Saturday, August 6, 2011

Get ready for Junior 3 auditions

Get ready for Junior 3 auditions

Airtel Super Singer Junior has launched its new season with Season 3. This program has launched many talented singers from the junior circuit to launch them on the big stage. Some of these singers have gone on to perform at big stage events with South Indian film stars. There was one singer by the name of Srikanth who went on to even set a Guinness Record for singing continuously for 7 hours on the trot.

Vijay TV has now announced auditions for people aged between 6-14. Children between these age groups can send their profile along with a recorded voice of themselves to Airtel super singer junior 3, Vijay tv, P.O.Box 8484, Chennai – 600034. Vijay TV has requested for CD's of recorded voices to be sent to their postal address. The shortlisted children will then will then perform in front of the judges for their first level auditions

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Vijay Awards - Was it biased ?

Till this year Vijay awards has been praised as unbiased awarding ceremony where the talent gets identified and awarded. But, there were few eyebrows raised on the Vijay awards being biased to few tamil film celebrities. According to me, it was all very good except for few exceptions and these minor exceptions are difficult to avoid. Taking the vijay awards from Vijay TV as a whole, there are many factors to consider. I will point out aspects that I look for and admired & ofcourse enjoyed watching it.

Comparing with any other regional awards, Vijay TV has been doing a great job in fecilitating the tamil film celebrities. Now, it has become a big brand name for celebrities too, Dhanush in one point said that his "Adukalam" would get 6 or 7 Vijay awards. With too much of competition between the films and when they get recognized, celebrities are behind it for sure. I think going forward more people will be proud with their Vijay TV award. Also, there seems to be very less political influence in the Vijay TV as a whole and with these kinds of shows which makes the show better.

Vijay TV has their own people to compere, perform on stage, fill the time, do anything that they want. They have few celebrities to perform on stage but otherwise its their own guys who drive the show. This year Shriya, Amala Paul, Bharath performed on stage with some super songs adding more glamour to the show. Gopinath and Shivakarthikeyan compering was very nice and they were interacting with the audience which made it better. Shivakarthikeyan's sense of humour made it best.

I think the awards were given to best talent in most of the cases except for entertainer of the year award. It would been given to actor Arya for his few films in the year and all of them really entertained us. Madarasapattinam and Boss engira baskaran from Arya made a good point for him but I am not sure if they look for single film for entertainment. Best actor could also been considered for Arya for Madarasapattinam. Otherwise most of the other awards were in perfect hands. These can be the exceptions in the show which can be ignored for the most other part were perfect. There would have been quite many considerations by the jury for choosing these awards even which I might not be aware even. So, I am not complaining that the awards are biased.

Whats in Oru Varthai Oru Laksham

Vijay TV, a pioneer in bringing innovative shows to the Tamlinadu audience is now launching a game show titled 'Amman TRY Oru Varthai Oru Laksham' airing every Saturday at 2000 hrs. This game show tests one's vocabulary of the Tamil language.

Amman TRY Oru Varthai Oru Laksham tests the Tamil vocabulary skills of the participants in finding the correct word in a given duration with the help of clues. The game is played by two teams comprising of 2 members in each team. The first two rounds of this game show is a qualifying round wherein two teams play to qualify for the 'Money Tree' round. The team with maximum number of correct worlds is eligible to move on to the next level of playing the money tree round and the winner can walk away with whopping prize money of One Lakh.

How to play?
The players have to decide on who gives the clues and who answers it. The person giving the clues can give only one-word clues and cannot give sentences or hand gestures. They cannot prompt nor do any act explaining the word. For finding the correct word a maximum of three clues can be given eg: If the word is 'Mazhalai', the clues can be 'kuzhanthai' 'Siruvar' and 'Pasanga'. The team scores high if they crack the answer with the least number of clues.

Money Tree round:
In the first level of money tree round, the team that cracks 5 words out of 9 wins Rs.10,000/-. The second level if the team cracks 5 right words out of 8 wins Rs. 20,000/. Likewise, in the final level if the team cracks 5 right words out of 5 then they walk away with a lakh of rupees.

Show Host:
To play Amman Try Oru Varthai Oru Laksham one would need good diction in Tamil and the show is to be hosted by Award winning Music Director James Vasanthan. He is known for his good pronunciation in Tamil and has hosted many shows on Vijay TV in the past. The show will certainly make everyone watching play along with the participants.

Vijay TV rising strong..

Vijay TV has been coming up with new and innovative programs to the tamil regional television channels. There are quite a few programs that they have been inspired from other star network channels or foriegn channels which have proven record of success. I think Vijay TV has been doing well in adopting those programs for the tamil audiences and it has always worked for them. With the recent introduction of dubbed programs even, they are seeing quite a good success with "Just Dance like Hrithik Roshan", "Anbale azhagana veedu".

In addition to these new programs the channel is also getting hot with their propreitary (not really, later remade in most of the tamil channels) Airtel Super Singer, Jodi No 1, Kings of comedy. I think all the latest seasons of these programs are bang and make us delighted not to change any other channel during this time. With the top 6 contestants in Super Singer, they have already started promoting their next season of the super singer with juniors - Super Singer Junior 3.

Vijay awards has been a super duper hit with their non-biased judgement. Adding to the awards program is the Vijay music awards that has been initiated pretty well this year and will continue to grace every year from now. They also have option to award more people from the film industry. No wonder they might have Vijay TV Television award even coming soon that might award their own artists ;)

With the recent election results Vijay TV has got opportunity to make use of the situation, grow further and be the leading tamil television channel. I could see it in the happening and its not a long way to go at all.
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