Thursday, December 11, 2008

Rose raising tall...

Ippadiku Rose will raise tall this week when they meet some men who have not grown physically. "Uyaram illatha manitharl" will express their feelings and make public understand what they feel and how should we behave with them.. From the promotional ads, they come up as clowns and then as ordinary man when they speak out. In one instance one person said.... if a child & its parents are passing by, most of the time parents points out about these ppl to their children.. thats really very bad. Ideally they should be teaching their child but its other way round..


Yesterday I was watching AFV in our Star Vijay, it was telecasted at 10.30 - 11.00 PM.. I saw the show last week at 7 PM even. not sure about the schedule of the program.. will have to check the schedule for this for sure. The show was very well organised with the videos being categorised properly.. usually we dont see this in other channels/websites.. they have separated the videos with the content and categorised them into different genres. Its really lot of fun watching these videos.. they just come for few seconds and make u laugh.. anchors of the show Jegan and Babuji are doing quite a good job..

Voting Mechanism

Each competing jodi have been assigned a unique number for them and the voting should be done with this no. Here is the list of numbers for the finalists

Rajesh/Suhasini - JN01
Michael/Hema - JN03
Sanjay/Pooja - JN04
Tinku/Santoshi - JN07

Reliance Mobile Subscribers call 5123493X (this X is the Jodi's number) and cast vote for the Jodi.

Other viewers can SMS JNXX (XX is the Jodi's number) to 57827 and cast vote for the Jodi.

Voting is also available on I will update the link once it is up in the website.

Voting open from the start of the show to December 14, 2008 10:30pm.

Grand Finale - Fully Charged !!!

Season 3 of Jodi No 1 had been a big bang with Vijay TV roping in 16 celebrities from small-screen... The show had unique and different themes right from the begining - Kids Special, Entertainment round, Celebrity round, Hero Special etc., With the competition reaching its last leg, I am fully charged to see the grand finale. One among the 4 jodis, who gathers the maximum votes, both from the viewers and from the Judges will be adjudged as the winner of this Season.

Celebrities of this grand finale are




Aishwarya Dhanush

Special Guest



10, 00, 000 INR (1 Million INR)

I will post info about the voting procedure soon...

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Absent again !!!

Chinmayi will not be featuring to anchor next week's Airtel Super Singer show.. it would be Malini/Yugendran back again to take her position. It seems there is some dates clash for her & Super Singer producer even have some constraints.. We will miss her again next week... For the speculation being her absence in kuthu round.. her health was not in proper condition & had concerts in other dates.. So, lets not speculate next week with her absense.. but for sure she will be missed..

Thanks Stephen !!

Until I saw the unplug round of Airtel Super Singer 2008, I never knew a pianist can make the BGM for the whole song.. what a performance it was from Stephen himself playing the BGM for almost 15 songs in the show. there were variety of song selection even and he showed the character when he tried to be in sync with the singer. I felt thats an amazing thing to mingle with an unknown singer that too in a competition... Agreed that he is not competing in the show ;)

He had acheive a lot of things in his musical career.. I wish him for more and more achievements to be made and wishing him all the best for all his future endeavors..
Thanks for entertaining in the show..

Unplug Ends

Unplug round of Airtel Super singer ended with ten contestants left for the next competitive rounds of the show. Yesterday's show started with Raghini Shree singing "kaatrin mozhi" from Mozhi and it was quite okay.. she was very shaky after few minutes itself. Judges comments was - she sang gazal kind of song like keerthanai :)) Unnikrishnan checked her carnatic notes even ;). Then it was Vijay Narayanan singing unfamiliar song "Sakeeye nee thaan thunaiye" from the film Anthimantharai.. original being sung by Unnikrishnan himself. Vijay said he likes this song very much and wanted to spread this song and thats the reason for choosing this !!! There was not much comment since judges dint remember the song properly ;)

Prasanna was the last contestant and he was entertaining this week even.. his "unnidam mayangugiren.. ullathaal virumbugiren" was perfect choice for this round. Prasanna & Vijay got automatically selected to next round with their good performances..

Special by Madhumitha & Aishwarya

Yesterday there was a special performance by Madhumitha and Aishwarya in the unplugged round of the Airtel Super Singer show. They were in top 22 contestants but were eliminated from the show in earlier rounds... I was happy to see these girls in the show again.. They sang "Enn Vaanile.." and they were good in it. when they were called in stage Chinmayi made sure that its special performance and not competitive one.. For a moment I thought they could even be yet another RAC candidates into the show ;)
But, Hari was not given a chance to sing.. that was lil sad..

1 Out, 10 On !!!

There was 1 elimination from the Airtel Super Singer 2008 in the unplugged round... Finally the judges were forced to eliminate Arvind after his dream run in the competition. I thought this decision should have been taken sometime back.. With 4 contestants in danger zone, the judges went and had a look at the recordings.. Rohit was selected soon after the decision was taken and Raghini & Aruna were given yet another chance to perform well..

Nethran Vs Arunadevi

Yeah.. its Nethran Vs Arunadevi in Samayal samayal.. kitchen killadigal last week..Nethran/Arunadevi being a competitive pair in jodi no 1 were ready for the cooking event also but with their respective real life jodis... Nethran had already won previous week and was in his second round.. The topic given to them was sweet and they made all possible things with ghee and sugar ;)

Arunadevi finally won the contest and now she moves to next round of the show.. There were payasam, kesari, chakrapongal... mmm.. i like sweets a lot ;) The sadest part of the show was, Nethran team did pineapple flavoured semiya kesari and the judge asked whether its pongal !!!!!

Caught in Danger Zone !!!

With 2 days of performance got over in the unplugged round of Airtel Super Singer 2008, there are 3 contestants who are in the danger zone... this means others who have performed until now are selected for the next round. The 3 are - Aruna, Arvind and Rohit.. I dont think Rohit was bad in this round but lets see wats gonna happen tonight.
Now, its left with Prasanna, Ragini Shree and Vijay Narayanan for today.. With the promotional ads, Raghini Shree even seems to go into danger zone and there is some major decision taken on these people.

Special Judge - A.R.Murugadoss

A.R.Murugadoss will be the special judge for the grand finale of Jodi No 1 Season 3. After a long time with hindi version of Gajini Murugadoss is back into kollywood.. He even got the hair cut of Gajini Surya (second part ;) ). It will be really good entertaining show with this real "special" judge.

Hindi Gajini is all set to release on December 25th, 2008 !!!!

Get ready for Grand Finale !!!!

I am getting ready for the grand finale of the Garnier Fructis Jodi No 1 Season 3... hope u guys even are ready for the same. there was promotional ad yesterday and it seems to be very good.. Michael/Hema come in as ghost, Rajesh/Suhasini are like butterflies tied behind.. Sanjay/Pooja.. Pooja is tied from top and they do a sequence. Tinku even was doing some fast dance steps.... Its even will have marks from judges & viewer's voting..

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

They are back but..

In the unplugged round of Airtel Super Singer 2008, some contestants who were eliminated earlier were found in the show.. but this time as audiance :( I think they wanted to see Stephen Devassy and get the feel of his BGM. Hari (Ravi's brother), Aishwarya and Madhumitha were sitting and enjoying the music.. I am sure they would feel very unlucky to miss these rounds of the competition. I felt for all 3 of them and they are promising young singers who have the potential to become playback singers.. I wish them all the best for a very bright future...

Unplugged !!!!

Yesterday's unplugged round of Airtel Super Singer 2008 was overwhelming.. there were wonderful performances and I enjoyed it very much.. The show started with Srinivas singing "zindagi..zindagi" and it was too good.... he was joined by Chinmayi and they both were giving a best time for me.. First contestant of yesterday's show was Arvind.. he was no good and there was no feel in his "kaiyil mithakum".. I felt his singing was bad but judges said he was good but Srinivas reiterated his feel for the song.

Santhosh ROCKED the stage with his "Oh vennila.." and he was the second best untill now in this round. I never thought he would be this good in slow songs.. then came Ravi.. he was as always the best with "thendrale thendrale". Cant get anything better !!!! Ranjani even was good with her "kannalane enathu kannai" but judges were commenting that the choice of the song was not so good and I guess in this round slow songs would be the best for the contestants.

JN 1 Season 3 Finalist Series, Tinku/Santhoshi


Birth Date - 13 August
Star Sign - Leo
School - Karthikeyan MHS School
Loves - Kid (daughter)
Hates - None
Hobbies - Horse riding, swimming
Favourite Food - Chinese
Favourite Holiday Spot - Mauritius
Favourite Colour - Black and white


Birth Date - 31 March
Star Sign - Aries
School - Holy Angels
Loves - Pets
Hates - Telling lies
Hobbies - Listening to Music
Favourite Food - Ice cream
Favourite Holiday Spot - Bangkok
Favourite Colour - None

Courtesy - Star Vijay.

JN 1 Season 3 Finalist Series, Sanjay/Pooja


Birth Date - 09th June
Star Sign - Gemini
School - Chettinad Vidyashram, St.Johns
College - Hindustan College of Engineering
Loves - Life
Hates - Crass behaviour
Hobbies - Indo-anglican fiction, Tango
Favourite Food - Tender coconut souffle
Favourite Holiday Spot - Rishikesh, Seattle
Favourite Colour - White


Birth Date - 23 December
Star Sign - Capricon
School - Jayagopal Garodia, west mambalam
College - Ethiraj College for women
Loves - Soft toys
Hates - Telling lies
Hobbies - Music
Favourite Food - Paneer
Favourite Holiday Spot - Switzerland
Favourite Colour - Blue

Courtesy - Star Vijay.

Monday, December 8, 2008

JN 1 Season 3 Finalist Series, Rajesh/Suhasini

Veghan Rajesh Kumar

Birth Date - 17th June
Star Sign - Gemini
School - KPS High School, Royapuram
College - Sarath Sir Thyagaraja College
Loves - Parents
Hates - None
Hobbies - Watching movies, listening to music
Favourite Food - Everything that's tasty
Favourite Holiday Spot - Any hill station
Favourite Colour - Blue


Birth Date - 24th July
Star Sign - Leo
School - Kendriya Vidyalaya
College - Kalakshetra
Loves - Rajinikanth
Hates - To lie
Hobbies - Dancing and Singing
Favourite Food - Dosa
Favourite Holiday Spot - North Eash
Favourite Colour - Red

Courtesy - Star Vijay.

Quite Good..

Yesterday's show of Airtel Super Singer 2008 was quite good with Stephen Devassy performing the BGM for the contestants.. The show started with Rohit's performance which was quite okay.. not bad.. judges were commenting that he was pretty nervous since being the first person in this round. Then came Renu.. her "munbe vaa" was very slow.. atleast I felt that the song was very very slow.. but no comments from judges ;)

Aruna's was not much impressive.. might be her choice of song was bad. finally with Ajeesh..Oooh.. he was too good. very well sang and all the judges had him in top of the list with the first day's show.. Srinivas even said that Ajeesh is the only person who had understood this round n sang brilliantly..Hope there are few more ppl who understoods this round later today n tomorrow.. But it will take time for me to understand it :(

Unable to Follow..

In this Unplugged round of Airtel Super Singer I felt very bad on unable to follow the music properly.. I think its difficult for the contestants even.. the way judges commented were not really impressive... Whenever Srinivas, Unni and Sujatha were praising Stephen for his excellent play of piano, I was sitting puzzled and badly wanted to know about it much !!!!

Getting used to it ??

In the promotional ads of Airtel Super singer for the unplugged round with Stephen Devassy there was a comment made on 4 contestants "you are getting used to it".. they mean getting onto last few ppl with respect to scores... It seems the judges have a discussion on the same and come up with a different judgement. The contestants on last 4 are Rohit, Raghini Shree, Arvind and Aruna :)
The ads project as all 4 of them will be eliminated from the show.. but as always Vijay TV will make this kind of suspense to the show... but of these 4, u tend to see Rohit & Arvind making it into last few many times and Aruna and Raghini Shree few times. I am waiting to see what is going to happen in this week's end.. Unplugged !!!

Something about Stephen Devassy

Stephen Devassy (born 23 February 1981 in Ottapalam (Palakkad), Kerala) is an Indian pianist. He composes, sets tunes and arranges music for the Indian music industry. Stephen Devassy started learning the piano at age 10 and entered the world of music, under the guidance of Leslie Peter who was his first guru. He learnt the organ and then was introduced to the piano by Fr. Thomas at Chetana Music Academy in Thrissur where he completed his Eighth Grade examination conducted by the Trinity College of Music, London.

At 19 he started a music band called Seven along with singers Franco Simon and Sangeeth. A Hindi pop band, they released an album 'Yeh Zindagani.' Stephen, who started performing at a young age, has done the music arrangement for many films like Majaa, Thambi, Nammal, Azhagiya Thamizh Magan and Hariharan's album, Waqt Par Bolna. Hariharan Pilla Happy Aanu was his maiden music directorial venture in Malayalam. Stephen’s solo stage shows have propelled him to the top league of on-stage performers.

He entered the Chennai music scene with the Sacred Chants of Kosmic Music, which has now released five volumes. With Sanskrit slokas, mantras and verses from the Upanishads, Sacred Chants is set to a background of western music. He is now trying a new instrumental album. It will have a mix of world music, sprinkled with the flavour of real piano, a song sung by Hariharan and the other by Karthik, the playback singer.

Courtesy - Wikipedia & The Hindu

Unplug with Stephen Devassy

This week of Airtel Super singer will have the contestants singing for the music by Stephen Devassy. It will be a wonderful experience for the contestants to sing with him.. The ads show that Srinivas is very much moved by Stephen and he even sings with Stephens keyboard.. Lets see how it goes in this round..

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Naveena Theendamai ??

Very rare topic of debate.. Naveena theendamai.. I thought Vijay TV should have taken theendamai topic first then go for this one. Good topic and I never thought serial actors would have such a bad experience in searching for house. The group agreed that each individual has his own rules and definitions... I liked these words "Engaluku pudikalaya.. naanga othungukirom" and its not "naanga othukurom" which was well pointed out by Gopinath.

Its a fact that many people dont like many things and its difficult to convince them to adjust for others.... The show was at its best when the girl who was speaking about her problems with transgender in trains/public places, went on to hug a transgender who was in the show... She was deserved to get standing applause. I felt sad for small screen actor RajKamal and his wife..who are still searching for the house. The show would help lil to the society but I guess its still a long way for a complete change to happen..

Mehabooba Mehabooba

Enjoy this funny sequence from the Wild card result round..

Its Rajesh/Suhasini !!!

Finally the results is announced.. Rajesh/Suhasini jodi is selected for the finals in the wild card round of Jodi No 1 season 3. I felt sorry for Venkat/Nisha jodi but this Rajesh/Suhasini were really good and they will give very tough competition. It seems they have been voted most by audiance and even got highest scoring from the judges... they have become the clear winner amongst the wild card contestants.. I was thinking that Venkat/Nisha would have got the most in Judges Wild card round. Good that these guys got into finals.. and lets see how many weeks does final round goes on.. ;)
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