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Complaints about Grand parents..

This week's Neeya Naana will be with the grand parents Vs grand children.. the show is going to speak about the complaints about the grand parents. promotional video had ppl saying that grand parents always advices, ask questions.. good topic..

Usha Uthup and Malgudi Shubha

It will be Usha uthup and Malgudi Shubha this week having Koffee with Anu.. I was thinking that for long time that they should be called in the show.. this week it will come true.. I wanted to post about Malgudi Shubha and the way she advices/speaks with the super singer contestants and they are very very inspirational. I have seen Usha Uthup even speaking in few other shows in the same way.. today it will be rocking for sure..

Its Manoj Kumar

Manoj Kumar will join Nanda, Sherif and Premgopal for the fianl of Ungalil yaar adutha Prabhudeva.. sterday and day before it was the wild card result announcement day and the as usual and as expected the results were announced only sterday in the show. Earlier the show had performances from the wild card contestants and other fianlists who are already selected. other wild card contestants Leelavathy, Johnathan, Jeyalakshmi and Divya got themselves 5 to 9 position. Will there be finals next week ?? I guess Vijay TV will follow the Super Singer way that they did and have a live performance by the contestants..

Super Singers in Grand Finale

Airtel Super Singer 2008 grand finale had lot of celebrities, guests and many many more people in the live show.. but I got to mention about the super singers themselves who had got eliminated from the show performing few peppy numbers in the stage.. First in the show, it was RAnjani, Raghinisri, 2 Madhumitha, Bhargavi, Aishwarya and Aruna singing "isayil thodanguthama".. then they were joined by Prasanna, Vijay, Santhosh, Arvind and Bharathiraja to sing "Maro Maro" from Boys.. Later in the show Raghinishree and Bhargavi sang "konjam nilavu" and even danced for the song when they were singing.. Then the top 4 contestants of last edition of Super Singer show and junior super singer show joined to give a performance.. they sang "nee siricha deevana"..

NVK Shilpa @ Samayal Samayal

Namma Veetu Kalyanam anchorer Shilpa came into the Samayal Samayal competition today.. she was competing with Sujitha who had already won last week and she is into her 2nd round of the competition.. Shilpa came with her sister Varna for the cookery competition. The Secret ingredient for the competition was Shri Gold Parupu vagaigal Moong Dal ;).. Sujitha team's dishes itself were sounding really great but there was good contest between the teams.. finally it was Sujitha winning this round even... she will be into her final round next week and that will be her round for dream modular kitchen..

Its Rajkapoor-Sheena Wedding..

It was actor Rajkapoor's marriage sterday in Namma Veetu kalyanam show.. this show was having many of the previous episodes being repeated had not starte again with new episodes.. I think soon we will see Jeyam Ravi's marriage even..

Friday, June 5, 2009

Indians happy with music download experience - KPMG

Indians top the list of those who are happy with their music download experience, according to the latest KPMG Consumers and Convergence III survey. 95 per cent of Indians surveyed expressed their satisfaction with their music download experience on their mobiles in the last 12 months, followed by 86 per cent in the UK and 84 per cent in the US. Music, the survey reveals, is a very desirable commodity and attractive to mobile phone users; 30 per cent of respondents have purchased songs on their mobile phones in the last 12 months.

KPMG surveyed over 4,000 consumers in 19 countries world wide, in order to understand the future for the market, revealing global trends and some startling regional differences. Jehil Thakkar, Head of KPMG’s Media and Entertainment practice in India comments,” This survey clearly shows the great potential India has for Value Added Services. Convergence is rapidly unlocking the value of India’s vast and growing mobile user base. Those companies that employ innovative strategies to monetize this trend are likely to benefit for a long time to come.”

The survey reveals that while a majority of users globally are not willing to receive advertisements on mobile phone in exchange for free content, in India, 80 per cent users were willing to receive advertisement for free music downloads and more than 50 per cent were willing to receive advertisement for free instant messaging and video games. This indicates that Indian mobile subscribers are more open, than most others, to ad-funded content. Further, 66 per cent of Indian users, compared with 49 per cent in China, are at least somewhat open to allowing tracking of online usage in exchange for lower costs. The global economic slowdown could be reflected in consumers’ feedback that pricing influences their mobile phone multimedia technology purchases. Eighty four percent cite clear pricing and 83 percent cite cost of service as top of their list of factors impacting their next purchase of full track music downloads. Again this finding was consistent across all regions and all age groups. Indeed in India, 94 per cent cite clear pricing and 97 percent cite cost of service as top of their list of factors impacting their next purchase of full track music downloads.

83% young Indians are music crazy - Synovate survey

Asian youth spent more time listening to music, while over two-thirds (68 per cent) said that music is a very important part of their lives, according to the Branded and Synovate Music Matters survey released at the 2009 Music Matters Asia Pacific Music Forum in Hong Kong on Wednesday. In research that explores how passionate youth are about music, what music-related activities they engage in and their attitudes towards a digital music future, Synovate surveyed 8,841 respondents aged 15 to 24 years in China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam.

The survey showed that music was particularly close to the hearts and minds of the young in India (83 per cent) and the Philippines (80 per cent); followed by Vietnam (77 per cent), China (69 per cent), Thailand (67 per cent) and Indonesia (65 per cent). "The love affair between music and young urban Asian consumers remains inseparable and it’s no surprise that music continues to be an important part of their daily lives. Our overall findings showed that 25 per cent were listening to music more in the last 12 months" says Synovate Executive Director - Media Steve Garton. Youthful consumers across different markets used multiple devices to listen to music with computers being the top choice in Vietnam (52 per cent), Taiwan (50 per cent), Malaysia (47 per cent), the Philippines and Hong Kong (34 per cent respectively). Across the region, MP3 players (27 per cent) and mobile phones (23 per cent) were also popular.

"As digital technology advances across Asia, consumers will demand that their gadgets serve as one-stop music shops. This trend is certainly on the rise and we will continue to see a convergence of technology in the future. "In fact, thirty-three percent of young consumers regionally indicated that they will use their MP3 players more followed by their computers (29 per cent) and mobile phones (25 per cent)" says Branded executive director Jasper Donat. Among young mobile phone owners, over half had used their mobile phones to listen to music. Thailand (70 per cent) lead the way, followed by Hong Kong and China (63 per cent respectively) then Vietnam (62 per cent) and Malaysia and India (both at 61 per cent).

"The importance of the mobile phone for playing music is also seen in music download figures, with close to half of users (46 per cent) accessing their computers to download music files which are later transferred to their mobile phones. Close to a quarter (21 per cent) downloaded music files directly to their mobile phones. Ideally, the music industry should be working with telecommunications companies to deliver music via mobile phone while marketers and brand owners should be exploring or realigning their strategies by incorporating music as a platform to reach this fast-growing and digitally driven segment," Garton adds.

Are media players paying heed to hour call ?

Besides the debilitating punch it has landed on household spending, the recession in the US economy has several side effects; one of them is the ever falling marriage rates due to rising insecurity. But there could not be a better time for corporate marriages (M&As), as weaker companies are ready to sell themselves off for a pittance. Particularly for fragmented sectors like media & entertainment (M&E), the time is right to unite. So are the Indian M&E players actually paying heed to the call of the hour ? As per the Intelligence Unit estimates, the total M&A deals announced by Indian companies in 2008 fell to about 450, as compared to 675 in 2007.

On the contrary, the number of deals in M&E was 38, one more than the number in 2007. The total deal value of M&As in 2008 fell to $ 32 billion from $ 51 billion in 2007. But the deal value of M&As in media & entertainment shot up to $ 580 million last year, as compared to $ 530 million in 2007, TIU says. In terms of number of deals, the broadcast media has had the maximum share so far, so it makes sense to analyse this area in particular. In the TV space, genres like news and regional channels may see more action on the M&A front as compared to other genres like GECs. Industry experts feel that this is because there is much more scope to grow in these genres than in GEC space.

Also experts feel that most deals will be with a strategic purpose as Jehil Thakker, executive director, head, Media & Entertainment, KPMG India, argues, "This is a right time for people who wanted to enter this business as many good properties are available at cheap rates, since sustaining a channel (or any other media vehicle for that matter) is becoming tougher by the day." So people with deep pockets may have a dream run during this slowdown. Star India is planning to buy-out Hyderabad based Maa TV Network, which runs Maa TV and Maa Music channels.

Says an Star India's spokesperson, "Regionalisation will be the next big thing in TV media in India, thus we may expect some heated action on that front. We are currently auditing Maa TV and will announce the deal in some time." We could infer from this that national media houses like Star India, Network 18, Multi Screen Media, Zee Entertainment Enterprises, may go for those regional channels, which were doing well earlier, but aren't able to sustain in tough economic times. Additionally, it's the right time to expand for media houses like TV18, which don't have an expansive channel bouquet as compared to older players like Star India and Zee Entertainment. "This is the best time for M&As in Indian media, because valuations are at an all time low. Most of the media stocks have fallen by as much as 80-90 per cent", agrees Anand Shah, analyst, Angel Trade.

However, in the same breath, Shah cautions that the acquirers need to be quite careful and selective about the companies that they want to pick up. This means that one needs to ensure that the property being acquired fits well in the acquiring group's portfolio. Take 9X for instance. INX Media is trying to sell the channel for quite some time now, but it is not getting suitable buyers. Reason ? The asking price of 9X is too high compared to its pathetic performance. "It will make more sense for a strategic investor to start a new channel rather than buying 9X at those insensible prices," says another media analyst. It would be illogical to buy an entity just because it's available cheap; buyers will have to exercise extreme caution before they walk the aisle.

- A Televisionpoint Article

Super Singer Title Article

Ajesh is Airtel Super Singer 2008. Launched in July 2008 for the hunt of Tamilnadu’s best singer, the show has reached new heights and many aspiring singers across Coimbatore, Trichy and Chennai took part in the ground auditions of Super Singer and proved their singing mettle in front of many legendary singers. The Judges of the show were Srinivas, Unnikrishnan and Sujatha besides many guest judges.

The winner of Airtel Super Singer 2008 gets one lifetime chance to sing in the composition of Yuvan Shankar Raja. Airtel Super Singer 2008 LIVE was held on June 3rd at YMCA Royapettah amidst thousands of active and interested audiences. The three finalists contested in a three hour mega LIVE event at the end of which the winner of Airtel Super Singer 2008 was announced as AJESH. The crowd was seen in full cheers for the title winner AJESH. To make the LIVE finals more interesting, many LIVE performances was in store for the viewers. Michael, Priyadarshini and Raghav performed to some foot tapping numbers and Yugendran and DD were the perfect hosts for the evening. Popular playback singer Neha Bhasin and actress Chaya Singh gave away some exhilarating performances.

The Super Singers had a lot of goodies to carry home apart from the coveted title and a chance to sing in the music of Yuvan Shakar Raja. The winner of Airtel Super Singer 2008 AJESH was awarded with a car worth Rs. 7 lakhs. The first runner up RAVI was given a home theatre worth Rs. 2 lakhs. The second runner up RENU was given a LCD Television set.

Article Courtesy - ChennaiOnline

Boys VS Girls, Semifinals

The reality show that features seven gorgeous girls and dashing boys is reaching the semi-final stage this week. After 15 weeks of competitive rounds, it is the girls’ team that tops the charts with its outstanding performance. The challenge faced in Friday’s semi-finals will be called the ‘bonus round’. The team that scores more points will get bonus points of 25. Three members from both the teams will have to perform to different dance styles. The Saturday episode will showcase the following rounds: Solo, Group and Concept. The theme for this week’s concept round is ‘Freestyle’.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Adhu Idhu Edhu: Saturdays 7 PM

Its time for Vijay TV to launch a new comedy show - ‘Adhu Idhu Edhu’.. The show will have three popular faces, a witty host and an elevator form the pivot of this unique attempt. Sivakarthikeyan will host the show... This show will be different for sure.. in the sense.. Celebrity participants have to complete the several tasks assigned to them in the stipulated time provided...

There are three rounds
Siricha Pochu and
Poi Solla Porom.

In the first round, a group of three from the same profession will have to answer a question. The winner will be the one who finds out who is faking it. In Siricha Pochu, comedians have to perform funny acts before celebrities and the one who laughs first will be eliminated first. In Poi Solla Porom, celebrities will narrate an incident and the audience has to identify which one of them is lying. Be ready to laugh..

Wild Card Results Announcement day..

It is Wild card results week in ungalil yaar adutha Prabhudeva show this week.. as expected there were special performances by the wild card contestants and also by the finalists (Sherif, Premgopal and Nanda). Today the wild card round winner being chosen by the public will be announced and further he/she will make through for the finals with the other contestants. Director/actor SJ Suryah was in the show making his come back in the Vijay Tv... he was the special guest in the show this week for the celebrity guest. Other judges in the show are Raguram master and Johny master and Ramya doing the honours for anchoring the show...
SJ Suryah spoke lot of things for every performance and his comments will be inspirations for the contestants for sure and hopefully he even gives them some chances..

Govt comes in for Kollywood issues

Concerned over benefits extended to the film industry not reaching the public, the Tamil Nadu government has announced the constitution of a seven-member committee to go into the entire gamut of issues relating to the industry like abolition of entertainment tax and reduction of outdoor shooting charges.

M Karunanidhi, chief minister, Tamil Nadu, said that noted film producer AVM Saravanan, producer and president of the Tamil Nadu Theatre Owners' Association 'Abirami' Ramanathan, Coimbatore mayor R Venkatachalam, former chairman of Alandur municipality RS Bharathi and the secretaries of home, commercial taxes and information departments would be members of the committee. Karunanidhi said the government was receiving complaints from local bodies that their tax revenue had been affected following the waiver of entertainment tax to films. The DMK government had waived the 15 per cent entertainment tax levied on Tamil movies, adding a rider that the waiver would be application only if the film's title was in Tamil.

This was a measure largely aimed at encouraging producers to name their films in Tamil. It was introduced at a time when it had become fashionable for films to be given English titles. Entertainment tax, however, is applicable to English and other language movies and films dubbed from other languages. The government had also brought down the charges for outdoor shooting. During the previous AIADMK regime, the charges had been hiked in a big way. Karunanidhi expressed his disappointment that the benefits of these measures had not been passed on to the public by the industry which enjoyed these concessions.

The committee will give its suggestions on review the continuance of these concessions. It will also give its views on entertainment tax, films, cinema complexes, outdoor charges and other important issues, after holding consultations with the film industry, representatives of local bodies and the public.

Courtesy - Televisionpoint

Ajeesh Winning Title..

Anbe Vaa: Monday-Thursday at 8:00 PM

At a time when family dramas and tear-jerkers dominate the television screens, Vijay TV was a pioneer in launching a daily soap with romance as its central theme. 'Idhu Oru Kadhal Kadhai' and 'Kadhalikka Neram Illai' were two such soaps that dealt with love in a unique fashion. Banking on success of these shows Vijay TV is set to launch its next love series, 'Anbe Vaa' from June 15, 2009 onwards.

Anbe Vaa is a story which has three friends - Jeeva, Jana and Aadhi who are on the verge of taking the plunge into the real world and is also experiencing their first love.

Jeeva a bank executive; who wears his heart on his sleeve has a childhood friend Sandhya who loves him dearly. Jeeva doesn't reciprocate her love as he is pinning his love for Priya. How does love traverse between this trio makes for interesting viewing.

Aadhi, an advocate and revolutionist comes from an orthodox Brahmin family and holds high regards for his mother. He falls in love with a Christian girl, Angel and how do they win each other's love by breaking many obstacles forms the story.

Jana, a Kabadi player is in love with his relative Devi. The building family feud between the two families is a major breakdown for their love to blossom. Adding confusion to this brittle love is Jana's passion for his sport which dilutes his love.

The love stories of these closely knit friends cross each other and is deftly handled by Venkat Ramanan, the director who has also penned the script and screenplay. Balagurunathan is the cinematographer for this serial who captures the mood of the serial. Rattan has scored the title track for the serial which is already popular as it hits radio stations and websites. The track can be downloaded from popular websites too.

With Khakki fame, Arjun is donning the lead role. There are many fresh faces who have been handpicked to adorn the roles. Fall in love with Anbe Vaa from June 15, 2009 every Monday - Thursday, 8pm in Vijay TV.

Tribute to Singers

In the first even live show by Star Vijay TV for Airtel Super Singer grand finale there were memorable moments in the event.. one amongst them was the tribute to male and female singers.. it was really good that they had this has a part of the show especially this show.. since this being a singing competition. This had the background music starring Stephen Devassy.. unplugged !!!

Tribute for Female Singers

Singers - Sujatha and Swetha

Kaatrin Mozhi
Love Birds
Megame Megame
Pazhigunal oru maaligai
Chinnathaayaval thandha
Paadariyen Padipariyen

Tribute for Male Singers

Singers - Karthik and Krish

Kannale pesi pesi
Manithan enbavan
Avalukenna azhagiya mugam
Mandram vantha
Thendral vanthu ennai thodum
Sandanae thendralay
Nenjikul peithidum
Adiye kolluthe
Oru kal kannadi
Vizhi moodi yosithal
anjali anjali

UYAP Finalists @ Grand Finale

Grand Finale of Airtel Super Singer 2008 also had finalists of the Ungalil yaar adutha Prabhudeva show.. the three contestants who are already in the finals of the show Nanda, Sherif and Premgopal came in for the live show and gave a peppy performance.. they danced for the songs "Kadhal yaanai" and "adungada enna suthi".. and this week this show will add upon another finalist..

Srinivas' Composition

We have seen Srinivas singing lots of songs in many languages but not the composer Srinivas.. Airtel Super Singer 2008 grand finale brought out Srinivas' composition to the public.. atleast I never knew he used to compose even.. his composition was performed LIVE by the contestants of Airtel Super Singer 2008.. Raghinishree, Ranjani, Prasanna, Vijay and Aruna did the honours which will eventually honour Srinivas for his composition.. When shall we listen to you background music ???

Jodi No 1 team @ Grand Finale

Priyadarshini, Divyadarshini, Michael and Ragav performed dance in the grand finale of Airtel Super singer 2008.. the grand final which went on for more than 5 hours had many performances by the guest and Vijay TV celebrities ;). this team of 4 danced in the stage and Michael was too good as usual.. he had already proved that he is a very good dancer in Jodi No 1 season 3.. still he proves everytime he dances. they had the background music with "India ponnu thango" from Kanthaswamy followed by "thanni kodam".. "Oyaayiye Yaayiye" from Ayan was next in the sequence. Then it was "sarigama padhanisa" and finally ended up with fastest "Nakku mookka".. Their dance performance was enjoyable..

Vijay Awards Recap

Univercell Vijay Awards in its third year has kicked off well and the audience participation has increased this time around. The publicity van ‘Rasigan Express’ that traveled across various districts of Tamil Nadu was received well. The year 2008, witnessed some great works in the Tamil film industry and the 118 films which were released during the year captivated most of the Tamil audiences. Like in the past, this year too viewers will get a chance to cast their vote for their Favorite stars under 5 Category - Favorite Hero, Favorite Heroine, Favorite Film, Favorite Director and Favorite Song.

The Jury Members, Actor/Director Prathap Pothan, Popular Writer/Director/Producer Yugi Sethu, Film Critic/Cartoonist Madan and Lizzy Priyadarshan discussed the various parameters under which they are to analyze the movies that would be nominated. They spoke about the 27 categories that are taken into consideration for this year’s award like Best Actor / Actress, Best Debut Actor male / female, Best Music Director, Best Playback singer – Male / Female, Best Villain, Best Cinematographer, Best Comedian, Best Supporting Actors – Male / Female and many more.

The year 2008 saw the maximum number of releases, when compared to the 25 years of Tamil cinema. In the first episode of Univercell Vijay Awards the Jury analyses on how acting has evolved from the Sivaji Ganesan era to the current cup of actors. The Jury members also discussed about the importance given to the supporting actors’ roles for the films released in the year 2008. Tamil films are always hero oriented but the year 2008 was an exception; Films like ‘Poo’, ‘Abhiuym Naanum’, has the female characters in the lead and the Jury members also bring this point to notice. This week we will again see the jury members in the show and probably we will have the awards ceremony soon..

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Jeyam Ravi Wedding Photos

Grand Finale Video Series - 5

Grand Finale Video Series - 4

Grand Finale Video Series - 3

Grand Finale Video Series - 2

DTH looking for rural subscribers

The battleground for direct-to-home (DTH) companies is expected to soon shift to semi-urban and rural India. While players try to woo the urban cable and satellite (C&S) consumers, they have already set their sights on smaller cities, especially the non-C&S television homes. Adding nearly 8-10 lakh new users per month during last 4-6 months, DTH is not just an urban phenomenon. For instance, Airtel Digital TV will be tapping its large telecom distribution channel to
reach out to tier- II and III cities. "Our initial strategy was to be present in the 250 large cities. Now we plan to reach out to additional cities and towns. Non-C&S homes and smaller towns will bring in an important chunk of future growth," says Ajai Puri, chief executive officer (DTH), Bharti Airtel.

Bharti Airtel is working on cost-effective subscription packages to woo consumers in smaller towns. Puri said the company will leverage synergies with the firm's telecom business. For instance, Airtel Digital TV recently launched schemes where new DTH subscribers get free talk time on their Airtel phone connections. While telecom players that expanded into DTH such as Airtel and Reliance Communications (with Big TV) are banking on their pre-paid and fixed line customers in tier- II and III cities to broaden their base, others are working on low-cost set-top boxes (STBs) and offering tailor-made packages that suit rural consumers' interest. This also helps DTH companies lower prices of their channel bouquet. DTH player Tata Sky has seen demand from smaller cities grow after the introduction of its electronic programming guide (EPG) in Hindi. EPG helps a DTH subscriber navigate between various channels and access other value-added services.

Vikram Mehra, chief marketing officer, Tata Sky, says, "It is a myth that DTH is going to be an urban product. Consumers in smaller towns and rural areas have very high aspirations and willing to pay for better options. Market leader Dish TV had pioneered DTH in the country by launching it in non-C&S areas and is now turning back to its rural strategy. The DTH player is working on low-cost STBs and cheaper monthly subscription schemes to tap the 40-million non-cable and satellite TV homes in India. "The next wave of growth for DTH companies will come from smaller cities as well as non C&S homes. We expect to consolidate our market share from the bottom of pyramid by the 2012." says Jawahar Goyal, managing director, Dish TV. As per Intelligence Unit (TIU) estimates, India has about 145 million television homes, out of which 95 million homes have access to satellite cable. DTH is expected to touch 50 million user mark in the next 3 years from the current user base of about 15 million.

A article.

Grand Finale Video Series - 1

Shake their legs...

Singer Neha Basin and actress Chaya Singh were shaking their legs in the grand finale of the Airtel Super Singer 2008.. Chaya Singh was the first to perform dance movements for songs from the film kuruvi.. "dheem thanaka thillana" and "daddy mummy veetil illa".. Neha Basin came in very glamorous outfit where she sang and danced for 2 of her songs.. "pesukiren pesukiren un idhayam pesukiren" and "sei yethavathu sei" and I dint like her dress at all.. in her first song she had something covered but in the second it was going worser only..

Grand Finale Round - 2

This second and final round of the grand finale of Airtel Super Singer 2008 was for the contestant to sing their favourite song and it was Ajeesh to start the proceedings this time.. his "sangeetha jathi mullai" was too good and it was quite similar to his earlier performance even.. Renu followed him with "aiyramal pol varamai" from "Rangeela" and she was good but not at her best as in her first song.. Finally this time it was Ravi to perform.. his "kalli mattum kandal kadavul theriyathu" from "Dhasavatharam" was quite good.. all the 6 performances by these top 3 contestants were really and I liked all of them.. we all knew that all of these 3 will start their playback singing career within few months from now..

Grand Finale Round - 1

First round of the grand finale was Yuvan Shankar Raja round.. in this round the contestants will sing song composed by Yuvan.. this was started with Ravi.. his "kanmunne ethanai nilavu kaalayile" was best start for the finals.. he was too good and finally he whistled that resembled as if flute is being played and Yuvan even liked it a lot.. Renu's "nenjodu kalanthidu" was mindblowing and Yuvan dint had words for her performance.. she was the top in this round. Finally it was Ajeesh to perfrom "ninaithu ninaithu" which was too good that made DD even hug him for his performance.. Yuvan said he doesnt know what to tell... all three performance were too good and its very difficult to choose winner with this for sure..

Guests @ Grand Finals..

There were several guests at the grand finale of the Airtel Super Singer 2008 show and here is the list.. I am sorry if I had missed anyone in here... almost all of the guests were playback singers..


Sunitha Sarathy






Srilekha Parthasarathy




Manicka Vinayagam

Malgudi Shuba


Ramesh Vinayagam

Deepan Chakravarthy

Whats in store for the Winners ??

With Ajeesh winning the title of Airtel super Singer 2008 and Ravi following him and Renu is in the third position in the show. There were overall 5.5 lacs votes being received and Ajeesh had made a clean sweep almost getting 45 % of votes.. Ajeesh had got 2.5 lacs votes in his favour and that is really huge considering the overall votes.. So, whats that the Vijay TV presented these top 3 contestants -

Chance to sing in Yuvan Shankar Raja's music.
Rs. 7,00,000 worth CAR.
Received his gift from Yuvan Shankar Raja.

Rs. 2,00,000 worth home theatre.
Received his gift from Chitra.

Rs. 50,000 worth LCD TV.
Received her gift from Sriram, General Manager, Vijay TV.

Ajeesh - Airtel Super Singer 2008 !!!!

Its Ajeesh who had won the Airtel Super Singer 2008 title about an hour back.. it was a very emotional moment in the show and the after the grand grand finale which went for more than 5 hours of competition, special performances, dance.. finally got over at 11.45 PM.. I thought the show will end by 10 PM as usual Super Singer time but it went on dragging similar to the Airtel Super Singer 2008 itself.. but definitely the show was really grand in accord to the name. I dint see the show till 7.30 PM but I will post all that I saw after that.. there are quite a lot to write about.. keep watching this space.

I wish Ajeesh, Ravi and Renu a very great musical career and waiting to listen to their playback singing in tamil films.. you guys really

Whats up with Bhakthi Thiruvizha..

Vijay TV is proud to be back with Cycle Pure Agarbarthi Bhakthi Thiruvizhaa - a 4 day spiritual fest at Naradha Gana Sabha from May 23-26th. The proceedings of this spiritual festival will begin to air from Monday, June 01, 2009 at 5:30 pm in Vijay TV. This spiritual festival was inaugurated by one of the great spiritual leaders 'Maharanyam Sri Sri Muralidhara Swamiji' at 5pm on May 23rd.

Great speakers like Pravochana Thilagam Thaamal Perundevi made a speech on the topic Kosalao Raamanum Janaki Raamanum, where she speaks about the greatness of Seetha Kalyanam. Sri Balaji Venkateshwara Bhagavathar gives a discourse to the topic Gangadhara Guru Sridhara. Perasiriyai Dr. Ilampirai Manimaran speaks on Anmeega Amudham, a speech in the praise of Lord Shiva. Also Sri O. Ve. Jayaram Sharma speaks on the topic Guruvayur Appaneappan.

Sri O. V. Vidwan Padoor P. R. Rangarajan speaks on Aalwargal Ugandha Venkatavan. Sol Arasi Mangayarkarasi makes a discourse on the topic Sithamellam Sivamayamae, which speaks about the greatness of Lord Shiva. Sri O. V. Dhamodhara Deetchidar speaks about the greatness of Sundara Murthy Nayanmar in Adiyaarku Adiyavar. Ms. Smitha Madhav along with Sri O. V. Thaamal Ramakrishnan made a speech on Krishnarpanam Isaiyum Uraiyum, which speaks about the vastness of Lord Krishna. Special prasadams were also distributed to all the devotees who attended the four-day spiritual festival.

Along with the great discourses, Namasangeerthanams were performed by Udayalur Kalyanaraman, Pushpaa Anand, Kovai Jayaraman and Dr.Ganesh. The show was presented by Advocate K. Sumathi. The entire event proceedings of Cycle Pure Agarbathi Bhakthi Thiruvizhaa will air on Monday-Thursday 6 pm beginning from Monday, 08 June, 2009.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

What to expect from Antha kaalam intha kaalam..

Vijay TV yet another hilarious show "Amman TRY Antha Kaalam Intha Kaalam", a comical combination of the past VS the present. A comical combination of the Past Vs the Present with Leoni in the centre, takes you on a satirical journey of songs, culture and movies from the past to the present.

The irrepressible Dindigul I Leoni as a moderator along with the duo - Murthy and Gopi and a live orchestra will take you on a spoof of songs, cultural habits of the past and the present along with a general comparison of the Murthy & Gopi the pioneers of Mimicry in Tamilnadu will take sides on the opposing stages as each vies to prove that the past or present is the best. With a humorous anecdote, the show is sure to hold the viewers in splits. Witty comments and the slang of Madurai Tamil being a part of the moderator, Dindugal I. Leoni and the performances of the mimicry artists, the show Anda Kaalam Intha Kaalam is sure to hold the interest of all. Show which started from May 31, 2009, will discuss the themes like 'Love', 'family', 'Friendship' and so on..

Anbe Vaa from June 15

At a time when family dramas and tear-jerkers dominate the television screens, Vijay TV was a pioneer in launching a daily soap with romance as its central theme. 'Idu Oru Kadhal Kadhai' and 'Kadhalikka Neraam illai' were two such soaps that dealt with love in a unique fashion. Banking on success of these shows Vijay TV is set to launch its next love series, 'Anbe Vaa' from June 15, 2009 onwards.

Anbae Vaa is a story which has three friends - Jeeva, Jana and Adi who are on the verge of taking the plunge into the real world and is also experiencing their first love.

Jeeva a bank executive; who wears his heart on his sleeve has a childhood friend Sandhya who loves him dearly. Jeeva doesn't reciprocate her love as he is pinning his love for Priya. How does love traverse between this trio makes for interesting viewing.

Adi, an advocate and revolutionist comes from an orthodox Brahmin family and holds high regards for his mother. He falls in love with a Christian girl, Angel and how do they win each other's love by breaking many obstacles forms the story.

Jana, a Kabadi player is in love with his relative Devi. The building family feud between the two families is a major breakdown for their love to blossom. Adding confusion to this brittle love is Jana's passion for his sport which dilutes his love.

The love stories of these closely knit friends cross each other and is deftly handled by Venkat Ramanan, the director who has also penned the script and screenplay. Balagurunathan is the cinematographer for this serial who captures the mood of the serial. Rattan has scored the title track for the serial which is already popular as it hits radio stations and websites. With Khakki fame, Arjun is donning the lead role. There are many fresh faces who have been handpicked to adorn the roles. Fall in love with Anbe Vaa from June 15, 2009 every Monday - Thursday, 8pm in Vijay TV.

DTH companies wants I&B Ministry to cut licence fee to 6 %

Direct-To-Home (DTH) companies have urged the new Information and Broadcasting (I&B) Minister Ambika Soni to cut licence fee to 6 per cent. Currently, each player pays the government 10 per cent of the gross revenue earned as licence fee every year. The issue was earlier taken up by sector regulator TRAI, which had sent out a similar recommendation to the I&B Ministry, but no decision was taken on the matter. DTH companies are also lobbying hard for tax relief to improve profitability as the entire industry's combined losses could go up to Rs 4,185 crore by 2009-10, as per Intelligence Unit (TIU), that tracks media companies, including DTH.

Jawahar Goyal, managing director, Dish TV, said, "The license fee issue has been pending for long and the new government should take a decision for the industry to benefit." The levy of taxes imposed by various government departments also works out to be as high as 50 per cent in some states. DTH service providers pay service tax to the central government and entertainment tax which varies from state to state besides other taxes like VAT. The DTH operators association has further urged the government to look into the issue of double taxation as it leads to a huge disincentive for the companies.

As per a DTH company who did not wish to be named, the total taxes work out to be nearly 50-60 per cent in UP and Uttaranchal, as the entertainment tax is as high as 30 per cent. "DTH will be a loss making venture in such states where the entertainment tax is so high," he said. Last year the I&B Ministry had formed a sub committee chaired by its additional secretary for rationalisation of entertainment tax. But the committee has not taken any decision so far. Ajai Puri, chief executive officer, Bharti Airtel said if issues like the licence fee, taxation and content costs are corrected, it will provide DTH a level playing field. Goyal added entertainment tax on the DTH industry should be removed once the Goods and Services Tax (GST) becomes applicable in the country.

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Super Singer Junior 2

Super Singer junior season 2 is now getting started and this week we have the initial voice recordings and auditions being done at Coimbatore..


By Phone

Call 505782727 and record your voice

Video Booth

June 1 - 5, 2009

Bon Bon
62, Nehru Stadium

Chennai Silks
Oppanaikarar Veethi


June 6, 2009, From 8 AM

Hindustan college of Arts and Science.

Whats up with Sai Pallavi??

Ungalil yaar adutha Prabhudeva show already has 3 contestants selected for the final event - Sherif, Nanda and Premgopal. During the semifinals which was into 2 weeks only other contestant Sai Pallavi was not eliminated but went onto wild card round.. but with the wild card round being completed with 5 contestants which doesnt feature Sai Pallavi in it.. In the promotional videos even its being said that one amongst this 5 will join the other 3 finalists itself.. I was expecting another Wild card round from Vijay TV with top 2 from this wild card joining Sai Pallavi for the next wild card round.. but donno wats goin to happen.. Any idea whats up with Sai Pallavi ???

Super Singer Awards - 2

With the awards being given to the contestants who specialize in some area of singing.. it was with 3 awards today.. here they are

Best Folk Singer


S Madhumitha

Ranjani got the award for Best Folk Singer and she performed "Pandian naaniruka" and it was quite good..

Best Sportive Singer


R Madhumitha

Santhosh got this award since he is been coming to the show to support his friends Vijay and Ajeesh even after he got eliminated.. his "nenjukul peithidum" was quite okay performance.

Best Entertainer


S Madhumitha

Undoubtedly it was Prasanna getting this award.. his "en jodi manja kuruvi" was good..

Monday, June 1, 2009

DTH getting stronger ??

The awesome trend in the DTH industry has now got a reckoning moment with the consumers preferring the DTH for theatres to watch movies. TRAI, the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India, has come out with the net consumership as on April 2009 – 11.1 million, which has seen a growth to 13.5 million update. The increase in the subscription has been consistent ever since April 2008 – at an average of 3 lakh consumers a month, which too is undergoing a tremendous increase – 8 lakh subscribers a month in recent times, quoted the CEO of Bhrati Airtel, the promoters of Digital TV. Much accurate to be, the subscription during the months of July, August and September 2008 has been 6 lakh which seen the one-million figure by December.

The Dish TV has an existing subscription of 5 million, which, the company hopes will increase to 7.5 million. The major factors which contributes for the imminent growth are - economic and low end entry fee, free offers, value-added services, matrimonial information, educational kits et al. Among the current subscribers, 97 million come under cable and satellite home theatres. The number of multiple operators too increased paving way for taking the industry to nook and corner. Dish TV has a balanced subscribers in urban and rural pockets, which have been the potential areas to be well noticed. With the ongoing trend it is estimated that almost 30% increase may bloom in a year, with an additional increase to 40% by 2015. Marketing share will be in the lines of 40% by C&S, with an equal share by Digital cable and 20% by analog cable. A recent entrant Reliance Big TV could muster 1.5 million subscribers within a year enriching the net revenue to the industry.

Tata Sky is no inferior to others with a 3.5 million subscriber base as on March 2009 and the company foresees the figures to cross 8 million within another three years. Sun Direct ( a joint venture between Maran family and the Malaysian Astro Group on 80:20) has penetrated the pan-Indian base thereby accruing 3.1 million subscribers by September 2008. Taking the trend, the overall growth has been an unexpected one and a pleasant surprise to the DTH industry.

6.28 Mn Broadband users in India..

The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (Trai) has announced that India's total broadband subscriber’s base has reached 6.28 million by the end of April 2009, as against 6.22 million by the end of March 2009. Thus, in the month of April, 0.06 million new customers subscribed to high speed connectivity, a 56.61 per cent growth on a month-on-month basis. However, when compared to last year data, this is slower growth. In April 2008, the broadband sector has seen 0.11 million new additions or a 65.02 per cent month-on-month growth. Meanwhile, Trai also announces that total 11.75 million telephone connections (wireline and Wireless) have been added during April 2009, as compared to 15.87 million connections added in March 2009.

The total number of telephone connections reaches 441.47 million at the end of April 2009 as compared to 429.72 million in March 2009. With this growth, the overall tele-density has reached 37.94 per cent at the end of April 2009 as against 36.98 in March 2009. Also, the total wireless subscribers (GSM, CDMA and WLL) base stood at 403.66 million at the end of April 2009. A total of 11.90 million wireless subscribers have been added during the month of April 2009 as against 15.64 million wireless subscribers added during the month of March 2009. In the wireline segment, the subscriber base has decreased to 37.81 million in the month of April 2009 as against 37.96 million subscribers in March 2009 registering a slight decrease of 0.15 million.

Content courtesy - Indiantelevision

Getting Closer to Awards Ceremony..

This week in Vijay Awards it was actors who had a great debut in tamil film industry in 2008.. the show had actor Shantanu (Sakarakatti), actresses Swathi (Subramaniapuram) and Parvati (Poo) in the show with Gopinath.. I was quite shocked seeing Parvati.. she was too different from the movie Poo and it was quite obvious when she said that it took 2 months for her to get back to her real color. All 3 spoke very well to Gopinath's and audiance questions but I liked Swathi a lot and the way she spoke was really good. She even anchored the show for few minutes and the way she said "who is that girl Parvati in Poo.. get me the DVD", "namma guest Gopi sir", "I will do like Jai" were too cute. Shantanu got lot of Love proposals in the show itself from the audiance.. then he even danced for a while for Taxi song. I liked the whole show this week with all 3 guests speaking very frankly and were ready to accept lot of things..

Coming sunday it would be final episode of this Vijay Awards with the Jurys themselves (Pratap, Madan and Yugisethu) speaking about the responses from the audiance and giving some insider info on the awards.. further I guess after next week we will have award ceremony itself being telecasted..

Super Singer Awards - 1

First award for the day was for Best Classical Singer,

Nominations :

NS Aruna

Winner - Raghinishree, she then sang "paesulavuthe" and it was a quite good performance from her.

Best Western Singer

Nominations :
Vijay Narayan

Winner - Vijay Narayan, his "Its my life" was impressive but I am not sure how well he performed.

Both Raghini and Vijay got a 10.1 megapixel camera as gift with their titles in the show... there are 3 more awards awaiting for the rest of the contestants which will be on tomorrow..

Awards Week ;)

This week in Airtel Super Singer 2008 it will be Grand Finale on june 3rd, 2009 and today and tomorrow it will be Awards and title being given to contestants who specialize in their fields.. say like Best Classical singer, Best Melody singer.. and so on... Today the show had 2 awards being given to contestants and there would be 3 more given tomorrow.. having said this the show is having lots of contestants being invited.. here is the list of contestants who have come to the show..

Ravi, Hari, Santhosh
Renu, Aishwarya, NS Aruna
Ajeesh, Vijay Narayan, Madhumita
Madhumita, Bhargavi, Raghinishree and Arvind

It is really good to have some awards given to these contestants who are really good and I like many of them n wish to see them performing in the show even.. I think there would be celebrations round coming after this week's grand finale which would have these contestants singing even.. what do you guys say ???

Chandrasekar & Satyan...

It was Chandrasekar's marraige sterday and upcoming playback singer Satyan's marriage during the week in Namma Veetu kalyanam show.. I donno why there were 2 different marriages being shown in the same week.. but I do remember seeing Chandrasekar's wedding ceremony long back in the show and now its time to repeat the shows again and again.. I am not sure whether Satyan's was also earlier telecasted and now repeated but I saw for the first time this week.. it was quite good..

Entry Tickets

Last few weeks we could see lots of entry tickets being given by Vijay TV for their shows to watch them LIVE and many of them are for FREE.. earlier we used to see free tickets being given in Vijay TV office for Bhakti Thiruvizha.. late last month even there was a Bhakti feast and tickets were given for free which was announced in the channel..Then it came up with Vijay Awards where Univercell is giving away ticktes to lucky winners of draw.. this is when you buy mobile phone from Univercell show room you get a chance to watch the Vijay Awards ceremony for Free.. Today its with the Grand Finale of the Airtel Super Singer 2008 show... today there was announcement in the channel for the tickets availability for entry to the LIVE stage show which will have Ravi, Renu and Ajeesh competing for the Super Singer 2008 title..Tickets are very limited and rush to Vijay TV office to collect the same..

Whos is Grand Finale ???

The Grand Finale of Airtel Super Singer 2008 will have top 3 contestants.. who are in safe zone.. it would be


These three contestants will be singing LIVE in front of viewers, camera and one amongst them will be crowned Airtel Super Singer 2008 title and they will get a chance to sing in Yuvan Shankar Raja's music and now they are also going to get prizes... Today in the show the fianlists were announced and this made entertainer Prasanna to be eliminated from the LIVE stage show.. Initially 2 contestants were announce for the safe zone with Ajeesh and Ravi. Later it was very tough contest between Renu and Prasanna and out of which Renu was the winner with more votes n that made her to compete for the final hurdle..

Renu had 60, 832 votes in favour against Prasanna's 58, 623.. this made Prasanna to be eliminated from the show.. the vote difference was hardly 2,000.. but I remember earlier in the show when Ranjani got eliminated there was announcement that the vote count difference of Prasanna and Renu was arond 4 times and I donno how suddenly they came down.. I am also not so favour with the numbers being revealed by the channel. I support all 3 contestants now with Ravi being my clear favourite.. but I guess the vote count of 60k is very less where internet voting is available.. what do you guys think ???

Airtel Super Singer Grand Finale..

The stage is all set to have the grand finale of the Airtel Super Singer 2008.. its been almost a year we have been seeing this show in Vijay TV and the show had lots of good and bad times.. for a moment we will think that the show had been dragged a lot and now finally its going to end soon within few weeks.. but still we feel bad for the show getting over because we wont see the contestants singing again in the television ;) ofcourse many of them will be in the film and playback singing sooner or later..This week will have Grand finale of the Super Singer 2008 where the final is going to be held LIVE in front of huge audiance and the winner will be announced in the same stage.. the tickets for the same is also available at Vijay TV office and limited seats are available is the advertisement says. This grand finale will be covered by the channel themselves live from 6.30 PM on wednesday, June 3rd, 2009.. Be ready for the sure it will be a BANG...

Margazhi Raagam in North America..

Margazhi Raagam the "concert in cinema" is many things packaged as a movie. It is a kutcheri concert featuring two highly acclaimed carnatic vocalists, Bombay Jayashri and T.M Krishna. It's a film on digital steroids with uncompressed six-track sound and captured on Red 4K cameras. Margazhi Raagam will open your mind to a new creative experience through its skillful blend of pure artistry with the latest in film making technology. Margazhi Raagam breaks the boundaries of language and distance by introducing this rich and ancient art form to the world through the magic of cinema.

Margazhi Raagam is premiered in the US at following locations:

IMC6 Adlabs theaters, San Jose CA on May 31st 2009 at 3:00 pm

Columbia Park 12, North Bergen NJ on May 30th 2009 at 4:00 pm

Phoenix Adlabs - Movie City Edison NJ on Jun 6th 2009 at 4:00pm.

IMC6 Adlabs theaters, San Jose CA on Jun 13th 2009 at 4:00 pm

For tickets and more details visit

San Jose premiere is sponsored by Indian Harvest Veg. Cuisine, Fremont and PNG Jewelers Sunnyvale. New Jersey premiere is sponsored by Academy of Indian Music (AIM Arts) Don't miss this first ever concert in Cinema - a feast for your eyes and ears.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Vijay Special - Thoranai

Vijay Special - Pasanga

IPL 2 not better than IPL 1

IPL 2 has drawn in lower viewership ratings for the final match than its earlier version, according to Tam data for the six metros. The final contest between Deccan Chargers and Royal Challengers Bangalore on 24 May garnered a TVR of 10.7, as against 11.69 in the inaugural edition fought between Chennai Super Kings and Rajasthan Royals.

Bangalore clocked the highest ratings with a TVR of 14.95. Mumbai came second with 13.22 TVR, while Hyderabad, the home city of Deccan Chargers, fetched a TVR of 11.58. A total of 17.5 million viewers watched the match while reach in the six metros stood at 29 per cent, according to Tam data.

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