Friday, October 17, 2008

Lollu sabha

I have almost stopped watching Lollu sabha these days. I watched its trailer few weeks back and it was impressive but was feeling bored to watch the whole program. I feel with Santhanam and Manohar had gone this program had got a huge setback. Manohar is now in Sun TV for similar kind of program. I guess with some changes like each episode for 30 mins, few comedy scene in the middle and taking hit films title will make it even better. But, Lollu Sabha was one of the program that made everyone laugh with the concept that they were showing. But, the good thing in it is, ppl like Santhanam had already made it big in tamil film industry and I wish to see lot more from them.

Koffee with Anu - Harish Raghavendar & Mahathi

This week's koffee with Anu is going to be a pleasant special musical show. Yeah !!! Harish Raghavendar and Mahathi will be with Anu to share their memorable moments. I saw the trailer yesterday and I am overjoyed. I like both Harish & Mahathi, so I am eagerly waiting to see it tonight.


Anyone watching Khakki that is telecasted in Vijay TV ?? Its been telecasted twice these days, arnd 7 PM and 10.30 PM... The trailers that they show looks impressive and I remember Kaaka kaaka film. But somehow I dont feel like seeing this serial at all.
Let me try for few episodes and tell you how it is.. If you are already watching it, please let me know your reviews on the same.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

New programs

Vijay TV had brought up quite a few new programs and they dont retelecast any favourite programs. I know, Jodi No 1 is telecasted on friday/saturday & same episode on sunday afternoon. But, Koffee with Anu, Kalakapovathu yaaru, Neeya Naana, Tamizh Pechu Engal Moochu are telecasted only once. The new programs Khakki, Nadandhathu Enna are from Monday - Thursday. I watched first few episodes of Nadandhathu Enna but I am not keen to watch it regularly. Again, its Gopinath doing the honours for this program.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Jodi No 1, Solo Round Trailer

Yesterday Jodi No 1's solo round trailer was telecasted in our Vijay TV. Any geuss on the judges ?? Actors Jeeva, Shanthanu and Srikanth. This is for the women member of each team. Their comments in the trailer were very natural. I think this week would have only womens performing and probably next week would feature mens. Will there be 3 actress judging the men's solo round ??? ;)

Unfair !!

I am little shocked at the way Super Singer went on yesterday. I really dont know why there were 4 ppl who were eliminated earlier (3 long back) are again into this competitive round. Sadly 2 contestants are now eliminated. Is there any kind of recommendation happening here ??? I feel this is unfair. Agreed - that the RAC candidates were talented (only prasanna) but why did they had elimination ? I think there might some issues in the competition that made them to do this way.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Poll on Favourite Program in Vijay TV

Please enter your vote for the poll on Favourite program in Vijay TV.

Thanks for your time !!!

Devi Dharisanam

Vijay TV is coming up with a program titled "Devi Dharisanam" from october 20th. Good that they start these kind of programs even, anyhow I feel they attract all kinds of audience.
Lets see how this will fair.

Playback singer Sujatha in Airtel Super Singer 2008

It was a remarkable moment for Airtel Super Singer when playback singer great Mrs. Sujatha joined the music show. She is with Srinivas and Unnikrishnan and now its 3 judges closely watching the performances of the contestants.
In yesterday's show Ravi and the other girl got selected to next round of the contest. They both were amazing. Its getting nervous and tougher during this stage of the show. Am enjoying watching them.. hope you guys even enjoy it :)

Super Singer, contestants 24 ??

Yesterday suddenly in Airtel Super Singer, they announced from the 24 contestants n no of ppl will go for next round. I remember it was 20 till last week and suddenly how come 4 people are added. I saw Prasanna and 3 others who were eliminated in previous round are now into this round..
Any idea what had happened ?? did they announce anything with respect to this ?

Monday, October 13, 2008

Fashion in 1980 Vs Current Trend

Neeya Naana this week was very pleasant with the talk on fashion in 1980s Vs the current trend. Both the sides were very beautiful. ;)
The team 1980s were very good in dressing and when those big colar shirt, buffed shirt, curling hair were described I felt the way ppl those days were been enjoying. I feel the fashion was created in 1980s but this is the time we get enhancements on those ;)
We get lot of varieties of fashion dresses these days. The judge - model Aishwarya was very cute.

Jodi No 1, Celebration/Marraige round

This week's Jodi No.1 was with Celebration/Marriage round. I felt all of the contestants did a good job. I liked the way Tinku danced and it was very very entertaining. This guy Tinku is coming up with new concepts everyweek. Room pottu yosipangalo ?? ;)
Sanjay & pooja, Michael & Hema were even good. But, I feel very sad for Nethran & Arunadevi being eliminated.
Lets see what happens in the Solo round next week.
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