Saturday, November 29, 2008

Gundu Venkatesan

Venkat and Nisha in wild card round 2 of the show were better than others. It was a quite innovative round for the jodi. First half of the song was with gundu venkatesan dancing with Nisha. He starts dancing after having a dance injection ;) Then came the six-packs venkatesan for the dance. Judges were commenting that the gundu venkatesan was in sync when dancing with Nisha and the actual venkat was not in sync. Now the show is with Rajesh/Suhasini and Venkat/Nisha fighting for the top spot to make it for the finals..

Wait for Wild

The wait is not over for the wild card round of the jodi no 1 season 3. With the show going for long time and no of rounds nearly 20, this season is the longest until now. Wild card round 2 was for the judges and the contestants have to impress the judges. Sadly Jeeva was not available this week even in the show. Might be out for shooting for some film...

Rajesh/Suhasini were okay, not their best performance in this round. Their UV dark steps were good for eyes. Venkat/Nisha was very good, their best in the show till now i think. Venkat came as a stout person and danced for sometime, that was very cute ;) Arunadevi/Netran team did well even but not sure who is going to go to the final round of the show. We got to wait for a week for the result.. donno whats that they will have for 2 days next week ;)

Young playbacksingers with Anu

Ranjith, Prasanna, Roshini & vinaya were the guests of Koffee with Anu this week.. They were having lot of fun in the show and I never knew they have sung these many songs in films. And many of the songs were super hits !!!! Prasanna was trying to tease others and wooing on Roshini ;)..

Anthakshari & quiz was there but Anu forgot to ask the 4 young playback singers to sing their originals.. but later she asked them for it. Ranjith had sung duets with Roshini & Vinaya and Vijay Antony had given them good opportunities. The show had a good part on the youngsters telling the ways to make revenue when they are new to singing. From devotional songs to pop albums to films !!! their journey is growing strong. Finally as always Anu gave gifts to all the 4 singers.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Memorable Shows/Serials Series, Madan's Thirai Paarvai

Madan was well known cartoonist in leading magazines, newspapers. He was an expert in reviewing any film and he is known for his experienced knowledge on the aspects of filmmaking. I used to watch this show regularly and I feel that he gives unbiased reviews on the film. Usually in the show the film directory/actor would be invited & Madan used to ask them questions. Finally when the show ends, Madan used to draw cartoons to give his feedback on the film and that used to be my favourite part of the show.

This show had more than 100 episodes and the mark was celebrated. During the felicitation famous film stars, directors were present. I am waiting for Vijay to start this show again..

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Memorable Shows/Serials Series, Reel Pathi Real Pathi

Reel pathi real pathi was one of my favourite program in Star Vijay. Nandu, Vandu and Chendu (characters in the show) used to update on the latest from the film industry. The show was anchored by Jegan who comes in all 3 characters.

I dont remember which characters are with Nandu, Vandu and Chendu.Out of 3, first guy with white dress used to tell good reviews about the film, next guy (red color dress) used to criticise about the film (both good & bad) and the final one will give very funny reviews/activities on the film & actors. The third guy's voice itself will be very funny that it makes us laught. I wish this program is again started in Star Vijay.

Impolite Judges

Somehow I get a feeling that the judges in the Ungalil yaar adutha Prabhudeva are very rude and dont listen for the contestants. This is one of the reasons why I dont watch this program much. In this week's episode, the top 13 women contestants are participating. The ads/promotional videos of the show was telecated for last 3 days and in one instance a judge was not ready to listen what contestant got to say. Moreover, he just shouts saying "naanga ethuvum kekka mattom.. yaarathu.. muthalla ivangala veliya anuppunga"..i.e "we cant listen to you. send her out from here"

Is this the way to speak to a contestant and that too who had come into top 13 out of thousands ????? This is not the only instance.. there were many earlier but this is too much. I dint see the show even bcos of this.. and I dont want to see it ever untill they have judges of this kind !!!

To be continued..

Yesterday I noticed in few serials that are telecasted in our Star Vijay. I was moved by these small innovative ideas and I think these attract people very much. Usually when serials start then give episode no-xx, when episode ends.. then give tag "thodarum"/"to be continued".

In Kaaka Kaaka serial.. when it ends the text is "kadamaigal thodarum".. in kanaa kaanum kaalangal it starts with "kanavu xx" and when it gets over.. "kanavugal thodarum". I really liked these things and these attract me a lot :)

Semma Kuthu

Kuthu round of Airtel Super Singer got over this week and it had now left 12 contestants going on for the next round. Yesterday's show was power packed with Santhos, Arvind, Renu & Aishwarya. Santhosh ROCKED the stage with "yemmadi aathadi" and his dancing was even good. Renu was very casual in her singing.. I have a feel that this girl will be in top 5 contestants even. Arvind was good (for the first time I liked his singing) with "thirunelveli alwa da". Only disappointment was Aishwarya singing "Kokku meena thinnuma" & got eliminated from the show.

With Chinmayi, Srinivas missing from the show, will they be back for the next week's competitive round ??? Friday/Saturday we will get to see the ads in between other programs :)

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

1 Out, 12 On !!!

There was 1 elimination in the kuthu round of Airtel Super Singer 2008. Sad that it was Aishwarya.. cute lil girl.... Soon her performance was over, with the judges comments itself she was about to cry. When Malgudi Shuba asked her age and motivated her that she has lot of talent in her & even lot of time is available for her to shine.. I was disappointed with her elimination even.. She dint pitch the song properly & the song was very mild.. that was the reason for her elimination. I liked the way she spoke with the contestants after elimination..

Especially a special wish for Ravi anna & renu akka...

Afraid !!!!

Initially when Malini & Yugendran were anchoring the show, I had a feel that Chinmayi is out for a week. I used to read her blogs and thought that she is busy with her concert & thats the reason for not appearing in the show. But, to my surprise when I was looking around the net, there are lots of people searching for Chinmayi fight with Vijay TV, Srinivas.. I am shocked.. :(

Now, I am really afraid whether she would be back anchoring the show since there was no reason mentioned in the show by Yugendran/Malini on why Chinmayi dint appear last week. Lets see what happens further.. I have a feeling that there is some issue going for Chinmayi.. after reading her blogs I got this feeling... I take this opportunity to wish Chinmayi a great success in all her endeavors.. we will miss you for sure !!!

Is it Venkat/Nisha ???

The wild card round 2 trailer was telecasted in Vijay TV yesterday... They were showing performances of Venkat/Nisha and Sangeetha commenting that the performance should have been done in the finals.. she meant that its so good. Aishwarya Danush went onto stage to congratulate them.... But there was nothing shown about Rajesh/suhasini :(
I am waiting to know whats going to happen in this case.. will Venkat/Nisha go thru to finals or someone else.. Eager to know the voting status even...

Disappointed ??

When Prasanna performed the song from "Murattu kalai" film in the kuthu round, I felt that Malgudi Shuba was not much interested in commenting for the same. I am not sure whether its only me who felt this way.. I remember it was Shuba who eliminated Prasanna from the competition earlier... its obvious that she would be disappointed to see someone back even after being eliminated earlier.

She said everything is ok and commented that judges would express about shruti of the song. Then, Unni krishnan asked Prasanna to sing in his own voice rather immitating Malaysia Vasudevan's. It was for the same reason (not using his own voice rather immitating) he was eliminated earlier. He performed really well is agreed and he even got lot of appreciation from Yugendran (son of Malaysia Vasudevan) but will this be the end of the road again for Prasanna ????

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Dedicated to Malaysia Vasudevan

After the relationship round that is dedicated for the loved ones of the competitors, Airtel Super Singer 2008 had now announced that the kuthu round is dedicated to Malaysia Vasudevan. This came in when Prasanna completed singing "Podhuvaga en manasu thangam" and with Yugendran, son of Malaysia Vasudevan compereing the show with his wife (Malini Yugendran).... judges announced why not dedicate this round itself to the great singer... Malaysia Vasudevan deserves it..

Kuthu continues..

Kuthu round of Airtel Super Singer 2008 continued yesterday with 5 contestants doing the justice. The show started with Ravi singing "Machan peru madhurai" followed by Prasanna's "Podhuvaga en manasu thangam". Then Aruna, Raghini Shree and Vijay Narayanan followed with their performances. Star of yesterday's show was Raghini Shree with "Vechika Vechikava idupula".

Yesterday show's disappointment was Vijay Narayanan. He sang "Althota boopathi naanada" but judges were not happy with his performance and termed the choice of song was wrong. But, I felt he was quite good. Lets see whether he goes to next round of the competition.
We will get to know it in today's episode...

Vechika Vechikava idupula..

Raghini Shree ROCKED the stage with her performance in the kuthu round of Airtel Super Singer 2008. She sang "Vechika Vechikava idupula" and almost everyone were moving their feets. Once she completed, Malgudi shuba went near her and I was thinking whats gonna happen... Ranjani joined Shuba and both of them lifted Raghini Shree and Shuba said she want to keep her in her idupu (hip) for ths song.. ;) It was a wonderful performance after being almost eliminated in previous round.

Vetri vizha celebrations

Kalaka povathu comedy kings Vetri vizha celebrations were telecasted last few weeks. It was fun watching all the comedy kings performing in front of celebrities & judges. Santhanam was even present watching the show & made good comments.. (as always)..
Comedy kings were enjoying themselves in VGP Universal Kingdom. They were playing some rides and finally they tried to make the statue man move/laugh/react.. But, to the name be precised that guy (statue man) dint react to any of the jokes and stood STILL !!!!

Up next.. Neeya Naana

Neeya Naana's this week (30 November) topic is going to be "What will husband & wife speak/share in the living room". interesting.. I think this will help couples definitely to know what to speak & what not to speak in the living room. Also, they can be cautious on their conversations. This will even solve problems for some of them by making them know the what to speak & where..

Alexander's Logam

Mayalogam had got the world renowned magician Alexander performing his tricks. He will join the other magicians who are performing some mind blowing acts & tricks in the show.
seems Alexander has around 15 years of experience in magic and he had even won Guinness record for longest magic show (lasted for 24 hours). Already the Mayalogam is making lot of unbelievable stuffs, now Dr. Alexander is all set to make some acts with illusions, sawing a man into two halves. Sometimes I am very afraid of the show even :(

Wild again..

With the Wild Card round 1 got over last week in the Jodi No 1 season 3, the show is again getting interesting for the Wild Card round 2. Last time I dont remember there was 2 rounds of wild card round but this time it does. Last week's wild was mild and hope in next round it will be more wild. My opinion is Rajesh & Suhasini are the top jodi to get selected for the final round. Hopefully next week's show should decide the finalists.
But, will there be a better performance by other jodis ??

Monday, November 24, 2008

I want to be happy !!!

I remember the way Malgudi Shubha taught "I want to be Happy, But.." to 10 contestants during the learning curve. Almost all of the contestants who were trained by Shubha were in top 22 !!! But, thats the other story.. the important part is when Shubha came back as the judge of the show in the kuthu round (replacing Srinivas), the contestants sang the same song when she entered the stage. Huuhhhhh.. what a kind of entry she had and what kind of teacher she was ??? to make all those contestants to give her a royal invitation.
Awesome.. Deserving teacher !!!!!

Semma Kuthu !!!

Kuthu round of Airtel Super Singer is really very energetic. There was 4 performances yesterday & all were good. It started with Ranjini singing "Manmatharasa" and followed by Ajeesh "Annatha Aadurar". Then came Deepshika, she has been chaging a lot for quite sometime. I remember her wearing salwar & combed hair few weeks back in the show. Now, she had straightened her hair & always seen in western wear ;)

After her performance, Rohit came and Rocked the stage. Deepshika was favourite for Unni krishnan & Sujatha. The judges said that there are none underperformed. So, unless all others rock these guys will be in safe zone.

Miss U Chinmayi

I missed Chinmayi a lot in this week's Kuthu round of Airtel Super Singer 2008. I think you guys even miss her.. Not sure is it bcos we have seen her always and if there is an alternative, it does not attract much. I am not saying Malini & Yugendran were bad but Chinmayi was better. I didnt like some places of Malini compereing.. I think chinmayi is out because she had a music concert in Chennai few weeks back. I hope she comes back again next week.

IT professionals Vs Non IT brothers

This was a perfect debate that could be at its best on the Neeya Naana show. I enjoyed the show very much. One side was filled with IT professionals and the other side with their brothers, sisters and husbands even :) Gopinath started the talk superbly by asking what mobile phone model does IT professionals use and in contrast with their brothers. Then he compared with gadgets, vehicles, property of IT ppl and their brothers.

Then the debate got strengthen when Obama's victory was brought into the topic. There were comment from non IT people saying that they distributed sweets, burst crackers, called to many IT people & asked about pink slips and many more. All bcos Obama is against the outsourcing ;) Its a fact that IT people get changed when they join their job bcos most of the changes are required by the IT culture. These changes is not bcos they earn good money. I feel pity for the guy whose 2 brothers and his wife are into software industry.

Finally there were some appreciation and thanks giving on what IT had brought to their families. Really wonderful.. how each IT guy had changed his family's fortunes..Thanks to IT. It was Gopinath advicing the set of non-IT guys to change their mindset and think in the positive direction. Good ending but I still feel that IT people should give proper respect to their brothers/sisters no matter how much they earn or what culture they are into.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Will this happen ?

Sameera Reddy & Divya were the special guests of Jodi No 1 wild card round 1 show. On sunday there was another program in Star Vijay, The Team Strikes again with VA team members. In the end of the show Gopinath said the show will continue next week with few more members of the VA team. I guess it would be these two gorgeous heroines to join next week in the show. I tell you again, Vijay TV manages & utilizes their celebrities to the maximum extent they can.

Vijay strikes again

Star Vijay team strikes again ;) with the show on Vaaranam Aayiram. I remember Vijay TV had brought in shows on the films soon they got released. They had talk show with team of the films - Dasavatharam, Kuselan and now with Vaaranam Aayiram. The show had Suriya, Gowtham Vasudev Menon and Dayanidhi Azhagiri. The show will continue next week even with few more members of the team.

I should say few words about each of the guests, Suriya - dedicated towards his work and the way he thanked Gowtham during the show was amazing. He said that he had not got this kind of appreciation from any of his previous films. Dayanidhi - He looks quite similar to Udayanidhi Stalin. His confidence was great. When he was asked why did he chose this film, he replied immediately Gowtham-Suriya team. Gowtham - Inspired by his father and wrote the script of this film. He said that he had liberty in all over the movie since there was no producer over him to overlook at the movie.

I liked the show very much and there is more to come from the show next week.

Kuthu without Chinmayee

Airtel Super singer's this week will have the Kuthu competitive round. It will be Malini & Yugendran to compere the show and Chinmayee will not be there :( This sounds lil sad and I dont think SS without her. Also, this week joining the judiciary will be "Malgudi Subha" in the place the Srinivas. So it would be Subha, Sujatha and Unni as the judges.

Wild was Mild

The Wild Card round 1 of the jodi no 1 season 3 was not so wild and it was very mild except for few performances. The show had the judges just for appreciating all the performances and was not commenting or find fault on anyone. This was obvious bcos they dont want make ppl bias on any particular jodi. The show was limelighted by beautiful actresses Sameera Reddy & Divya.

The best thing of the show was Deepak dancing with Sameera and his expressions were very natural & it showed how he enjoyed it :). With the wild card round, I think Rajesh & Suhasini have better chance of getting more votes from the public. They were dancing with their eyes tied and they were awesome. Nethran & Arunadevi gave a normal performance but this time they were with western style. Venkat & Nisha were even good with fire sparks ;)
Other 2 were Okay performances but I was expecting this wild round to be really wild since some of the jodis were coming back after long time but the show was mild.
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