Saturday, December 5, 2009

Simar eliminated..

Last week in Anu alavum bayamillai it was Simar who got eliminated from the show.. I was thinking that Vandana would get an exit in this round but it was Tinki (Simar). This season of the anu alavum bayam illai is not so interesting and I dont follow it properly.. I got a feel that last season was really good and this season does not match to it. More to it is Anu Haasan's anchoring.. I think Lakshi Rai could have contested in the show and not host the would have been better..

Anu gets chattier with the new Season

Koffee with Anu chat show on Vijay TV which has run across two successful seasons has had guests from Kollywood, politics, music industry and so on. This show is known for its novelty, witty appeal and informal style. The various segments of the show include Koffee tarot and a rapid fire round.

Now host Anu Haasan is back for Season 3 which will be Mr. White Koffee with Anu Season 3. With cozy cushions, bright set and a never-ending aroma of coffee beans, the third season would feature many new and unique segments that would thrill the viewers. The opening of Season 3 would appear in a very dramatic style, where Anu Haasan opens the show with a lively set of audience inside the studio. This season would highlight every celebrity’s uniqueness. ‘Mr. White Koffee with Anu Season 3’ goes on air from December 06, 2009, and will air every Sunday 8pm on Vijay TV!


Star channel awaits regulatory approval

Star India’s launch of a stand-alone home shopping television channel has been held up by regulatory hurdles. The channel, named Star CJ Alive and run by Star CJ Network India Pvt. Ltd, a venture of Star India Pvt. Ltd and CJ O Shopping Co. Ltd, which broadcasts a home shopping channel in South Korea, is still awaiting approval from the information and broadcasting ministry. "We are ready with our infrastructure and manpower. Everything is ready to roll,” said Paritosh Joshi, chief executive officer of Star CJ Network. “We will launch our channel within a fortnight of getting the licence from the government.”

The delay for the broadcaster comes even as its flagship channel Star Plus lost its clear dominance in the Hindi general entertainment category earlier this year. Rivals Colors TV channel, run by Viacom18 Media Pvt. Ltd, and Zee Entertainment Enterprises Ltd’s Zee TV are now also closely contesting for market leadership in the category that has the largest viewership in cable TV homes in India. Star CJ Alive is available for six hours a day on Star Utsav, another Hindi entertainment channel operated by Star India. “We get thousands of calls in a day but the rate of conversion to a purchase is very low as of now. We are only on one channel for a limited amount of time,” Joshi said.

Star CJ Alive’s rival, HomeShop18, a venture of the Network18 group, was launched in July last year and has both a TV and online presence. In the three months ending September, HomeShop18 clocked gross sales of Rs46.7 crore, an increase of 91% over the year-ago period, according to information available on the company’s website. It processed 187,000 orders in the quarter, an 87% rise over the year ago, the firm said. “With the backing of a brand like Star and stable financial investments, the delay of the launch should not be too much of a problem,” said Smita Jha, media and entertainment analyst at consultancy firm PricewaterhouseCoopers. Star India had received government approval for overseas investment in a home shopping channel in October 2008 and announced a partnership with CJ O Shopping in March. Approval to air the channel was sought in May, Joshi said.

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Friday, December 4, 2009

Anu to ROCK from this December…

Glitz and glamour…Sugar and Spice forming to be the important ingredients in Koffee with Anu exhibit on Vijay TV, has separate crossways digit flourishing seasons. South India’s most watched exhibit – Koffee with Anu has not exclusive had guests from the who’s who of Kollywood move the beans but also the biggies from the earth of music, politics, prowess and broadcasting business existence a conception of this show. Over 250 favourite guests and flourishing 80 episodes in its prototypal season; continuing with over 200 most famous guests and 60 episodes in its second, the exhibit is noted for its firm and witty appeal. The celebrities who hit witnessed to the inaugural episodes of Season 1 was Nadiya and Suresh and the ordinal season’s prototypal program guests were the magical Simran along with her economise Deepak.

The exhibit brings unitedly celebrities who are interviewed in the show’s stylemark everyday style. The exhibit has some segments much as Koffee tarot, a fast blast ammo in which a volley of questions are tangled at the honor who has to conceive of answers soured the crowning of their heads sometimes with humorous results. From Actors and renowned filmmakers, to playback singers, penalization composers, politicians, writers, artists, and some more hit every featured in both the seasons of Vijay TV’s Koffee with Anu show. Guest stars from the preceding seasons allow recreation heavyweights as A.R. Rahman, Politician Dayanidhi Maran, Writer Balakumaran, Lyricist Vairamuthu, Actors Surya, Vijay, Dhanush, Ariya, Nayanthara, Trisha, Meena, Sandhya, Pooja; favourite penalization directors same Yuvan Shankar Raja, diplomatist Jeyaraj and yester year’s artists same Manoramma, Sachu, P. B. Srinivas, L. R. Easwari.., etc. Anu Haasan is backwards to move the beans with the selection Kollywood stars on the Mr. White Koffee with Anu Season 3. The ordinal flavour of Koffee is backwards in a firm and with more fragrant flavor. With comfy cushions, gleaming ordered and a never-ending perfume of drink beans, the ordinal flavour would feature some newborn and unequalled segments that would stimulate the viewers. The inaugural of Season 3 would materialize in a rattling hammy style, where Anu Haasan opens the exhibit with a snappy ordered of conference exclusive the studio. This flavour would particular every celebrity’s uniqueness. Anu’s enthusiastic attractiveness and naturalness brings to reddened the lateral of the celebrities not famous to the viewers.

The unuttered secrets and fantasies, info passion, time of truth, immatureness memories, honor mock, dream’s become true, fan’s desire, selection fan, Koffee tarot, Book of secrets, Flower segment, Fact files every this and aggregation more would be mutual by the celebrities who become on the exhibit of Mr. White Koffee with Anu Season 3. Do not woman to check digit of South India’s most famous chitchat show, ‘Mr. White Koffee with Anu Season 3’ actuation from Dec 06, 2009, and module expose every Sun 8pm on Vijay TV!

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Change in Schedules..

with Koffee with Anu season 3 starting this week, few shows' time band has been changed.. On sundays, Koffee with Anu will be aired at 8 PM and Namma Veetu Kalyanam will be aired at 7 PM. Koffee with Anu has been given the prime time slot for the TRP and ofcourse it will have more viewers.. Initially Namma Veetu kalyanam was not very popular but the show had been doing very well in last few months.. Thanks to new ingredients added to the show ;)

Sunday - 7 PM - Namma Veetu Kalyanam
Sunday - 8 PM - Koffee with Anu

Season 3 !!

After two successful seasons, the show opens its third run on December 6. Hosted by Anu Haasan, it brings together celebrities from different walks of life including actors, filmmakers, playback singers, composers, politicians, writers and artists. I am eagerly waiting for this season to start and obviously it will be a super hit show in the channel. From now, Anu will start getting requests to invite many celebrities and hopefully whomever we wish are invited, interviewed in this season.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Cable operators crippling broadcasting industry

‘Under-declaration of revenues by as much as 90 per cent affecting business’.

Making a strong pitch for revamping TV industry’s subscription model, STAR India today said that under-declaration of revenues by cable operators by as much as 90 per cent was crippling broadcasters. “Of the 80 million cable homes, we get paid for eight to nine million homes. So, only about 10 per cent is declared,” STAR India CEO Uday Shankar told PTI. “The cable operator does not share the rest 90 per cent with anybody else, and he does not pay taxes on that... The economics of the business has become so crippling that people are somehow just trying to stay afloat,” he added.

He said the total subscription revenues fall in the range of Rs 13,000 crore to Rs 15,000 crore. “Of this, only about Rs 3,000 crore reaches broadcasters. Even from this amount, Rs 1,000-1,200 crore gets paid back as carriage fee to cable operators.” Shankar said this situation was leading to a serious dearth of investments in technology and programming, and despite large numbers, the Indian television industry continued to be a very small business. Citing the example of the TV news business, he said, “Investment in news gathering is becoming less and less... News costs used to be about 50 per cent (of the total); now it has come down to as low as 15 per cent. It would not be averaging more than 20-25 per cent (overall).” He said India’s cable industry continued to be medieval, and called for viewers and the industry to spread the direct subscription (pay channel) model.

Shankar said, “Worldwide, wherever cable TV has thrived, it has done so on subscription... It allows the broadcaster to understand what kind of content people will pay for.” He said that going forward the financial health of the business will decide the quality of investments and talent it attracts, and the content it generates. Shankar said advertisers were not necessarily interested in pushing great content but replicating and spreading more and more of some popular programmes. “So, the content is of the lowest common denominator.” He said there are a lot of broadcasters who are active in cable distribution as well. “So, the whole under-declaration of cable income... While they are losing money as broadcasters, they are making that money as cable operators. So, their interests are conflicted.” He said cable operators were not interested in growing into big companies and hence did not invest in developing networks and markets or introducing new technologies. “Money is not coming up for investment... That is why the quality of cable is so poor in the country that other than 20-25 channels, (all) are grainy... The cable operator is not interested in investing in digital technology,” Shankar added. On the possibility of industry coming together to resolve these issues, Shankar said the first-generation cable TV entrepreneurs are still very active. “They bring in their own baggage — their own prejudices, their own personal relationships, their own biases, and that has prevented an industry wide consensus.”

- Business Standard
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