Thursday, November 6, 2008

Kanavugal Kaanum Vayasachu..

I dont watch Kana Kaanum kalangal regularly but since there are not much interesting programs in other channels, I watch them. I went early yesterday and had a chance to watch it.. I have been thinking to post a message on it for quite long time but doing it only today.. I think this program attracts all types of audiances and since its not kind of mega serial you can watch it any episode & you can understand whats happening.
I dint see any episode of version 1 of the serial but the way they conducted auditions & the way Vijay TV projected the selection process was too good. I was even amazed by the fan base for this program. The show is very casual and story (not really) goes on around 10 school students. If I see few more episodes I donno whether I will become addicted to it ..

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Double Treat

Its going to be tough contest among Tinku, Sanjay & Rajesh jodis. Seems the judges will be very strict & they will have two rounds Other Language & Celebrity round. Name of the round itself describes whats going to happen. From the trailer, actress Sangeetha was saying that Sanjay is not giving consistant performance. As usual, Vijay TV makes the audiance to think what will happen to whom & now lets keep on thinking until saturday.

3 Out.. 15 On

There were 3 elimination in this week's competitive rounds of Airtel Super Singer 2008. I felt this is little harsh to few by eliminating them in other language round. I think unless you know other language (atleast to some extent), its not so easy to bring feel into the song. And I guess thats what happened to Hari & Madhumitha.

Hari & Madhumitha, both were too good until this week's rounds of the competition. I remember Madhumitha being appreciated by almost all the judges from preliminary rounds. sad that she will not feature from now. Similarly Hari was performing better than his brother Ravi in some rounds. Other contestant eliminated was Gobalakrishnan. I have not seen him much performing.. Will there be RAC quota for Hari & Madhumitha???

Vijay Narayanan (aka) Vijay Adams ROCKS !!!!!

Srinivas was shocked & amazed looking the way Vijay Narayanan performed in this other language round.. Not only Srinivas even me.. I remember Vijay until now as a soft, calm guy & thought he would do only slow songs.. He Rocked the stage with Bryan Adams' Summer of 69.. OooooOOooh..

Out of the 18 Vijay is only contestant to choose english song. Before he started, everyone were lil under estimating him. Thats obvious because he has been singing well & not rocking like pop star until now... But, to be frank he made everyone charged up & almost all were enjoying his singing. The way to go dude.. Great work.. His slang ws very good, he was enjoying even. Mahalakshmi Iyer commented that she felt as if she was in Bryan Adams pop show...

Thank god.. Thanks Chinmayi

I should thank god that Chinmayi came banging yesterday.. I was so pity with her dressing day before but now she is too good.. For a moment she looked like a bollywood actress.. Keep Rocking Chinmayi.. She gave a very good performance with "maya maya" song...

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Please.. Chinmayi..

I feel this week is Chinmayi's worst dressing in Airtel Super Singer until now.. For quite some time I felt in this 2008 version she is dressing great. But, this week is worst and I wish she doesnt come up the same way again.. I think that dress would be good to see when hanged but not when worn ;)
You guys wont believe this.. 3 weeks back I saw Chinmayi's performance in early day of her career in Podhigai. OOps.. it took me some time to identify her.. just kidding.. with a full sleeve salwar & singing "vinayakane..vinai theerpavane". I dont mean anything seeing her in podhigai & super singer or comparing.. just remembered that only now..

Ravi's performance

I thought I should have this in my blog.. I dont usually upload videos, but Ravi's performance always makes me to do so...

Monday, November 3, 2008

Ravi, Prasanna too good

With the competitors themselves choose their opposition the show had become very interesting.. I donno how many names have been written in the chit & the judges select them. I was thinking wat would happen if someone who had already participated is picked again.. nothing wrong but that must have happened atleast once...

With the yesterday's show, Aravind was picked first by judges & he opted for Hari as his opponent.. Seems both are collegemates.. To my shock Aravind got selected to the safe zone.. I really dont like the way Super singer had brought in Aravind, Gobalakrishnan and when they win others its more irritating.. Next was Prasanna and he selected Ravi (oooh.. ) as his opponent. He said.. "jeicha ravi kitta jeipom, thotha ravi kitta thothom"..good to compete against the top always... Both were equally good but to another shock Prasanna was selected to safe zone.. we all know that Ravi will be selected from waiting list but then even I felt they should have selected both of them to safe zone..

Mahalakshmi Iyer @ Super Singer

In this week's competitive round of Super singer where the contestants are performing in other languages, Mahalakshmi Iyer is in place of Unni Krishnan to judge the performances. She introduced with a Rocking hindi peppy & joined Srinivas & Sujatha.. Unni krishnan should be back for next week's competitive rounds I think.

Super Singer !@ Tamizh

Next competitive round of Airtel Super Singer 2008 will have songs from languages other than Tamizh. Cool... I saw Srinivas saying that prounciation should be proper otherwise ppl will find fault easily. And the best was the opponent will be chosen by the participants themselves. First participant chooses his opponent and they compete.. It will whole lot of fun and to find who chooses whom.. ;)

BPO industry on Ippadiku Rose

I dont watch Ippadiku Rose regularly. I only watch the topics that I like & there were occassions I was so sick on the topic & try to avoid watching it. This week was very interesting.. Employees of BPO industry were involved & discussed about the problem that they face. Good that the show taken care of bringing cab drivers even. Initially there were 4 BPO employees who were asked about thier work style, culture and the changes that this work had brought in them. They spoke about the slang they speak, money they get, from cigar to drink to sex, relationship with co workers & what not..

The show emphasized on the work timings & the problem that the people have because of it. Health problem were told and very bad that in very few years these ppl get affected by head ache, bp, etc. There were even some cab drivers who were asked on how the bpo employees behave inside the car. They insisted on some behavioural changes required for the ppl. I liked the saying - "The way you behave with cab drivers makes them behave similarly with you"

Children's problems with Working Parents

Neeya Naana's this week topic was Velaikku Pogum Petror Vs Veetil irukkum Kuzhanthaigal.. to be frank, very informative topic that would help many people to take some serious decisions. Gopinath said that this topic was taken after reading a article in a english newspaper, Working couples (IT professional ) had a child and they dont have anyone to take care of it. So, they bring the child along with them and keep the child in car with AC. Every alternate hour either of them come and feed or take care of the child. Poor child..

Wait.. this is not bad.. in the debate there were child who were put in home and locked by their working parents. In other case, the child was taken care by grand parents in another city. some of the problems that children pointed out made them to be very much pity... Parents not there to see their child getting prize in annual day, Starts the laptop immediately coming home, come very late in night & dont spend time, dont cook, dont bring food to school and many more..

Cant speak for either side & both of them seem to be correct on their side. Gopinath made a very gentle point to parents saying, you could change the way & satisfy their feelings. If not all atleast few. Thats a very good point, I am sure if both parents are working they got to miss few things with their kids but not all.. Lets try to admit our mistakes and help our child. Nice words... This is not over, the topic will follow next week even with understanding the reason for parents to work & help children realize that their parents work for the kid. Gread topic, hats off to bring this problem. I guess this will help many people even.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Michael & Hema Steal the show

Solo round saw Michael & Hema finishing at top of the charts. They together had 51 points and their best performance gift is not the Motorola mobile phone rather its that they need not compete in the next competitive round. This now leave 3 pairs who are below them and even made the judges not to eliminate any of the jodi this week. So, its going to be Sanjay, Tinku & Rajesh to compete in the next round.

Michael was very good in his solo performances. He impressed the judges and special guest Kamna very much. He got the best performance of the day award even. Sanjay was equally good with his Jazz & intro round. Rajesh made everyone to scare with his introduction round where he had vel in his mouth. Sangeetha warned him and other competitors on not to take any kind of risk. I donno what he felt in him to do such a performance. If he got to do for god I felt this is not the place. Agreed that he had not done this for fame or money but god should not be brought in to play. Tinku was little below average and their team had made only 44 with last in the charts. For a moment I thought Tinku will be eliminated from this round but thank god there was no elimination.

Cho & Mauli

It was a perfect koffee with Cho Ramaswamy & Mauli this week with Anu. I can watch these guys speaking for hours.. The show started with Cho and when he was asked to introduced without his name, Cho defined himself as "Man in a Search of an Identity". Since he is master in many he is not able to define himself in one world. Next was Mauli, he was little calm in compared to Cho. I think, Cho stealed the show from Mauli and making comments that made Mauli to embarrasing situation.

In one instance Mauli said, Cho is still the same as he was 25 years back.. Guess what Cho replied... Had I got old 25 years back itself ?? Cant win Cho in speech. Personnaly I like both a lot and Cho for his brave comments on the politics & politicians. There was rapid fire round where both equally good. The best was when Koffee award was to be announced. Cho said he wishes to give his award to his grand daughter because in Tamil Nadu anything being given should be within the family and should not go to any outsider. It made me laugh a lot and I am amazed at his comments that makes ppl think a lot. When Mauli was asked, he told he was supposed to give to his daughter in law but with Cho's comments he gave it to director of film Poi Solla Porom. Embarrased... ;) There was Koffee taro even and both of them were involved in all 3 photos each selected. It was a wonderful Koffee with Cho Ramaswamy & Mauli.
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