Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Koffee with Venkat Prabhu, 26-10-2011

Koffee with Venkat Prabhu, 7am Arivu team
October 26, 2011

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Star Vijay Nite

Star Vijay Nite

Friday, September 23, 2011

Harris on the edge at Mayajaal

After Yuvan Shankar Raja, it will be now Harris Jeyaraj to perform musical show in Chennai. The more excitement here is that Vijay TV will telecast the show live. Yes, you heard it right, LIVE. It will be at the Mayajal and biggest stage in the world with 3D experience and a view of 270 degrees. The show is scheduled on October 2nd at 7 PM. Looks like with this show Harris Jayaraj is all set to create some world records in music and live stage show.

This is show is expected to have big crowd at Mayajaal. You can find tickets to the show at Mayajaal reception and also available in Mayajaal website.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Star Vijay Nite in UK

UK is getting ready for the Star Vijay Nite programmed on Saturday, October 08, 2011. This will be a LIVE show for the UK people, so get ready for this musical extravaganza. I am sure this show from Vijay TV will be a treat to watch given the musicians who are attending this event. Earlier Vijay TV had the Star Vijay Nite in Dubai with Sneha and Vikram as the chief guests but for this show in UK no actors has been committed yet. Since they have time for next 3 weeks, Star Vijay TV might negotiate with leading actors to get into the show.

The star Vijay Nite in UK will have Shankar Mahadevan, Hariharan, Sujatha Mohan, Swetha Mohan, Karthik and Ranina Reddy giving Live performances. The show will start at 5.30 PM on October 8th. Tickets for the show starts at £30 for adults with VIP ticket being priced at £100. I think the tickets will take a while to get sold out but make sure you get them early.

Show venue:
King Edwards Road
B1 2AA

I am sure the Super singer 3 title winner along with the top level contestants with yesteryears contestants will be adding more flavour to the show. Its good that Vijay TV conducts these live shows outside India to attract people. This might be one of the reason for Vijay TV to be the top tamil/south Indian television channel.

To book your tickets and more details -

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Michael, Vandana married..

Vijay TV Jodi No 1 winner and Boys Vs Girls contestant Michael got married with the Boys Vs Girls contestant Vandana.. I was surprised to hear this but later found few photos of the wedding in fb..

My hearty wishes to the couple and did it all started with the Boys vs Girls sets ??? :)

Monday, September 12, 2011

Saravanan Meenatchi starts today

After a great success from En Peyar Meenatchi and Madurai Vijay TV is back with next similar genre mega serial titled "Saravanan Meenatchi". All these serials sounds to be very unique and has successfully got into hearts of the viewers. Saravanan Meenatchi started today and will be aired Monday to Friday at 8.30 PM, the prime time for the television channels and for Vijay TV. I think Vijay TV is set to bang other channels to get an upper hand during this prime time for ther serials.

In the promotional video of "Saravanan Meenatchi", they say "A journey from marriage to love". The story is around the hero and heroine of the serial, Saravanan and Meenatchi. These roles are played by Mirchi Senthil and Sreeja. Senthil acts as a chennai based RJ (yeah, he is RJ in real life too) and Saravanan likes to live and loves life, enjoying every moment of his life. On the other hand, Meenatchi is from a small town near Tirunelveli and works as a teacher. She is independent but has all qualities of a village girl. Story starts similar to En Perya Meenatchi but while visiting the girls house itself instead of marriage. Things go wrong between families which bring up enemity amongst them which spoils the wedding. The story will go ahead as the movie "Dum Dum Dum" where after the wedding gets cancelled they get into love and convince their families to get married.

Since it would become like a remake, this story has something more onto it. After marriage, the couple get into trouble with difference of opinion and involve their families to resolve the issues. But, how they cope up with the change and resolve the differences/issues gets into the climax of the story. I think this will be an another super hit serial of Vijay TV.

Mirchi Senthil


Story, Screenplay, Dialogue


Sunday, September 11, 2011

Vijay TV for International viewers

Star Vijay TV has been one of the top tamil channels and its viewership has been steadily increasing. They are meant to be the trendsetter in the television shows with their stupendous reality shows which bring more viewers. I always had in mind how would it matter for the international viewers. Vijay TV always had huge international contestants and its the popular channel amongst the tamil television channels in the international level. Its interesting that Vijay TVs serials are also becoming popular these days as compared to Sun TV.

But, the channel sadly doesnt aired in real time to the international viewers. They always get the shows delayed by a week. Yes, by one week. The shows are narrowed to less than 50% of what we see in India and then further the shows are delayed by a week. Star Vijay TV is still telecasting the wild card round in other countries and will continue in this week even. This makes the international viewers to watch the shows/programs online wherever available to satisfy the curiosity. Star Vijay TV is now available in many countries including Americas, European countries, South Africa, many  asian countries. While they increase the availability to many more countries, I also suggest them to bring certain shows in realtime with the Indian relaytime. This will bring them more viewers to subscribe for their channels. I certainly think many of the viewers just keep it to internet to watch the programs just because the shows are non-real time and they could see it well in advance for free. If the vijay TV is available completely then the subscribers count will increase for sure.

Also, Vijay TV can start On-demand shows with the provider which will also bring more revenue and ease for the viewers to watch their shows at their convenient time. With the internet providing everything for us, its difficult to bring in viewers to watch in TV but if the infrastrucutre is avialable, things will improve soon.

Friday, September 9, 2011

IBF - Raise your concerns here

These days we see overlay in the Vijay TV shows for the viewers if they would want to complain about the program to ibfindia. I thought it would be good to understand what it is and overview of it so that if you guys want to file a complaint, it would be easier. ;)

IBF India, Indian Broadcasting Federation is an organisation for the television broadcasters. They have major broadcasters with more than 250 TV channels. They take part in protecting and promoting interests of the broadcasters in India. So, if viewers think that the channel is not telecasting good content, IBF can be notified and they inturn take the issue to the broadcaster.

In the Vijay TV programs, we see send your complaints about the program to ibfindia providing their website and address. So, what kind of complaints can be filed ??
Complaint can be any breach of Self Regulatory Content. Some examples would be if the content get into Kissing, Sex & Nudity, Violence & Crime, Gambling, Drugs, Smoking, Tobacco, Solvents & Alcohol and much more. The categories should be from the channel's program only but not with any movie videos or movie trailer or advertisements.

The complaints should be raised within a week of program telecast and complaint should be either in English or Hindi languages. If you think any program violates with their content and should be notified, please raise your concern.

Watch Kanden this Sunday

Vijay TV has been buying many new movies and telecasting them frequently but some of these films are not a big hit or not big collections. Good thing is, they are getting into movies telecast rights and giving a good competition for other tamil regional television channels.

This week in Vijay TV it will be latest film Kanden to be aired. The channel has been telecasting new movies for over a year now and this time its the romantic film directed by Mugil. Shanthanoo, Rashmi perform the lead roles and Santhanam takes care of comedy. Although, the film didnt do well in box office and I have not seen good reviews, its definitely worth watching in Vijay TV. The movie is scheduled on this sunday at 11 AM. Watch out for Kanden this week.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Whats up Wild Card Round ?

Wild Card round of the Airtel Super Singer 3 is going on from last week and soon we would know the results of this round which will make one contestant to get into Airtel Super Singer 3 Grand finale. I know its little more time left to identify the winner, since they have grand finale with the judges and then with the live grand grand finale in which the winner is announced.

I strongly felt that Sai Sharan would have been selected for the finals and continued the wild card round for rest of the contestants. But, nevertheless I think there is close competition between Sai sharan, Koushik and Shrinivas to get into the finals. Somewhere my heart says Vijay TV will pick two contestants for the finals where one would be judges selection and another with the public voting selection. With the voting lines getting to an end for wild card round, lets keep the fingers crossed to choose the other finalists (i still think there would be more than one contestant selected).

Wild card round is really going very wild with the contestants are performing extremely well and some performances make the judges give them a standing ovation. I think these performances make the viewers vote for their contestants few times more. Also with the website, one user can vote for 3 times and more users you create, keep on voting. I am sure the number of votes will be very big and the contestants are cheered up by the viewers very much with more support. Show your support to the contestants for them to get into finals.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Will they lose their college life ?

Will they lose their college life ?

Will our K5 friends lose their independence, Joy, Laughter ?
Will the K5 Campus change forever ?
Will the spirit of K5 Friendship remain ?

Watch this week's Kana kaanum kaalangal kalluriyin kathai episodes for answers

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Cinema Kaaram Coffee, New Vijay TV Show

Cinema Kaaram Coffee, New Vijay TV Show
Starts September 05, 2011 at 5 PM Monday to Friday

Friday, September 2, 2011

Star Vijay TV, other popular channels off Arasu cable

With Arasu Cable all set to be launched on Friday, operators are both upbeat and crestfallen. While they are relieved that the new government-owned multi-system operator (MSO) will break the domination of private operators in the cable TV market, they are wondering what to tell customers as some popular pay channels will not be part of the bouquet.

Accordingly, around 20 channels under the Sun group, 25 in the Star group, which include Tamil channel Star Vijay, UTV, ESPN and Ten Sports and other pay channels will not be on offer from September 2.

When contacted, the Tamizhaga Arasu Cable TV Operators’ General Welfare Association’s state treasurer, Dhamodharan, said convincing customers in the light of the absence of popular pay channels was difficult.
“We were informed that these channels would be broadcast soon. However, a timeframe for this has not been given,” he said and added that these popular channels earn more than 10 times from TRP ratings and advertisements than through subscriptions.

The Corporation has been ordered to collect only Rs 70 from customers. As a first step, of the 90 free channels, 65 will be aired from the first day itself. “But, there is no communication on the broadcast of pay channels and we are clueless about the cable charge in this regard,” Dhamodharan explained.
The operators were also not satisfied with the amount that has been fixed. Pointing out that the Corporation would take away Rs 20, they felt that it was impossible for any operator to meet his employees’ salary, repair of equipment, electricity bill, office rent and related expenses with a balance of Rs 50 per customer.
“We want to charge every customer Rs 100 along with providing some important pay channels. With this, we can give Rs 25 to the government and take Rs 75,” Dhamodharan suggested.

He said almost 50 per cent of customers would be covered at the start of the launch and around 80 per cent by the next month. Arasu Cable will operate in all districts except Chennai, which is expected to get the licence for conditional access system.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Saravanan Meenatchi - New Serial in Vijay TV

Saravanan Meenakshi - New Serial in Vijay TV
Star Vijay TV Serial

After the super success of Madurai and En Peyar Meenatchi, Star Vijay TV is back with the similar named serial but with the promotional video it looks like a non-village environment. Both Madurai and En Peyar Meenatchi were based out of villages, this promotional video is on the seashore with Mirchi Senthil and Sreeja Chandran (yeah, the pair from Madurai serial). Watch this promo and lets wait for the serial to get started soon..

Thala 50, 01-09-2011

Thala 50, Vijay TV Special program on Ajith's 50th movie Mankatha
September 01, 2011 Video

Engeyum Eppothum Special

Vinayagar Chathurthi Special Program in Vijay TV
Engeyum Eppothum Special, September 01, 2011

Neeya Naana, Vinayagar Chathurthi Special

Neeya Naana, Vinayagar Chathurthi Special
September 01, 2011
Vijay TV Special Show Video

Monday, August 29, 2011

Voting starts for Wild Card

Voting starts for Wild Card in Super Singer 3

The finals of the glamorous Airtel Super Singer 3 is around the corner. The hunt for the super singer worldwide is almost near the end with Pooja and Sathyaprakash already ready for the grand finale. Now, the rest of the contestants will be selected from the wild card round and you have a chance to choose the finalists (Really ??? ;)) I am not sure how many spots would be there, my guess is 2, lets see.

Judges have now shortlisted eight contestants for the wild card round who can be selected for the finals. It would have been nice if they had already selected Sai charan in the finals and kept a competition for rest of them for the final spot.

Kaushik – SS 03
Srinivas – SS 04
Santhosh – SS 05
Danyashree – SS 06
Saicharan - SS 07
Maalavika – SS 08
Praveen – SS 10
Hariharasudan – SS 16

Wild card round is from August 29th to September 7th, 2011.

As this is their last chance to continue their Super Singer dream the contestants have put in their best. The contestants would perform various songs ranging from melody, folk, western, classical etc.

Contestants will have to impress the judges and also viewers for the public voting. The judge for the wild card will be different, T.L. Maharajan, Sriram Parthasarthy, S.P. Shailaja, Sowmya, Nithyashree Mahadevan and Malgudi Subha.

How to Vote ?

The viewers can vote via mobile or online. Voting Mechanism Of Airtel Super Singer 3

Airtel subscribers can call 5432178 from their mobile phone.
Viewers can SMS SS XX to 57827 and cast their vote for the deserving and talented singer (XX-being the contestant’s number)

Apart from this, viewers can also login to and cast their vote.

Voting lines are open from today. Monday, August 29th – 10 pm to Wednesday, September 7th midnight.

Are we ready for Super Singer Junior 3 ?

With Airtel Super Singer 3 almost nearing the finals, the promotional videos for the next season of Airtel Super Singer Junior 3 has been started by Vijay TV. Undoubtedly Vijay TV's Airtel Super Singer has been the most popular reality show in tamil television channels. But, the question here is are we really ready for the Super Singer Junior 3. Overwhelmingly most of us would tell Yes for this question and its fun to watch Junior Super Singer show.

Extended over extension..

Usually Super Singer in Star Vijay TV has been extended over and over again. These days each season go for a whole year and ofcourse its interesting in most part of it. We knew that there was a rumour that Chinmayi didnt continue hosting the Airtel Super Singer show since it has been extended over the actual contract. But, I think the show has matured enough to run several seasons from now. I dont see any reason for the show to come to an end. In the last two years the Airtel Super Singer grand finale has been airted live in Vijay TV which is a real good news and they have done that well.

Super Prizes

Super Singer's popularity has made Vijay TV to give away super duper prizes which range from LCD TV to Gold bracelet to Car and to house. Now, the prize for the Super Singer 3 is villa which is valued at 40 lac INR. I think in next few seasons they will start giving prize in the range of crores. Last season with the seniors had the opportunity to sing in Yuvan Shankar Raja's composition and Ajeesh got that chance along with Car as gift. Then, the last season of Super Singer Junior had the prize of house in Pondichery worth 15 lacs and it was given to both Alka Ajith and Srikanth. In the current season, there were similar prizes in the preliminary rounds with top 40 contestants which ranged in all categories.

Are you ready ?

All these said, are we ready for the Super Singer Junior 3. Ofcourse YES for most part of it in the entertainment but I am not sure how much the kids will get affected since the shows are usually made late in the night and goes for a whole year. I am happy to see the last season juniors Nithyashree, Alka Ajith, Shree Nisha and Priyanka already sang in movies but still our environment gives first importance to education. Also, we remember that these kids after their last season of Airtel Super Singer, they also got into Junior Superstars, another singing competition between the south Indian junior singers.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Weekly Promo Vijay TV programs, August last week

Whats up with this week in Vijay TV.
Week of August 29, 2011 promo of Star Vijay TV shows

Super Starudan Oru Himalaya Payanam, Video

Super Starudan Oru Himalaya Payanam Video
August 28, 2011
Vijay TV show with Superstar Rajinikanth Himalaya trip

Friday, August 26, 2011

Celebrity Host - Lakshmi

Star Vijay TV Celebrity Hosts/Anchors Series

Celebrity Host :

Vijay TV Programs :
Kathai Alla Nijam

We have seen actress Lakshmi in movies doing very good roles lately in her career and was seen as respectful actress among the public. This made her to be the choice for Kadhai alla nijam to host the show and she did that in both Tamil and Kannada channels. Known for her stupendous acting skills, Lakshmi also proved and drove this Vijay TV show which was the role model for the reality shows in Tamil television channels.

Kadhai Alla Nijam from Star Vijay has been Tamil Nadu's first live reality show had incidents with lives of people and discussed on the issue & more generously tried to resolve the issue. Let it be the problem within a family or a mother who lost her small kid or any other issue, this show made sure they consider the issue and dealt with great commitment. Lakshmi in the show has been the main pillar where she was able to convince people, influence them and even make them realise. Most of the time she was moved emotionally.

Live telephone call discussing the issue and trying to help general public was first of its kind which brought in many viewers for this show. Vijay TV came up with a new season with this program with Lakshmi hosting the show again after a gap of 7-8 years in 2010 but did not go long way as expected. But still the show remains in our heart and has been a successful one in the Star Vijay TV channel. Kudos to Lakshmi and producer K.Balachandar.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Celebrity Host - Chimayi

Star Vijay TV Celebrity Hosts/Anchors Series

Celebrity Host :
Chimayi Sripada

Vijay TV Programs :
Airtel Super Singer

Chinmayi has been everyone's favourite host in Vijay TV while she was anchoring the Airtel Super Singer show till 2008.  Chinmayi, being a playback singer, it was good to see her hosting in Airtel Super Singer in Vijay TV as she was able to present the show very neatly. I am not saying all others who followed her to host the show are bad but Chinmayi's hosting of the show cannot be compared with anyone else.

Chinamyee has been nominated and awarded best playback singer awards frequently and we have been hearing her voice everyday. While she was hosting the Airtel Super Singer in Vijay TV, she used to give special performances frequently and also appreciate the performances of the contestants. Sometimes I have felt that she could be a judge for the show. Her clear pronounciation of words and hosting skills had been missed by all of us badly. It was said that she didnt continue hosting the show after 2008 since the show was extended too much than specified in the contract. I am not sure how true it is. Yeah, these seasons of super singer has become yearly event and that looks to work absolutely fine for Vijay TV.

Later withdrawing from Super Singer, Chinmayi was seen compering musical shows in Star Plus and Sun TV's Sangeetha Maha Yuddam. But, she soon announced her last episodes in the shows and not seen compering anymore. She was seen in Vijay TV awards functions and its good to see her back in Vijay TV atleast for awards. There were few times she was awarded even from the channel which shows a healthy relationship with the channel.

Chinamyi recently became the first ever women entrepreneur from Tamil Nadu to be selected for the prestigious FORTUNE/U.S. State Department Global Women’s Mentoring Partnership Program. Her company     Blue Elephant, a translational services company has been growing pretty well and I wish her all the best for her even more successful career.

Udhayanidhi doesn't do it for 7am Arivu

Sun TV has purchased the satellite rights of 7am Arivu. Going by Udhayanidhi Stalin’s habit of selling his films only to Kalaignar TV and Vijay TV, he has chosen Sun TV this time. Kalanidhi Maran met Udhayanidhi Stalin at the Maran Towers and they reportedly worked it out there.

Sun TV has purchased the film at a whopping Rs. 7 crore. In addition to it, the audio launch to be held at Singapore on September 10, 2011 will be telecast live on the channel. 7am Arivu has Suriya and Shruti Hassan in the lead while AR Murugadoss returns to Tamil with this film.

Udhayanidhi Stalin produced the movie under his Red Giant Movies banner. Although Sun TV has expected the release rights of the movie, Udhayanidhi Stalin has held it up. It would be wise to release the film through some neutral production house, say trade analysts. All three biggest releases of the year have gotten closer to their release dates.


K5 College Band - Music Video Competition - Vijay TV

Its fun time in Kana Kaanum Kaalangal, Kalluriyin Kathai, K5. We have been seeing Vijay TV celebrities coming into the show with Robot Shankar, Ananth Vaidyanathan, Shakti and this week we have been seeing the guys from K5 are in the Airtel Super Singer sets. So, Vijay TV is back in bringing their popular programs in others, just another way of entertainment and of course advertisement.

Now, with the guys are preparing for the culturals selection in Asal college, you are Enjoying the preparations for Culturals in K5 College. You can really participate in this! Yes, assemble your college music band with your friends, Create an original music video with college themes like Friendship, Farewell,Love etc., however amateur it shall be and send it to us. You can get featured every Friday in K5 and the best band will win Rs.1 Lakh in Cash!!!

Show your talent in this and win awesome cash awards.
Kana kaanum kalangal kalluriyin kathai Rocks
Vijay TV Programs Rocks
Vijay TV Rocks

Super Star Rajnikanth’s Visit to Baba Cave 28 August 2011 Sunday at 11 A.M

Vijay TV airs an interesting show on Super Star Rajnikanth’s visit to BABA cave on Sunday at 11 am (28 August 2011) titled “Super Starudan Oru Himalaya Payanam”. The show would highlight the elusive and mysterious cave of BABA set amid the high Himalayan Mountains; that is regularly visited by none other than Super Star Rajnikanth.

It is known that Superstar Rajinikanth visits the Himalayas at least once a year to meditate and rejuvenate his mind. Many believe that this meditation and annual visit energizes him and gives him the strength to face the pressures that come with his job as an actor! Post the success of ‘Enthiran” Super Star has made his trip to the cave.

“Super Starudan Oru Himalaya Payanam” features the footage of the beautiful & scenic Himalayas to find out more on the intriguing BABA caves. Along with Super Star Rajikanth his best friends join him to take a trip to the BABA cave, narrating many interesting anecdotes. It is common belief that BABA has lived for more than 2000 years and those caves exude a lot of positive energy and one can feel that enigmatic aura.

Watch “Super Starudan Oru Himalaya Payanam” on 28 August 2011, Sunday at 11 am only on Vijay TV which is sure to take you aboard this mystic journey to the Himalayas.

SivaKarthikeyan gets into movies

 Vijay TV anchor/host SivaKarthikeyan is the latest Vijay TV guy to get into movies. He is been roped in as hero by Pandiraj, for his next upcoming movie. Pandiraj, director of the much acclaimed film ‘Pasanga’ and ‘Vamsam’ has silently completed his next with ‘Kalavani’ fame Oviya and popular TV host Siva Karthikeyan doing the lead roles.

The film depicts the life of the slums of north Chennai that has never been shown in any films recently. The director has already completed the shooting part and only the post-production work is pending. The film is a small budget movie with lots of emotions and drama. The film is yet to be titled! He is once again directing kids but this time in North Chennai.

In Pasanga, as the kids take prominence, here too the plot could revolve around the kids while the subplot is that of a love story between Kalavani Oviya and Siva Karthikeyan. Like Vimal, this role is also expected to be a background role while the kids would be in the foreground. The key difference made to the script is that the kids would live in North Chennai where the story will take place. Pandiraj said that he has not titled the film yet and will announce about this film once the title is fixed.

Way to go SivaKarthikeyan.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Singing Your Way to Fame: Indian Music Reality Shows

By and large, music plays an important part in the lives of us Indians – from birth to death to festivals to prayer to marriage, music is usually incorporated in some form. Chances are, you yourself are into singing or playing or at least happen to know a few people who would love to take the stage if given a chance!

Well that explains why there have been a ton of music-related reality shows on Indian television. Here’s revisiting some of the major ones:

Sa Re Ga Ma Pa (Zee TV)

Sa Re Ga Ma Pa is one of the oldest and perhaps most prestigious music reality show contests on Indian television – several ex-Sa Re Ga Ma Pa contestants now have successful careers as singers. The first episode was aired in 1995. Hosts thus far include Sonu Nigam, Amaan Ali Khan, Avaan Ali Khan, Shaan, Adtya Narayan and Purab Kohli. A lot of OST launches happen on the show and many high-profile Bollywood celebrities have given guest appearances and have served as mentors and judges. There have been international versions of the contest, as well as Sa Re Ga Ma Pa seasons which offered children a chance to display their singing skills.

Airtel Super Singer (STAR Vijay)

Launched in 2006, this music reality show is in Tamil. Winners of the competition have sung for well-respected composers including Harris Jayaraj and Yuvan Shankar Raja.

Jjhoom India (Sahara One)

In 2007, Jjhoom India began and brought together celebrities paired with professional singers in a musical competition: Vinod Rathod and Roshi Chopra, Jatin Pandit and Chhavi Mittal, Varun Badola and Akriti Kakar, and many others. It sure was entertaining to watch celebrities trying to keep up with the professional singers! Judges included Mahesh Bhatt, Shabana azmi and Anand Shah.

K for Kishore (Sony Entertainment Television Asia)

From  2007-08, 12 contestants competed on one platform attempting to sound as close as possible to the much celebrated singer Kishore Kumar. Judges were Bappi Lahiri, Amit Kumar and Sudesh Bhonsle, while Rajeshwari Sachdev and Babul Supriyo were the hosts.

Music Ka Maha Muqqabla (STAR Plus)

Launched in 2009, this music reality show had an interesting concept of celebrities Mika Singh, Himesh Reshammiya, Mohit Chauhan, Shreya Ghoshal, Shaan and Shankar Mahadevan leading various competing teams, which each consisted of three well-known singers and one new singer. The show had its dramatic and controversial moments at time when celebrities had brief tiffs on screen.

Indian Idol (Sony Entertainment Television Asia)

An Indianized version of Britain’s Pop Idol and the U.S.’s American Idol, Indian Idol started in 2004 and has had five seasons thus far. The show has been hosted by Mini Mathur, Aman Verma, Hussain Kuwajerwala, Melyang Chang, Deepali Kishore, Abhijeet Sawant and Prajakta Shukre in the past. Judges for the show include Anu Malik Farah Khan and Sonu Nigam for seasons one and two, Malik, Javed Akhtar, Alisha Chinai and Udit Narayan for season three, Malik, Akhtar, Sonali Bendre,and Kailash Kher for season four, and Malik, Sunidhi Chauhan and Salim Merchant for season five. The show serves as one of the biggest competitors to Sa Re Ga Ma Pa.

Fame Gurukul (Sony Entertainment Television Asia)

In 2005, a mix of Indian Idol and Big Brother was created in the form of Fame Gurukul. Sixteen contestants lived in a music academy setting while competing with each other until the end. The head mistress was Ila Arun, and judges included Javed Akhtar, K.K. and Shankar Mahadevan. The show was hosted by Mandira Bedi and Maniv Gohil.

Fame X (SAB TV)

Following in the footsteps of Fame Gurukul, Fame X aired from 2006-07 with Palash Sen serving as the dean and judges including Nikhil Chinapa, Ganesh Hedge and Daler Mehndi. The show was initially hosted by Sophie Choudry but she was later replaced by Shilpa Sakhlani

Waar Parriwar (Sony Entertainment Television Asia)

Waar Parriwar was unique in the sense that entire musical families were competing with each other  instead of individual contestants. While Urmila Matondkar served as the host and Jatin Pandit as the mentor, several celebrity judges appeared on the show including Ismail Darbar, Daler Mehndi, Mika Singh, Aadesh Srivastav, Shaan, Jatin-Lalit, Bappi Lahiri, Roop Kumar Rathod, Kumar Sanu, Udit Narayan and Pandit Jasraj.

Junoon Kuch Kar Dikhaane Ka (NDTV Imagine)

Launched in 2008, Junoon Kuch Kar Dikhaane Ka had an interesting concept of dividing contestants into three teams of six players each based on music genre. The show was hosted by Annu Kapoor and the teams were divided into Sufi Ke Sultan, which featured celebrity singers Jaswinder Singh, Harshdeep Kaur and Kavita Seth, Bollywood Ke Baadshah and Maati Ke Laal. The judges included Rahat Fateh Ali Khan for Sufi Ke Sultan, Ila Arun for Maati Ke Laal and Anand Raj Anand for Bollywood Ke Baadshah.

Amul Star Voice of India (STAR Plus)

In 2007, Amul Star Voice of India brought together contestants from various music reality shows such as Ishmeet Singh from Indian Idol and Toshi Sabri from Sa Re Ga Ma Pa all onto one platform. Judges included Aadeshh Shrivastav, Abhijeet Bhattacharya, Alka Yagnik, Lalit Pandit and Jatin Pandit. Shaan hosted show. There was later a series for children between the ages of 8 and 14 called Chhote Ustaad judged by Shreya Ghoshal, Kunal Ganjawala and Pritam. The second season was hosted by Chinmayi and Omi Vaidya with Rahat Fateh Ali Khan and Sonu Nigam serving as the judges.

Jo Jeeta Wohi Super Star (STAR Plus)

A bit along the lines of Amul Star Voice of India, Jo Jeeta Wohi Super Star brought together the winners of all singing reality shows that had previously been completed, as well as runners-up to compete for the title of “Superstar.” Mandira Bedi hosted the show, while Farah Khan and the Vishal-Shekher duo were judges.

If you are interested in other languages reality shows for music talent, tune into these programs.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Whats up with Just Dance

Whats up with Just Dance

Hrithik Roshan sings in Just Dance

Hrithik Roshan is judging the reality show Just Dance which airs on Tamil in Vijay TV. The fact that Hrithik Roshan is an amazing dancer is well know. However, something that most people are not aware of is his ability to sing. Not only does Hrithik Roshan know to sing, he knows to sing beautifully as well. Recently Hrithik Roshan sang an awesome Spanish song senorita in Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara aka ZNMD. The movie had other stars such as Farhan Akhtar, Abhay Deol and Katrina Kaif. Actually Hrithik Roshan's singing debut came a lot earlier when he sang a song for his movie Kites.

Of late Hrithik Roshan has been fine tuning his melodious voice and practicing his alternative talkent which is singing. In the reality show Just Dance Hrithik Roshan demonstrates the progress he has made. After the contestants gave some mind boggling performance on the show's Independence Day Special program. Hrithik Roshan stepped in and hummed his favorite patriotic melody Saare Jahan Se Achcha which rocked the house. The actor Hrithik Roshan did not stop there, he sang another song after that which was a motivating number to get the contestants motivated and cheered up. The song he chose was from Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gam. This probably just goes on to show that Vaibhavi is not the only person who is capable of singing on the show Just Dance.

Hitesh Patil Eliminated

Hitesh Patil is eliminated from Just Dance as his performance was not up-to the mark on Vijay TV. Just Dance. Hrithik Roshan also gives away money to Hitesh Patil but asks for a promise from Hitesh Patil that he will use the money to better his talent and not do anything else with it.

Hitesh Patil who hails from Mumbai became one of the 13 top contestants Vijay TV's dancing reality show Just Dance. The talented dancer Hitesh Patil is just 21 years old and he is also a FYBCOM student. Hitesh Patil's father is said to be a huge fan of Hrithik Roshan, had asked Hitesh Patil to participate in the show Just Dance. Hitesh Patil is from a modest background but has huge ambitions towards dance. Earlier in the show Hitesh Patil had an emergency due to a kidney stone however that did not keep him out of the show Just Dance. The doctors had advised him complete rest for a duration of three weeks but the contestant was back on stage in one week only.

Hitesh Patil was said to have been very scared to audition in front of people like Farah Khan and Vaibhavi but their comments soon built the confidence in him. Hitesh Patil strongly feels that dance can be a career too and wants to change the opinion of people who think otherwise.


Friday, August 19, 2011

Vetrithirumagan - A Sweet show

Vijay TV had aired Vetri thirumagan Vikram, a special program on independence day. This program was one of the show to celebrate the success of the recent movie Theivathirumagal. The show show had Gopinath hosting with actor Vikram, Baby Sarah, director Vijay and Shringa who dubbed for Nila character in the movie. The show was sweet and was pleasant to watch with the talk of Sarah.

Vijay TV programs has always been entertaining and in this bringing in Sarah with Gopinath making the most out of Vikram, Vijay and audience. :) This move, Deivathirumagal has showcased the bonding between the father and daughter. Last I remember the movie with father-daughter relationship was Abhiyum Naanum. This has worked out well again with the audience and movie has very good review and getting to a super hit.

The show had Vikram, Vijay and Sarah speaking about the experiences in the movie and the best part being the bonding between Vikram and Sarah. There were several instances shared by the crew - sarah woke up in middle of night and saying she misses Vikram badly, Sarah insists Vikram to tell she is his 3rd daughter. Shringa, who dubbed for her in the movie had a very sweet voice and she must for the reason being the daughter of Sarika who is also a dubbing artist for Simran and Jyothika.

Overall the program was very nice and enjoyable. Hope you guys even enjoyed the same.

Vettri Thirumagan Vikram Snaps

Vetri Thirumagan Vikram Snaps from the TV

Vikram, Sarah, Vijay 

Santosh eliminated from Top 4

Airtel Super Singer 3 in Vijay TV, Santosh eliminated from Top 4

Airtel Super Singer 3 in Vijay TV had the top 4 contestants sing songs of their choice as their last performance in the Top 4. As expected Santosh was eliminated from the Top 4 and he is right now banking on the wild card round to try and make a come back into the contest.

Sai Charan and Sathyaprakash went into the top 3 without any problems. It was left between Pooja and Santosh for the last remaining slot in the Top 3. Pooja's good performance all through the week got her into the top 3 in spite of her singing songs that were to her strength. The Nokia singer of the week award went to Sathyaprakash who won a Nokia N1014 for his performance.

The Airtel song of the week went to Pooja for singing the song Athan and she won a gift of LCD TV for her performance. These were the two contestants who went to the top 3 without any problems. The judges were concerned about the fact that Pooja was not singing songs that were not her strength. It was Santosh who faced the axe due to his lackluster performance.


Aadu Puli this weekend in Star Vijay TV

Aadu Puli film will be telecasted in our Vijay TV on August 21 at 11:00 AM. Vijay TV has been buying latest tamil films and telecasting them during the weekends.

About Aadu Puli
The son of a joint family falls in love with the daughter of a powerful state minister. Everyone is happy when the two get engaged. But, in a surprise turn of events, the boy calls off the engagement.

Cast in Aadu Puli
Adhi Pinisetty, K.R. Vijaya, Mayilsamy, Nizhalgal Raviee, Poorna, Prabhu, Ravichandran, Singamuthu, Srinath, Suresh, Suri, Yuvarani
Vijay Prakash
Music Director
Sundar C. Babu
Vijay Prakash

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Rajinikanth visits Baba's cave: Vijay TV exclusive

On August 28, 2011 (Sunday) at 11 a.m.,Vijay TV is all set to air an interesting show on Superstar Rajnikanth’s visit to Baba's cave. Titled 'Superstarudan Oru Himalaya Payanam', it will take viewers to Rajni's visit to the mysterious Baba's cave (in the Himalayas) post the success of Enthiran. It is a well-known fact that Superstar is a regular visitor to the Himalayas to meditate and rejuvenate his mind.

The show will also feature footages of the beautiful Himalayan ranges. Superstar is accompanied by his best friend who will be narrating some interesting anecdotes throughout the show.

So get ready to watch the mystical journey of our Superstar on August 28, 2011!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Celebrity Host - James Vasanthan

Celebrity Host - James Vasanthan

Star Vijay TV Celebrity Hosts/Anchors Series

Celebrity Host :
James Vasanthan

Vijay TV Programs :
Oru Varthai Oru Laksham

James Vasanthan has been television host for quite long time with Sun TV and after which his musical skills were introduced in Subramaniapuram film. Not many people knew that he is a musician until he composed music for that film. But, after that with his songs becoming very popular, he is growing into new highs. He has already composed music for around 7-10 movies with super hit songs. With his first film Subramaniapuram he was awarded best find of the year from Vijay awards. James is very soft spoken and is very clear on what he speaks.

When Vijay TV started with new show Oru varthai oru latcham, seeing James Vasanthan hosting the show, initially I thought the show might not become a big hit. But, with the way James carries this show and with interesting show concept, this show is becoming a must watch every week. James Vasanthan has been doing a wonderful job in hosting the show and his sense of humour has been really good with the contestants. He has been frank with the contestants while saying "Thamizhukku vantha sogam" and many more funny comments. Overall the show has been nice and targets all ages in teh audience which is a big plus.

Vijay TV has been felicitating James Vasanthan frequently with the awards :) He was the best find of the year in 2008 and also got the Best folk song of the year in this year Vijay music awards. I think his music has been good which makes us to listen his songs continously and Vijay TV awarding this music director is really good. If people thing that Vijay TV is biased on him, I dont think that is really serious because he has proved wtih his songs and he deserves getting these awards.

I wish this program Oru varthai oru latcham in Star Vijay TV to continue in long run and bring more celebrities to the show with James Vasanthan hosting it. It would also be nice to see James Vasanthan appearing in Vijay TV Airtel Super Singer show. I hope you guys wont disagree with me in this regard.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Celebrity Host - Anu Hasan

Celebrity Host - Anu Hasan

Star Vijay TV Celebrity Hosts/Anchors Series

Celebrity Host :
Anu Hasan

Vijay TV Programs :
Koffee with Anu (multiple seasons)
En Samayal Arayil

Anu Hasan's Kofee with Anu program has been one of the very popular TV shows in tamil regional television channels. She has been able to maintain the momentum for the program and it is like a great missing between the seasons. Koffee with Anu started as Koffee with Suchi which was being inspired by Koffee with Karan in Star Plus. If not exactly similar to Hindi version of the program, Koffee with Anu manages to satisfy the expectations of tamil audiences. There were quite many variants in the show between the seasons and every bit has been entertaining. Best of Koffee with Anu is the best amongst the season where you get to see the more entertaining parts of different guests interview.

Television interview featuring celebrities/guests were not so interesting earlier and not too frequent as in weekly basis. We used to have television interviews of the celebrities during festival only. Koffee with Anu made a huge impact in having interviews with the celebrities every week and more interesting part has been the home work that they do to speak about the incidents of the celerbrities life. With the 3 seasons completed in Koffee with Anu and all of us waiting for the next season to launch, I thought I should write about this show and anchor Anu Hasan here.

With guests from various fields but most of them from the film industry made to the show. Within film industry we have seen people from Musicians, Directors, Actors, Comedians, Supporting actors, Evergreen artists from which we still remember some of the most memorable events. Apart from film industry, we had also seen people from Sports, Hospital, Politicians in the show. I always thought that they could increase the show with people from non-film industry but after all it becomes more entertaining with popular figures in the show.

Anu and her team has been doing lot of homework to bring celebrities to the show and get funny incidents, photos, albums into the show. Apart from Koffee with Anu, Anu Hasan also hosted En Samayal Arayil aired during the weekends afternoon which showcased her cooking talent. This show was a tailor made for her which had her cooking style and her friends tasting the food. I would have liked Star Vijay TV to continue this program with few more celebrities.

There were several different segments in the Koffee with Anu program and I wanted to list them here for our remembrance,

Koffee Award - Guest select a person from the film industry who is given a coffee cup autographed by the guest. This coffee cup is the koffee award.

On TV Segment - This segment features friends or family sharing their thoughts about the guest.

Rapid Fire - Questions are fired in quick succession at the guests. Best part is the gift hamper to best answered guest.

Nostalgic Moments - The host brings on to the set, something really special to the celebrity... A special object, photographs or person from the past and the nostalgia is shared.

Prank Call - Guest get into act to make prank call and make contraversial statements to them which will make the person on phone to speak out something in camera.

Koffee Tarrot - The host has a set of photographs of people, usually celebrities, the guests are acquainted with. She places the photographs face down on a table. Each guest picks up three photographs and speaks about their views or experiences with those celebrities for a few minutes.

Vetri Thirumagan Vikram, 15-08-2011

Vetri Thirumagan Vikram, Video
Deiva thirumagal special August 15, 2011

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Neeya Naana Independence day special Video

Neeya Naana Independence day, August 15, 2011

Qtel offers free Mozaic access to mark India Independence day

To mark the upcoming celebrations of Independence Days in India, Qtel is offering unlimited access to the Pehla Prime package. Until August 17, existing customers of the Prime Asia service on Qtel Mozaic TV can access 46 Pehla channels as part of the special celebration. With this promotion, Qtel hopes to provide full access for customers to coverage of the wide range of celebrations to mark India Independence Day (August 15).

With a comprehensive range of news and entertainment stations from both countries available in the Pehla packages, customers won’t have to miss a minute of the ceremonies and events to mark the occasion. Mozaic TV’s Pehla Prime package offers a range of channels directly from South Asia, in a wide range of languages.

Among the channels on offer are STAR Gold, STAR One, Sony, Colours, SET Max, Asianet, STAR Jalsha, SUN TV, Udaya TV, Channel V India, Vijay TV, and Gemini TV. In addition, customers can also access a range of sports programming, including live cricket coverage on Neo and Ten Cricket channels. For new customers, the Pehla Prime package on Mozaic TV is available for the monthly subscription of QR145 when they sign up for Mozaic services at any Qtel Shop or Starlink store. 

Vijay TV show with Mankatha music launch

Mankatha had its music launch done in a unique way in Vijay TV at the radio station of Radio Mirchi 98.3 along with part of the cast and crew of the movie. The program started with MOP Vaishnav college girls who were fans of Ajith Kumar dancing to the tunes of Mankatha. After the success of Chennai 600028 and Goa, Venkat Prabhu had decided to launch the music of Mankatha in Radio Mirchi 98.3 like the way he did for his previous movies. The group of people who were present there ensured that the show was a huge success.

There was unlimited fun there in the radio station of Radio Mirchi 98.3. During the conversation Yuvan Shankar Raja comes in to tell that he has confidence in his music and he said that it will do well for sure. In this movie we will see Ajith Kumar dancing to the tunes of a folk song machi open the bottle which the director Venkat Prabhu felt would be a huge success. The movie Mankatha is the 50th film for Thala aka Ajith Kumar and there is huge expectation on the movie.

All of Mankatha's music launch was telecast live on Vijay TV.

Mangatha audio release Vijay TV 14-08-2011

Vijay TV
Mangatha audio release August 14, 2011

Friday, August 12, 2011

Depend Vijay TV on Independence day!

Depend Vijay TV on Independence day for Non Stop Entertainmnet.

Vijay TV’s Independence Day Specials.

On account of the 64th Independence Day, Vijay TV has an interesting line-up of special programmes beginning from 6.40am onwards.

On 15th August 2011, the day starts off with ‘Bhakthi Thiruvizha’ at 6.40 am .

‘Engeyum Eppodum’ Oru Sirappu Parvai at 8.30 am would feature a preview of the romantic thriller produced by popular director A.R. Murugadoss. This upcoming movie is being written and directed by debutant Saravanan, starring Jai, Ananya, Ajnali & Sharvanand, music composed by Satyan.

Lion Dates Syrup Neeya Naana at 9 am would have an interesting topic that would warm up audiences on Independence Day.

Special ‘Home Sweet Home’ at 3 pm would feature celebrities from the film industry. The cast and crew of the film ‘Engeyum Eppodum’, actors Jai, Ananya, Anjali and Sharvanand would participate to win a dream house on this fun filled game show.

At 4.30 pm, versatile actor Vikram speaks about his winning formula on the show titled ‘Vettrithirumagan’ wherein he shares his working experience in his latest super hit film ‘Deivathirumagal’.

Actor Jeeva spends a day with us as Vijay TV viewers get to know his daily routine and life beyond his busy acting schedules. Don’t miss to watch ‘A Day with Jeeva’ at 5.30 pm.

At 8.30 pm a sneak peak on the upcoming Tamil feature film ‘Yuvan Yuvathi’. At 9 pm Airtel Super Singer 3’ would feature special Independence Day performances


On 15 August, Independence day, Monday at 11 am, ‘YUTHAM SEI’ the super hit film would be premiered. Yutham Sei is a crime thriller film, written and directed by Myskin. The starcast of the film are Cheran in the lead role along with debutant Dipa Shah apart from Y.G. Mahendra, Lakshmi Ramakrishnan and Jayaprakash. Cheran has done a CB-CID officer role in the film, which received good reviews in media during its release. Don’t miss to watch ‘Yutham Sei’ on Vijay TV on 15 August, Monday at 11 am.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Independence Day special programs on Vijay TV

This Independence Day, 15th August 2011, you are in for a special treat on Vijay TV. If you haven't watched Nadunisi Naaygal, the thriller written and directed by Gautham Vasudev Menon, starring Sameera Reddy, Veera Bahu and Deva in lead roles, then glue yourself to Vijay TV this Sunday. As part of their line up of programs for the Independence Day.

Vijay TV will telecast the film on Aug 14 and Mysskin's Yudham Sei on Aug 15. If you want indulge on the latest, watch Engeyum Eppodum – Oru Sirappu Parvai at 8:30 am on Aug 15, a Preview of the romantic thriller produced by AR Murugadoss , in a tie up with Fox Star Studios. At 8:30 pm, Catch a sneak peak on the upcoming Tamil Feature film Yuuvan Yuvathi which has Bharath and Rima Kallingal in lead roles. Also Watch Vikram share his success formula in Vettrithirumagan and Jeeva speak about his routine in the show A Day with Jeeva at 4:30 pm.

So stick to Vijay TV to enjoy the best of TV programs this year on Independence Day.

Vijay TV will now begin to tell stories

In a bid to craft out a fresh channel perception amongst the audiences in the Tamil market, the channel has decided to significantly up its investments in building primetime fiction properties in the next four months.

For Vijay TV, the Tamil GEC from the STAR stable whose forte lay in building format properties, 'fiction' is now the new gameplan!

In a bid to craft out a fresh channel perception amongst the audiences in the Tamil market, the channel has decided to significantly up its investments in building primetime fiction properties in the next four months. Not willing to divulge too many details, K Sriram, channel head , Vijay Television, tells afaqs!, "We will launch at least three fiction properties before the year ends. The investments will be based on the storylines, and we will justify the scale of the story with superior production values."

The first fiction from the lot will be a love story that will be out in October. This will be followed by two new family dramas to feed the primetime band by the year-end. For the record, Vijay TV currently runs nine non-fiction properties on the channel.

So, why is there an increased focus on fiction?

"Fiction means habit, repeat audiences, stability, and consistency -- all the factors that makes a healthy GEC. Also, we have a point to prove in this genre, as we feel that the audiences in this market have been short-changed for a while now," says Sriram.

Sun TV has an almost absolute hold on audiences across all the markets down South. Therefore, to make a dent in the space, Vijay TV had decided to bring in innovative content in format programming, opine various media planners. Reality shows were first introduced to the Tamil audiences by STAR Vijay. Some of its popular reality shows that brought a huge chunk of revenue to the channel include Airtel Super Singer, Jodi No. 1, Kalakkapovadhu Yaaru, and Anu Alavum Bayamillai.

"For a long time, Vijay TV had been working in the non-fiction domain and it did meet success with the audiences. However, fiction brings in a larger audience set since families sample soaps first. Vijay was losing out on this chunk. Reality content can only be a subset of the entire programming of a GEC, and therefore, if Vijay continued to show only format content, it would eventually be identified as only a niche player," says S Muthukumar, senior vice-president, Lintas Media Group.

And, it's not just audiences that the channel is targeting. The addition of fiction properties to the channel's programming lineup will also help Vijay TV add new advertisers to its basket and increase its spot rates. A top show on Sun TV commands an approximate rate of over Rs 20,000 for a 10-second spot. Now, compare that to a top show on Vijay TV, and the rates vary between an estimated Rs 7,000-Rs 8,000 per 10 seconds. "The addition of fiction to the line-up will also help the channel increase its rates," says a media planner who does not wish to be named.

Currently, retail forms a strong source of revenue support for Vijay TV. Moving forward, the channel intends to tap into categories such as real-estate, entertainment, and hospitality, through customised brand solutions. In the last fiscal, Vijay TV grew in revenues by an approximate 25 per cent, wherein the advertising contribution grew by more than 20 per cent, the channel claims. "Primarily, the big advertisers on television moving into sales deals based on value proposition and brand association had helped us. More and more advertisers have started to formulate their own methods of measuring a channel's efficacy, and this approach has worked in favor of Vijay TV," says Sriram.

Meanwhile, the channel states that formats will continue to be its strength. "We are in talks with international production houses to deliver suitable content. In the second quarter of this fiscal, the market will experience this unique product," says Sriram.

Content Courtesy - Afaqs

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Jodi no 1 Season 5 - Status Report

Jodi no 1 Season 5 - Status Report

Jodi No 1 from Vijay TV has been the first of its kind in tamil television channel. Later many other channels had similar programs which made Vijay TV to shelve it for a while. This has happened with few other programs as well and Vijay TV comes back with the program again after a while. We are seeing same behavior and Star Vijay TV is back now with Jodi Season 5. Lets see how the program has started and with the progress will it regain & continue its next season immediately after this along with the verdict of the program.

Whats different this time ?

There is a huge difference this time with Jodi Season 5 where each jodi is not only male-female team. There are combinations of male-female, male only, female only teams and thats a good difference across the seasons. This is both advantage and disadvantage for contestants and also for the viewers ;).
Ramya Krishnan comes back as the judge for the show after missing few seasons. Other judge is not one single person and each week there is someone judging the show with Ramya Krishnan. We have had actress Sneha, Meena, Sangeetha, actors Shanthanu, Shyaam, Prasanna judging the show. I am not sure why they have not yet fixed one single judge amongst them.

Drama Started ?

Always these reality shows gets more TRP with some drama between the contestants and judges. I mean sometimes the drama is not preplanned but the promotional videos make them interesting for the viewers to watch the show. I guess that happen few weeks back with the Manoj Kumar's jodi with the contestant arguing with the judge and on the capabilities.


Shivakarthikeyan is now seen in many shows of Vijay TV. He was also seen at the Vijay awards and now he is back with Jodi Season 5 also. He has been making lot of fun and keeps the show lively and I think he brings some of the viewers for the show :) Bhavna joins him in anchoring and she has been doing a nice job till now.

Innovative Rounds

This time with the Jodi season 5, Vijay TV has brought up with very different and innovative rounds for the contestants. When they had 10 contestants, we had Dhasavatharam round with each time taking one avatar of god Vishnu. Then with 9 contestants, it was Navarasa round taking all nine rasas for each team. Its different and nice. Till now the program has been going on fine but not made a big impact. Its still time to get the heat on so that the program gets more viewers going forward. Lets see how it goes as the elimination grows.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Get ready for Junior 3 auditions

Get ready for Junior 3 auditions

Airtel Super Singer Junior has launched its new season with Season 3. This program has launched many talented singers from the junior circuit to launch them on the big stage. Some of these singers have gone on to perform at big stage events with South Indian film stars. There was one singer by the name of Srikanth who went on to even set a Guinness Record for singing continuously for 7 hours on the trot.

Vijay TV has now announced auditions for people aged between 6-14. Children between these age groups can send their profile along with a recorded voice of themselves to Airtel super singer junior 3, Vijay tv, P.O.Box 8484, Chennai – 600034. Vijay TV has requested for CD's of recorded voices to be sent to their postal address. The shortlisted children will then will then perform in front of the judges for their first level auditions

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Vijay Awards - Was it biased ?

Till this year Vijay awards has been praised as unbiased awarding ceremony where the talent gets identified and awarded. But, there were few eyebrows raised on the Vijay awards being biased to few tamil film celebrities. According to me, it was all very good except for few exceptions and these minor exceptions are difficult to avoid. Taking the vijay awards from Vijay TV as a whole, there are many factors to consider. I will point out aspects that I look for and admired & ofcourse enjoyed watching it.

Comparing with any other regional awards, Vijay TV has been doing a great job in fecilitating the tamil film celebrities. Now, it has become a big brand name for celebrities too, Dhanush in one point said that his "Adukalam" would get 6 or 7 Vijay awards. With too much of competition between the films and when they get recognized, celebrities are behind it for sure. I think going forward more people will be proud with their Vijay TV award. Also, there seems to be very less political influence in the Vijay TV as a whole and with these kinds of shows which makes the show better.

Vijay TV has their own people to compere, perform on stage, fill the time, do anything that they want. They have few celebrities to perform on stage but otherwise its their own guys who drive the show. This year Shriya, Amala Paul, Bharath performed on stage with some super songs adding more glamour to the show. Gopinath and Shivakarthikeyan compering was very nice and they were interacting with the audience which made it better. Shivakarthikeyan's sense of humour made it best.

I think the awards were given to best talent in most of the cases except for entertainer of the year award. It would been given to actor Arya for his few films in the year and all of them really entertained us. Madarasapattinam and Boss engira baskaran from Arya made a good point for him but I am not sure if they look for single film for entertainment. Best actor could also been considered for Arya for Madarasapattinam. Otherwise most of the other awards were in perfect hands. These can be the exceptions in the show which can be ignored for the most other part were perfect. There would have been quite many considerations by the jury for choosing these awards even which I might not be aware even. So, I am not complaining that the awards are biased.

Whats in Oru Varthai Oru Laksham

Vijay TV, a pioneer in bringing innovative shows to the Tamlinadu audience is now launching a game show titled 'Amman TRY Oru Varthai Oru Laksham' airing every Saturday at 2000 hrs. This game show tests one's vocabulary of the Tamil language.

Amman TRY Oru Varthai Oru Laksham tests the Tamil vocabulary skills of the participants in finding the correct word in a given duration with the help of clues. The game is played by two teams comprising of 2 members in each team. The first two rounds of this game show is a qualifying round wherein two teams play to qualify for the 'Money Tree' round. The team with maximum number of correct worlds is eligible to move on to the next level of playing the money tree round and the winner can walk away with whopping prize money of One Lakh.

How to play?
The players have to decide on who gives the clues and who answers it. The person giving the clues can give only one-word clues and cannot give sentences or hand gestures. They cannot prompt nor do any act explaining the word. For finding the correct word a maximum of three clues can be given eg: If the word is 'Mazhalai', the clues can be 'kuzhanthai' 'Siruvar' and 'Pasanga'. The team scores high if they crack the answer with the least number of clues.

Money Tree round:
In the first level of money tree round, the team that cracks 5 words out of 9 wins Rs.10,000/-. The second level if the team cracks 5 right words out of 8 wins Rs. 20,000/. Likewise, in the final level if the team cracks 5 right words out of 5 then they walk away with a lakh of rupees.

Show Host:
To play Amman Try Oru Varthai Oru Laksham one would need good diction in Tamil and the show is to be hosted by Award winning Music Director James Vasanthan. He is known for his good pronunciation in Tamil and has hosted many shows on Vijay TV in the past. The show will certainly make everyone watching play along with the participants.

Vijay TV rising strong..

Vijay TV has been coming up with new and innovative programs to the tamil regional television channels. There are quite a few programs that they have been inspired from other star network channels or foriegn channels which have proven record of success. I think Vijay TV has been doing well in adopting those programs for the tamil audiences and it has always worked for them. With the recent introduction of dubbed programs even, they are seeing quite a good success with "Just Dance like Hrithik Roshan", "Anbale azhagana veedu".

In addition to these new programs the channel is also getting hot with their propreitary (not really, later remade in most of the tamil channels) Airtel Super Singer, Jodi No 1, Kings of comedy. I think all the latest seasons of these programs are bang and make us delighted not to change any other channel during this time. With the top 6 contestants in Super Singer, they have already started promoting their next season of the super singer with juniors - Super Singer Junior 3.

Vijay awards has been a super duper hit with their non-biased judgement. Adding to the awards program is the Vijay music awards that has been initiated pretty well this year and will continue to grace every year from now. They also have option to award more people from the film industry. No wonder they might have Vijay TV Television award even coming soon that might award their own artists ;)

With the recent election results Vijay TV has got opportunity to make use of the situation, grow further and be the leading tamil television channel. I could see it in the happening and its not a long way to go at all.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Star Vijay Nite, 30-07-2011

Star Vijay Night, Video
July 30, 2011


Thursday, July 28, 2011

Fiction, the main focus for Vijay TV

After successfully experimenting with various non-fiction shows during prime time and non-prime time, Vijay TV, the Tamil GEC from Star Network, has again set its eyes on fiction by launching an array of new shows during prime time.

The first show to be launched was ‘Maharani’, which captures the life of two orphans, who were best of friends once but turn bitter enemies later on. The show has been consistently delivering good numbers and has set the ball rolling for others to follow.

Post ‘Maharani’, Vijay TV had launched another show called ‘Yam irukka Bayam yean’, a spiritual thriller. Having stabilised the 7-8 pm weekday prime time, Vijay TV came up with its third fiction show, ‘Mahan’, a mythological serial that talks about the birth, the calling, the sacrifices, and the life of sages. The series covers the lives of saints like Guru Sri Ragavendrar and others. ‘Mahan’, being aired at 6.30 pm, is the follow-up to the successful mythological series ‘Saibaba’, which had a very good run.

The strengthening of the fiction band was completed with the launch of ‘Meera’ and ‘Yen peyar Meenatchi’ last week in the 8-9 pm band, thereby creating a good mix of genres like mythology, supernatural thriller and intense family drama. The weekday prime time now consists of five fiction shows that occupy the 6.30-9 pm block. That apart, Vijay TV is constantly exploring newer time bands in the afternoon and late prime time for positing fiction shows.

Speaking about the new launches K Sriram, General Manager, Vijay TV, said, “We have done a lot of groundwork in understanding the psychographic profiles of women across Tamil Nadu, conducted focus group studies and have discussed numerable storylines before launching the fiction shows, and it is very encouraging to note that the band is gaining momentum and we hope to keep building on the same.”

Qtel Adds Vijay TV to Pehla on Mozaic TV

Qtel’s Mozaic TV continues to offer the widest range of entertainment for customers across Qatar, with exciting new channels now available on its Pehla Variety and Pehla Prime packages.
For the first time, Baby TV will be available on Mozaic TV, bringing the world’s first commercial-free channel for infants and toddlers. The channel offers learning and interactive programmes, created by child development experts, to help young viewers discover shapes, colours and nature. At night, Baby TV screens soft noises and classical music, designed to help children settle and go to sleep. Baby TV is available on channel no. 15 on Mozaic TV.

Qtel is also adding Dawn News to Pehla packages. Dawn News is a Pakistani news and current affairs television channel, offering credible and balanced news programming from South Asia, as well as vital updates on business and current affairs. Dawn News is available on channel no. 138 on Mozaic TV. Qtel continues to add new channels to its Mozaic TV service, as part of its mission to ensure that it is providing the very best in home entertainment for all its customers.

Every month, Qtel adds new, Western, Indian, Pakistani and Filipino channels to the offering on Mozaic, to reflect the diverse tastes of its audience. Pehla Variety offers a bouquet of channels in a range of South Asian languages, including the very best in children’s entertainment, news, movies and children’s programmes. Among the most popular channels in the package are STAR Jalsha, SUN TV, Udaya TV, Vijay TV and Gemini TV. Available for just QR35 a month, the Pehla Variety pack brings the very best in South Asian entertainment directly to homes throughout the country.

For cricket fans, Qtel is also offering the incredible Pehla Prime package. As well as the full range of channels in the Pehla Variety pack, the Pehla Prime package offers Cricone, Neo Cricket, Ten Cricket and Star Gold. For just QR145 per month, the Pehla Prime package screens the very best in international and Asian cricket, along with the full range of Pehla Variety channels. Existing customers can apply for the Pehla channel packages by dialling 111 and asking to upgrade. New customers can add the packages to their subscription when they sign-up  for Mozaic TV services at any Qtel Shop or Starlink store. With the roll-out of Qtel’s advanced fibre network across Qatar, an increasing number of residences soon have the option of crystal clear, high definition television with Mozaic TV.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

NVK Shilpa Menon Interview

She’s the happy face you encounter on ‘Namma Veedu Kalyanam’ while watching Vijay TV on Sundays. For show anchor Shilpa Menon, who came into her own quite by chance with lots of quirks of destiny thrown in, it’s been a joy ride ever since the show kicked off and became a huge success.

Today, the lass is lavished with praise by virtual strangers in public, who compliment her on the way she conducts the show. With so much going for her, Shilpa, we find, is one content young lady, who claims she couldn’t ask for more. “It’s really destiny or else how else would you explain how I came into television and showbiz?” questions Shilpa. For this graduate in English from Stella Maris College, the only dreams she had right from class 6, were studying English literature. But the hunger for knowledge hasn’t dimmed even now, as she is keenly pursuing her MBA by correspondence from the Symbiosis institute, Pune, and MA in English from the University of Madras as well.

“I always wanted to study and I am happy that my work doesn’t come in the way of that,” she grins. In the meantime, she is not only studying but also emceeing and hosting shows for corporates and film events. So how did she make an entry into television, when her interests lay elsewhere? “I enjoyed the stint though it was a completely exhausting job. I even went to Australia on a Peace Scholarship exchange programme during my college days, and studied at the Queensland University of Technology. They were the best six months of my life and I wanted to be a journo back then! But I never ever dreamt that I would land up in showbiz! I interned for a year as a radio programme producer in Radio One and that’s where it all started,” she explains.

It was quite by chance that Shilpa made her small screen debut. “I was playing carom with my Radio One boss John Vijay, when he suddenly asked if I would like to do television. I just said okay, without giving it much thought. The next thing I knew, he had made a call to some people, arranged some meetings and I was auditioning and got selected as anchor for the Jaya TV show, ‘Unga Area Ullai Vaanga’!” she recalls. After this college campus competition show, Shilpa went on to do ‘Arindadum Ariyamalum’ on Vijay TV apart from becoming a radio producer for Chennai Live. The next big thing that hit her was ‘Namma Veedu Kalyanam’ which started off as a 30-minute show in 2009 but is presently a one-hour show that details the weddings of celebrities from Kollywood and TV.

And, what does her job involve?

“I need to establish a connection between the audience and the celebs. For this, I need to brush up my language skills in Tamil, especially since it’s mostly poetic, flowery Tamil I’m supposed to speak in, with no traces of ‘Tanglish’,” explains Shilpa who came from a mostly an English-speaking background. “Though I can speak Tamil well, I wasn’t sure it was good enough for television. However, today when I get compliments for the way I present the show, even my friends can’t believe it!” she laughs. The biggest thrill was when her aunt in Chicago called to say that her show being telecast in the US!

So are films the next step? “I have got film offers, but refused them. I am happy on TV and have no plans to change track,” she says.

- Express buzz
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