Friday, December 19, 2008

Super Singer Junior is Back !!!

Airtel Super Singer Junior is back in Vijay.. there were ads on the show & request for kids between 6-12 years apply for the contest... I wish this time even the show will be too good & entertain us.. I will update here with the address/contact info to whom CD should be sent.. All the best for everyone..

Shaam @ Ungalil yaar adhutha Prabhudeva

Actor Shaam was one of the judge in pair round of Ungalil yaar adutha Prabhudeva.. and I felt very bad in his judgement.. leave about his judgement.. his way of speech to the contestants was too harsh. His facial expressions, speech & behaviour was unpolite and this shud not be the way for top 18 contestants who have been selected from whole TamilNadu. These kind of things make me away from this show & now I am not really interested to watch it regularly..

Dance for Life !!!

There was an interesting part in the pair round of ungalil yaar adutha Prabhudeva.. It was Dance for life.. the contestants who are in the waiting list finally will dance for their life in the competition & best amongst them will be chosen for the next round that they call as cool zone.. It seems this has been practised for quite some time & this sounds very interesting with the name even..

Pair Round..

Pair round of the Ungalil yaar adutha Prabhudeva got over this week & there are now 16 contestants left for the next round.. 2 of them got eliminated this week... sadly I felt all of them are very well talented in dancing & its really difficult to choose among them..

Surya @ Jodi No 1

Actor Surya will be the guest in Garnier Fructis Jodi No 1 Season 3 finals results round.. This week the jodi who is selected by the audiance & judges will be announced.. Sanjay/Pooja are the frontrunners for the title & there might be a chance for Rajesh/Suhasini or Michael/Hema even.. The winning title & prize money of 10 lacs will be given by Surya himself to the winning jodi.. I am waiting for that grand celebration..

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Chance to meet Namitha ;)

Vijay TV had organised an event for actress Namitha's fans to meet her... Namitha will meet the lucky winners on December 25th.. all you have to do is.. send AASAI as SMS to 57827.. Further you will get 50 questions about Namitha & once you answer them correct you get a chance to meet her !!!! I think 50 questions is too much ;) they should have 5 questions ideally..

Retro Round gets over..

Retro round in SS got over this week & its now left with 9 contestants... I dint post about day b4's episode.. it was quite good.. started with Ajeesh & he was too good.. he is the person to watch out for.. he might come into top 5... his "unakenna mela nindran oh nandalaala" from Simla special was very special.. then came the entertainer Prasanna with his "jegame thanthiram" and he Rocked the stage as always... Ranjani followed with "ore naal unai naan" and she was quite good..

Yesterday show had just 2 contestants left Rohit & Aruna, I liked Rohit's "Aagaaya gangai" very much but in contrast judges' comments very quite opposite.. they said that shruti was bad :( then finally came tensed Aruna with her "yen vaanile ore.." after quite some time she got good comments from the judges.. she has been in red alert zone for 3-4 times earlier and this round will help her a lot I think..

1 Out, 9 On

Retro round of Airtel Super Singer 2008 saw one elimination from the competition.. Santhosh was eliminated from the contest yesterday.. he was quite good until this round but his performance was not good in this round of the show... Hard luck Santhosh. It seems this is his first singing competition and its really wonderful that he had come up till this level.. With 5 members in the red alert zone, Santhosh, Vijay Narayan, Ranjini, Raghini & Rohit.. there was 3 selected for next round and left with Santhosh & Rohit... Rohit's song selection was difficult & that made him to thru for next round...

Fallen into Red Zone !!!

With Viijay & Ranjani already in the red zone, yesterday Santhosh & Raghini Shree also joined them !!! Seems Santhosh has some trouble with his health & not able to perform properly and Raghini Shree was quite okay.. not good or bad ;) With today's performance we will get to know how many ppl fall into this red zone category and who all get eliminated..

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Comedy Convent - Kodambakkam Skool

Starting this December 20th this comedy convent will start functioning.. Kodambakkam skool is all set from this saturday at 7 PM... this show will have the comedy kings & part of lollu sabha team even. I think this will be a very good entertainer replacing kalaka povathu comedy kings.. same team & contestants with some difference in the show ;)

Andal Thirupavai, another new entrant will be from December 16th to January 14th.. and can we expect some other bakti program replacing this ????

Monday, December 15, 2008

Good start to Retro...

This week's Airtel Super Singer is with Retro round and the show started off really well yesterday... It started with S. P. Sailaja singing "Raasave unna naan" beautifully.. she is replacing Sujatha for this Retro round to judge the contestants... first contestant was Ravi.. his "Ennadi meenatchi" was quite good but Srinivas pointed out correctly that he was giving different feel from the actual situation of the song ;)

Then was Srinivas himself singing "namma ooru singari" being his favourite.. Ranjani was quite okay with "oru iniya manathu isaiyai" from johny... Vijay Narayan's "Senthazham poovil" dint impress me much and even with judges.. Finally it was Renu completing yesterday's show with "entha poovilum vaasam undu".. she was good yet again in this round. S. P. Sailaja said that Renu's voice resembles to Shreya Ghosal's.. and thats a very good appreciation. I feel she has the capability to come in top 5 even.

With yesterday's show Vijay & Ranjani are in red zone & they might move out from it depending on other contestant's performance.. lets see wats gonna happen..

Whats in Retro round..

This week's Airtel Super Singer 2008 is with Retro round.. it would have songs in 70s and 80s.. it is intended for the contestants to take the people to that period with their singing ;).. Retro round is with S.P. Sailaja added to the judge panel and Chinmayi having a break for this week..
Retro is a term used to describe, denote or classify culturally outdated or aged trends, modes, or fashions, which have since that time become functionally or superficially the norm once again. The word "retro" derives from the Latin prefix retro, meaning "backwards" or "in past times".

With music, Retro, during the 1980s, referred to a new genre of music, particularly dance music, popular in the U.S. at the time and Psychedelic genre of the late 1960s and 70's. Many of the songs and albums termed retro at the time came about during great advancement in the development of generating music electronically (with computers and electronic equipment)

Courtesy - Wikipedia

SS 2008 or 2009

Agreed.. Airtel Super Singer 2008 is a very interesting program.. but with the name of the show SS 2008 is very bad.. the way the show is been stretched it should also be given season 2 or 3 ;) rather the year... with the current situation the show might go on till Jan or Feb 2009 even.. I think the show these days are added with some elements to have one round per week.. its just 10-15 contestants and having them around for 3 hours is really good job by the producers of the show..

Quite many changes..

This week's Airtel Super Singer 2008 will have lot of changes.. Chinmayi wont be there this week and will be replaced by Yugendran/Malini, judge Sujatha will be replaced by playback singer S.P. Sailaja and we will also have special guest for the show Mr. Malaysia Vasudevan.. Last time when Yugendran/Malini anchored the show, it was dedicated to the legend and this time he is in the show even..

S P Sailaja is back !!!!

This week's Airtel Super Singer will have playback singer S.P. Sailaja replacing playback singer Sujatha to judge the contestants for 70s-80s songs round. I dont remember this week's name of the round but its that the competitors have to sing songs that came during 1970s & 1980s... Its good to see Sailaja back in Super Singer.. I think she is one of the better judge...

Ellam avan seyal

Koffee with Ellam avan seyal team was impressive.. not with story of the film or anything with film rather the show had Manivannan, Roja & R.K speaking with Anu... Manivannan was the first guest to start of the show and I wanted Anu to have one session with Manivannan & Sathyaraj alone.. ;) Seems.. Sathyaraj & Manivannan are very good friends & he said it might be bcos they have similar thoughts and feelings.. swimming incident that he mentioned was really funny.. Anu welcomed Manivannan as "King of dialogue"..

Then came actress Roja.. "only actress who can dance step to step with Prabhudeva" - Anu.. I never knew she had joined politics and even she is against chiru. Her start to career was interesting when R.K. Selvamani, her husband fell in love.. Then R.K joined the show, and the crew started speaking about the film "Ellam avan seyal". In one instance Roja said, since its a social subject she took it.. yeah.. this would really help her in politics.. but sad that she is against Chiru.

Need for Trade union..

This week's topic in Neeya Naana was on Trade Union & its need.. one side was with ppl favouring trade union and on the other side with ppl opposing the same.. The debate got strengthened after the topic went on to why trade union is not required. The show was quite interesting for me to know about trade union, employees welfare that we dont see in software industry much. There was a point raised on software companies with the culture they follow.. Human Resource manager and their hierarchy that helps. But to be frank if there is going to be a lay off in software company none can help the employee from the falling knife.

Its a valid point made by ppl opposing that they look for other jobs and they are not disturbed if the company is in bad position.. I felt there should have been topic for need of trade union and problem in trade union separately.. In the opposing side there were very few who were able to speak out the problems caused by trade unions. I was shocked to know that directors, employers are killed in problems with trade unions.. thats very scary to know even.. My view on this topic is - have trade union for less skilled labours so that their job is secured.. for others its upto them to join it or not..

Video: Class + Mass

Here is the Class + Mass Sanjay/Pooja performance...

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Class + Mass

Jodi number 1 season 3 finals was over day before yesterday. The final winner will win 10 lakhs as prize will be selected by audience poll & judge's choice. Judges started campaigning for the jodis and there would be votes that are influenced by such clips...
Sanjay- Pooja are tipped to win .. Suhasini- Rajesh and Micheal-Hema might be fighting for the second spot. Tinku, the winner of Jodi number 1 season 2, did not hide his discomfort in this new company and his performance was a well planned suicide.
Hema - Micheal performance was very good and it was best for the finals, but their choice of song was not so good... Rajesh/Suhasini was as usual rocking, but their dance was lil lesser compared to Sanjay-pooja.... Sanjay/pooja dance was class plus mass.. I will post their dance soon..

Sanjay-Pooja all the way !!!!

It was Sanjay-Poojay all the way in the Grand finale of the jodi no 1 season 3 competition... They are the front runners for the title & 10 lac cash award.. The competition was very tense with almost all the final contestants giving their best in the show. sanjay/Pooja pair was extraordinary with their performance.. they were with all sets of dances.. western, salsa, folk and rocked the stage. For me, I voted for this jodi and wish them to win the title..

Nalla Neram !!!

Astrologer & Kumudam Jothidam editor A. M. Rajagopalan will be in Vijay TV every sunday morning at 8.30 AM. This show had already started from yesterday.. the show is featured to have weekly rasi palan (forecast), answer questions from viewers and talk about temples... This would also be a very good program since Rajagopalan is very well known astrologer and show is on sunday mornings ;)

Andal Thiruppavai

Margazhi month had come and our Star Vijay starts with a new program Andal Thiruppaavai from December 16, 2008... It is to be telecasted both in the morning & evening at 5.30 AM and 7.00 PM... Dr. Venkatakrishnan will be explaining the 30 pasurams rendered by Sri Andal and Selvi Saindhavi will sing them... Its not that all.. the show will also have Bhargavi enacting the pasurams in Bharathanatya. Its very good that there will be explanation, singing and dancing for the pasurams... the sets have been designed by P.Krishnamoorthy and Maniyan Selven...

Sadagopan Ramesh - Aparna

It was Sadagopan Ramesh-Aparna's marriage in Namma Veetu kalyanam.. Former Indian cricketer got married in the year 2002 with Aparna and from then Aparna had been his source of strength for his return to squad... They were sharing their marriage and honeymoon moments... Last I saw Ramesh was in the film Santhosh Subramaniam as Jeyam Ravi's elder brother and its been sometime his name appeared in paper with cricket. He was a good player but when Sehwag & Ghambir came into play this guy was not having great time.

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