Friday, December 5, 2008

Venkat/Nisha or Rajesh/Suhasini

Its going to be very tough fight between Venkat/Nisha and Rajesh/Suhasini jodis for the wild card round selection to the finals of the Garnier Fructis Jodi No 1 season 3. After seeing yesterday's recap of wild card rounds I got a feeling that Nethran/Arunadevi might also be a surprise winner fot the final spot.. but we got to wait and see whats gonna happen.. Ideally the Jodi No 1 team should have announced the results last week itself but they are dragging it.. but unless we loose the interest they should make things happen ;)

Today even there will be some sensational performances by Deepak ;) and a rocking performance by Venkat where he asks Tinku "Enna pathu porama padaria" :)) Also the wild card result is been shown as the final result... More to this Jeeva is back in the judiciary panel...

Koffee with Poo

This week Koffee with Anu will have the Poo film team sharing their experience about the film.. "Poo" film is getting positive response from the audiance and I think this show will increase the expectations about the film more.. I think this film will make actor Srikanth to shine again in kollywood..

Hello Jodis, 106.4 fm

The jodis being selected for the finals of the Garnier Fructis Jodi No 1 Season 3 were in Hello FM station. Yesterday's show had some part of this... this Jodi No 1 team knows how to drag the show to the maximum.. its been almost 6 months and still the finals is to be relayed. In the FM station.. everyone were asked who would be the wild card jodi selected for finals and Tinku dint answer for long time. Finally he said Venkat/Nisha ;).. i have heard that Venkat and Tinku are very close friends even... There were votes for Venkat/Nisha and Rajesh/Suhasini.. Today we will know who would be that jodi..

Thursday, December 4, 2008

AFV @ Star Vijay

Yesterday I was seeing a new show 'America's Funniest Videos'.. its a 30 mins show which has Reel Pathi Real pathi fame Jegan and Thirandidu Sesame fame Babuji as hosts.
It seems in this America's Funniest Videos first season in Star Vijay is with the footage of what happens when adults, children and even inanimate objects are at their spontaneous best.

The show will feature the funniest and amateur home videos of millions of Americans that includes themes like funny videos of babies and kids, sports, gags, parties, weddings, birthdays, picnics and many more.

Ippadiku..Ilangai thamizhan

Ippadiku Rose is now started taking the current issue into their topic and this week is going to be srilankan tamils... The show will have some Srilankan tamils speaking out emotionally their problems that they have after migration to other country/state. It was sad to see their tears and their problem with money/job/job security. I am not sure whether I will watch this week's show.. temme your thoughts on the show if u happen to see it... I wish Rose meets the people who escaped from Bombay terror strikes and listen to their horror stories.. It will be good to have some top police/commandos to advice public...

Ajeesh, Ravi - too good..

Ajeesh and Ravi were too good in their medley round performances. Ravi was as always good but Ajeesh excelled in this round... The songs that he chose was brilliant and it never looked like multiple was a perfect blending and judges appriciated the performance very much. The terror trio of Ajeesh, Vijay Narayanan and Santhosh are still in the race for Super Singer title and lets see any one among them could win the title and how many go into the last few..

Who knows.. You might be the Super Singer :)

Who knows.. You might be the Super Singer :).. this is the comment Srinivas gave for Ravi soon after his medley performance was over in the show. I felt happy for this comment.. mainly bcos when some contestants are not been out even after poor show I thought one day Ravi might even be eliminated from the show ;) Ravi is very professional in all the activities in the show and he is very very consistant on all the rounds..He deserves the comment and also he deserves the title Super Singer even.... I wish he wins the title and am waiting for his song for Yuvan Shankar Raja..

1 Out 11 On !!!!!

This week in Airtel Super Singer 2008, its 1 contestant out from the competition and now left with 11 for the next round. It was shocking to see Deepshika being eliminated from the competition and I still feel that she is better than some ppl who are in race for the title. Earlier judges nominated Rohit and Aruna in the elimination list and they both were called back to the race leaveing Deepshika out. I am sure she would get singing opportunity even she does not win the title....

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

2 Out 10 On

2 contestants are in Elimination nomination list of the show and still there are 3 contestants left to perform in the show. There were 5 performances yesterday.. with Rohit, Aruna, Santhosh, Arvind and Ranjani & out of them I felt Rohit and Ranjani were good...

Arvind was not so good and even judges comment was very negative on him.. Sujatha said she got irritated, Srinivas saying he wants some improvement and Unnikrishnan with he should take judges comment and act occordingly. I was expecting that Arvind name would be in the elimination list but sadly it became Aruna and Rohit. What I dont understand is Unnikrishnan told Rohit's performance was good and he liked it very much. Somehow I got feel that there is biased judgement going on in the show from the entry of RAC candidates.....

With 3 performances still left in the show, there is very less possibility of Aruna and Rohit to escape since the rest 3 are very good singers (Ravi, Deepshika and Ajish). If any of their performance is bad they might replace Rohit or Aruna...Quite shocking episode....

Nominated for elimination ???

Yesterday there was a shocking information in Airtel Super Singer 2008. There were 2 contestants who are nominated for elimination from the show. Sounds interesting ;)... and the sad part was I never expected these two ppl to get out from show. I am angry on this bcos there were other contestants who dint perform well and dint even got good comments from judges and not nominated :(

Aruna and Rohit are in the nomination list for the elimination from the show. Yeah.. Both of them are very good singers and Aruna in particular is talented enough to get into top 10 or top 8 even. We will have to see how other do in today's show to know whats going to happen..

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Where is Priyadarshini ??

Last week's Samayal Samayal show dint had Priyadarshini in it.. Donno whether she will be back next week atleast... I liked the show when Devadarshini & Priyadarshini were anchoring and it was interesting with them. They were very natural in their speech...
Its good that the show have one team atleast with celebrity of small screen. Last week had Rajesh (Jodi No 1 fame) and his sister in the show.

Double strike ;)

Vaaranam Aayiram, The team strikes again program in Vijay TV became still more exciting last week with Gopinath asking interesting questions on Harris-Gowtham relationship. When asked this, Gowtham replied that he is interested to work with Harris Jeyaraj and he is not willing to break the team !!!

The show had Ratnavel added to the trio and I have not seen him earlier but his name was flashing in many films. When Dayanidhi Azhagiri was asked about the next project he said he is ready to have full swing in the production house of Cloud Nine. He was ready to ask Gowtham-Surya combination for the next film even ;) thats the confidence he has in the team... In Vijay there is an ad/promotional video for the film Vaaranam Aayiram and it asks viewers to send SMS and they could win a chance to watch the movie with Suriya. sounds interesting... and its only for 50 members.

Confusing !!!

Yesterday's show had Prasanna, Renu, Vijay Narayanan and Raghini Shree performing the Medley round and the first two's performance is in question mark. Jedges commented Prasanna & Renu's song selection were not that good.. atleast for Renu it was lil better than Prasanna. But their singing was good and judges even had no doubt about that...

Vijay Narayanan was quite okay but he lost rythm in 2 songs and dint quite attract judges and even me ;) Raghini shree's song selection and change was ultimate but she lost breath and not able to do justice to all the songs. One song she missed rythm and came back again with last song... Lets see how the show goes today and then we will know who will be in back seat and might be eliminated.

What is medley ???

With the Medley round in Airtel Super Singer 2008 had started the question raised in me to know what is medley round exactly in singing and what does the judges expect from the contestant. I just googled and found these info.. just the meaning of medley is - a mixture of things that are not usually found together and with respect to music - a piece composed from parts of existing pieces, played one after another, sometimes overlapping.

To be frank all our contestants did this but Prasanna and Renu were told that their song selection is not proper and its not the actual medley. Then looking at other performances I think judges expect mixture of songs and they should not be of same type... it should differ with their raagam or style and thats where you put your imagination of bringing them together.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Kodambakkam Skool

With the end of Kalakka povathu comedy kings vetri vizha, there was talk on Kodambakkam skool but there was no info on wats that.. but today there was ad on kodambakkam skool and I guess it might be the next show for stand up comedy. Might be with Kalakka povathu comedy kings getting into more than 3 seasons, its time to take some break on the show and come back again after some time. The voice over in the ad said something with comedy only but I dint hear it properly.. anyone knew wat its exactly ??

Namma Veetu Kalyanam

Starting this December 06th, 2008 Vijay TV is coming with a new program "Namma veetu kalyanam". This show will have marriage video sequences of our popular cine artists and the ads show Surya-Jyothika, Srikanth-Vanthana, Jeeva marriage clips and very interesting and memorable moments of the same.. I am not sure how long this program will continue or will they be dragging the show with some clippings alone ???

Shes back !!!

Chinmayi is back in the Airtel Super Singer 2008 show after a break for a week... I am very happy seeing her bak in the show & eager to know the reason why she was missing last week. My dish tv was having some problem and it dint work from 9 to 9.5PM and I dint see the show's start. Was there anything she told when the show started ??

Will Chinmayi comeback ???

This is the question that raises in everyone's mind when we look at the Super Singer show today.. Will it be Chinmayi who will anchor or Malini/Yugendran continue to anchor the show ??? From the ads that Vijay TV shows, they were not showing the person anchoring and that makes us guesssing still wats gonna happen...

Medley Round

This week of Airtel Super Singer will have Medley round and Srinivas saying.. this is the difficult round in the competition. Its like, the contestants got to sing 4 different songs in 4 mins and the difficult part over here is they will have to sing in the songs originality. Usually what happens is, ppl tend to remember what they sung a min back ;) and to change the ragam is tough one.. From the ads, it looks Santhosh, Renu and Ravi (to be mentioned ??) did well.. lets see how it goes

What husband & wife speak ???

The Neeya Naana's topic this week was absolutely great and I am sure its going to help lot of couples. As always Gopi started the show with.. How did the guy spoke with his fiancee before marriage and how much time he used to spend in phone. Almost everyone were saying minimum of 2 hours a day and few speaking till 1-2 AM :) But then after marriage was asked, the answer was sadly few mins to no talk in phone :(

Men accepted that they were not finding it to be exciting to speak in phone after marriage. Very sad !!!! It was a good point that Gopinath asked the guys - why do u always teach your wife.. do you think they are not intelligent enof as u??? and men were sitting unanswerable.. Finally there were some men accepting their mistakes and told they will try to change themselves. Good topic to speak about that makes the ppl aware about things. Also, women equality will be thought by many ppl.
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