Saturday, November 1, 2008

Velaikku Pogum Petror Vs Veetil Irukkum Kuzhanthaigal

Neeya Naana's this week debate is between Velaikku Pogum Petror Vs Veetil Irukkum Kuzhanthaigal. There were small to teenage children sitting on one side and parents on the other side. Its going to be debate on the problem that the child face in their daily life. In the trailer, children told that they look at their parents as strangers.. Ooouuuhhh.. Good debate. This will make people think again to leave their children at home. I will not miss this episode.. Will post my review on monday..

Kolu Galatta, Nov 2nd 6 PM

Dont miss Parle's Kolu Galatta in our Vijay TV on November 2nd at 6 PM. Remember, earlier Vijay TV asked for people to showcase their Kolu and best amongst them would be selected. Now, the top 10 are selected and the same will be shown. It will be exciting to see what all ppl had done and good opportunity to get some ideas for next Kolu.

Koffee With Cho Ramaswamy & Mauli

This week's koffee with Anu will feature Cho Ramaswamy & Mauli. I like both of them very much. It will be a very interesting episode where the two great actors, directors, etc ..... Cho Ramaswamy is meant for his very brave speech and point out the mistakes being done by the ruling party in his magazine Tuklak. Mauli is one of the best comedy artists who recently appeared in Poi Solla Porom film even. I think they will speak about their early days of dramas & film. Dont miss it..

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Poll Results

Results of the poll on "Your Favourite Vijay TV Program" is here

Super Singer - 37 %
Neeya Naana - 23 %
Jodi No 1, Tamil Pechu Engal Moochu - 17 %
Ungalil Yaar Adutha Prabhudeva - 6 %

Airtel Super Singer & Neeya Naana are the top voted by you. Thanks a lot for participating in this poll. I will come up with more interesting poll soon.

Kamna @ Jodi No 1

Actress Kamna will join Aishwarya Dhanush & Sangeetha for the Male solo round of Jodi No 1 this week. She will be a special judge as Shantanu came in for women solo round. Seems Kamna will even perform a dance sequence. I thought Vijay TV will bring one actress among who participated in Challenge with Simbu. I feel they should have taken some other actress who had given some hit films ;)

Men Solo Round

Trailer for the Garnier Fructics Jodi No 1 Men's solo round was shown yesterday. I think it is going to be a thriller performance from all the guyz.. Some of the things that I noticed were - Sanjay & Michael jumping and Aishwarya Dhanush commenting - you were flying everywhere. Rajesh had "vel" in his Chin, all the gals around were afraid around.There was a comment that he moved the stage to next level. Its going to be a tough fight for contestants in this round. Lets wait and see what happens..

3 Eliminated, 18 On..

This week's Airtel Super Singer saw 3 contestants being eliminated in competitive rounds and now we have 18 contestants moving for the next round. Bharathiraja, Vipin & Malthy - people who are eliminated in this round. Yesterday's show started with Prasanna & Vijay Narayanan, both were too good and got selected for the next round. Then, there was a special performance by Ravi with "Thanni thotti thedi vantha" from Sindhu Bhairavi. Deepshika, Renu were even good as always. When Chinmayi asked for the judges for elimination, 6 ppl were called initially. I thought they are going to take one out and make the toll to 20 for the next round. But, those 6 were wait listed candidates and out of which 2 RAC candidates were even there. All of the 6 were selected for the next round and for a moment I thought that there are no elimination being done... Then judge Srinivas called for 3 contestants and immediately told they are eliminated. I felt lil bad when Bharthiraja was eliminated because I felt he sung better than Aravind & Gobalakrishnan (RAC Candidates).

I really donno whats happening in Airtel Super Singer for quite some weeks. Suddenly 4 contestants who were eliminated in previous rounds were brought into the competitive rounds. Prasanna, Aravind, Gobalakrishnan & Vipin. Out of these 4, I remember Prasanna was in last 30 and I dont remember when were others eliminated. I guess Vipin was in top 50-60 but other 2 I have not seen them performing. Now, out of these Vipin is out from top 18 but other 3 still in the race. Prasanna was always good but he had only problem of immitating the original song. With his exception, I feel Super Singer had been under some influence which brings a bitter taste. If similar incidents continue I guess the whole show will be a fixed event & I am not sure whether I will continue watching it. Lets see what happens..

Sivakumar's show all the way

There was a show where actor Sivakumar speaking about the three women in his life, his mother, wife and daughter. Did anyone saw this program ?? Any comments on it..
Again, this even I watched for some time only. I remember Sivakumar saying that he had not drunk in his life time except once. He had a sip of drink when his friend Major Sundarrajan asked him to do for his friendship. He was telling about his early stages of acting where he was performing dramas in various places in the state.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Surya's Neeya Naana

There was a special Neeya Naana for Deepavali and it featured my favourite Surya. He represented for his Agaram Organisation through which many children's education right from books, fees, dresses and many are being taken care. The show was about the education standard and in one instance Surya told, one of the school which he visited had computer but mouse and keyboard were not available. I saw the program for some time but dint had chance to watch it completely. But whatever be the case, hats off to Surya and his Agaram for invaluable efforts for improving literacy & helping the poor in achieving their goals.

Unni Krishnan back to judge

Unni Krishnan is back to judge the competitive rounds of the Airtel Super singer 2008. Since I was travelling day before I was not able to see the tuesday's episode. It was good to see him back with Sujatha & Srinivas. I dint miss yesterday's show and this week was with some elimination too. I will write a separate posting on what had happened this week...

Challenge with Simbu

I saw Deepavali special program "Challenge with Simbu". I dint had chance to see all 3 days but there was continuous 3 hours retelecast on Monday afternoon. It was good.. But, unable to see all 3 hours. The program was about challenges given to glam actress of kollywood. I dont remember everyone who participated but it was with Chennai 28 fame Vijayalakshmi, IPL fame Lakshmi Rai, Shana Khan (not sure about spelling) and one more actress. First round of challenge was playing with few sea animals.. Kushboo initially came for the first round and then she was not available.

Next round was very interesting, there was a swimming pool and a iron rod placed in high altitude. Participants got to climb up and go to other end of the swimming pool. Looks easy la... but the interesting thing was, the swimming pool is with snakes. So, if they fall down its going to be on snakes in water. The challenge is not over.. once they cross to other end, they got to get into pool and swim to other end with the snakes.. Uuuh..

Finally they got to climb up a building through rope. This was very difficult, but I was amazed these actress were able to climb upto 3/4 floors. There were ambulance, Doctors available all through the challenges. Also, the gals were provided all protective dresses. It was a very professionally executed challenges with all arrangements made. I felt Simbu could have done better or made the show very interesting. And I wished some familiar/popular actress joining the show. (who wants to take risk ??? ;))

Fun filled Deepavali

Hi friends, I am back... Hope you all had a fun filled Deepavali.. My Deepavali was so special since this is my Thalai Deepavali and I had lot of fun. Ofcourse I spared some time to watch Vijay TV. Will post some of my thoughts soon...
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