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Bhakti need not be demonstrative

The Hindu, Author - Suganthy Krishnamachari

The latest edition of Vijay TV's ‘Bhakti' programme was marked by the usual devotional fervour, with some old faces and some newcomers among the speakers.

The set was a little more glittery and jazzy than usual. But the conch and discus in muted shades of gold at the back of the stage were eye-catching.

Vadhavooran, Kripananda Variyar's nephew, was the first speaker on April 7, the third day of the programme. His topic was ‘Variyar Kaattum Vaazhum Vazhi.'

The same gentle humour that was the hallmark of Variyar's discourses characterised Vadhavooran's discourse too. And as in the case of Variyar's lectures, didactic messages were given to the listener through suitable analogies, with the speaker's erudition peeping out now and then from behind the down to earth examples.

Vadhavooran made the point that bhakti or love for God need not be demonstrative. In fact it need not even be made public. He gave the example of a king whose wife's one regret was that her husband never prayed to Lord Muruga. She prayed that if her husband uttered the name of Muruga even once, she would offer special prayers in all the temples in the land. That night the king had a nightmare, and in his fright, he called out to Lord Muruga. The next morning the Queen fulfilled her vow. When the king came to know what had happened, he said to the Lord, “I had kept my love for you concealed even from my wife. But now you have revealed it to the whole world.”

Our love for humanity, likewise, is vital, but is not something that needs to be advertised. Once when Variyar was asked to speak about himself, he was at a loss for words. Kanchi Paramacharya who was present on the occasion, said, “Why don't you tell people that you have given away every penny you have earned, keeping nothing for yourself?” Variyar remarked, “Even my wife doesn't know that I give away everything I earn, but now the Paramacharya has told everyone.”

Variyar saw God in everything. A pile of rice reminded him of a temple gopuram. The cooked lentils on top looked like the kalasam. The ghee poured on top looked like the sacred water that the priest sprinkles on the gopuram, during the samprokshanam.

Vadhavooran's discourse was touching, witty and scholarly. Vijay TV must be complimented for bringing to the notice of the public, speakers such as Vadhavooran.
Slow tempo

The next speaker was Baala Srinivasan, whose speech was a bit of a let down. He took awhile to warm up to his topic, which was ‘Thayumanavar.' Was it necessary to give the etymology and history of words like ‘Kadavul', ‘iraivan' etc? Such digressions led him down scholarly by lanes, which slowed down the tempo, and left the listener confused. But he also gave a few good examples. One such example that he gave to illustrate the need for bhakti was particularly good. If we have to anyway suffer for our sins, why should we have bhakti, we might ask. While it is true that we cannot escape the consequences of our actions, bhakti makes it easier for us to bear the burden of the yoke. “Imagine a man who has 5000 rupees in the form of five rupee coins. The bag holding the money will be heavy. But if the man has five 1000 rupee notes instead, he still has the same amount of money, but his burden is now lighter. Thus it is the bhakti that helps us bear our misfortunes with fortitude.” More such examples focusing on the subject would have made the discourse more interesting.

Five speakers were lined up to speak on the same day, and this together with namasankirtanam in between, made for a lengthy programme. Maybe the lectures could have been rescheduled so as not to crowd so many in one evening.

Neeya Naana at US

Popular TV host Gopinath will conduct the popular Neeya Naana talk show in the US. The two venues selected for the purpose are Foothill College Auditorium in Bay Area and Jain Center Auditorium in Los Angeles. The date and timings are follows: 18th April, 2010; 4PM - 8PM (Bay Area) and 24th April, 2010; 4PM - 8PM (Los Angeles).

While the topic for discussion in Bay Area would revolve on which society – the American or Indian – is the best for children, the debate in Los Angeles would be on who changes the most - men or women - after living in the US.

Tickets for the Neeya Naana show are now available online!

Indian ad market on a swift recovery course

The Indian ad market is on a swift recovery course and is set to grow at 9 per cent this year, leaving behind its slow crawl in 2009, as television and print see a strong rebound. Upgrading its forecast for India, ZenithOptimedia said Wednesday television would accelerate to 11-12 per cent growth this year, compared to a 6 per cent growth in the earlier year. Print will see a 7-8 per cent annual growth through to 2012, pacing up from a 5 per cent growth in 2009.

"Having consistently outperformed the economy as a whole for years, the ad market slowed to just 1 per cent growth in 2009. Recovery has been swift, however, and we forecast 9 per cent growth in 2010," the study said. Fuelling the ad growth in the television segment will be the spread of digital TV and new advertising opportunities such as sponsorship of new 'larger than life' entertainment formats.

Sports will also drive growth in television advertising, partly due to the success of the Indian Premier League (IPL). "This trend is likely to continue as India hosts the Commonwealth Games this year," the study said.

Television broadcasters, however, feel the sector is poised to grow faster than ZenithOptimedia's forecast. "The television segment should post an ad growth of over 15 per cent. This will be a watershed year as television will overtake print in absolute terms. The economy is on a sound growth path and intense competition among the FMCG companies is leading to a correction of ad rates. Other categories are opening up and we see a strong rebound in the financial sector. IPOs (initial public offering) have been lined up. Hindi general entertainment channels have become much stronger and are not being affected by big-ticket items," said Zee Entertainment Enterprises Ltd chief revenue officer and head niche channels Joy Chakraborthy.

Star India is also bullish on the ad growth in 2010. Said Star India president, ad sales Kevin Vaz, "The ad spend on television is expected to grow at a minimum of 15-20 per cent this year. And the growth will be witnessed across categories. While FMCG will show a sharp upward ad spend, the advent of new telecom players and handset manufacturers will boost the growth further. Financial investment advertising will also show a comeback." ZenithOptimedia scripts a healthy picture for print as well. "India is one of the few large markets where newspaper advertising continues to grow. Rising literacy levels and improved distribution in the regions are steadily improving newspapers' reach. Magazines suffered a sharp fall in ad expenditure in 2009, though part of this fall may be ascribed to the fact that the indirect advertising and sponsorship option most consumer magazines now offer are not being picked up in the monitored ad expenditure figures," the study pointed out.

Internet advertising in India remains low in reach but high in opportunity. Growth is being driven by the spread of the mobile internet and the youth culture of social media. Large corporations now value the opportunities offered by the media, and are investing more time and money. Thus, Internet advertising is expected to grow at about 25 per cent annually for the coming three years.

Global ad expenditure forecast

Zenith Optimedia expects global ad expenditure to grow by 2.2 per cent in 2010, up from the 0.9 per cent growth that it had predicted in December. This is the agency's second upgrade in a row, stating a 1.3 percentage point improvement this time as compared to a 0.4 point improvement in December. It has also upgraded its forecasts for the next two years, though not so dramatically. The agency predicts 4.1 per cent growth in 2011, up from 3.9 per cent, and 5.3 per cent in 2012, up from 4.8 per cent. According to Zenith Optimedia, this pattern of recovery is normal as after the previous two recessions, it took three years of progressive recovery for the global ad market to return to normal growth.

After suffering a deep 12.1 per cent decline in 2009, the developed markets (which are defined as North America, Western Europe and Japan) are stabilising, with occasional signs of surprising strength. The study states that the UK's television market, which has been shrinking since 2005, was up 7 per cent in Q1 2010, and will be up at least 16 per cent in Q2. In the US, network radio is up about 20 per cent for the first half of 2010, with strong support from retail (which has nearly doubled its spend year on year). Since the beginning of 2010, Spain's TV market has managed to absorb a 20 per cent reduction in capacity, after advertising was removed from all public channels, with little to no reduction in expenditure. At the moment these represent isolated pockets of recovery, but they demonstrate that advertisers are becoming more willing to take advantage of good opportunities when they arise.

The report expects the recovery to become more general as the year progresses, leading to overall growth next year. It forecasts a 0.8 per cent decline in developed-market ad expenditure in 2010, followed by 1.8 per cent growth in 2011. North America, having led the world into recession, will be last out, with a 1.5 per cent drop in ad expenditure in 2010, while Japan drops 0.7 per cent and Western Europe grows 0.4 per cent.

Markets in the developing world (everywhere apart from North America, Western Europe and Japan) followed two very different paths in 2009. Many markets in Central and Eastern Europe suffered a very sharp drop in ad expenditure at the beginning of the year, when investors and advertisers were afraid that the financial crisis and drop in global demand would permanently damage these markets' prospects. Ad expenditure fell much faster here than in the developed world: across the whole of 2009 ad expenditure fell 23.1 per cent in Central & Eastern Europe, with drops as extreme as 42 per cent in Russia, 44 per cent in Latvia and 48 per cent in Ukraine.

"The fears of early 2009 have now largely receded, and we expect these markets to make up their lost ground quickly over the next few years. We forecast 5.7 per cent ad spend growth in Central and Eastern Europe in 2010, and 8.5 per cent in 2011," the study said. The rest of the developing world was more robust during the downturn. In 2009, ad expenditure grew 4.8 per cent in the Middle East, 0.4 per cent in Latin America and held steady in Asia Pacific (excluding Japan). Many markets in these regions continued to grow throughout the year, notably Lebanon (25.4 per cent), Indonesia (18.8 per cent), the Philippines (14.5 per cent), Argentina (12.7 per cent) and China (7.4 per cent). These growth rates demonstrate the fundamental health of these markets, which the agency expects to maintain similar performances over the next few years. Other markets in these regions were not as resilient in the downturn and will not grow so quickly during the upturn, but most should comfortably outpace the developed markets. "Overall we forecast the Middle East to grow 4.7 per cent in 2010, Latin America to grow 9.3 per cent and Asia Pacific (again excluding Japan) to grow 10 per cent," the study concluded.

Courtesy - Indiantelevision

Captain TV on air..

Vijaykanth’s Captain TV went on air yesterday (April 14th, 2010). The actor-politician inaugurated the channel in a simple ceremony by lighting the traditional lamp. Earlier, he inaugurated the channel office at Vanagaram in Chennai. The telecast began with religious songs to mark an auspicious beginning.

Clippings in which Rajinikanth, Vijay and Bollywood star Vivek Oberoi congratulating Vijaykanth and wishing him all success in this new venture were telecasted on the channel.

Those present at the inauguration ceremony were RK Selvamani, Murali, Mansoor Ali Khan, Ramesh Khanna, Ponnambalam and others.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Neeya Naana, 14-04-2010

Neeya Naana, Chithirai Thirunaal Special
April 14, 2010

Jodi No 1 season 4, 14-04-2010

Jodi No 1 season 4,
Chithirai Thirunaal Special, April 14, 2010

Thaimaiku Vanakam, 14-04-2010

Thaimaiku Vanakam, Chithirai thirunaal special
April 14, 2010

Koffee with Muttiah Muralitharan

Koffee with Anu Season 3
Guest: Muttiah Muralitharan April 14, 2010

Monday, April 12, 2010

New year special..

Vijay TV has come up with an impressive line up of programs for the Chithirai Thirunal (April 14th). The day with Vijay begins with Sri Krishna Sweets Thaaimaikku Vanakkam, where celebrities pay homage to their mothers. In the Karthi – Tamannah Special, the lead pair of Paiyya will share their experiences of working in the film.

Catch ace cricketer Muthiah Muralitharan in Mr. White Koffee with Anu where he shares his experience. At 3 pm watch the latest film Thiru Thiru Thuru Thuru on air for the first time. Apart from this, there are a host of other programs to watch!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

What to expect from Azhagiya Thamizh Magan

The search for the ideal handsome Tamil man is on. Aptly named Azhagiya Thamizh Magan, the show is a fun-filled talent hunt which would see many potential young men fight for the coveted title.

The promotional message had Actress Kushbhoo, who is the helm of the show where she mentioned a statement humorously saying, "Come and participate in this Swayamavaram where surely one is not promised a bride". Historically Swayamvaram has always been a test to find the best suitor by making them undergo various tests! Likewise, Vijay TV's 'Azhagiya Thamizh Magan' will also try to unearth the Perfect Bachelor or the Ideal man any girl would dream off by making them undergo various tasks to test their perseverance, temperament, attitude and enterprise!

Eligible bachelors between the age group 22-28 had applied in 'Poorvika Mobile Azhagiya Thamizh Magan'. The first leg of auditions had a total of 200 candidates across Tamilnadu participating in the show. They were short-listed from a total of 10,000 entries. The short-listed candidates' performances would be closely monitored and judged by a panel of eminent Judges.

The Judges for the first level of auditions were TV personalities DD, Divya, Priya and Playback singer Suvi Suresh. The 'Thamizh Magans' were given a very warm welcome in a traditional style and in the end 60 talented men were selected for the second round of auditions.

The tasks were not simple! In the second round, the selected candidates were made to face a fresh set of Judges - Sivakarthikeyan, Michael, Mani and Craig.

Poorvika Mobile Azhagiya Thamizh Magan show is now all set for the hunt of the next male icon of Tamilnadu. With many interesting rounds, the contestants would be made to face some interesting questions asked by the Judges. Will they be able to face all of it? Who will be the most suitable idol of Tamilnadu?

With Ramya hosting the show and Actress Kushbhoo acting as the helm to Azhagiya Thamizh Magan, the show would hit the Television screens from April 09, 2010 and would air every Friday & Saturday, 8pm on Vijay TV.

Poorvika Mobile Azhagiya Thamizh Magan is a very first attempt done by any Tamil Television. Do not miss to tune into the show on all weekends.

What to expect from Super Mom

The Indian house meter or the modern house wife plays a very pivoted role in our lives. She is the epitome of strength and binds the family together. Vijay TV salutes this super strong character in its latest reality show titled 'Clinic plus Super Mom'. All the young mothers out in Tamilnadu after seeing the promotional message on the channel actively participated with their kids between the age group of 6-10 years.

Around 200 young mommys' participated with full zest along with their children. The highlight of Super Mom show is that the mothers would have to participate with their children. All the tasks would not only involve the mother's participation but the kids' along with their mom's also need to participate.

Judges for the first round auditions would be Television personalities - Uma Padmanabhan, Badava Gopi, Haritha Gopi and Dr. Sharmila. For the first time ever veteran actress Viji of 'Thillu Mullu' fame is all set to participate as one of the Judges of Super Mom.

Multi-tasking and mothers always go hand in hand. Managing kids', chores and careers is mom in most of the house-hold. Being a mom requires breath-taking acts of heroism as she needs to handle many people and many things at a single time.

All the young mothers participating on the show would take up the challenge and reveal their true parenting powers. Mothers along with the kids would be given different situations where they have to put the best part of their parenting skills to emerge as the winner. The winning pair would be given loads of surprise gifts and Vijay TV's "Super Mom" show would definitely prove to be a show that would strengthen mom-child relationship. Actress Kalyani would host the Super Mom show.

Vijay TV invites all young mothers to be a part of this fun-filled game show "Clinic plus Super Mom" that is all set to launch from April 05, 2010 and will air every Monday - Thursday at 2pm.

Kadhal Unplugged - Video, 11-04-2010, Part 2

Kadhal Unplugged - Video
April 11, 2010, Part 2

Kadhal Unplugged - Video, 11-04-2010, Part 1

Kadhal Unplugged - Video
April 11, 2010, Part 1

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