Saturday, May 30, 2009

Heroine special..

It will be actress' special in Vijay Awards show tomorrow.. the show which had the jury's speak in the first week then followed by actors, directors.. this week it would be upcoming actress who made a mark in their respective movies.. it will be heroines of the film Poo, subramaniapuram and Sakkarakatti..

Koffee with Unni..

It was Unnikrishnan with his wife in Koffee with Anu show today.. the show had lots of interesting things.. it had Koffee tarro, koffee awards and lot more.. I will write separate post about the episode itself later..

Sujitha with Soya..

Today in Samayal Samayal, the wonderful anchoring pair Devadarshini and Priyadarshini were back in the show.. whenever this pair comes only I watch the show.. it was actress Sujitha whom we have been seeing in films for quite a long time from her childhood. She came with her sister-in-law Anu for the competition.. the topic was to prepare anything with Soya. Sujitha came up with Soya Chunk Biriyani and Soya Fry.. the other team came up with soya Brinji.. finally it was Sujitha who had won this round of the competition in Samayal Samayal.. we will be seeing her in the next week also.. and further if she wins 3 weeks consecutively she will get a dream modern kitchen as prize. The show was interesting to know more details about Sujitha who is into acting for such a long time.

Super Singer Live from YMCA..

Airtel Super Singer mega finals is on June 3rd and the best part is it will be telecasted live by Vijay TV... the show will be held at YMCA hall at 7.00 PM... The final three contestant who will be performing in this event will be announced on Monday's show... Prominent Musicians are expected for this Occasion... lots of prizes are also expected for the top 3 contestants..

Friday, May 29, 2009

Ambika Soni to take charge on 1 June

Information and Broadcasting Minister Ambika Soni is expected to formally assume charge on 1 June. Soni, however, met senior I&B and Prasar Bharati officials today to apprise herself of the working of her ministry. Soni said today that the primary aim of her ministry would be to ensure that information about government programmes for the welfare of the people reaches every citizen of the country. In reply to a question about the Commonwealth Games during a brief chat, Soni said that it would be the attempt of Prasar Bharati as host broadcaster to cooperate with foreign broadcasters to reach the signals to countries all over the world.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Fix right content to promotions ratio

In a cluttered broadcast spectrum, the only effective way to catch upon the exact set of target audience is to integrate the discipline of media planning with the right kind of marketing and promotional strategies, believes BBC head – media planning Alan James. Speaking at the Promax/BDA India Conference 2009 here today, James says, “Media planning is a very critical discipline that has to be included in the successful marketing of any broadcast channel or portfolio. If a channel wants to get captured by the right and defined eyeballs, it has to use the given ‘space’ in relevance to the target set. And this can be achieved only with the inclusion of correct media planning patterns within the media mix.”

Media planners believe that broadcast marketing and promotion without any media planning support many times pushes a channel to under-promote or over-promote itself. “While under-promotion leads to huge wastage of creative resources, over-promotion is a magnet that exerts a pull on acute airtime loss,” James explains. James further notes that for better and improved communication, the channel has to first understand its airtime versus advertising space ratio, which again can be accomplished only with a very strategic media planning support.

“A channel has to use its own platform to promote its own shows. There are times when a show's length is long and there is not much space left in between for further promotion. Then the channel has to integrate its content in a way that promotions happen within shows itself leading to optimum utilization of space. But this can be attained only with the understanding of the ratio,” he elaborates. For a channel to build its properties, consistent and cross channel promotion is also highly essential as it can help the channel save absolute costs, says James. “Correct media planning can help a channel audit its promotional inventory and build its properties aggressively without incurring heavy expenses through consistent and optimum utilization of the network space across channels,” he concludes.

Content Courtesy - Indiantelevision

"Airtel Super Singer" title on June 10 ?

With the top 4 contestants Ravi, Renu, Ajeesh and Prasanna now in the limelight for the Airtel Super Singer title.. the show was pretty good this week. It was quite decent performances by all the 4 contestants and if got to be rated Ravi was leading this week followed by Ajeesh and Renu/Prasanna.. this week's duet round was really good with the top playback singers of tamil film industry performed with the contestants and the good part was when they commented about their performances..

With the show tending to have a grand LIVE finals next week on June 3rd as a stage show and I think the voting will be open until that time to select the winner.. if the show successfully gets over on june 3rd and most probably we should be able to know the result of this long going show for the title Airtel Super Singer 2008.. I expect the results to come on June 10th but we can never expect anything from Vijay TV atleast with Super Singer.. may be they can even go to an extent where the round will be Final of Finals-5 :))

Ambika Soni - new I&B minister

Ambika Soni, who had served as Minister of Tourism and Minister of Culture in the outgoing UPA Government, is the Information and Broadcasting Minister in the Manmohan Singh cabinet. Soni is from the Rajya Sabha like her predecessor Anand Sharma who was widely being tipped to continue in the same portfolio.

Interestingly, the present Council of Ministers has two Ministers of State in the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting - Mohan Jatua and Dr. S Jagathrakshakan. Sources in the Prime Minister’s Office told that there was a general perception that the UPA has been voted back to power partly because of the awareness created about its programmes, and the aim of having two MoS was to strengthen this communication. Elected to the Rajya Sabha from Punjab in August 2004, the 67-year-old Soni has served in various capacities after her election to the Upper House in March 1976. She became President of the All India Mahila Congress in 1998 and has been a General Secretary in the All India Congress Committee since 1999. She has also served in many Parliamentary Committees.

VPL in the making ???

In Kalaignar Television there is a program called VPL, Vetti Pechu league being started around a month back and the show is getting very positive response from the audiance and even I like the show very much.. the show has 4 drama/play artists - Bosskey, Neelu, Naani and Prasad and they speak just for fun.. anything and everything..

I guess inspired by the response from the public Vijay TV is now starting with the Antha kaalam.. indha kaalam.. initially with the promotional vidoes it looks like they will make a VPL in the making but this would be once in a week at 10 AM on sundays replacing the Mayalogam program.. Leoni will be the judge in the show where there would be 2 teams speaking against each other on some topic which can be anything from politics, sports, general knowledge, etc. Thankfully this show is only on sundays and not on everyday then it would have been obvious that they target VPL show.. What do you guys think ??? can Antha kaalam..indha kaalam get it over VPL ???

Whats in Wildcard round..

In the wildcard round of Amul's ungalil yaar adutha Prabhudeva show, the 5 contestants will be competing for the next round spot and being the final stages of the competition any mistake would make them go out of the contest... They will be doing 2 performances and audiance poll will make them winner and go to next round..

Whos in the show..

The show has Raghuram, Cool Jayant and Johny dance masters are the judges.. Ramya anchoring the show with the 5 contestants.. I guess there would be another wildcard round to eliminate few ppl and to drag the show lil more. Hopefully these guys dont follow Super Singer way and have the show for 1 year...

Choose your Wild card winner..

Wild Card round started today in Ungalil yaar adutha Prabhudeva show... all the 5 contestants performed really well and I liked Jayalakshmi's and Leelavathi's performances.. the voting is open now for the public and the wild card winner will be chosen only based on the audiance poll... here are the codes..

Leelavathi - PD01
Manoj Kumar - PD02
Divya - PD03
Jayalakshmi - PD04
Jonathan - PD05

Mumtaj - 15kg ;)

Mumtaj has slashed around 15 kgs and now she is looking very charm. In the boys and girls dance show with actor Srikanth she is looking really good and she is like ten years young.. her negative role in the film "Rajathi raja" is getting better for her fans and she got considerable accolades for this acting. I think her entry in Vijay TV will make her to come back in films and she will get better.. might be she would even get into mega serials .....

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

DD feed of cabinet expansion..

All news channels have been permitted to carry the live feed of the swearing in of the second lot of ministers of the Manmohan Singh cabinet tomorrow morning.

The swearing in is taking place at 11.30 am at Rashtrapati Bhavan when President Pratibha Devisingh Patil will administer the oaths of office to other members of the expected 79-member jumbo cabinet. According to sources in the Prime Minister’s office, "TV Channels may use 'live' feed of swearing-in-ceremony of Union Ministers tomorrow from Doordarshan. They should display DD logo and acknowledge 'courtesy Doordarshan'."

IPL-2 ratings Better than last years

In the ratings game, it's sixer time for the Indian Premier League! Like the inaugural edition, the second version has seen the average TVR cross over six for the semi-finals. And this time, a laggard so far, IPL 2 has done even better than its earlier version. The average score stands at 6.35 TVR for the semi-finals, up from 6.25 TVR in the first edition of IPL.

The first match, however, generated less viewer interest. The contest on 22 May between Delhi Daredevils and Deccan Chargers fetched a TVR of 5.9, according to Tam data for All India (C&S, 4+). This stands lower than last season’s TVR of 6.3 in the first semi-finals match between Delhi Daredevils and Rajasthan Royals. The second semi-finals contest between Chennai Super Kings and Royal Challengers Bangalore, however, scooped a TVR of 6.8, higher than the maiden season’s 6.2 TVR between Kings XI Punjab and Chennai Super Kings.

The ratings have picked up for the IPL towards the final stages of the tournament. The average for the ten matches played during 17-23 May stood at 4.2 TVR, much higher than the earlier round of 11 matches between 10-16 May (average TVR of 3.78).

Duet Round..

It was duet round in Airtel Super Singer 2008 final day of Finals 2 ;)... the show had top young playback singers of tamil film industry to sing with the contestants.. It was first Renu to start the show and she sang "kanden kanden kanden" with Karthik and it was awesome performance.. Tippu then gave a special performance with his own "moongil kadugale". Ajeesh was the next contestant to sing "sudum nilave" with Harini and this performance was better than Renu's even..Next came the entertainer Prasanna who sang with Mahathi "vanithamani" and it was tooo good.. Mahathi herself said that Prasanna ROCKED with this song.. Finally it was Ravi to sing "Iyengaru veetu azhage" with Harini and it was the best of the day I could say..

Now see Video Channels in internet Officially...

Hyderabad-based social networking site has partnered with to offer free access to 16 premium video channels that can be accessed on "Our partnership with will enable us to enrich the user experience. Our target is to increase the number of online premium video channels to 25 before December this year," says Indyarocks co-founder Kalyan Manyam.

Under this partnership, users of indyarocks will be provided with free online access to video content from youth channels (MTV, Channel V, and FTV), news channels (TimesNow, Zee News), general entertainment channels (Colors, Star), movie channels (Zoom, Eros, Bollywood Hungama and Lehren) and Bhangra channel. "Indyarocks has seamlessly implemented our api suite to provide premium video content to its users. We are sure that users will have a great time on Indyarocks watching premium video content from's content partners," says CEO Sunil Nair.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Antha kaalam, Indha kaalam

Anbe vaa

Anbe Vaa, a new serial that will hit the television box soon in Vijay TV.. the show is set to be a love story.. here is the promotional video of the same..

Surprise Elements....

These are the surprise elements in today's show of Airtel Super Singer 2008.. the show will feature play back singers Harini, Mahathi and Karthik performing with the contestants.. Tippu was also there in the show but I am not sure whether he performed with any of the cotestants..

Who all are Wild ??

With 10 contestants competing in the recall round it has been this 5 being selected for the wild card round.. from this I guess Sai Pallavi will join them in Wild card or few contestant from this five will go with Sai Pallavi to wild card round 2 ;)...

Manoj Kumar

So be ready to watch them in the wild card round this week.. the promotional video shows that the audiance vote will be the decider of the winner of this round..

Finals 2, Folk Round..

It was folk round in the finals 2 of Airtel Super Singer 2008 sterday.. all the contestant gave very good performance and the show had wild card contestants of Ungalil yaar adutha Prabhudeva cheering the singers.. Ravi was the first contestant to start the round with his "veyilodu vilaiyadi" and he ROCKED today even..Prasanna was the next and he sang "Aa muthal ak thaanada" and he was as usual.. Renu followed him with "kalicha kathalea" in which she proved for ther folk performance again.. she even said that Ravi asked her to choose this song.. Finally it was Ajeesh who is getting stronger with each performance..his "ooru vittu ooru vandhu" ROCKED and it was very good performance. tomorrow there is going to be a surprise element in the show.. lets wait and see whats that..

Who's going to rule brand endorsement world ?

Fickle are the ways of the Indian advertising world and it was not so long ago when Aishwarya Rai Bachchan was put on a pedestal by starcrazy brand merchants. Then there's Shah Rukh Khan, face of Pepsi for more than a decade, dropped unceremoniously for being "too old" to sell the drink to a younger generation. Even cricketing god Sachin Tendulkar wasn't spared. With everybody asking for more, the summer time brand battle gets hotter. The beginning of the year saw everybody-who's-somebody signing contracts. In fact, industry watchers predict that the Katrina Kaif-Aishwarya Rai Bachchan rivalry will only get worse this year. No, we are not talking about movies, but advertisements and brand campaigns. Says Prathap Suthan, national creative director, Cheil, SW Asia, "It's a dog-eat-dog world. Brands, to maximise every rupee spent on marketing during slowdown, are trying to find out which celebrity sells best. Battlelines are drawn to see who gets the biggest slice of the Rs 1,000-crore endorsement market."

The country's first scientific method to determine the effectiveness of brand endorsers, CelebTrack, which was launched last month, and it has revealed that Akshay Kumar is a more effective brand endorser in Hindi-speaking markets than Amitabh Bachchan. Despite a preference for southern stars, Sachin Tendulkar is the biggest name in Tamil Nadu and Karnataka . Shahid Kapur makes it among the top five of most persuasive celebrities. Meanwhile, Salman's Kat has meowed Ash away by having signed up for the highest number of advertisers last year. The hostilities began when Kat got the Nakshatra jewellery ad which Ash had endorsed for years. She also became the face of Barbie, overstepping Ash, reportedly approached by the brand.

Sources claim that Katrina may be the new face of Lux. The soap brand already has two former Miss Worlds - Aishwarya Rai and Priyanka Chopra, as ambassadors. She also edged out former Miss Universe Sushmita Sen in the Pantene ad. Fresh faces like Genelia D'- Souza, Katrina Kaif, Asin, Sonam Kapoor, Kareena Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra are stealing the thunder. If Sonam replaced Ash as the face of L'Oreal, Genelia pulled the rug beneath Preity and Rani's feet by nicking Perk and Fanta respectively. She also has Samsung, Parker pens with Amitabh Bachchan, Fair and Lovely with cricketer Krish Srikanth and Fanta Apple. South Indian beauty Asin's catching up fast with Mirinda. It's reported that she's also signed Cavin Care, Pril and Big Bazaar with Dhoni. With new girls replacing the veteran queens, the cat fight's definitely gong to get mazedaar. Are brands cashing in on new faces ? "In the fight to be heard amongst the clutter, the ad world has lost the plot," rants Prahlad Kakkar, terming SRK's rejection as the brand's loss "because he's still the king for every Indian; his name spells success."

During the launch of IPL 2, SRK had teamed up with rival Coca Cola to promote Sprite. One's loss, another's gain ? On the secret behind a celeb's persuasive power, Kakkar says, "It depends on the star's ability to strike a chord with the masses. That's why a 70-plus Amitabh Bachchan can still sell chocolates! Indian audiences look for inner grace. The Nakshatra ad needed a trained dancer like Aishwarya. Katrina doesn't have that appeal." Suthan, who handles Samsung's Aamir advertisement, explains further, "A brand doesn't age, icons do. So, one has to move on. But rampant signing of celebs is not the answer. There's no compromise when it comes to the power of creativity. We used the tagline 'Next what' because it tells the audience to watch out for what's next. The bottom line is storytelling and not selling the icon."

According to Suthan, the Idea Cellular ad featuring Abhishek Bachchan and the Zoozoo's films for Vodafone can be termed the best creatives on air. But the big question is, who's going to rule the brand endorsement world ? "Success, impact and price are the main drivers," says Anirban Das Blah of GloboSport, a company which handles endorsement deals for some of the leading celebrities. The stars to watch out for are Aamir (he carries a lot of respect that translates into the brand he endorses), SRK, Dhoni, Saif among the male stars and Katrina, Priyanka, Kareena, Deepika, Genelia amongst the female. Commenting on Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Suthan says, "She's no longer the Pass Pass girl. Today she has an appeal which is mature and dignified. She should sell something like Mercs and Longines." "There's no consensus on whether ageing icons should move over. There's enough space and products for all. But we'd suggest they all take it lightly, for all you know it's Vodafone's cute li'l ZooZoo who'll steal the thunder." says Preeti Vyas Gianetti, creative director, Vyas Gianetti Creative.

Courtesy - Televisionpoint

Mayalogam for a break ???

For the last 2 weeks it was retelecast of earlier shows in Mayalogam and suddenly the close up magic acts being performed by Raja Moorthy and Veera Shekar is stopped.. the close up magic was pretty good when they interacted with the public and showed the public their magic acts and even had the public do few things.. last 2 weeks it was boring with initial episodes.. now sterday we got the promotional video for "andha kaalam, intha kaalam" featuring Dindukal Leoni which is all set to replace Mayalogam from this sunday.. is it like.. Mayalogam taking a break for next season or its all over with it ???

Something about Gnani

Jnani, or Gnani, (born 1954 as Sankaran) is a popular writer in the Tamil language. He has also written articles under the pseudonyms Vamban, Cynic, and Nandan and is known for frank and uncompromising views on politics and culture, which he has expressed in the media for 30 years. He plays multiple roles in newspapers, magazines, plays, and films. Writing is one of his passionate ways to share his genuine concern for humanity. With a deep affection for human well being , gnani kindles thoughts with an aim to, cultivate mutual respect and eradicate discrimination of every kind. Gnani has been sharing his social concerns in very many ways.

As an editor

Gnani was the editor of a Tamil magazine Dheemtharikida, which was first published in printed form and then in electronic form. Now his official website launched on october 2, 2008 contains some of old dheemtharikida articles as well as info about all his areas of activities - theatre, video, print etc.


* Balloon (Play)
* Pazhaya Paper (collection of his articles)
* Marupadiyum (collection of his articles)
* Media UravugaL
* Samoogappaalinam: Mediavum Kalviyum
* keLvigaL (Interviews of cult figures between 1982–2003)
* Manithan PathilgaL (Answers for the readers’ questions in Dinamani Kathir between 1996–1999)
* Kandathai SolgirEn (Collection of articles published in India Today)
* En sankara madaththai kaappaatra vEndum?
* oozhalE un vEr engE?


* Vinnilirunthu Mannukku
* Picknik
* vErgaL-Viduthalai pOraattamum pennurimai iyakkamum
* Iyya-periyaar – E.Ve.Raa's life story
* Malara thudikkum mottukkal (Doordarshan)


* More than 30 plays for the troupe 'Pareeksha'


* He is presently writing the column “O Pakkangal” & "Arinthum Ariyaamalum" in the magazine "Kumudam" ( earlier in Anantha Vikatan). It has gained great popularity among the Tamil readers. The "O PakkangaL" has been released in two books from "Vikatan Publications" and is a bestseller.
* He was also writing the column “Neruppu MalargaL” in AvaL Vikatan (a Tamil magazine for women). The column has been published in book form from Vikatan Publication.
* Currently because of some controversies, he opted out off Anantha Vikatan and writing 'O Pakkangal' in Kumudam an another popular Tamil Magazine.He is a member of orkut and replies to the scraps immediately.


He has contributed his thoughts in the following periodicals and still writing to many periodicals.

* Indian Express
* Junior Vikatan
* Junior Post
* Murasoli
* Ethiroli
* Dinamani
* Chutti Vikatan
* Aval Vikatan
* Ananda Vikatan
* Kumudam(famous for his article "Oh! Pakkangal")

Courtesy - Wikipedia

It was S.V.Sekar Vs Gnani

Last week's Neeya Naana had the topic Bakthimaan Petror Vs Paghutharivu paesum pillaigal.. the show had special guests actor/director S.V.Sekar and writer Gnani.. the show got heated up with the start of special guests comments itself.. S.V. Sekar said that he feels bad that the children are not grown properly and they are given lot of chellam by the parents.. for which Gnani replied back saying this is the best joke of S.V.Sekar.. From that moment it was heated up arguments between the guests but I felt S. V. Sekar was very polite and I liked all that he spoke.. I would support S.V. Sekar in this fight..

Monday, May 25, 2009

Kollywood arc lights fade in 2009 too

It started in 2008 itself with the industry witnessing a spate of big-budget flops, this year is no better. With a strike rate of just three hits in 50 releases so far, Tamil film industry seems to be going through a rough patch. The January-May period last year had Rs 170 crore riding on 54 movies and the industry saw an average recovery of 60 per cent. "The needle has swung more towards the left this time. Kollywood has seen 51 releases this year, made at a combined budget of Rs 159 crore. But, the industry has managed to recoup only a little over Rs 75 crore, a recovery rate of under 50 per cent," according to an entertainment trade analyst.

In an industry where star power is acknowledged as supreme, last year proved to be a surprise, with low-profile movies like Saroja and Subramaniapuram making it big. This year too, Image Creations' small budget Vennila Kabadi Kuzhu found favour with the audience. Estimated to have been made at a budget of around Rs 3 crore, the movie managed to rake in Rs 7 crore at the box office (BO), despite a debutante director and a cast of rank newcomers. Vijaya Productions' Danush-Tamannastarrer Padikathavan (distributed by Sun Pictures) opened Kollywood's hit counter this year, earning Rs 12-14 crore at the BO. "A formula film, it did well at the theatres, firstly, because it was marketed aggressively. And secondly, coming from the Sun Pictures stable, they were able to contain piracy," said an industry observer.

But, the biggest hit so far this year has been Ayan, produced by AVM Productions and distributed by Sun Pictures. AVM sold satellite and theatre release rights of the Rs 22 crore Surya-starrer to Sun Picture for Rs 18 crore. Released in the first week of April, the movie has grossed nearly Rs 38 crore so far. With Ayan still going strong a month after release, the production house is expected to make good money on the domestic video front. Barring these three and a few A-centre hits like Siva Manasula Sakthi (SMS), Yavarum Nalam and Pasanga, most movies have failed to break even at the BO. But movies that did well stayed in theatres for more than 30 days, some even 50. "Average occupancy levels have gone down this year compared to early last year mainly because not many good movies have been released so far," said a senior official of a multiplex in the city who did not wish to be named.

On a brighter note, the number of big-banner flops have gone down in 2009 Q1 - limited to Ayngaran International's Villu, Mariyadhai (produced by T Siva, starring Vijaykanth and Meena) and 1977(produced by and starring Sarath Kumar). Typically, the April-May period is considered good for releasing movies. But with the ongoing second edition of the Indian Premier League and the election season, many producers have put off release to May-end.

A Televisionpoint News

Andha kaalam.. Indha kaalam..

Be ready for a new show that starts this sunday.. this will feature Dindukal Leoni.. and what else.. it would be definitely a talk show. the show being titled "Andha kaalam.. Indha kaalam.." so I guess it would be like pattimandram with ppl speaking about various things that we do these days and how it was earlier.. wait for more updates on this...

Fast Western Songs round..

It was fast western song round on day 1 of Finals 2 of Airtel Super Singer 2008.. the show started with Ranjani singing "maiya maiya"... with the competitive performances.. it was Ajeesh to start first with his "nenje thulipo" and he was quite good.. Ravi was the next with "thathai thathai.. manmathan" and was ROCKING... Renu's "x machi y machi" was even good but not upto Ravi's performance.. Prasanna was the final contestant to sing "Ennadi meenatchi nee sonnathu" and he was quite okay.. but judges said it was very very good performance from him...

It will kuthu round today.. so contestants will be singing folk songs and from the promo it looks like they are having a bash..

Ranjani Eliminated..

With a very bad concept of Finals 2 and following wtih few more finals really making us feel bad on the show.. it was also elimination time.. with the top 5 contestants, one who got least votes was eliminated from the show.. it was Ranjani to get eliminated.. with the request from other singers to make her available for the show.. for a moment i thought she will be back but looks like she will a non-competitive contestant.. now really bad becomes worse..

This was the order of the rank with the vote count...

1. Ajeesh
2. Ravi
3. Renu
4. Prasanna
5. Ranjani

difference between the votes of Ranjani and Prasanna is around 8,000 but they say that difference between Renu and Prasanna is almost 4 times.. with Prasanna having vote count around 38,000.. Renu must be with healthu 1,50,000 votes.. there is nothing said about others.. Ranjani is one of the contestant whom everyone admires and she is only contestatn like Ravi who had not been in the waitinglist for more times..

Whats in Finals 2...

It is Finals 2 of Airtel Super Singer 2008 this week...following the grand finals all the contestants had got their votes from the public and top 4 contestant who had got the more votes will be contesting and with the voting still open there will be 3 contestants selected for next week's live finals.. I dont think this is getting healthier or better.. the show is only degrading its quality.. I donno why they want to have these many rounds after a final.

Whos in Finals 2

The show has the family judges Srinivas and Sujatha.. also joining them is the voice expert Ananth Vaidyanathan.. Malini and Yugendran are the anchorers..

Thoranai Special..

It was Vijay Special sterday again and it featured film "Thoranai".. the film that is all set to release on May 29, 2009 which stars Vishal and Shriya in lead role... this program in Vijay TV had interview with the film crew discussing about the film.. last week it was "Pasanga"...

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Intentional Mistake ??

In the promotional video for Airtel Super singer 2008 finals 2, there was a mistake in contestant numbers.. Contestant No SS 15 was shown for both Ravi and Renu and ideally its supposed to be contestant no of Renu's.... But I guess when this promo was put up the voting deadline was reached.. not sure when this started.. but this is very bad mistake from the channel and that too at this level..

Vijay Awards 2008.. Award List..

Mr. White Best Film Paruthiveeran (Gnanavel Raja)
Hitachi Best Actor - Male Sathyaraj Oonbadhu rubai nottu
Titan Raga Best Actor - Female Priyamani Paruthiveeran
Best Supporting Actor - Male Prakash Raj MOZHI
Best Supporting Actor - Female Sujatha Paruthiveeran
Best Comedian Vadivelu MARUMAMALAI
Best Villain Kishore POLLADHAVAN
Best Actor Male - Debut Karthi Paruthiveeran
Eva Best Actor Female - Debut Anjali KATRADHU TAMIZH
Best Director Vetrimaran POLLADHAVAN
Best Cinematographer Velraj POLLADHAVAN
Best Art Director Thottadarani SIVAJI
Best Editor Sreekar Prasad KATRADHU TAMIZH
Best Music Director AR Rahman SIVAJI
Best Playback Singer - Male Krish June ponalam- unnale unnale
Parry Sugar Best Playback Singer - Femal Neha Bhasin Pesugiren- satham podadhey
Best Lyricist NA Muthukuma ballelaka- SIVAJI
Best Dialogue Writer Viji MOZHI
Best Choreographer Dinesh VASANTHAMULAI- POKKIRI
Best Stunt Director Rambo Rajkumar POLLADHAVAN
Best Find of the Year Venkat Prabhu CHENNAI 28
Best Crew Chennai 600028 (SP Charan) CHENNAI 28
Contribution to Tamil Cinema Film News Anandan
Chevalier Sivaji Ganesan Award Mani Ratnam
Favorite Hero Rajinikanth SIVAJI
TVS Flame Favorite Heroine Nayantara BILLA
Favorite Director Prabhudeva POKKIRI
Favorite Film Pokkiri (Ramesh) POKKIRI
Entertainer of the Year Vijay POKKIRI/ATM
Icon of the Year Surya
Face of the Year 2007 Simbu

Videocon's DTH targets 10 June launch

Videocon will roll out its direct-to-home (DTH) service from Punjab and is targeting 10 June as the date of launch. Being a late entrant, the consumer electronics major is following a different business model to tap into the rapidly growing DTH market. Videocon will have the set-top box in-built into its colour television sets, beginning from a price range of Rs 8000. "We sell two million colour TV sets in a year. We will target this segment for our DTH business as well since the STB will be built into the TV set. We also expect to see a boost in our colour TV sales because of this," says Bharat Business Channel Ltd CEO Anil Khera.

Videocon will also have on offer a satellite DVD player, targeting another segment of customers. "This will be capable of receiving satellite signals. The price for this is Rs 4000. We will have a home theatre model as well," says Khera. Videocon also offers a set-top box (STB) plan that is being priced at Rs 2000. "Our focus, though, will be in marketing our other two products. What will stand us apart from the other DTH operators is the fact that we will be manufacturing the TV sets, the DVDs and the STBs," says Khera. Videocon plans to cover the entire northern region within a month of launch, before moving to the west and subsequently the southern belt. "We will be launching on 10 June. We will start from Punjab. We plan to be in Kerala before Onam and Kolkata before Dussehra," says Khera. Bharat Business Channel Ltd (BBCL), the company that is housing Videocon's DTH venture, plans to pump in Rs 10 billion over two years as it readies to enter a turf that is seeing intense competition from existing players like Dish TV, Tata Sky, Sun Direct, Big TV and Airtel Digital TV.

Sony looks to launch sports channel

Even as the second season of the Indian Premier League (IPL) draws to a close, Hindi general entertainment channel Sony is looking to launch a sports channel. After acquiring Channel 8, a regional Bengali movie channel, the broadcaster is also keen to acquire regional players on the lines of Star and Zee. In an exclusive tete-a-tete with TOI, chief operating officer of Multi Screen Media (formerly known as Sony Entertainment Television) N P Singh said: "From a strategic perspective, it makes business sense to launch a sports channel. There is enough cricket to justify a separate sports channel. We are looking at a sports channel of our own and have taken an organic approach."

Sony has significant sports properties at the moment, such as the IPL rights, the New Zealand cricket series and the Football Association Challenge Cup. Singh added the broadcaster was serious about getting a pure-play sports channel in its bouquet, though it already has Set Max, which is a mix of movies and cricket. "We are evaluating the final contours at this stage, though it entails the acquisition of further sporting rights. Available business properties regarding tennis, football and golf could be added to the kitty by the year-end," Singh said. In a bid to compete with Star India and Zee Entertainment which have a host of regional channels under their wing, Sony is also eyeing the regional market. "It is a very big network. The regional market is coming into its own, especially in the South, which is a developed market," Singh said.

While Zee has a host of regional channels under its Alpha brand, Star has Ananda (Bengali), Vijaya (South) and Pravaha (Marathi). Asked to comment about some investors wanting out, the COO said: "MSM investors are still keen on the channel." Investors in MSM include Atlas Equifin and Grandway Global Holdings, who hold around 31.67% stake, Shemaroo Entertainment's Raman Maroo, World Media Group director Sudesh Iyer, MobiApps Holdings' Jayesh Paresh and actor Jackie Shroff. Acquisition of sporting properties is big business. Following the decision to host IPL 2 in South Africa this year, the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) signed a new deal with Multi Screen Media (MSM) and World Sports Group for Rs 8,200 crore. Sony retained IPL 2 for nine years, at a higher price. The first season of IPL had been secured for a little over $1billion.

Sony bid $50 million and secured the telecast rights for the New Zealand cricket for Set India, for four years. When Max was launched as a cricket and movies channel in 1999, it had the Sharjah rights as its key cricketing property. Pix, the movie channel from MSM, bagged the rights to telecast UK's popular football tournament, the Football Association Challenge Cup, known as the FA Cup. The knockout cup competition in English football also entailed that Pix would have the rights to air a series of England International matches in which the national team would attempt to qualify for World Cup 2010 and European Cup 2012. For now, to ensure sticky eyeballs post IPL 2, Sony is set to unwrap a fresh programming lineup from May 25, with new shows and the swash-buckling Salman Khan in his second avtaar on '10 ka dum.'

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Entertainment industry going strong

Emerging as one of the fastest growing sectors in the country, the entertainment industry is likely to attract investments worth Rs.3,450 crore over the next three to four years. Remaining immune to economic slowdown, the industry has also emerged as the best paymaster and highest spender on advertisement.

The Rs.12,530-crore entertainment industry has sustained lucrative profit growth track record and has registered 39 per cent growth in revenues in the last three years, even surpassing the service sector’s 17 per cent growth rate, says the latest report of the Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India (Assocham). “While for the overall industry, the employee compensation rose by average 25 per cent during the last two years, wages in entertainment industry have risen by as much as 40 per cent,” says Assocham’s study titled “India Entertainment Sector-A Financial Stock-Taking.”

“The sector is spending 40 per cent higher on salaries from the last two years, which is the highest amongst all sectors,” says Assocham president Sajjan Jindal. The entertainment sector has also left behind all other sectors in advertising spend, which accounts for 4.1 per cent of its total expenditure.

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Sasikumar, Myskin and Sasi

It was trendsetters this week in Vijay Awards program sterday.. this show which provides as an introductory show for the Vijay Awards tends to speak with the experts and guys who are set to get the awards themselves.. it was 3 film directors Subramaniapuram Sasikumar, Anjathe Myskin and Poo Sasi sterday in the show answering questions from Gopinath and public..


Lot of Vijay TV programs are resheduled these days.. some programs are stopped and few are repeated.. here are new lists..

Lollu Sabha - 8 PM everyday replacing Kana Kaanum Kaalangal
Suzhiyam - Saturday 3 to 5 PM
Vijay Awards - Saturday 7 PM (also at Sunday 2 PM)

In fact we could see Lollu sabha Summer Special being used to fill the gaps..

Malini in Samayal Samayal even..

Malini Yugendran is now featuring in Samayal Samayal anchoring the show with Devadarshini.. The show had a popular pair of Devadarshini and Priyadarshini and their anchoring was too good and I liked it a lot.. sterday I was shocked seeing Malini anchoring the show.. I guess since Priyadarshini is into Boys Vs Girls she doesnt have time for shooting of Samayal Samayal..Also in recent days I think the sponsorers for the show is also changing quite frequently.. it was from Aachi Samayal Samayal to Ashirvad Atta's then to Sugar Free then Shree gold and now with Shree Gold Parupu vagaigal.. (might be I missed few)...

Final Again ??

It was very bad to see the promo of the Airtel Super Singer 2008 for this week's result of the grand finals.. the promotiona video says that one contestant who had got least votes will be eliminated and the rest 4 contestants will be participating for the next finals.. that is Finals 2.. this is really ridiculous.. I donno why Vijay TV wants to extend this or they wanted this show because their favourite singer didnt got the maximum votes ????

Bhaktiman Petror Vs Paghutharivu Pillaigal..

It will be another interesting topic in Neeya Naana this week... it will be between Bhaktiman Petror Vs Paghutharivu Pillaigal.. it will be tough fight between the parents and the children.. Lets see how the show goes..

Koffee with Delhi Ganesh, Kamala Kamesh

It was character actors Delhi Ganesh and actress Kamala Kamesh having koffee with anu sterday..the show was really good and I was amazed to Kamala Kamesh in churidhar.. I was expecting "samsaram athu minsaram" Godavari to come but to my shock it was unbelievable to see her.. Delhi Ganesh was the first guest to join Anu, he spoke about his way he came to plays and films. He was first at Indian army and he was in Jammu border during war..

Both Delhi Ganesh and Kamala Kamesh had been in the film industry for long time and Delhi Ganesh.. we see him almost everyday in some film.. but it seems they both had acted lot of plays and dramas and they still do that. It was interesting to know about Mr Kamesh who was popular music director of the plays that time.. the show had director S.P. Muthuraman calling and wishing both the actors..
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