Saturday, January 10, 2009

Balaji, Badrinath & Vidyut - 2

continuation is here..

Balaji, Badrinath & Vidyut - 1

It was Laxmipathy Balaji, Subramaniam Badrinath & Vidyut Sivaramakrishnan in koffee with Anu this week. I enjoyed the show very much.. its a must see show & no review on show rather will post the videos itself ;)

Too Good..

Last week in the Sigarangaludan Sangeetha Sutru, chinmayi was looking too good. I thik she doesnt come in Sari quite often & this round saw her to be in sari. I have commented that her dress was very bad in one of the show & posted here even. Its now time for me to tell this even bcos she was looking very good. Got some snaps when browsing ;)

Memorable Shows/Serials, EQ

EQ, Entertainment உஒதிஎந்த், was the popular mega college cultural fest shown in Vijay. The first ever State Level inter collegiate fest which hit television screens in August, 2006 was a huge hit among audiences and witnessed a great support among all colleges across the state. More than 50 colleges across the state compete against each other in a set of entertainment events consisting of dance choreography, skits, ad zap, pantomime, fashion shows, solo performances, mimicry, stand-up comedies, light music and variety entertainment.

Badava Gopi - A popular standup comedy artiste and RJ accompanied by Pop Shalini, the popular playback singer and dance choreographer Sreedhar are seated at the judges table to declare the best college with the highest 'Entertainment Quotient'.

Memorable Shows/Serials, Grandmaster

The first of its kind reverse quiz show on Tamil television, Star Vijay TV's Nature Power Beauty Soap GrandMaster. I remember it had completed its 250th episode even.. It was a very interesting show and the grandmaster Pradeep had lot of knowledge about ppl & their lives. The show which has won the hearts of many has gained immense popularity because of its unique format.Grandmaster G S Pradeep, is known for his high intellectual and analytical skill with great knowledge on history and contemporary world affairs. Pradeep was bestowed the title Doctor of Letters by Dr Selvin Kumar, Founder President, International Tamil University of Washington D.C.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Who is Friendlier ??

This week in Neeya Naana its going to be yet another interesting topic "Mother’s sides relations are friendlier VS father’s side relations are friendlier".. I think it should not be considered as husband's relations vs wife's relations rather about the child & his/her mind. I strongly feel this will make this generation children about the importance of relationships & definitely a change in parenting.

Mano special, சிகரங்களுடன்-3

It was Mano special yesterday in Airtel Super Singer sigarangaludan sangeetha sutru. the show was left with 5 contestants to sing with the great Mano & it all started with Ajeesh singing "Thendrale thendrale" and he was quite good. He got a comment from Mano on to sing from the mouth and not to use nose a lot. Ranjani was the next contestant with "Madhura maarikozhunthu vaasam" and she was as usual doing well. She is always doing well & gets into next round without trouble. Best performer of the day Vijay Narayan started with his "Aaryirathil naan oruvan" & was at his best. Then Mano asked him to sing english song & he was not back agian with Summer of 69 but with a song of Richard Marx.

Prasanna came in with "atho megavoorvalam" and the show completed with Renu's "aathankara marame athilurangum" and she came back well after her breath problem when singing with Chitra. It was Raghini who is been eliminated from the competition and now left with 7 contestants for the next round.

1 Out, 7 On

Sigarangaludan Sangeetha Sutru saw Raghini Shree exiting from the competition. She is been eliminated by the judges Sujatha & Srinivas. Its sad that she is going out from the competition but it was the fact that she was not impressive as others and performed lil lesser than others. She is always good with western, fast songs but when it comes to slow songs, she lets herself down. It was Rohit & Raghini being the least scorers & Rohit was given another chance.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Its Vijay Narayan for Mano

After Ajeesh got the best performance title from Chitra, it was Vijay Narayan who got the same from Mano. He had also got the key board as the gift. He was quite good yesterday & was concentrating hard when Mano was dancing, imitating next to him ;) It was quite impressive performance from him. I was expecting Ravi to be one of the contestant to get the key board but sadly he dint :(

Vikatan Awards 2008, Best Male TV Presenter, Gopinath

Talk show Neeya Naana earned its anchor/host Gopinath with the best male television presenter award in the Vikatan awards 2008. Gopinath had become very popular among the television viewers with the way he handles the Neeya naana show. this have even made him to anchor "nadanthathu enna" & interviews with popular film crew soon after its release (Kuselan, Dhasavatharam, Vaaranam Aayiram). He deserves the award & I dont think there are better competitors for him.

Vikatan Awards 2008, Best Female TV Presenter, Chinmayi

Chinmayi has bagged the best female TV presenter in tamil channels @ the Vikatan awards 2008. Airtel Super Singer anchoring/hosting had made her up for this award. Although, she is not into much of hosting shows other than super singer (except some part of Paadum office) she always ROCK the stage. With the next season of Super Singer junior is also kicked off, who knows she might get the award next year even ;)

Vikatan Awards 2008, Best Tamil TV Channel, Star Vijay

Star Vijay had grabbed the Best Tamil Television Channel in the Vikatan awards 2008. It obvious that the channel is leading other competitors with wide range of programs from realty show, impressive serials, spiritual shows & many more. I feel if Star Vijay continues the same wya, it would dominate the tamil television & the viewers.

Vikatan Awards 2008

Popular tamil magazine Vikatan presents awards every year & for 2008 its the same but I am glad for Star Vijay being a prominent leader in tamil channels segment of the award. There were 25 awards totally given from tamil film, tamil television, stories/novels. Kamal Hasan got the best actor award for Dhasavatharam. Vaaranam Aayiram was top in the list with best music, make up, songs, camera work & few more with 6 awards, Poo followed it with 3-4 awards. In television segment Vijay had major awards being presented with Sun grabbing one.

Gayathri Raghuram @ UYAP

Gayathri Raghuram will be the special judge in the route of Shaam, Sneha, Srikanth, Shanthanu & will join Ungalil yaar adutha Prabhudeva in other language round. She is a very good opt for the judges since she is a dancer herself & she is very good in it... I am thinking how would she comment on the performance..bcos still now ther is no polite comment from the judges as we see in other shows ;)

Other language Round..

Its going to be other language round in Amulin Ungalil yaar adutha Prabhudeva. Its not left with 14 contestants & they will fight for the next round berth. From the promo it looks this week even the judges are unpolite.. as always they are.. lets see how it goes..


It was Renu to start with Chitra, infact all of the contestants were singing with Chitra today.. she was good with her "kannamoochi yenada" but in the long sequence she got her breath out. other than that she was as good as she is always.. then Ajish came with "malarkale malarkale" & he ROCKED the stage. infact he got the best performance from Chitra & went away with keyboard. Ranjani was lil less than wat she does usually with her "kuzhaloodhum kannanuku kuyil paatu". Raghini was not so good & I felt she had chosen a wrong choice of song.. she sang "paadariyen padipariyen" from "sindu bairavi". Ravi followed her with "kalyaana thenila" & for the second time he is having the comment from judges. he was told that he was not so good in soft notes. Rohit was the last contestant with "oru jeevan" and he was quite good. but sadly judges were on the opposition ;)

Its Ajeesh for Chitra !!!

With Chitra completing her stay in this sigarangaludan sangeetha sutru in Airtel Super Singer, she was to select one best performer from the contestants.. she was so polite & she told its very difficult for her to choose 1 among them since all were singing really well. But, she thought Ajeesh had something in him and which she got impressed, so the best performer award went to him and the key board as the prize. Ajeesh was speechless, after singing with the legend he even got the best performance & what else he would want !!!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Chitra Special Episode..

Yesterday was the Chinna kuyil Chitra special episode in the sigarangaludan sangeetha sutru of Airtel Super Singer. Mano was missing from the show & today I think it would be only Mano singing with the contestants.. it was Chitra singing with 6 contestants & completing her part in this round. she had selected the best performance of the round even & it was Ajeesh winning the keyboard. I donno whether it was with the timing issues of the show, Chitra & Mano are being separated in singing with contestants after the first day...

Another Karthik in the making ?

I think Mano & Chitra had seen the contestants' singing earlier.. much earlier to they came for the show in Super Singer. they were quite familiar with the way contestants sing & when Ravi came on, Mano said that he is happy to sing with Ravi. Similarly when Rohit came onto stage, Mano said that playback singer Karthick was introduced by him. for almost 1.5 years Karthik was travelling with him for all the concerts. Sameway he wants Rohit to travel with him for the concerts... what a great opportunity & I should say he deserves it. :)

KeyBoard for Best Performers

There will be 2 best performers selected from the 8 contestants of the competitive rounds of the Airtel Super Singer 2008(2009). From the sigarangaludan sangeetha sutru, 2 contestants will be selected each by Mano & Chitra and they will be get key board as the gift. Quite good that they are giving somthing for them but it would have been better if they have started lil earlier..

How is it going to be ??

I was thinking yesterday when 5 contestants finished their performances in first episode itself in the sigarangaludan sangeetha sutru in Airtel Super Singer. But, there is going to be another round in here and all of the contestants will sing with both Mano & Chitra (one song each). From then there will be elimination & best performances.


Mano & Chitra came to stage & they started of the show with their one of the all time best "nee oru kadhal sangeetham".. when it was told that Mano & Chitra will sing with the contestants I was very happy.. bcos we will get lot of performances by the legends for 3 days ;) It was Vijay Narayan to be the first contestant singing "thenkizhaku seemayile" with chitra which was quite good one..Raghini followed with "muquala muquabala" with Mano & it was quite okay performance by her. Mano was commenting on many things & the show was very very interesting.

Prasanna's "nethu oruthara" with Chitra was even quite entertaining one but Prasanna lacked the exact feel for the song. It was Ravi next with "malayala karayoram thamizh paadum" with Mano & he was at his best as always :) Rohit was the last contestant for yesterday's show with his "thooliyile adavantha" with Mano. his performance was not so good but okay. lets see how others do today & in all of them in next song.

Chinna Kuyil Chitra & Mano

Airtel Super Singer in its sigarangaludan Sangeetha sutru has Mano & chitra with the contestants.. Although both of them needs no intro, I thought its better if I add some info on no of songs they have sung.. the way they respect the contestants was mindblowing & I really dint expect this from them.

Singer Mano, has sung over 21, 000 songs and began to sing first in Tamil language. He shot to fame in 1994, with the song Muqabla Muqabla from the film Kaadhalan, composed by A. R. Rahman. He followed with hits like Thillana from Muthu, and Azhagiya Lailaa from Ullathai Alli Tha. Chitra needs no introduction. She has to her credit over 11, 000 songs in Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, Malayalam, Bengali and Oriya. Winning National Award for ‘Ooo La la la – Minsara Kanavu’ her success grew multi-fold.

Courtesy :

Monday, January 5, 2009

Whats in Sigarangaludan sangeetha Sutru ??

This week of Airtel Super Singer is with the round called "Sigrangaludan sangeetha sutru".. it is quite interesting & impressive bcos the legends Chitra & Mano are in the show. they will be singing with the contestants and what a great opportunity it is.. I liked the way the contestants sing with Mano & chitra. I really wish I sould learn music to get a chance like this !!!!

Jothidam Namibikkai !!!

Jothidam nambuvargal & jothidam nambaathavargal had the debate on the astrology and belief ppl have on it.. one side was ppl who are astrologers themselves and on the other side ppl who dont believe on it. the show started with what astrologers or the ppl who believe astrology do in their day to day life and it was quite shocking on ppl take care to wear certain color of dresses, they look on crow or bird & their direction in which they fly.. there was a comment saying that - muzhu neela comedy padam ;)

Show had well known astrologer Shelvi & Subavee on the other side. Although astrologers had some good points and they proved that they could predict on ppl's life they were lil bit thrashed...there was a doctor who dont believe in astrology & he had lot of valid points that he brought in for which none had proper answers.. soon after seeing the trailer I was waiting for the show.. since its been a very interesting topic..


It was Subramaniapuram in Lollu Sabha this week.. it was quite funny from the name itself.. renamed with Super-maniapuram ;) the song of "kangal irandal" was very very funny.. with they imitating the hero jai. i liked it very much... they always make very good comedy but this time from the song to all the scenes it was at the best.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Jodi No 1 Celebration !!!!

Garnier Fructis Jodi No 1 celebration was last week's episode after the season 3 grand finale & bloopers... its the celebration for all the contestants of the jodi no 1.. yeah from season 1,2,3, vijay jodi no 1 & not restricted to any specific season. It was good to see the guys dancing after quite a long time.. It was said that Jodi No 1 show is coming to an end.. and even stated that there are quite similar shows in other channels so the team going to come back with bang in different show..


What is Blooper ???
A blooper usually describes a short sequence of a film or video production which contains a mistake made by a member of the cast or crew. These bloopers, or outtakes as they are also called, are often the subject of television shows or are occasionally revealed during the credit sequence at the end of comedy movies.

Last week of Jodi No 1 had the bloopers round ;) i mean that the show was full of bloopers that were in the whole of Jodi No 1 season 3.. it was very funny that day... it was not limited to Deepak and DD but to everyone including judges, special guests and contestants. I liked Rajesh's reaction to some of the dance sequences.. that was very funny among all the bloopers..

கி பி 2009

etharkum anjaatha aangal.. evarukum madiyatha pengal.. கி பி 2009.. I think this is the promotional ad for a new show thats going to replace jodi no 1. what do u guys think.. in the ad it looks like men & women are in battle field against each other... if you watch it closely the guy leading looks like Michael.. any guesses???

Quite Good..

Semifinals of classical solo round of Paadum Office V2.0 got over sterday... It was quite impressive but I dint see it fully.. the show had the same judges who came for preliminary rounds..Uma Maheshwari, Chengai Vaidyanathan. I dint see the last half of the show so not sure how many ppl got selected for the finals..

Sigarangaludan Sangeetha Sutru

This week of Airtel Super Singer is "Sigarangaludan Sangeetha round"... great playback singers Chitra & Mano are in the show & will sing with the contestants... its going to be really a wonderful week in the show. But I wish the producers to change the judges & have rounds like these..
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