Saturday, January 3, 2009

Contact information..

Here is the Vijay TV contact information

Vijay TV
15, Jaganathan Road
Chennai 600034
Tamil Nadu

Phone +91-044- 28224722

Some technical info..

When I was browsing I got to see this technical information.. not sure whether it will be useful much.. but atleast for few ppl who wants this info.. here u go

Name: Star Vijay TV
Satellite:AsiaSat 2 (100.5 degree East)
Frequency: 3.980
Polarization: Vertical
Symbol Rate: 28.100
Fec: 3/4
Telecasting system: Digital pay-TV

Name: Star Vijay TV
Satellite:NSS 6 (95 degree east_
Polarization: Horizontal
Symbol Rate: 40.700
Fec: 3/4
Telecasting system: Digital free-TV
Provider: Dish TV

Name: Star Vijay TV
Satellite: Insat (83 degree east)
Frequency: 11.590
Polarization: Horizontal
Symbol Rate: 27.500
Fec: 3/4
Telecasting system: Digital Pay-TV
Provider: Tata Sky

Koffee continues..

Koffee with writer Balakumaaran & BJP leader Ila Ganesan continues tonight.. the show was on New Year's day and was a special program.. the show continues today with the koffee taro & other elements of the show..

Paadum Office V2.0

Paadum office season 2 started last week.. it was quite interesting with the name of the show itself.. it was said Paadum Office Version 2.0; quite innovative ;) it was playback singer Balaji who anchored the show last week and it had classical solo round. I dint knew the judges of the show, I watched the show lil late that day.. so dont even know the name of the judges :( Judges were very soft with the contestants.. I liked the way they said for selection/rejection of the performance..they said Permanent, Probation, Terminated using the corporate terminologies ;)

Ippadiku Thunai Nadigaigal;

Yesterday in Ippadiku Rose it was the supporting actress who were invited for the show & it was completely about the problems being faced by them in the cine field.. quite sad that they started of with sexual problems that they face with the ppl in tamil cinema. It was shocking that 99% of the ppl agree upon their requirement & thats the way to sustain in the industry - said the supporting actress.. I have not seen them in films until now or I dont remember the ppl who came to the show. they spoke about the problem that they have when searching for the house, with ppl around their house, financial problems of the family & many more..

Its Manoj/Nanthana

Director Bharathiraja's son, actor Manoj's wedding will be featured in this week's Namma Veetu kalyanam.. the marriage was on November 16, 2006 & I think its been quite long time seen Manoj on screen even..

Simbu, Sanaa & Robert

Ungalil yaar adutha Prabhudeva had actors Simbu & Sanaa khan with dance master Robert in the show.. the show was the new year special episode & there were no elimination or anything for the last 14 contestants.. Simbu intially said that he cant dance & doctor had adviced him not to strain but later when the show was about the end, he rocked the stage with his dance movements with Sanaa & Robert master.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Murugadoss - a small boy ;)

Meendum Ghajini show had A.R. Murugadoss & Amir Khan speaking on the making of Ghajini.. first of all the film is a massive hit & had got very good review from the ppl.. why not, after the film became blockbuster in tamil, I felt its obvious the film is super duper hit in hindi even.. Murugadoss said he was the first to ask Amir Khan about his interest in making the film in hindi & Amir suggested Salman's name for the role since his body's shape was not apt... But Murugadoss replied, Salman comes the same way in many film.. it would make difference if you attempt it ;) Week next Amir called Murugadoss to Mumbai.

Amir thought the name Murugadoss and with such an action film the guy would be arnd 6 feet tall & with mustache.. there were 4 ppl went to Mumbai and Amir got shocked seeing Murugadoss.. he asked.. "is this small boy Murugadoss" ??? I have even read that during the shoot Amir khan had cut Murugadoss hair the same way Ghajini second part hero ;)

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Violence or Non-Violence ????

New year special Neeya Naana is quite interesing topic.. "Is it fair to adopt violence or follow ahimsa to put an end to the social problems across the world"... the show started of with problems in roads, buses & how should we go ahead to solve them. The team supporting violence said that they will slap ppl in road/public.. where they get the confidence and support of public.. on the other side, they would go to police station & lodge complaints. during this going on Gopinath asked a question how would they behave when problem arises with ppl of higher status with money, publicity...

The show even had 3 persons who escaped from the mumbai terror attack.. i felt for a moment that Vijay TV and other tamil channels should concentrate on global & national issues more rather than domestic issues. all 3 persons were on the side of Ahimsa & they dont want India to attack Pakistan even bcos they treat them as brothers & sisters.. Gopinath completed it with thats the mind & heart of Indian !!!!

Happy New Year 2009

Hi, wishing you a very happy New Year 2009.. I spent the new year with my society ppl & had a good party out with them... so.. i missed Airtel Super Singer - new year special... I was able to see some programs yesterday but not all.. I saw neeya naana, appavum naanum, meendum gajini.. and they were quite good. I will post the review/thoughts on the shows separately with the videos..

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Airtel Super Singer - New Year Special

Today we will have 3 hours of non-stop entertainment.. the show will have leading singers from the filmdom - Naresh Iyer, Vijay Yesudas, Benny Dayal, Mahathi, Singers of ‘Where is the party ‘ – Mukesh & Priyadarshini along with Ramya, Maya, Nikhil Mathew, Belly Raj, Deepa Maria, Haricharan.. music composer James Vasanthan will also participate in the new year bash.
Small screen celebrities Divya Darshini, Uma Padmanabhan, Chetan, Sairam, Yugendran and Hemamalini are also set to be a part of this grand entertainment... Last but not least the contestants of show will also be the part of this super duper episode.. they start at 9 PM and go on till the new year bell... enjoy the party tonite..

Simbu @ UYAP

On January 02, 2009 Amul Ungalil Yaar Adutha Prabhu Dheva the 12 contestants (7 boys and 5 girls) of the competition will fight out for their spot to the next round.. Actor Silambarasan aka Simbu will be part of the show & its expected that the contestants perform for the songs from Silambattam film.. ‘Where is the party’, ‘Vechukava unna mattum’, ‘Nallam thana’ might be songs they choose..

New Year Programs Schedule

December 31, 2008

Back 2 Back Hollywood blockbuster films
10 AM - ‘Air Buddies’
1 PM - ‘Rob B Hood’
4 PM - The Breed’

9 PM - Airtel Super Singer - New Year Special (3 hours show)

New Year Day – January 01, 2009

5.30 AM - ‘Mangala Isai’
Nadaswara Vidwan P.V.Shanmugam & CO gives feast for all the viewers

6.00 AM - ‘Arulurai’
7.00 AM - ‘Aandu Palan’

8.00 AM - Ideal Pressure Cooker Sirappu Pattimandram.
The topic of debate is “Should India grow as a democratic or autocratic nation?”

9.00 AM - Idhayam Mantra Koffee with Anu Season 2 New Year special.
The guests are famous tamil writer Balakumaran and politician Ila. Ganesan.

10.00 AM - Lion Dates Syrup Neeya Naana New Year special.
Topic: Is it fair to adopt violence or follow ahimsa to put an end to the social problems across the world

11.00 AM - ‘Prakash Raj - Appavum Naanum’.
Actor Prakash Raj speaks about the beautiful relationship between a father & children

12.00 PM - ‘A.R.Murugadoss udan meendum ghajini uruvana kadhai’.
Interview with director A.R.Murugadoss & actor Amir Khan, they speak about the making of the Hindi blockbuster film, Ghajini starring Aamir Khan and Asin.

1.00 PM - ‘Nambiyar – The real hero’
Actors from the tinsel town pay tribute the great hero and speak about his contribution to Tamil cinema. The man known for being a popular villain in films lived his life as a super hero and has set a good example for all.

2.00 PM - ‘Simbuvin Silambattam’

3.00 PM - Hollywood blockbuster film Speed 2

Speak Out...

Speak Out.. this is what Gopinath says in Nadanthathu enna this week.. interestingly this week's doesnt have any particular case rather various issues that we have been into for quite long time.. the series of problems that the public face.. from getting house for rent, conditions being put by house owners, auto rickshaw & their charges which doesnt change after being put lot of rules, violating traffic rules, 2-wheelers riding without helmet, crossing railway gates when the gate is closed, throwing garbage in roads & few more.. we the people must take initiative on few of these things & act properly to make our city better..

None Eliminated.. 0 Out, 8 In

There was surprisingly no elimination to the contestants in the Emotions round of Airtel Super Singer 2008... since there is going to be a special show tonite... the emotion round got over in 2 days itself. judges wanted to end the 2008 with happy note & thats the reason for no elimination being done.. Rohit & Prasanna were the top 2 performers in this round. I felt Raghini & Vijay would have been in red alert zone if they have gone ahead..

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Emotions Round..

Emotions round of Airtel Super Singer 2008 got over yesterday.. today there will be a special show in the Super Singer so the round got over.. Rohit started yestrerday's show and he was very good in both of his songs.. "unakkena iruppen" from kadhal and "kalakalakalamaaga kadhalukku naangal arpanam" from Punnagai mannan.. Renu followed him with "enge enathu kavithai" & "vaan megam".. she was quite good.. she lost it in 1 song alone..

Prasanna was the star of the day with Rohit.. he started with sad emotional song "vaazhve maayam" & rocked with "madai thiranthu". Last was Ranjani with her "evano oruvan vaasikiraan" & "naalaam naalaam thirunaalaam".. the second one was quite good.. All were happening after the great director Balu Mahendra gave a guest appearance in the show..

Balu Mahendra @ Super Singer

Director Balu Mahendra was present yesterday in the emotion round of Airtel Super Singer.. it was a sudden guest appearance by the great director... he said that he came to the studio to show how shooting happens to his cousin from Canada & it happened that Airtel Super Singer show shoot was in progress.. he said that he likes the show a lot & his favourite singers are there as judges. For him the crew sang "En iniya pon nilaave" which was his first song being composed by legend Ilayaraja..

Balakumaaran & Ila Ganesan

Famous writer Balakumaaran & BJP leader Ila Ganesan will be the guests in Koffee with Anu New year special episode... Balakumaaran, whom I have admired a lot, has written more than 150 novels, over 100 short stories & dialogue/screenplay for more than 15 films. Seems he is fondly called as Ezhuthu Sithar by his fans.. In the promotional ad, Ila Ganesan tells that "anyone who had read any story/novel of Balakumaaran will know how to respect women".. i have heard that his stories are very very good & make the reader feel good..I am excited to see the show...

Back 2 Back

Star Vijay is up with back to back hollywood films today (is it today or friday ??).. there are going to be 3 films -

Air Buddies @ 10 AM
Rob-b-hood @ 1 PM
The Breed @ 4 PM

Enjoy back to back films..

Emotionally Started..

Anuradha Sriram joined the judges panel & she came to show singing "ennadi soodamani" from Pammal K Sanbandham.. this was after she was requested by Chinmayi.. Ravi was the first contestant & he ROCKED the stage with "rumbum bum aarambum" and his "uyire uyire" from bombay was even good.. but judges commented that it dint had the feel fully.. Raghini followed him with "unnai kaanatha kannum kannala" & "shakala baby".. i felt both were quite okay and not so great.. for a moment i thought she would be eliminated if all others perform well..

Vijay narayan was even quite similar to Raghini.. he sang "thirupachi aruvala" where he missed the lyrics few places.. and his "vellai pookkal" made him better.. Finally it was Ajeesh.. he was too good in both of his songs.. "poongaatre konjam" from friends and "mustafa mustafa".. i wish Ajeesh comes into top 2 of the contest.. judges commented that his first song was not so goood... let see how others do today..

Monday, December 29, 2008

Whats in Emotions Round...

Emotions Round of Airtel Super Singer had started in a very high note..This round is about expressing the feel of the song and how well the emotions comes out. the main thing Anuradha Sriram said was, not to get emotional but the way they sing will make the audiance emotional.. that was a good point.. Each contestant sings 2 songs and with different emotions.. most probably they will be singing songs of contrasting emotions..

Anuradha Shriram back again..

Anuradha Shriram is back in Airtel Super Singer 2008... she had joined the judges Unnikrishnan & Srinivas replacing playback singer Sujatha. I think Super Singer team should change all the judges.. its been the same judges for quite long time & for many rounds of the competition. this mite make them biased to few contestants even ;)

Too much difference..

In Ippadiku Rose last week, the topic was about the issues of the marital life of husband/wife with more age difference... I have seen some of them with more difference in my life but I never felt that they would have such difficulties in their marital life.... and its true that not many ppl come up and speak about this much.. the show had the women who got married to guy who is 13 yrs elder than her... I felt bad for her.. but I wish her husband knows these issues earlier otherwise this show would become a nightmare in their life...

Men are actively involved in parenting !!!

The show is said to be an eye opener and this time it was really so.. these days men are very actively involved in parenting & the way men spoke.. they were even better than women in few cases ;).. just for fun.. its always mother who has lot of responsibilites & care on child and men are not with much difference from women.. Actor Thalaivasal Vijay & Dr. Kamala Selvaraj were the chief guests in the show..

I liked the way the parents imitated their kids and they were very natural... these brings many of our memories.. Everyone has to agree that both of the parents give more importance these days to their kids & they take care of them atmost. the days of father doesnt know what the kid is donig - this situation faded away quite earlier..

Emotions Round...

This week of Airtel Super Singer will have 8 contestants fighting to move up in the contest... Its going to be emotions round & the promos look good as always.. but this time it shows everyone being called & said that they had somethink lacking in their performance... and i guess its going to be this way from now in the show.. the promos show Ravi singing "uyire uyire", Ajeesh with "mustafa mustafa.. dont worry mustafa". Lets see them tonight...

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Bombay Jayashri & T.M. Krishna..

I was amazed seeing the koffee with Anu program last week.. what a kind of achievement these guys had done.. really looks great.. they have written book on carnatic music and they dint had publishers. i was disappointed to hear that.. both jayashri & krishna have been doing some of their recent projects together & this being a film they had choice of songs.. also they had lot of inputs on the output...

We have been hearing about Shridar's work with audio of the films.. and this film in particular should be challenging for him since the singers dint want the microphone even.. all in all this film will portrait the carnatic singers & the nunukam of the way they sing.. I have heard much about jayashri earlier but not about T.M.Krishna.. the way they have contributed to carnatic music.. its mindblowing.. great work to be admired..
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