Friday, February 20, 2009

Feedback !!!

We can give feedback on the programs of Star Vijay TV here.. It could be anything from advertisements in channel to programs in the channel. There might be a feeling for everyone about the channel & you may wish to convey it to the concerned ppl. Do it here..


Its Bhagyaraj's Wedding..

Its Director / Actor K. Bhagyaraj and Poornima Bhagyaraj wedding this week in Namma Veetu Kalyanam. They will take a trip down memory lane as they recall their happy memories of their marriage. The show will have this pair's wedding for two weeks.. so it would be on 21st & 28th Feb, 2009.

Technical - What are Rights?

The rights to any production like a movie or music represent the right to use that content for exhibiting it in a particular format in a particular region and for a period of time. Thus, the rights to a movie can be sold on a global basis, national basis or a regional basis. It can be sold for a period of time, say for five years or for lifetime. It can be for exhibiting in theatres, video, cable and satellite, VCD/DVD or all these formats.

What is their importance to the entertainment industry?
Rights represent the intellectual property over the software produced. If the lifetime rights of a serial rest with the production company, then the software library is an asset that the company can exploit at will. Who owns the rights to the software/content determines the valuation of that company’s software library.

What are theatrical rights?
Theatrical rights refer to the rights that are received to exhibit films in cinema halls. The distributors buy theatrical rights from the film producers and make arrangements with the theatre owners to exhibit the films to the public. The theatrical rights are limited by predefined territories and for a period of time.

What are video rights?
Films are also released in various formats for home viewing through VCR/VCDs/DVDs. The producers sell these rights to another party, who makes copies for sale in the market. These VCDs/DVDs are meant for ‘home viewing’ only i.e., one can buy a copy of it for seeing at home with family members and friends. They cannot be used for showing the film through cable or satellite channels.

What are Cable and Satellite rights?
These are two separate rights, which are largely a result of the satellite invasion. These are expected to be major growth drivers for the film business in the coming years.

What are music rights?
In India, film soundtracks account for almost 80 per cent of the total music market. Even though the film producer has the copyright of the film, the music is the outcome of efforts undertaken by a separate group of creative people like the composer, lyricist and others, each holding his own right. Generally, the producer sells this right to a music company, which makes cassettes/CDs for sale in the market.

Content courtesy - Television Point

Happy for Malgudi Shubha !!!!

I am very happy for Malgudi Shubha & 6 contestants of Airtel Super Singer 2008 who were in recall round part 2 & unable to get back to the show. These 6 contestants were in recall round 1 & 2 where the show provided the eliminated contestants to comeback to the show as a wildcard round. There were 4 all together selected from the ten & left with 6 of them. let me try to remind atleast few amongst them Bharathiraja, Aishwarya, 2 Madhumitha, Santhosh & Bargavi.. I think I got them right ;) Malgudi Subha once the show was getting to an end.. said that she will give all these ppl a chance to sing in her album.. Wooo.. it was happiest moment for anyone who see the show for that sake.. She said Bharathiraja would be male lead in her spiritual album that she is going to do & all other would also get their chance withe her upcoming albums. I used to be a fan of Malgudi Subha hearing her comments in the Super Singer show. This made me to download/buy few of her albums even..

History Repeats itself..

It was like history repeating itself & I donno why the makers of Airtel Super Singer wants to drag the show when everything is going fine.. let that be the disappointing note on the show but it was Roja special for the 4 waitlisted contestants. they should have the word roja in their song and thats the condition. Aruna started this episode with "raasave unna nambi" followed by Rohit's "iramana rojave". Raghini Shree was the next contestant and her "roja malare rajakumari" was quite okay. Hari was the final contestant and his "chinna chinna roja poove" was lil disastrous. The very interesting part of this episode is the great musician Gangai Amaran was there in the place of Unnikrishnan to judge the performance of the contestants... Gangai Amaran made all 4 contestants to know their mistakes & helped them to correct the mistakes even. It was very soothing experience to see this kind of episode in any realty show...
With the history part of show, Hari is eliminated from the show & this makes the 9 contestants to fight for the next spot. I felt bad to put 9 On 1 Out as the topic of the post since it had alread happened sometime bac ;)

3 Spot selected, 4 waitlisted...

It was Disco round this week on Airtel Super Singer 2008. The show had Yugendran/Malini anchoring & Sujatha, Unnikrishnan & Srinivas judging the performance of the contestants.. Anant, the voice expert was available in the show & it looks he will be continue to stay till the show ends..
It was Vijay Narayan to start the performance with his "hey unnai thaane", it was comeback for him after he was eliminated. it was a good performance.. Renu followed him with "vaa vaa pakkam vaa" & she was quite impressive. Prasanna was the next... he sang "Poo maalai" & he ROCKED the stage. he was spot selected & got flowers from one of the actor of Rojakootam serial. Raghini Shree's comeback was quite okay.. her "unakum enakum aanandam" was not so great but not bad at all. Rohit was the final contestant of episode 1 with "engeyum epppothum" n was as always good but not good enof for the spot selection.

Episode 2 started with Aruna with "unnai azhaithathu kan", her comebac was not so dashing but okay.. Ravi was the next and as always he ROCKED in "megam kottattum aatam" and he was immediately spot selected. Hari, younger brother of Ravi was next and his "Aasai nooru vagai" was not impressive & quite disappointing. Ranjani followed him with "thathom thadanga thathom" but not spot selected. Final contestant Ajeesh walked away with spot selection with his "ilamai itho itho". It was overall 3 spot selection & 3 of them were selected from rest 7 making 4 contestant to sing again on wednesday. Aruna, Rohit, RaghiniShree & Hari are the 4 who will be singing again on wednesday. I will post separate post on that episode..

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Care with Neengalum Petror Aagalam..

There is a new program started in Vijay TV titled Neengalum Petror Aagalam. I was thinking for quite sometime that there are no shows in healthcare side in the channel. Since Vijay TV gets into regional film, hollywood film, realty shows, serials, spiritual shows, spiritual stories, numerology, astrology, talk show the only missing item is hospitals/healthcare. and now its even started. I am not sure wat this show will highlight.. whether its about parenting or wat.. but i wil update u guys with more information about the show. it is telecasted Sunday evening 6PM.

Technical - What is Film Insurance

Yes, films too can be insured. Film insurance, refers to insuring the film against unforeseen incidents like illness of an actor or occurrence of natural calamities leading to delays in the film schedule. It can also include coverage against accidents that damage equipment while shooting is in process.

Why does a film need insurance?
Film-making involves a series of activities in which a number of parties, both external and internal are involved. The involvement of so many people and processes in the making of a film lead to several uncertainties. In fact, big budget films in India are known to well overshoot their original release schedule. Insurance enables the producer to mitigate the risks involved in making the film to some extent.

How long has film insurance been in existence in India?
Film insurance is a new concept to the Indian film industry which is just getting used to the idea of a corporatised setup. Since film financing is easier if insurance is taken, only now have films like Lagaan and Taal taken film insurance.

Courtesy - Television Point

Its Jeeva's turn...

With the competitive rounds getting more interesting in Ungalil yaar adutha Prabhudeva, this week it will be actor Jeeva joining the show as a special judge. We have been seeing lot of actors/actress joining the show as special judge. Jeeva doesnt need any intro for judging dance shows.. he won all our hearts with garnier fructis Jodi No 1 season 3. Lets see what happens this week. more to it.. its going to be Remix Round in Amul's Ungalil yaar adutha Prabhudeva show this week.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Gangai Amaran @ SS

It was a pleasant surprise to see the legend Gangai Amaran in Airtel Super Singer 2008 yesterday. He joined the show as one of the judges replacing Unnikrishnan for the Roja special round of the show. The show had 10 contestants in disco round & further 4 of them were waitlisted. Roja special round dedicated for the Rojakootam serial, held for these waitlisted contestants. Gangai Amaran joined & the way he spoke with contestans was way too good. He made them know their mistakes & helped them to sing properly. I wish him to be there for the show so that we even would get good knowledge on singing. :)

Whos in Rojakootam ?

Charulatha – a divorcee
Charu, a divorcee and a mother of a six year old, hates men as a rule. A determined and a bold individual, has sought divorce after a bitter experience with her husband. She lives in the apartment with her only son Naresh; for whom she would leave no stone unturned. Later comes the friendship of Shiva; which could change her life forever. Caught in the turmoil of friendship and motherhood, how will Charu handle this situation?
Radhika – HR Manager
Radhika, a highly successful professional, balances her career and home with complete ease! Her husband Karthik who works as a clerk in a private firm, earns much less than his wife. Understanding his wife’s busy schedule, Karthik contributes largely in taking care of the family and two daughters. A loving couple, but problems begin to brew when Radhika’s demanding work hours cause untoward incidents. Neepa, a popular television artiste plays the role of Radhika.
Maanasa – Model
Tamilnadu’s leading model, Maanasa values her independency and self-respect. A person who is in complete control of her life and lives life on her own terms. This bold damsel is happy living her single life; unhinged from marital responsibility. Maanasa is a source of strength for her friends and can handle any crisis and problem with confidence. In the life of this bold beauty enters a man who might change everything that she believes in. Pooja, a popular television artistes plays the role of Maanasa.
Janani – Housewife
Life has changed so much after marriage for her as she is forced to become a stereotyped housewife. Her whole world revolves around her husband, father-in-law and family.
A multifaceted personality in college, Janani’s talent knew no bounds. A born rock-star and a talented dancer Janani now devotes her time completely to her husband and family. Her talents are yet to be identified or recognised by her husband and in-laws. Marriage has changed Janani’s life completely – is it for the better or worse? The role is played by Sandra an upcoming TV artiste.
Leena – Ms.Perfect
Known as a perfectionist, Leena and her husband Sanjay are considered to be the “ideal couple” amongst her friends. Love blossomed between the two in an internet chat and both ended in tying the sacred knot. Always loving and a cute pair, Leena has a hidden past that even her husband Sanjay is not aware of. The role is played by Akila, a TV artiste.
Vijay TV, for the first time brings to life a story in an apartment on small screen. These five women are best of friends in the apartment, who support each other during thick and thin.

Content Courtesy - Sulekha

Whats in Rojakootam ?

Women are truly unique, diverse and complex. Woman come in various packages - married, unmarried, old, young, timid, bold, arrogant, meek but whatever they are… they truly make this place a better place to live in.!
The mind of a woman has always boggled many men across generations. Woman – married or unmarried have their share of problems… be it professional or personal. Their lives are entangled in their many relationships as a mother, wife, friend, daughter, sister, daughter-in-law, sister-in-law and much more. Even if they aren’t married, they have a dose of problems that could range from family to society. Doesn’t this sound like a life of anyone you know..?
Well… Vijay TV presents you this unique attempt in fiction front; delving into the lives of 5 women in an urban backdrop. “Rojakootam” is the story of 5 women who are none like the other and their complicated lives. Janani, Radhika, Maanasa, Charulatha and Leena are the best of friends who live in the same apartments. These 5 well-educated, intelligent, independent and beautiful women have their tryst with destiny in this cleverly dealt plot.
Rojakootam launches February 23, 2009; airing Monday-Thursday at 7pm.

Its not over with this.. we could see the promotional videos & even promotional dialogues in other serials/shows of Vijay TV.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Whats in Disco Round !!!

Its Disco round for the top 10 contestants in Airtel Super Singer 2008. The show has contestants to sing disco songs & best performers would get spot selected. This episode of the show has Yugendran/Malini anchoring the show with Unnikrishnan, Srinivas & Sujatha judging the show. Anant Vaidyanathan, the voice expert has also joined the show much earlier this time. Whats so special in this round is, the contestants will be in a separate room and whomever gets spot selected will be getting flowers from Roja kootam crew. Others who are not selected will be singing again on wednesday. Also there will be 1 elimination from the round.

Required : Chennai Super Kings Junior/Cheerleaders

Anant Vaidyanathan @ Airtel Super Singer

Voice culture expert Anant Vaidyanathan has comeback to Airtel Super Singer 2008. he had come much early to what he did last time.. but this time he would be training top 10 contestants of the super singer show. More to voice culture expert, Anant Vaidyanathan is a Hindustani vocalist and has been trained in the Husler’s technique of voice engineering under Peter Calatin and Fredrick Bruckner of Germany.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Technical - What is Piracy

Piracy refers to the unauthorised duplication of content that is then sold at substantially lower prices in the ‘grey’ market. The ease of access to technology has meant that over the years, piracy has become more rampant. For example, CD Writers are available off the shelf at very low prices making music piracy a simple affair.

How can piracy be prevented?
Internationally, the laws for punishing piracy in developed countries are stringent and punitive in nature. In Asian countries and more in India too, it does not get the attention at the national level due to more engaging issues at hand. However, the industry especially the IT and music industry has been taking active interest in stemming the rot. These organisations identify sources of music piracy and then conduct raids with the help of the police. However, convictions are few and the penalties not harsh enough to act as a deterrent.

What is video piracy?
Video piracy takes place when a film is produced in the form of a videocassette without proper authorisation from the right holder i.e. the producer. Often, film producers sell video rights to another party (generally after six weeks or more of release in theatres), which makes videocassettes for selling, or lending. The videocassettes on sale are meant for home viewing only.

What is cable piracy?
This refers to unauthorised transmission of films through cable network. Very often, films, especially the new releases, are shown through cable without permission from the rights holder. Piracy is a rare phenomenon in satellite channels because these are organised and generally do not show films without buying proper rights.

What is music piracy?
This refers to the unauthorised replication of music casettes that flood the market as soon as the launch of a new release. Music companies’ revenues hit hard by the deluge of pirated compact discs and casettes, as these are available at substantially lower prices compared to that at stores.

What is DVD/VCD piracy?
This form of piracy of Indian films happens in the international markets. The prints sent for overseas screening of the film are pirated, typically at any of the Middle East country airports. DVD/VCD prints are prepared and are sent to Pakistan. From Pakistan, these prints may even travel to Nepal and enter the country by land.

Content Courtesy - Television point.

Roja Kootam :)

Coming 23rd Feb, 2009 there will be a new serial starting in Star Vijay tilted Roja Kootam.. and the tagline says its very special for women & promotional videos say that the show is made for women. also, they could see themselves in the serial ;) all together its story about 5 women. here is the promotional video..

Honouring Rahman..

Today, AR Rahman is being celebrated the world over. Born Dilip Kumar, the music great is being hailed not only nationally, but also internationally. Having won the Golden Globe award and the prestigious BAFTA Award for Slumdog Millionaire, AR Rahman is now being featured in Vijay TV's Ella Pugazum Oruvan Oruvanukae, a programme to celebrate living legends and their achievements.

The show will be a biography of the 'Mozart of Madras'. starting from his childhood days, the show covers the life of the legend, all those who have been a part of his success till date, his school days; his struggle after the death of his father, and later his entry into films. The show will feature a documented film, which will speak about his entry into the media field as a jingles composer for advertisements. His achievements include four National Awards, six State Government Awards, Golden Globe award and the latest BAFTA Award for his Slumdog Millionaire.

Singers from the film fraternity, who were introduced by the world renowned music composer, will also be speaking about him. Apart from them, director Shankar, Gautham Vasudeva Menon, Vishnuvaradan, music directors MS Viswanathan, Deva, GV Prakash, and playback singers Hariharan, SP Balasubramanian, Unni Menon, Chitra and many others will feature in this AR Rahman special and will speak about the great legend.

Fans of Rahman also got a rare chance to wish him. A signature campaign is set across Abirami mega mall, INOX and Satyam where the public could wish the legendary composer. This campaign lasted till February, 13. The signature quilt, signed by the 'who's-who' of the film fraternity and fans will be handed over in person to Rahman by the crew of Vijay TV from February 16 to February 19.

Courtesy - Indian Express

Koffee with Anu - Arya/Pooja 3

Koffee with Anu - Arya/Pooja 4

Koffee with Anu - Arya/Pooja 2

Koffee with Anu - Arya/Pooja 1

On Valentines day it was Arya-Pooja who had koffee with Anu & shared their wonderful moments.. I am sure nobody wants to miss the show.. here it is..

koffee with anu super singer jodi no 1 anu alavum bayam illai celebrating kamal's 50 vijay tv vanga pesalam kallikaattu pallkoodam maharani vijay awards vpl en peyar meenakshi yuvan vijay tv anchors kings of comedy