Saturday, February 27, 2010

Radhika with Anu..

Koffee with Anu, a bubbly chat show on Vijay TV hosted by Anu Haasan is already in its third season and this week end (Sunday, February 28, 2010) at 8 pm, Radhika Sarathkumar will visit the sets with her kids Rayanne and Rahul. Though Radhika has been a guest in the show earlier for promoting her films, this time it will be more of a personal chat which will take you down the memory lane where her young age pictures will be displayed and she will speak about the memories she cherishes. Son Rahul and daughter Rayanne share a special bond and they talk about their sibling love for each other. Radhika also reveals about her future projects.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Mytho-thriller 'Yaamirukka Bayamein'

A pioneer in creating differentiated content, Vijay TV is soon to launch a thriller based fiction series titled 'Yaamiruka bayamein'. First of its kind, Vijay TV is very proud to introduce this spiritual-thriller which is sure to captivate audiences. The recent promotional message on the channel goes like this: "Boomikkul pudainthu irukkum ragasiyam urangividum; manitha managallukul pudaintha ragasiyam urangaathu"; the secret buried remains undiscovered but the secret inside one’s mind always would urge the person to explore".

An extensive marketing activity is underway apart from the on air promotions. A spiritual Van is visiting the abodes of Lord Muruga spreading the message about the navabaashanam based Idol at Palani. It is an innovative below the line (BTL) activity which has created ripples in the market.

Story synopsis:
'Palani' is one of the sacred abodes of Lord Murugan. Going by the legendary stories, Lord Murugan’s idol was created and consecrated by the sage Bhogar (popularly known as siddhar). The idol is believed to be made of an amalgam of nine substances (navabhashanam), and placed upon a pedestal of stone, with an archway framing it. It is also believed that Bhogar had created a similar looking idol and its whereabouts are still not known.

The second statue is said to be hidden in the hills of Palani and many groups are in search of the idol since time immemorial. But the search has never been accomplished by anyone so far & the search continues!
In the recent past, Indrani and Thinaikaathan – members from two different families hailing from the Palani hills are in rigorous search of the statue, claiming it to be their ancestral property. In this attempt to search the statue, both the families have faced many deaths too.

With the continuing murders, Inspector Vettrivel is pressed to investigate the case and his friend Aarumugam who is from Palani says that this mysterious death is strongly associated with the search of the Lord Murugan Idol. At first, Inspector Vettrivel is very skeptical about the story but there are startling facts that emerge as he moves along. With many unexpected twists taking place in the story, Yaamirukka Bayamein is sure to hold the viewers interest throughout.

Apart from the two families who are already in search of the idol, another group of people are in it for the money. Will the search end in finding out the missing second idol or more lives would be sacrificed? Was there a second idol at all? What is the story behind Bhogar and the never ending search? Tune into Yaamirukka Bayamein to find out more, February 22 onwards.

Cast & Crew:
With the popular story-writer Indra Soundarajan doing the screenplay, Director Naga who is known for his mythos–thrillers along with Ramji has written the main story of Yaamirukka Bayamein. The music is scored by Srihari Krishna, Actors Vadivukarasi, Master Chanakya, Sasi Anand, Anil, Mahalakshmi and many more would be a part of this serial.

Do not miss to watch the mystical serial titled "Surya TMT Yaamirukka Bayamein" beginning from February 22, 2010, will air every Monday – Thursday, 7:30pm on Vijay TV.

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Monday, February 22, 2010

Yaamiruka Bayamein

Vijay TV, for the first time in the history of television, will launch a spiritual thriller titled Yaamiruka Bayamein. The story of this serial is based on the Navabashanam idol in Palani. According to the story, Bhogar created two such idols made of Navabashanam. While one is at the Palani temple, the other one remains buried deep in the forest. Yaamiruka Bayamein is a quest for this idol. Vijay TV has undertaken an extensive marketing activity apart from the on air promotions for this serial. A spiritual van has been visiting the abodes of Lord Muruga spreading the message about the ‘navabaashanam’ (amalgam of nine substances) idol based at Palani.

The serial is based on the investigation by a police inspector into a series of murders within two competing families involved in the search of the missing second idol of ‘Lord Murugan’ created on consecrated by the sage Bhogor. Bhogor is reputed to have also created and consecrated the first statue of Lord Murugan that is installed at Palani. The director for the serial is Naga, the screenplay by Indira Soundarajan and the music score is by Srihari Krishna. The cast includes Vadivukarasi, Master Chanakya, Sasi Anand, Anil and Mahalakshmi among others.

Yaamirukka Bayamein will go on air from February 22, 2010 from Monday through Thursday, 7:30 pm on Vijay TV!

Jodi No 1 Season 4, Team - 3

Wong - A powerful stage dancer for more than 6 years

Sunita Gogoi - The top 6th contestant of Dance India Dance and a powerful dancer from Assam. For the very first time a East Indian pair is introduced in Jodi.

Sherif - A professional stage dancer/choreographer for more than 13 years and winner of the prestigious title Adutha Prabhudheva

Sai Pramodhitha - A stage dancer and have won the best female dancer title in Boys V Girls Season 2

Premgopal - A finalist of Ungalil Yaar Adutha Prabhudheva-A trained dancer in Hip Hop, Classical and Popping - A srilankan Tamil - learnt and performed dance in countries like France, Mauritius and India.

Premini- A London based Eezham tamil girl found by Premgopal himsef to pair up with him in Jodi No.1 - A trained salsa dancer who can adapt other styles too well

Jodi No 1 Season 4, Team - 2

Geethan - A leading dancer from chennai, A model, A finalist of Miss Chennai and Chennai Man, Senior Dancer/ Choreographer of Loyola Crusaders Team \Girls Season 2 and the winner of best male performer in the same show

Divya- The top 7th contestant of Ungalil yaar Adutha Prabhudheva. A powerful dancer. Happening Lady DJ of the town

Suresh - Professional Dancer for more than 10 years. Senior dancer/ choreographer for more than 8 years in Raack Academy. Won the best choreographer title in Jodi No.1 Season 1 and won the title in Jodi No.1 Challenge

Jayalakshmi - The top 6th contestant of Ungalil Yaar Adutha Prabhudheva. A trained classical dancer for more than 7 years and a versatile dancer too. Known to be the best in expressions.

Sathish - A lead dancer of flyerz dance company for more than 6 years - Powerful Dancer. Have appeared in a couple of films as a supporting actor - known for his dance numbers like June Ponaal, Yethi Yethi

Dhivyadarshini - The bubbly host of Vijay tv - considered to one of the best and most popular television host - a trained dancer and host of all the seasons of Jodi.

Jodi No 1 Season 4, Team - 1

Manikandan- a salsa instructor based in chennai. An associate of United Kingdom Alliance(Latin American style). A contestant of Vijay tv's Boys V \Girls Season 2 and the winner of best male performer in the same show

Rajani- A lead dancer of Flyerz dance company for more than 6 years.Dancing remains her passion all the time

Karthik-Sri A leading Hip hop Dancer of chennai and winner of a talent hunt show

Priya-A lead dancer of Flyerz Dance Company for more than 5 years.

Arun- A professional dancer from film industry. Has worked as an assistant choreographer to Sridar, one of the leading choreographers of South Indian Film Industry. Have appeared in solo numbers of movies like Maayandi Kudumbathaar and few other yet to be released movies. Apart he was the 1st runner - up and a much hyped contestant of an highly competitive dance show - Dhee of ETV

Priya-Introduced as a small screen artiste in Kana Kaanum Kalangal of Vijay Tv has grown to a level of second heroine in movies like Naan Mahan Alla, Singam. Have also emerged as a winner along with Kiran in Vijay Jodi No.1

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Rajini did not stop with words..

Some time back, when Kamal’s half century in the filmdom was being commemorated, Super Star Rajinikanth had mentioned that Kalai Thai (Goddess of Arts) is partial to Kamal alone because she carries him in her arms while she leaves the rest like him, Mohanlal, Mammootty, Venkatesh and Sarathkumar to follow her, holding her hands. His adulation of his friend and contemporary artist did not stop with mere words.

Known for his benevolent deeds and words, Rajini has transformed his thoughts into a beautiful art form and had presented the same to Kamal. Needless to say, Kamal Haasan was deeply touched by his friend’s gesture. In a choked voice, full of emotion, Kamal states that the art piece will adorn the walls of his office from henceforth along with the pictures of Sivaji Ganesan and Nagesh as a standing testimony to their friendship. This was spoke by Rajini in the Kamal 50 event organised by Vijay TV & I think there should be credits given to Vijay TV for this picture.. :) bcos without Vijay TV this words would not have been spoken..
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