Saturday, August 1, 2009

57 -> 60 ??

We knew that there were 57 kids selected in Chennai auditions last to last week and they will be competing in the next rounds of the competition. Last week it was Trichy and Coimbatore kids in next level of competition with 25 being selected. From the promotional videos for the Chennai's next level of comptition, it was bit shocking to hear "Chennai's top 60 kids". I donno when this 57 is changed to 60. I remember 2 kids Balasarangan and Roshan will join in the sets round in Chennai. So, it cant be these 2 kids to join the show. Is it with the kids who got selected in the first week of the competition when Junior Vs Senior take place. Lets see whether the show tells from where this 3 kids got added into the competition.

25 in, 15 out.

Last week it was Trichy and Coimbatore kids who were selected in the auditions to compete in next level of competition. It was 19 from Trichy and 21 from Coimbatore who were in the show. All the contesatants were asked to sing a melody song and a fast number. Some were spot selected with one song itself and others were aksed to sing in both the genres. Unni Menon, Pop Shalini and Mahathi were the judges in the show. The show was only for 3 days last week and the show had all the contestants singing in the videos. Finally it was 25 contestants selected from 40 and others were rejected. Initially it was 20 contestants selected and more than 10 waitlisted. Judges said that they wanted to select 10 more from waitlisted kids to make the number to 30. But, since the competitiveness was not very high the judges had only 5 to be selected. Its with 25 selected for the next round of the competition.

Temple Festivals need dance ?

This week in Neeya Naana its a not-so-interesting topic.. its about "kovil thiruvizhakalil nadanam thevaya, illaya". Personally i have not seen these kind of dances in Chennai and in temple festivals. I think these kinds of dances are regularly being performed in temple festivals in villages. The topic goes on with glamour with these dances and we really need them in temple festivals. From the promotional videos it looks like they have some dancers performing "karagattam" also.

Sanghavi and Shyaam

Here comes the judges for the Boys Vs Girls season 2..Its actress Sanghavi and actor Shyaam taking the honours in judging the performances of this season. I think Vijay TV would have got better judges than these actors. We have been seeing lot of actors coming in Vijay TV for various shows. I am little disappointed with the judges being selected in this show. I was expecting Mumtaz to continue.. With Shyaam, we have already seen him in Ungalil yaar adutha Prabhudeva where he was very harsh with the contestants and the way he spoke with them was very bad. Hope he doesnt continue his harshness here in Boys Vs Girls even. Lets see how they judge the show..

Miss Chennai & Chennai Man Finals Video

Miss Chennai & Chennai Man Finals Video, 2 hours show

Kalaignar Network to launch new channels, new shows

The coming months will see DMK backed Kalaignar TV Network adding two more channels - Kalaignar Asia and Chithram; to its existing bouquet of four channels - Kalaignar TV (entertainment channel), Isai Aruvi (music channel), Seithigal (news channel) and Sirrippoli (comedy channel). Kalaignar Asia will cater to the entertainment demands of the Tamil people in Southeast Asian countries. The channel will be broadcast through THAICOM-5 satellite and will be operated from the Kalaignar TV premises in Chennai. The 24 hour entertainment channel will focus on daily soaps and films for entertainment.

Kids channel Chithram, which will compete with Sun TV Network's kids channel Chutti TV, would go on air before the end of this year. The Network has already obtained the license for the kids' channel. The coming weeks will also mark the launch of four new shows on Kalaignar TV, the Tamil GEC. The shows scheduled to go on air in August are Karuthu Yutham, Poova? Thalaya?, Aval Oru Minsaram and Idhu Rose Neram. Karuthu Yutham is an hour long offering in the format of a debate. The first episode will be aired on August 2 at 1:30 pm and will see participants debating the emerging nightlife culture in Tamil Nadu, with both men and women frequenting night clubs.

Tamil celebrity artists Kushboo and Sripriya will play host in the weekly talk show, titled Poova? Thalaya? (meaning head or tail). The two Tamil movie actors will lock horns on various welfare issues concerning women. They will represent two diverse views on any given topic. The daily soap, Aval Oru Minsaram, will be aired from Monday to Thursday and has been slotted at 9:30 pm. Saturdays will see a new programme, titled Idhu Rose Neram, which is being produced and anchored by a transgender, Rose, who holds a PhD in psychology. The show will see her raise topics of relevance for women.

Vijay TV - are you listening ?

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Athu Ithu Ethu, Badava Gopi, Uma, Ramya

Anu Alavum Bayamillai

Fear is one's worst enemy, haunting most of us at various levels and in many forms. Many people try to deal with their various phobias towards dogs, heights, dark places, spiders and others while some are brave enough to attempt to face them; others completely shy away from the situation.

Vijay TV proudly presents seven ladies who are ready to face their worst fears on the latest reality show "Tata Docomo Anu Alavum Bayamillai" launching July 31st at 9pm.! Kutty Pooja, Aarthi, Tharikaa, Santoshi, Sandra, VJ Pooja and playback singer Ujjaini are just like any other girl with fears, but have been brave enough to face these fears!

Their will power and courage will be put to test, as these brave young women will take on some very exciting and exhilarating challenges. They face threatening heights, creepy rats, slithering snakes and chilling fires with extreme valor, to make it as the one woman who has conquered her fear. The one who fears and unable to complete the task will face elimination.

Anu Haasan, known for her fearless attitude takes these seven women through their various challenges encouraging them to ace ahead. These charming young women have undergone a special training with the Tamilnadu Police which has helped them hone their physical and mental abilities to do such daunting tasks.

The challenges won't be easy and the tasks would be difficult, but the girls are ready. The winner would be awarded with surprise cash prizes too! Tune into this complete entertainer Tata Docomo Anu Alavum Bayamillai; every Friday and Saturday night at 9pm only on Vijay TV from July 31st.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Satyan makes it to 7th Round..

There was promotional video for the Paatu Paadava, new game show based on lyrics of songs that is to featured this week. It had Satyan appearing for his 7th round in the competition, that is for the prize money of 2.5 lacs.. The competition totally has 8 rounds with which the contestants upon completion of all 8 rounds will get prize money of Rs. 5,00,000. The show started last week and there were 2 contestants already got out of the show in their 3rd round. Satyan, had also completed his 2 rounds last week and will start from third round. Waiting to see this week's show.

Whats up in Super Singer Junior 2 ??

This week in Airtel SUper Singer Junior 2, it will top contestants of Trichy and Coimbatore participating in the next level of the competition. In this round all the contestants will have to sing a Melody song & a fast number. Its not that the judges will ask them to sing both compulsarily but most of them are asked to sing both the genres. 21 and 19 contestants from Coimbatore & Trichy will be again trimmed to select best amongst these kids. I think this will be conitnued in next week even with the kids being selected from Chennai auditions.

Whos in this round ?

This round of the competition has Mahathi, Pop Shalini and Unni Menon as judges in the show and DD takes care of anchoring the show. I think its really difficult for the kids to sing in front of 3 judges. But, looking at the performance of the kids I think they take it very easy and perform very well.

Chikkanam Vs Tharalam

Last week in Neeya Naana it was pretty interesting topic which had husband and wife on both sides who are quite opposite in nature when it comes to spending money.. On one side it was people who spend lot of money and other side who dont spend money. Gopinath started the show really well with his typical style, he asked the nick names that they had kept for their husband/wife. It started from Pichaikari to Ilichavayan.. The show had 2 special guests who made guest appearance.. they spoke only one line and I donno whether there was some mistake in editing. It was film actor/producer Gajendran and Saithai Thuraiswamy as speacial guests speaking for Chikanam and Tharalam respectively..

Gajendran, if you recognize is the comedy actor, recently he had nick name of "Vibrator kaala" in Vaamanan film even.. he had produced films Middleclass Madavan and few more of that kind. It was funny and I was not able to control my laugh when a guy said that he had mortgaged his car to buy toys for 40,000 Rs. and his wife said "kumuru kumurunu kumurinen". The show also had some sentiment moments when the guy who spoke about turnaround in his life and how he improved to start a software company. It was also touching when a police officer spoke about his lifestyle which proved that he is a very good in his job. All in all, I liked the show very much.. I think a very good topic that made us laugh after a break..

Monday, July 27, 2009

Independent regulatory body for content imperative: Soni

While emphasising that the government was not in favour of controlling content on media, Information & Broadcasting Minister Ambika Soni today said it was clear that regulatory body was the only way to curb obscenity and vulgarity on the electronic media. Replying to a short duration discussion on increasing obscenity and vulgarity on television show and particularly in reality programmes, Soni said the regulatory body should be independent, credible and "with some teeth."

Soni said the government was in favour of a regulatory body that should have representatives of the stakeholders, members of consumer organisations and some government officials as ex-officio member. The body could also have some legal luminaries. Soni said that all the governments that had come since 1997 had worked towards setting up such a body but had failed either because there was no consensus or because they were overtaken by technology. The UPA government had drawn up the Broadcasting Services Regulation Bill and put it on the Ministry's website. This bill also provides for a regulatory authority. She admitted that self regulation by the TV channels was not working, but it also indicated that the channels were conscious of the need to regulate. She stressed that the inter-ministerial committee set up to monitor the channels was only on interim measure.

Referring to TRPs and Tam, she said the government was aware that Tam was an organisation funded by advertisers and was not credible as it did not cover the entire country. A parliamentary committee and the Trai had made recommendations in this connection but the Broadcast Audience Research Council (BARC) had opposed nomination of any government representatives on it. She said another endevour, aMap, had also failed. Earlier, a large number of members from all parties took part in the discussion which was initiated by former I&B Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad of BJP. Most speakers insisted that a regulatory mechanism should be set up as expeditiously as possible and should apply to the content of code, news and entertainment channels.

Prasad said while no one wanted a control on the media and the right to creativity, the media should realise its obligation to society. However, nominated member and noted filmmaker Shyam Benegal was opposed to any regulation by this government and said there was need for self restraint and self regulation.

Content - Indiantelevision

Suresh Iyer, Ujjal Bhattacharjee quit Raj TV

Suresh Iyer, chief executive officer, Raj TV, has quit the company after a small one-year stint. At the moment, it is not certain who will be taking over his position. Iyer plans to start his own media venture. He has zeroed in on a few verticals and is exploring business opportunities there. Among these are content generation, the internet space and advertising in multiplexes. Iyer says, "For close to a decade, I was into the media business, and now, I think it's time for me to start something of my own again. I am looking at business to business space. There is no dedicated internet space that caters to trade information related to South Indian films."

Talking about the other verticals that he is exploring, Iyer adds, "There is also no organised source of information that focuses on the programming side of television in the South. Thus, I am trying something in this regard as well." Prior to joining Raj TV in mid-2008, Iyer was with Pyramid Saimira as group president, marketing. He was the founder of New Age Entertainment, an airtime-selling organisation, which he later sold to In House Productions. Another person to leave Raj TV is Ujjal Bhattacharjee, head, sales and marketing, western region. On whether he plans to join Iyer, Bhattacharjee says that, at the moment, it is not confirmed.

Talking about his exit from the company, he says, "I am going to start a venture of my own, which, obviously will be in the media space." Bhattacharjee joined Raj TV in May 2008, along with Iyer. At Raj TV, he was actively involved in acquiring programmes for the channel, and later, in reprogramming the channel. Armed with more than 12 years of experience, he was earlier associated with Pyramid Saimira as deputy general manager, marketing.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

End of Season 2 ??

It was 3rd year of Koffee with Anu show sterday.. the show had music directors Hariharan-Leslie and actor Vinay in the show where they spoke about their entry into films and about their latest Modhi Vilayadu.. When the show started Anu said that it was special show for them being the 3rd anniversary for the show.. which is really very good news for all Vijay TV viewers.. its been successful 3 years of the show which had been very very interesting. But, at the end of the show.. Anu said that it was the final episode of the Koffee with Anu Season 2 and she will join us back in Koffee with Anu season 3.. I guess with all new flavours in Koffee and also in the show.. I think there will be a break in the show before the season 3 starts because.. from next week another show.. Anu alavum Bayamillai starts and it will be featuring on saturday 9 PM.. so I think there will be around 2-3 months of break in Koffee with Anu between season 2 and season 3.. or the show might also start immediately and be scheduled at Sunday evening 8 PM..lets see how season 3 comes in..

Small Screen Stars @ Athu Ithu Ethu

Small screen stars were present in the Athu Ithu Ethu show.. it was Uma Padmanaban, Badava Gopi and VJ Ramya competing against each other. The show was full of fun with Badava Gopi commenting at regular intervals.. In Groupla Doop round, Badava Gopi identified the Doop in the first time itself and later the ladies joined his choice.

Next round to make the contestants laugh.. it was very difficult for us even to laugh for their jokes. Finally Uma Padmanaban alone laughed and lost her points. In the final round of telling lies, Badava Gopi lost the plot and his lies were identified by the audiance. It was embarassing for a person who came into find the lies of Uma Padmanaban.. he was claiming that Uma PAdmanaban did not act in Rajini's Sivaji movie..At the end of the round it was Ramya to win the show and take home a LCD TV..

Tharalathanam Vs Kanjathanam..

This week in Neeya Naana it will be husband and wife in both sides who spend very badly and who dont spend at all.. that it.. Tharalathanam Vs Kanjathanam.. I know this topic will be fun to watch but at end of the day I dont think there will be something for anyone to take it.. This will be the topic for FUN.. lets enjoy the fun.. dont miss it..

Paatu Paadava - Yugendran, Kalpana & Satyan

Paatu Paadava had started this week in Vijay TV and the show is pretty interesting. Anuradha Sriram is hosting the show well but she can control herself when the contestants are singing.. she joins them always and it looks little messy at times. First in the show was Yugendran and he went on till 3rd level and unable to cross the same. He had won 20,000 rs for reaching upto 3rd level.

Kalpana was the next contestant and she was given surprises in the show.. first it was Naa.Muthukumar appearing in the show for her first round which was Naa.Muthukumar's hit category. Then she had Krish, Malathi speaking about Kalpana.. She even got down in the 3rd round of the show.. I felt pity for her bcos she had one word difference from the original song.

Satyan was the final contestant in the week.. he had succesfully crossed 2 levels in the show and he is now in the 3rd round of the contestant which had not been crossed by anyone in the show.
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