Saturday, November 15, 2008

Mathangi & Malathi with Anu

Mathangi & Malathi were with Anu this week on Koffee with Anu show. I liked the show very much.. I never knew these two were very good friends and seems they have done lot of shows together. Both have sung around 60+ songs in films.. somehow I feel the number seems to be small.. might be because they have got lot of hit songs.

I was amazed n shocked when Malathi said that she had done more than 6000 shows.. yeah 6 followed by 3 zeros. Anu started with their similarities in them. It was good that both of them gave the koffee award to each other.. Malathi's second award, first being given by Srileka Parthasarathy.. They performed few lines of their memorable songs with X machi Y machi fm mirchi by Mathangi and Rasa Rasa.. en manmatha rasa by Malathi.

Magic spell

Ran India "Mayalogam" has been making magical waves among the audiance.. Vijay TV is at it agian.. very famous for its innovation. Initially I thought that this program would not become popular but looking at the performances, they changed my thought. The show is well around the Raja durbar with Balaji as Raja and Apsara Mayakanni,the story teller.

Popular magicians like Acharya - best known for his Great Indian Rope Trick; Samraj - a popular illusionist who is versatile in Magic with Lights; Alex - Holds Guiness Record and 2 Limca Records for Magic; Atul - a conjuring specialist; Jammu - popular for Close-up and mental magic are some of the performers in this show.

Informative Rose

Ippadikku Rose has been coming up with informative topics these days.. Last week was even a very good topic based on the cesarean delivery increasing in the state. There were doctors & even cesarean delivery women in the show. It was shocking that the rate of cesarean delivery had increased considerably from 10 % in 1993 to 45 % in 2008.

Doctors came up with their valid points and those seems to be true. But, I think they dont have much idea about some of the private hospitals. I have heard from many ppl that few hospitals use cesarean as money making opportunity. There should have been a gynecologist who could have show some physical exercises thats required for the pregnant women.

Chinna thirai Isai kudumbam

I have not posted much with Isai kudumbam... After the series of shows with top play back singers and when corporate company series were going... I stopped watching this show.. Now, I might start again.. its now going to be with television artists team and that brings lil bit of attraction towards the show.

Classical Drama

This week's jodi no 1 seem to be a classical drama.. The performance of all three were judged as bad but all of them are thru to finals of the show. :) In the first round i.e innovation round.. I felt all three were too good..
First Hema/Michael, uhh.. wat a performance with a frame & pretending as if standing in front of the mirror. I felt that needs lot of practice and hard work.. next was with Tinku & Santhoshi were dancing in the TV and watching each other...finally Sanjay's was classic.. All 3 were innovative & judges even appreciated.

I thought remix round was good for Sanjay & Michael atleast but Tinku was not so great. But, judges were commenting that their performance is repetitive and nothing new. Then started a drama... Tinku & Santhoshi were compalining about a problem & they dont want to discuss with the judges openly. Then they went near them & were discussing the so called problem.. ;)
Then other two contestant jodis were even called by judges & they even discussed.. Finally the judgement was that all 3 pairs are thru and none are eliminated in this semi final.

Why is DD/Deepak always say.. "Camera Megapixel Mobile Phone", is this the right term really ??

Entertainment Round

Next week of Airtel Super Singer is "Entertainment Round"... There were ads with Ravi performing "Ilamai Itho Itho" and all the contestants were attractively dressed. Since its the entertainment round.. they are not only going to sing but even dance too.. Should not miss it out..

Innovation & Remix

Grand semifinal of the Jodi no 1 will have Tinku/Santhoshi, Michael/Hema & Sanjay/Pooja fighting for the selection to the final. This round is not less than the previous, its going to have 2 sub rounds.. Innovation & Remix..

Innovation round would be something they perform new.. which is not usual.. I guess Tinku will rock here since he had done lot of innovative things this season even.. next the Remix round would be with dancing for a peppy remix song.. From the ads they were showing, it seems the judges were not satisfied and as usual Vijay TV makes us guess whats gonna happen. Chennai 600028, Subramaniapuram fame Jai will be special guest for this show.. Keep Rocking guyz...

Spiritually... Vijay

Spiritual programs in our Vijay TV seems to become very popular.. Initially they started programs like Swami Iyappan, Sai Baba but they tend to schedule these programs with appropriate time of the year where people get attracted much..

Now they are starting "Bhakti Thiruvizha" & "Swami Iyappan" again from November 17th at 5.30 & 6.00 PM. My feeling is that, this bhakti thiruvizha had become popular among the house wives and aged ppl. Similarly with swami Iyappan that mose of the people would go to Sabari Malai from now.. Is this called seasonal spiritual ;).. whatever be the case they attract the audiance better than others..

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Lil.. out of subject

Sorry, this might be lil out of subject but I am excited by VA... I am a very big fan of Surya & thats the reason for this post...

Vaaranam Aayiram Movie Reviews --- -

Verdict - Surya show!
Rating - 2.5 stars out of 5. -

It is impossible to talk about or “review” a movie such as Vaaranam Aayiram without turning it into a spoiler. So all we will say is, watch it, be moved, be inspired and be touched that after a long time, someone has made a movie which a is a beautiful blend of reality and fantasy and through both these realms, manages to capture the essence of a human being.

I have not seen review from other websites.. will update this post once I get to look at them..


As I told you earlier, that I will post videos to compare few performances.. Here is the first...

Arvind, who came into top 22 of Airtel Super Singer 2008 as a RAC candidate, gave his performance in relationship round. It was with famous "Kaattukulla Manasukulla". Here is the video of his performance.. Kaattukulla Manasukkula By Arvind
Same song was performed by Hari & Rohit in duet round & here is the video of their performance. Kaattukulla Manasukulla By Hari/Rohit

I feel its unfair that judges support this kind of performance which is not par at this level of the competition. I remember Bharthiraja, who competed in top 30 but was eliminated only for the reason being "Not expressive, Not great feeling". Even. Ragavendra was in top 50 got eliminated for the same reason. We could think of quite a few similar reasons for other eliminated candidates even.

I was thinking that Arvind would get the elimination but to my surprise he was not even in
last 4. Please check the videos & comment what you think on these performances..

Kaattukulla Manasukulla.. by Hari/Rohit

Now, hear this performance.. hope u find the difference....

Kaattukulla Manasukulla.. by Arvind

As I told you, I am posting two performances of Kaattukulla Manasukulla song. Please slide since its not the only song in the video..

This is by Arvind...

Next I will post the one sung by Rohit & Hari..

Female Hosts Series, Ramya


She hosts the shows of Kalakka povathu yaaru & Ungalil yaar adutha Prabhudeva.
She hosted King Queen Jack in Vijay TV.

I was not able to find much information about her but she does a very good job in her hosting programs of kalakka povathru yaaru & ungalil yaar adutha Prabhudeva.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Female Hosts Series, Swarnamalya



She graduated from MOP Vaishnav College and did her MBA from Symbiosis. Then with PG Diploma in Acting and Direction from Sanjose State University, USA.
She is doing her Masters in Bharatanatyam from the Madras University.
She is deeply involved in her research on certain aspects of dance in which she would be pursuing her doctoral degree.
Founder Trustee and Director of RANGA MANDIRA, a Trust founded to promote Bharatanatyam and other performing arts.

TV Shows/Movies

She hosted Kalakka povathu yaru-1 & Sillunu oru sandippu in Vijay TV.
She was popular for her hosting Illamai puthithu in Sun TV.
Ellamay sirruppu than in Kalaignar TV.
Hosted dance program in Srilankan Shakthi TV.
She has acted in Alaipayuthey, Engal Anna, Sorry Ennakku Kalyanam Ayiduchu, Yuga, Mozhi, etc.

Here is her website that showcases & provides more information

Swarnamalya made a revolution with her hosting in Ilamai Pudumai.. Later she was appearing in many programms but didnt stick on with them for long time. One of the best dancers & she is actively involved in many programs with dance.

2 out, 13 on...

With rest 4 contestants performing, there has been 2 elimination being done.. And sadly its being Bhargavi & Madhumitha.. I was amazed when 4 contestants were called onto the stage stating them as last 4 aggregate marks.. It was with Deepshika, Vijay Narayanan, Bhargavi & Madhumitha.. Surprisingly no Arvind... I hope you ppl agree with me on this..

Aishwarya gave a wonderful performance with "July matham vanthal.." and almost everyone enjoyed it very much... Santhosh was even good with his hindi song "Mithuwa..". Bhargavi really disappointed with "Nila kaigirathu..." & Renu was good but not at her best. I have planned to post some videos of Arvind's performance and lets try to recheck it ;)

Female Hosts Series, Malini Yugendran

Malini Yugendran.


Malini was born and brought up in Singapore and she moved to Chennai after her marriage with singer-actor Yugendran.
She is a sinhalese by birth and was one of the cabin crew members of Singapore Airlines
She was the head Swarnoli, a FM radio station in Colombo.
She represented Singapore in the Mrs Globe pageant held in the US for the year 2006-07
She runs her own event management company, My Film Works in Singapore

TV Shows

She hosts Isai Kudumbam with her husband Yugendran in Vijay TV.
She hosts Ghana Kuyil Pattu for Kalaignar Tv.
She participated in Jodi No 1 season 2.

I wonder whenever I see Isai Kudumbam that Malini's tamizh/english accent will be lil bad. It was nice to hear for the first time but not later.. I wonder because she is sinhalese who lived in Singapore & Chennai - Accent should be similar to others of same kind. ;)
She comes up with Yugendran and does a good job in hosting the show. I stopped watching Isai kudumbam since the corporate competition took place.

Female Hosts Series, Chinmayi Sripada

Since her rocking debut in A. R. Rahman's Kannathil Muthamittal, Chinmayi had sung in many tamil films. Enakku 20 Unakku 18, Boys, Arinthum Ariyamalum, Sandakozhi, Guru, Veyil, Sivaji, Bheema and list is lil big. She presented the the first season of Super Singer that was aired between April and August 2006 & first season of Airtel Super Singer Junior February 2007 - July 2007. She has dubbed for few movies, Sillunu Oru Kaadhal
(Bhumika Chawla), Unnale Unnale (Tanisha Mukherjee), Satham Podathey (Padma Priya), etc.
She is also a radio presenter on Aahaa FM 91.9 in Chennai, on a breakfast show titled 'Aahaa Kaapi Klub', on air Monday to Friday between 7 to 10 AM.

I recently came across the blog of Chinmayi, and even website

She is superb in hosting Airtel Super Singer. I dont think of anyone else who could fit into that role better than her.

Female Hosts Series, Divya Darshini aka DD

Divya Darshini, DD

Divya Darshini, DD, has been one of the host in Garnier Fructis Jodi No 1. She is been in Jodi No 1 family since Season 1 and almost been 4 seasons hosting the show. DD even hosted the kalakka povathu yaaru part 2 & 3 shows. She has acted in some serials (Chithi, etc) and in few films (Nala Damayanthi as Madavan's sister, anything more ?? ). she is even a good dancer.

I like the way she host the jodi no 1 show but I have a feeling that she should improver her dressing. Sometimes she dress too bad & does'nt look good.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Female Hosts Series, Mamathi Chari

Mamathi Chari

Easily the best tamil host in Television and Radio.

  • She speaks 10 languages, including Russian and German
  • She was a RJ in Big 92.7 FM, 7am - 10am, BIG Vanakkam (Monday to Saturday)
  • She was a Miss Chennai 2000 finalist.
  • She was the most popular host in Vijay Tv (2007) hosting Hello Thamizha, Jillunu oro santhippu and Jillunnu oru Challaenge.

Hello Thamizha was telecasted at 8 (not sure) in the morning & she used to host the show. I still remember the way she tells the phone no to be contacted.. Too good.. But suddenly she got disappeared from the Vijay TV shows..

Female Hosts Series, Anu Hassan

Anu Hassan

  • Chandra Hassan's daughter, Kamal Hassan's niece, Suhasini's cousin, Charu Hassan's younger brother's duaghter.
  • She is a Bitsian , a Msc physics and MMS degree holder from Pilani.
  • She played basket ball for Trichy district
  • She has trained in Chiramam, Silambam, Kurunthadi and Kaipoor
  • She has opened her own Health, Hygiene juice and Smoothies shop called Squash'd, a chain of parlours that offers juices/smoothies and has given employment to under-privileged people.
  • She has worked as a Line Producer for the film Mumbai Xpress
  • She has lent her voice for Raveena Tandon, Preity Zinta and the famous SriLankan Tamil voice in film Nala Damayanthi
  • She has acted in Tamil films Indira, Run, Aalavandhaan, Anjeneya, Nala Damayanthi, Akku, Dhaam Dhoom, Santhosh Subramaniam, etc
  • She hosts Koffee with Anu in Vijay Tv.
  • She plays the lead role in Rekha IPS, a Mega serial in Kalaignar Tv.
  • She has done modeling assignments for Lifebuoy, Jeychandran and Quaker Oats
I consider Anu Hassan as "Master of all kinds", she makes it perfect 100 wherever she is involved. I remember in Koffee with Prakash Raj ;) which had Anu Hassan as the guest & she told, she wants to do something different all the time. She wanted to do something new quite frequently.. we could see with her involvement in lot of activities from movies, tv shows, ads, business, many more.......

Female Hosts @ Vijay TV

I wanted to post this for long time but dint had time until now.. for quite few years Vijay TV has been a top rated channel by audiances & one of the reason being "Female Hosts" who drive the show. I agree its not only because of them but still give credits to them.. Here are some of them who are still in Vijay TV & few in our memories..

I refer to articles, blogs, websites in the internet for information about these people.. I thank all the resources that I use for this valuable information.

Ravi.. Yet again !!!!

It was an awesome performance by Ravi in the relationship round. He sung "Sona Sona" from the album "Bombay dreams". He was too good.. this is the first time he performed a hindi song.. it was a good one.. Yesterday many contestants brought their loved ones to the stage & honoured them. I will have to post on it separately..

Ajeesh, Ravi, Prasanna, Rohit, Ranjitha & Deepshika gave their performances and all together everyone were good.. I am wondering who will get eliminated in this round. very diffictult to eliminate anyone.. Its left with 4 contestants in today's show & we wil know the results even ;)

Recommended ??

I am lil disappointed with the way Super singer judges are interacting with contestant Arvind. Arvind is one of the RAC candidates.. Its sad that the reason unknown for bringing back eliminated candidates for the competition & that too in final stages.. To be frank I have not seen/familiar with Arvind untill top 22 of the competition... Out of the 4 RAC seats, I feel only Prasanna is right choice but still if someone is already eliminated why would you bring them back ???? then Why not Ragavendra or his father.. both were very good and were in top 50..

In yesterday's show, Arvind sang "Kaatukulla Manasukulla" & there was comment from judges on feel of the song was bad.. that was absolutely right.. but why then it was an termed as an excellent performance. In the show many contestants were eliminated only because they dint had the feel in song & are not enjoying it.. Bharathiraja can be the best example for this.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Monica, Madhumitha & Sunaina

I felt bored with last episode of Koffee with Anu featuring actresses Monica, Madhumitha & Sunaina... I dint watch the show fully.. it was just for a while I was seeing but within 10 to 15 mins I felt bored.. I saw only till they were speaking about the security amongst the public for the actresses. Its good that Vijay TV brings up these upcoming artists but I am not sure how many ppl would be keen on program fully on them..

Dedicated to relationships...

This round which is dedicated to relationships in Airtel Super Singer is becoming very interesting.. Yesterday's show had Vijay Narayanan, Aruna, Madhumitha, Arvind & Raghini Shree performing.. They were dedicating the songs to friends, grand mom, aunt.. & I think the list will go on as the round completes...They were even giving gifts & taking this opportunity to convey their message/show their affection.

I liked the way again Vijay TV brings up pretty attractive & interesting things into its programs.. I am waiting for others performance..

Working Parents Vs Kids

The debate become very serious & finally both the sides agreed upon their mistakes (nor really). I was amazed that the children were very accomodative & proud of their parents. We could see tears in the eyes of the mother whose children were proud of them. This week was good that parents had chance to express their feeling on why they go for work & what way thats going to help their children. It made the small kids realize & they were ready to adjust to the circumstance.

This show is really a very informative & helps as a decisive for many parents who have children & go for work. I think this is an eye opener for many cases. This is surely going to help people to manage their personal life effectively.. Thanks a lot to Vijay TV for this wondeful topic Velaikku Pogum Petror Vs Veetil Irukkum Kuzhanthaiga in Neeya Naana...

Relationship round

This week with Airtel Super Singer, its going to Relationship round. Contestants will dedicate their singing to their closed ones.. may it be friends, relatives, parents.. anyone.. I guess this will make their loved ones know that they remember them in this moment of their life.. Good one.. I am puzzling myself will Ravi dedicate the song to his brother Hari who was elminated last round in the contest ???

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Close Call

It was close call on this week's jodi no 1. There were 2 rounds, first being other language round & the next with celebrity i.e 2 celebrities would join the couple for the performance. First round was not so great for all 3 jodis. But, the +2 round was really good. Sanjay & Pooja was awarded the best performance for the celebrity round.

I liked the way Tinku brought in their celebrity, Michael & Hema, yes... it was Michael & Hema who were through to next round already were with Tinku. Rajesh & Suhasini are eliminated from the contest & we will see them bang in the wildcard round.. I have a feeling that there will 2 jodis selected from the wildcard round this time.. Lets see how it goes.. Now its left with Tinku/Santhoshi, Michael/Hema & Sanjay/Pooja jodis to perform in the semi-final round next week.
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