Saturday, November 22, 2008

Vote Machi Vote

Here is the link to vote for your favourite jodi in the Wild card round of the Jodi No 1 season 3. You can vote maximum of 5 times :)) Register and start voting..

Voting will end on Sunday night 10.30 PM

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Friday, November 21, 2008

Wild Card No 1 ???

Yesterday in Jodi No 1's preview episode all the wild card contestants were speaking about their come back. Few among them were referring this wild card round as Wild Card Round 1 ... then is there any round 2 even ?? This season is really going for long long time with lots of rounds without elimination and these kinds.

I think they will have a round for audiance to vote and another for judges to rate. So, it would be like last year's final and that keeps us guessing how will this year's final would be. Yesterday, Venkat was compering for long time and he made the time to go. He was making fun of everyone and showing his six pack body ;)

Team strikes it again

Dont miss this Sunday evening 6 PM in our Star Vijay. Its going to be the show about "Vaaranam Aayiram" with Suriya, Goutham Vasudev Menon and Dayanidhi Azhagiri speaking on their experiences with our own Gopinath. The show is titled as Vaaranam Aayiram, Team strikes it again. The team with Suriya, Goutham and Harris making it 2 in a row. Good that Vijay TV had taken up this show on the film.

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Shanthanu yet again

Shanthanu is seen quite frequently in television box these days... He was there for the jodi no 1 women solo round and now he is again with women solo round in Ungalil yaaar adutha Prabhudeva :)... In the ads he was asking one contestant whether she would accept any heroine roles in films and that girl replied him back saying he got to consult her mother ;) Then, Shanthanu said that the gal is very beautiful. Bhagyaraj is back !!!!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Solo Rounds @ UYAP

I think Ungalil Yaar Adutha Prabhudeva show is getting hotter these days. I dont really watch the show's episode fully everytime ;) I used to watch few dances and move on to other channels looking for something more interesting. The show is with Solo round competitive rounds for male and female. Last week male solo round got over and this week its going to be with women's solo. 12 contestants are being selected from each solo round and already the stage looks very attractive. I wish Prabhudeva comes in for the final round of the competition.

Who's gonna be Wild ??

There is going to be very tough competition between the eliminated jodis in this week's Jodi No 1 show. There will be 5 jodis fighting for that one spot for the final. Its not going to be easy for the judges to get the best among these. Nethran/Arunadevi, Rajesh/Suhasini are in my mind who might come. I think its because we have seen more of their performances. Venkat/Nisha have been eliminated in early stages itself and they will even be roaring to go. Others might even be a good competition; but, it feel its going to be very interesting competition with these three.

Ravi & Hari

I wanted to post this sometime back but dint had a chance.... I am doing that now..
Here is the performance of Ravi & Hari brothers in Airtel Super Singer 2008. This was a special performance from them during the duet round of the competition. Sadly Hari was eliminated few weeks back from the competition and Ravi is the front runner for the Airtel Super Singer 2008. The lyrics of this song is written by their father and they have composed this song.

Good one..

Contests !!!

There are some contests being conducted by Star Vijay website. You got to register once in the website and participate in these contests. As of now they have contests for some of the programs and here are the links -

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

VA Jodi

Wild card round of Jodi No 1 is going to be very crucial for all the eliminated pairs. But, for us its going to be very interesting. From the ads it seems Rajesh & suhasini are performing with their eyes closed with cloth. Sounds very impressive and looks there is going to be good competition. The special guest for this show is going to be Vaaranam Aayiram heroines Divya & Sameera Reddy


None Eliminated !!!

First time in Airtel Super Singer, none of the candidates are eliminated. :) It was almost gone for Raghini shree and Ranjani but to their luch Anuradha Sriram does not want anyone to get eliminated in this entertainment round. Judges surprised me again for Arvind's score not in the last 3 contestants ;)

Yesterday, Arvind, Rohit, Raghini Shree and Ranjani performed and Rohit was at his best. He sang "Nenja thullipo" and there were lot of comments on how girls in his college get attracted by his singing. He was embarassed with his parents were there in the show. Arvind's "Vellarika pinju vellarika" was okay. Ranjani's "O podu" was even okay but Anuradha sriram said that the performance was good. Anuradha Sriram knows better about that song for sure.

Initially Raghini Shree, Renu and Ranjani were called and they had the least score among the contestants. Renu was given a chance for her good singing and asked to improve her entertaining skills. When Srinivas said that other two are eliminated, Raghini Shree started to cry :(.. Anuradha Sriram doesnt want them to be eliminated and now its
0 Out 13 On.. still

Leftover Samayal

Last week in Samayal Samayal show had kalapovathu yaaru Arjun, yeah that small kid and Sun TV news reader Nirmala, yes "Vanakkam.. indraya mukkiya cheithigal". Nirmala had already won last to last week and this was her second round. This round even Nirmala's team won and they are thru to next round. If they win that even they will get dream kitchen as prize.

The contestants were asked to prepare delicious food with leftover rice, chapati and idli. Arjun was quite often asked for some jokes. I think many would try out preparing those dishes and some might wantedly try to have lot of leftover food ;)

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Entertainment Continues

This round of Airtel Super singer is becoming very interesting & exciting. Yesterday Ravi, Deepshika, Aruna, Ajeesh and Vijay Narayanan performed and all of them were good. Ravi started the show with his fantastic performance and followed byt Deepshika. I never knew Deepshika could dance that well and even judges were shocked ;)

I was first shocked looking at Unni Krishnan's excitement soon Deepshika completed her song, it would be usually Srinivas getting excited that way. Deepshika was dancing very well and she could not sing properly the whole song. But, saying this round to be entertainment judges dont expect the songs to be very accurate. Aruna was okay but not as usual. She had some problem and voice was very shaky. Ajeesh was very good with "Singari sarakku" and Vijay Narayanan with "Ooravasi Oorvasi".

Srinivas rightly said that Vijay Narayanan was pronouncing "si" as "shi", so it was "Oorvashi" and not "Oorvasi". But other judges dint mind it :) He dint sing some lines of the song and started singing.. "lyrics maranthupona.. take it easy policy" ;)

Ravi ROCKS !!!

Ravi's performance in the entertainment round was fantastic.. He sang "Ilamai itho itho", amazing man.. too good. He came standing in bike and SPB would have felt satisfied with this performance :)

His dressing was opt for the song ;) his variations in the song was very good. Unni Krishnan adviced him not to sing changing his voice much. He dint dance much and who wants him to dance when he is singing that good.. As always Ravi ROCKS !!

Keep going man..

Yet again Vijay Adams (aka) Vijay Narayanan ;)

Yesterday Vijay Narayanan gave his performance in the entertainment round of Airtel Super Singer. He sang "Oorvasi Oorvasi, take it easy Oorvasi" which was quite okay... But, it cannot be termed as wonderful performance.. Everyone in the super singer group call him vijay Adams and Anuradha Sriram told that she had missed his "Summer of 69" performance.

After his entertainment round singing, Chinmayi asked him for the Bryan Adams "summer of 69" again for judges and audiance. Yet again he sang it with great feel and there were people dancing and making the stage as dance floor.

Monday, November 17, 2008

100 !!!

With my 100th post , I want to just add some snaps of different programs from our Vijay TV.

I thank Vijay TV for providing such an entertaining shows and other blogs/websites that I have referred to post some of the messages.

Really Entertaining...

Entertainment round of Airtel Super Singer 2008 is really very much entertaining. Yesterday's show had 4 contestants entertaining us.. Santhosh, Prasanna, Renu & Aishwarya. All were ROCKING !!!!

All the contestants were looking pretty and their dressing was amazing.. Especially with Vijay Narayanan, Ravi, Aishwarya, Ragini Shree & Renu. With Anuradha Sriram into the show as judge the show was even more exciting. She was very positive with the contestants and was very motivative. This round is difficult for the contestants since they got to dance and interact with audiance. Dancing when you sing is not so easy and when its a singing competition its :)

Prasanna suddenly stopped his performance and was claiming that he didnt hear the beats properly. But, Srinivas immediately asked whether is it because he did not hear or he had problem with his breath. ;) It looked as if he had breath problem but somehow managed and sang again from where he left. His performance was good and judges comments meant he would be through to next round. Aishwarya was very cute with her "Janavary matham" but Anuradha Sriram insisted her to learn few dance steps ;)

kaaka kaaka ??

The police story serial Khakki is now renamed as Kaaka Kaaka. I saw it only this week but not sure when this was being done.. I had found some good reviews about the show... might be to get more popular they would have changed the name.. Yesterday there was an ad of the serial I came accross. It was about the police finding the group wchich kidnaps small kids..

I feel that Nadanthathu Enna will have impact on Kaaka Kaaka ;) bcos last week Nadanthathu enna had report on kidnapping. They might take some points from that show and use them in Kaaka kaaka that would really attract people. Even showing it within short interval (between the shows) will make an impact on the audiance.

Anuradha Sriram in Airtel Super Singer 2008

Anuradha Sriram appeared yesterday in the entertainment round of Airtel super singer 2008. She had come in as the judge of the show in the place of Sujatha. I think, since this is entertainment round, they are keen not only on the singing aspect but on the other aspects like dance movements & entertainment. She came with a peppy hindi song and she was very much motivating the contestants.. At no point she was commenting that would have hurt the contestants. It was a good choice of bringing her for this round, but it would have been better if some other playback singer was there in the place of Unni Krishnan for this round.

Too many Advertisers ??

I was happy with the extension of Neeya Naana show's duration. But last two weeks or after bein extended, the show seems to be dragging with lot of advertisements. Frequency of the break is even become more. After 45 mins of the show you tend to get a feeling that every 4-5 minutes you get a advertisement break. Also, the show gets over around 10.20. Is this extension just for the cause of too much of sponsorship for the program ???

Koottu Kuduthanam Vs Thani Kuduthanam

Neeya Naana is getting exciting these days.. yesterday was with very interesting topic Koottu Kuduthanam (A) Vs Thani Kuduthanam (B). This topic seems to be interesting form 90s... Earlier in pattimandram we used to get this topic quite often and I feel its lil late for Neeya Naana to take this topic ;)

The different part of Vijay TV here was, joint family team had one big family with arnd 20 ppl and no one else.. In the nuclear side, any how there were many bachelors even ;). The debate went on very hot and there were points from both the sides. But, somehow I felt this big family had been prepared to speak for the show and not for the heart.. One good point was raised by B, joint family ppl were again n again speaking about adjustment. Even with television in their bed room, cooking food for few ppl separately were weak points for them. Nuclear side were clear in their talk, I was shocked to see that lady who attempted suicide.

I liked the way the nuclear side ppl said finally, they want to be in joint family but with parents of spouse and no one else.. thats a very valid point and they had instances with which they got troubled because of others. End of the day before sleep I felt it was a nice debate and more valid points were raised. But I even think that the ppl from joint family did not speak out of their heart..

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Chinna thirai Kudumbam

Isai kudumbam's new season with small screen artists had come up well.. their performance was really very good and they made me to see the whole show... Aslam was the judge for the show..
The two teams had Uma Padmanaban, Deepa Venkat, Ramya, Shakti, Sudha were among the participants..

Sirukki Sirichi, Konjam Nilavu, Inji idupazhagi, were rocking... First round was even good with Uma's team, when they sang Saidapetta kokku and also with costume changes of their team... they were changing their costumes every round.. Both team were equally good that they were tied with the points at the end of show. But, with the feel song round, Uma's team selection was good choice.

Red or Blue ???

I saw few episodes of Kana kaanum kalangal... I think the best part of the show is that you need not follow the story and anytime you see, you get to know what had happened. The concept is like the famous english show "Friends"...

I thought it will be better to ask you guys whom you like most.. Red or Blue guyz???? Comment your thoughts..

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