Friday, October 10, 2008

Jodi No 1

I have not seen much of the earlier seasons of Jodi No 1. But this season 3 - I have not missed it at all. I liked all the jodis. There are very much talented and perform really very well.. One thing that I like most in it is- actor Jeeva.. I have become a fan of him only after watchin Jodi No.1. He is one of the better judge that Vijay TV had included.
In this season 3, I liked the heros round, where each jodi's male will perform/dance for a hero's song. I like Tinku, Nethran, Michael in this season of jodi no1. I wish one among them to become no1. Jodi no 1 - Ultimate Dance Show.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Official website of Vijay TV

This is the official website of our Vijay TV -

I think this is been displayed at the end of all programs being telecasted.

Neeya Naana

I dont miss any episode of this talk show Neeya Naana. This is a very impressive show where common people talk about the day to day issues. Gopinath, the show runner is very good in bringing people's emotion out and he tends to make them speak freely.

This show recently got into its 100th episode and feel what.. they brought up the state top students and their environmental (financial) situation. One thing that i like in this is - these ppl bring chief guests who are related with the topic and not anyone else. Getting the info from the horse mouth.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Kutti Padam

Vijay TV had started with telecasting tamil films.. (after quite long time)

Now, they call this as Kutti padam.. they cut the fight, songs and other uninteresting scenes from the film and telecast the film in 1 hr. The advertisement for the film is like - why to waste time in watching whole film.. just see the important/interesting part of it. Yet another new idea from them.. and hope this even will become very popular.. Its really good and I wish to watch many kutti padams soon. I am not sure about the reason for this tremendous changes and admiration in vijay TV.. is it because of Star network ;) ???

My Favourite song of Airtel Super Singer 2008

This is one of my favourite song of Airtel Super Singer 2008.

Singers - Ravi & Prasanna

Video Courtesy - You Tube.

Kalakapovathu Comedy Kings

I like Vijay TV's kalakapovathu comedy kings program. I think this was the first stand up comedy show in Tamil channels. And, we know how many channels are now having similar king of programs. But, this one is very special to me..The guys are excellent in mimicry and even with the concepts. This Stand up comedy show had brought many people to act in some Tamil Films even (direction, acting ..)

Guys like Sivakarthikeyan, Aadhavan are already flying high in small & silver screens.Even though many Tamil channels had started similar kind of stand up comedy, I think this is at the top still.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Airtel Super singer 2008

Airtel Super Singer has been a very popular realty show and it is very good platform for people to show their talents. I have not seen much of the 2006/junior version. But, I have not missed any episode of Super singer 2008. To be frank - this brought me lot of interest on music. This shows how talented singers we have in Tamil Nadu. People who inspired me in Airtel Super Singer 2008 are - Ravi, Balaji, Vijay Narayanan, Chinmayee (host), Raghini Shri...

This guy Ravi is amazingly talented.. No words to express his way of singing. The one he sung with Prasanna on Pon ondru kanden.. touched me.. Best wishes to you man.. I wish you to become AIRTEL SUPER SINGER 2008.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Star Vijay - Real Entertainer

Ever since Vijay TV was acquired/taken by Star network this channel keeps rocking. Almost all the programs are very entertaining and they exactly knew what viewers like. Its amazing that the Channel is available in India, US, SriLanka, Singaporer, HongKong, Australia, New Zeland (popular programmers through other local channels in some countries). It is best known for serving correct mix of content not limiting to any particular style. I like Kalaka povathu yaaru, Neeya naana, Airtel Super Singer, Lollu Sabha, Jodi No-1, Koffee With Anu and the list goes on.

These guys have brought the realty shows to all Tamil channels and there are few programmes that are copied from this TV channel. I want to express my inspirations and attractions in watching the programmes of this channel and spread the euphoria of Vijay TV.
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