Friday, November 6, 2009

Star shifts its executives..

Star India is shuffling the top programming executive of its flagship Hindi general entertainment channel to a new role. Star Plus GM Keertan Adyanthaya will oversee the network's English channels, going back to a role he had played earlier in the organisation. The portfolio will include Star World and Star Movies. Star Plus will now be nursed by Star India COO Sanjay Gupta. "Adyanthaya will move to English channels while Star Plus will be under Gupta. We may look at a replacement for Adyanthaya to service Star Plus," says a source in the company. Star Plus has lost its leadership position to Colors over the last six weeks. As per the latest Tam data, Star Plus lags behind with 243 GRPs while Colors is way ahead with 340 GRPs. Earlier in April, Colors had ended Star Plus' nine-year rule at the top. "There could be other changes at Star," the source said.

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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

HD viewing up 65 per cent in two years

Daily high-definition viewing among HDTV viewers aged 13- 54 years has escalated by 65 per cent in the last two years, says a survey by Knowledge Networks. To compile the data, Knowledge Networks met the same set of high-definition viewers who had participated in a similar kind of study in 2007. The study found that 43 per cent now watch HD programming on a day-to-day basis compared to 26 per cent two years ago. 68 per cent of the respondents said that they always make an effort to watch a show in HD when it is available in SD and HD at the same time. The report also discovered that males were more likely to say that they check HD channels first when turning on their TV set (48 per cent versus 19 per cent for females), and more likely to choose HD over an SD simulcast (58 per cent to 41 per cent.). Said Knowledge Networks VP and group account director David Tice, "Viewing of high-definition programming is becoming more frequent, including programme types.This sends a message to advertisers that HD is becoming the new norm for those with HD access across all programme types."


Whats up with Maharani

Its been 2 weeks with brand new serial in Vijay TV - Maharani and now its time for some review and update on the show.. With one word, I could say Maharani will be really a megahit megaserial if Vijay TV continues it properly. Hopefully this time there should not be any problem in the middle and stop the serial.. because thats the tendancy of any serial watchers that Vijay TV does not continue the program regularly. The show has 2 girls Mahalakshmi and Rani and the whole serial goes around them and so the title of serial even from their names.. Both these girls are brought up in orphanage and after 18 years orphanage girls are married to someone. Sujitha is in role as Mahalakshmi and comes as a simple girl and Rani is always dreaming of luxurious living.. With loads of sentiments and typical mega serial, this serial should become a hit !!!

Whats up with Kallikaattu Pallikoodam..

Its been two weeks completed in Kallikaatu pallikoodam and its now time for the review on the show and write whats happening with this show. The show is going to be very very entertaining and interesting. Initially I thought it will be typically KKK style in village but this is more than that. With the success of fight between Red and Blue boys in last season Kanaa Kaanum Kaalangal, this season is even going to be fight between students from 2 villages. The story is superbly depicted from the time these ppl get their tenth standard public exam results..

There has been problems betwen the two villages around 20 years back and in which some people have lost their life. Having this in mind teachers and students of the theni school does not want the students from Kariappatti village to enter into school or study with them. This rivalry is shown very well within the students and also within the village people. Finally they should accept this 9 students but whats going to happen in between is what Kallikaattu Pallikoodam would be. I think this is going to have huge viewership and followers. Hopefully they start telecasting this on saturday/sunday for the people who miss in the weekday.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Aadhavan Kondattam

Aadhavan Kondattam Video..

Other language round...

It will be other language round in Airtel Super Singer Junior 2 in this week of the main level of competitions. Contestants will sing songs from other language than Tamizh and it will be very difficult because the judges are well versed in that. Mano fron Andhra knew Tamizh, Telugu and Malayalam, Chitra from Kerala had sung songs in Tamizh, Malayalam, Telugu and Malgudi Shubha (from Chennai ??) had sung songs in Tamizh, Hindi, English.. So, they will be the best people to judge the performances and difficult for the contestants because these judges would find any small mistake in the song even.

Whos in the Show ?

This week we will have Malgudi Shubha back in the show judging the performances along with Mano and Chitra. Divya's anchoring will continue through the week. Ajeesh, Nikhil Mathew should also be available with their training sessions with the kids.
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