on “Jothika”, that she describes gave her the ticket to enter the Tamil Music Industry. She has a versatile voice and had unusually wide success encompassing other genres, including ghazals. To date, she has sung more than 50 songs.

She was Born and brought up in Delhi, and being a south Indian by birth, enabled her to involve in both North Indian & South Indian languages, Music, including Western Music. It all began at the age of four when I won the first prize in All India Children’s Music Competition organised in New Delhi every year.

  • Her debut Playback song was with Music Director “Harris Jayaraj”, for the song called “yedho onru” from the movie Laysa Laysa. This movie also introduced Trisha, one of the leading tamil actress.
  • The swing kept moving with various other hits like “ Poo Mugam Siricha” for the movie Junction(Music by Bharadwaj), “ Kaadhalaagi” with S.P. Balasubramaniam in “Popcarn”(Music by Yuvan Shankar Raja), “Don’t worry be Happy” for the movie “Whistle”, “sutthi sutthi varuven” for the movie “Sena” (Music bu Imman).
  • The swing took a leap with the Blockbuster hit “Kalyaanam dhaan Kattikkittu” from “saamy” which topped all the Music charts.
  • Then followed by “Vinodhane” from Thennavan “Vaamasa Kaatre” from Kurumbu Music by Yuvan shankar Raja. “Ayurvedha azhagi” from Thiruda Thirudi by Dhina,
  • The recent series of hits are “Dhimsu Katta” from Tirumala music by Vidhyasagar, “Chinna Veeda” music by Praveen Mani, “Kokku Meena Thinguma” by Harris Jayaraj, “Pacchakili Pacchakili” from Kutthu by Srikanth deva.
  • The other songs were from “Campus” music by Rajneesh, “Aalukku oru aasai music by S.A .rajkumar, film “Jore” song title “Mummy Chellama” by Srikanth Deva.
  • Bambara Kannu from “Madhurai”, song “Vecchukka Vecchukka Va” from “M. Kumaran son of Mahalakshmi” by Srikanth Deva, Garuda Garuda from “Aayutham” Thavilu Thavilu from “Iyer Ips” by Dina.
  • She has also sung for the movies “Azhaga”, “Thotti Jaya”, “Aanai”, “Solli adipenadi”, “Pesuvoma”, “Kodambakkam”, “chathurangam” “Boys & Girls”,”mazhai”,”thambi” etc…
  • Best Female Playback singer for the song “Vecchikka Vecchikava” from M Kumaran S/O Mahalakshmi
  • Youth Icon of the year 2004, by Damodharan College of Engineering & Management Studies, Coimbatore
  • Young Achiever Award, by Sangam Kala group, 2004
  • Best Young Playback Singer Award, 2004, by TVK Cultural Academy
  • She has done more than 200 live shows in and around India and overseas, Singapore, USA, Canada,Kuwait and Colombo.
  • Actively participating in live shows for corporate companies. Major clients are Hyundai, Aircel, Touchtel, Airtel, Samsung, Bpl Mobiles, TVS group, Cognizant Technology, etc.
  • She is also one of the judges in Star Vijay Television show "Super Singer" series.
Content Courtesy : Wikipedia

Something about Unni Menon

Unni Menon is a South Indian film playback singer. He has sung over 500 songs in South Indian languages like Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam. In the early part of his career, he spent many years as a low-profile playback singer. The turning point in his career came when he sang the song Puthu Vellai Mazhai from Mani Ratnam's award winning 1992 Tamil film Roja, composed by A. R. Rahman. He has frequently associated with A. R. Rahman, lending his voice to nearly 25 memorable songs from films like Karuththamma (1994) and Minsaara Kanavu (1997). He has also worked with renowned music composer Ilayaraaja, Vidyasagar and Harris Jayaraj.

Unni Menon was born on December 2nd, 1958 in Guruvayoor, a temple town in the Thrissur district of Kerala to V. K. S. Menon and Malathy. He did his schooling in Guruvayoor and B.E.M. High School, Palakkad. Later, he attended the Government Victoria College, Palakkad from where he graduated with a degree in Physics. Unni Menon exhibited great talent and enthusiasm for music in childhood, winning many prizes in competitions throughout his schooling and college life. Unni Menon moved to Chennai (then Madras) where he had a job in the Heavy Vehicles Factory at Avadi. Many of the prominent recording studios of South India were located in Chennai. His interest in music led him to visit these studios regularly and formed acquaintances with many prominent artistes like the singer K. J. Yesudas and composer Ilayaraaja. Soon he had graduated from singing tracks for prominent singers and was becoming a singer sought after by many music directors.

His career got a major boost in 1992 when A. R. Rahman offered him the song Puthu Vellai Mazhai. That song went on to become a huge hit, as were all the other songs from the film and fetched A. R. Rahman the Rajat Kamal for Best Music Director at the National Film Awards. Since then sung many songs which have become big hits. In 2003, Unni Menon added a new dimension to his career when he acted and composed music for the Malayalam film Sthithi besides singing the songs in the film.[1]

Major Awards
Tamil Nadu State Award for the Best Male Playback Singer for the year 2002 for his songs in the movies Varushamellam Vasantham (song:Enge Antha Vennila) and Unnai Ninaithu (songs: Ennai thalatum and Yaarindha Devathai).
Tamil Nadu State Award for the Best Male Playback Singer for the year 1996, for the song Ooh lalala in the film Minsara Kanavu.

Content Courtesy : Wikipedia

Something about Malgudi Shubha..

Western Pop, Indian Folk, Light Classical, Jazz, Carnatic : An amalgamation of all these and you have the quintessence of Malgudi Shubha.

The year 1991 saw her giving her debut in the film 'Nadodi Thendral' under the baton of the erstwhile Illaiyaraja. That year also saw her release her first private album 'Set me Free' (Magnasound) with the then unknown A.R. Rehaman (under the name of Dilip Shekar). 1991 was also the year that the celebrated duo of Raj-Koti recognised a potential in Shubhas's voice for folk and went on to record path-breaking album entitled 'Chik Pak Chik Bam' in Telugu. It went on to sell 8,00,000 copies and is even today considered one of the fastest moving products. She went on to record 1,500 songs in Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam & Hindi films. She has cut albums in the above languages the latest being 'Yennai Paaru' in Tamil featuring the popular song 'Vaal Paarey Vattey Paarey'. The video of which went on to beome one of the 100 best videos for the year 1999 - 2000. Her most popular song in Tamil is the song 'Thaiyya Thaiyya (Uyire)', 'Nila Pongalaayelo (Thin Maavin Kori Baththu)', 'Habibi (Chandralecha)' are some of her popular songs in Malayalam. Very popular in India & abroad for her inimitable performances, she has travelled to Srilanka, Singapore, Malaysia, Dubai (A.R. Rehaman's Show) London and USA on shows and is on the verge of releasing her first Hindi Pop album with Zee Records.
koffee with anu super singer jodi no 1 anu alavum bayam illai celebrating kamal's 50 vijay tv vanga pesalam kallikaattu pallkoodam maharani vijay awards vpl en peyar meenakshi yuvan vijay tv anchors kings of comedy