Friday, January 30, 2009

DD in KKK ;)

Divyadarshini is making her entry in Kana kaanum kaalangal.. she is not going to be part of the show for long term but comes into dance with the blue boys.. the serial is going interesting and make ppl to wait for blue boys to win something over red boys.. its only bcos almost all the viewers like blue boys more than the red ones.. with the dance competition getting near, blue boys who were not allowed to participate inthe contest thru their school gave the entry via private dance school & asked DD aka Divyadarshini to join their group... reason being there must be atleast 1 gal in the team..

Hero/Heroine Round..

Its hero and heroine round for the top 11 contestants of Ungalil Yaar Adutha Prabhudeva show.. with the competition heading towards top few ppl, the rounds & expectations of everyone had increased a lot.. it was announced that 1 contestant from this 11 will be eliminated in this round of the show & the rest 10 contestants should go further to next stage... In this round, actor Bharath comes in as special judge following the way of other actors and actresses. but I feel that Bharath is better choice than other actors who were bad in dancing and this guy had proved his dancing skills & he got opportunity in film Boys specially for his dancing..

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Ravi all the way...

Airtel Super Singer 2008 Villu special episode had music team of the film in the show & they were even judging the performance of the contestants.. it was Ajeesh to start the show with "theem thanaku thillana" and he was quite good.. Devi Sriprasad commented that the feel of song was missing.. then it was Renu with "Daddy mummy veetil illa" and it was Tippu immediately her performance saying that she was very different and great voice. More he said that she is almost a playback singer now.. Ravi followed her with Rocking performance with "saregama" and his performance got him the best performance title of the episode & flat TV as gift :)

Prasanna was the next contestant with "vaada maapula" and he was as always trying to get into the feel of song & imitate the voice of original...Ranjani followed with "nee paakavital" & got good comments from the judges...Rohit finally sang "Rama rama" and he was very soft with that song.. Tippu said.. "romba bavyama irukura hero introduction" ;)

House owners v/s Tenants

This week in Neeya Naana its going to be a very interesting topic.. and I hopt everyone will enjoy watching this show.. its the fight between house owners and the tenants... interesting, enjoyment be it on one side.. with the other part it would be an eye opener for the ppl to understand the difficulties. This will surely bring up the problems faced by house owners and the tenants & specifically make ppl learn more things..

Villu team again !!!

It was Villu team again in Star Vijay TV but the scope of the team was different.. it was the musical team that came to Airtel Super Singer show yesterday. The team was with music director Devi Sriprasad, playback singer Tippu and musician Amalraj...they were judges of yesterday's episode even.. Given that the Villu team had come, all the contestants were singing songs only from Villu film. The great element here was that the best performer would get a flat TV as gift and there is no elimination :) what else is required for the super 6 contestants..

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Koffee with S.Ve.Shekar & family

It will be S.Ve. Shekar & his family in this week's koffee with Anu.. I thought they would come soon bcos they were recently seen in Namma veetu kalyanam also. I am not sure whether his daughter would join the show but definitely the show will have S.Ve.Shekar, his wife and his son. The show will be interesting for sure..

Gift for Rahman... :)

with the show dedicated to A.R. Rahman and his songs there was a gift from the Super singer show to the legend. There was a guitar being signed by many great singers and by the contestants themselves. It was added with the famous & super hit song "jai ho" from Slumdog Millionaire movie by the super 6 contestants specially for Rahman.

Republic Day Special - 2

Airtel Super Singer 2008 Republic day special continued yesterday even in the show.. with 2 contestants still to sing the show started with Srinivas & Sujatha singing "muthal murai killipaarthen". It was Ranjani to start with competitive performance with her "ini acham acham illai" from indra and it was quite good.. then it was guest performance by Unnikrishnan with his all time favourite "ennavale adi ennavale". Prasanna was the final contestant and he was very good with "kanni katti kollathe" from iruvar. For a moment I thought he is going to get the guitar, the greatest gift which is considered greater than the super singer title itself..

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Its Ajeesh...

Ajeesh had won the guitar signed by the legend A.R. Rahman and what more he wants in his life ??? he was speechless when he was selected by the judges & I felt he was the best choice with this round's performance. It was close call between Prasanna and Ajeesh but it was the latter all the way to win the greatest prize of his life. There are rumours in net that Ajeesh had even got call from A.R. Rahman and got chance to sing in his music but waiting for the super singer to get over. not sure how true it is..

Nadanthathu Enna, 26-29 Jan 2009

On Jan 26, 2009: Thiruvannamalai temple devotees oppose to dig the pilgrimage hill for a subway. Cock fight still in practise - a live report.

On Jan 27, 2009: Girl murders her friend for a love affair (report from Trichy). The waiting line for marriage halls increase. .

On Jan 28, 2009: The increasing number of deaths on new moon day and the Peoples belief around it. A little girl who was married to a frog for the benefit of a village.

On Jan 29, 2008: The lover who loses his mind over his lost beloved. A true story that remind us of a movie 'Kadhal'.

Boys vs Girls

Vijay TV’s newest addition to its power packed lineup of weekend shows. With Jodi No.1 concluded in a grand finale, now following up in this time band is the all new Boys vs Girls.
After saying that boys and girls are on par in all the fields, fighting the same battle of survival against all odds at all ages. But the question still remains “who is the greater gender?”... we will find an answer to this mind boggling question... Vijay TV presents the biggest gender war for the first time ever on Tamil television. It is all set to tap this competitive spirit that exists between the two genders in an ultimate fight to glory.

7 gorgeous girls and 7 dashing boys from Tamil television screens form two groups; pitted against each other.

Abhinaya (child artiste),
Brinda Das,
Archana and
Devi Priya

are the beautiful women on the Girls team. While the Boys team has

Rinson (child artiste),
Dev and

The teams have captains too. George, the versatile actor known for his great sense of humor heads the Boys team. This show is set to have some unique themes like betting round, entertainment round, concept round, out of the box round, and much more where the participants will be put through difficult tasks and only the fittest will survive! The famous duo Deepak and DD are the faces who present the show in their chirpy manner.

Whose Guitar it would be ????

The surprise element in this round of Airtel Super Singer 2008 will be that the best singer of this round will be awarded with an autographed guitar of the legend A.R. Rahman. Everyone would dream to get that guitar for himself.. Also, there will not be any elimination in this round of the show this being the special show.

Republic Day Special - 1

Airtel Super Singer 2008 is with the republic day special this week and all the contestants will be performing the songs of the legend A.R. Rahman and that too "desabakti padalgal". Chinmayi was not there for the show and she would not be seen in Super Singer show from now .. :( saddest part of the day.. There were questions asked by each contestants to A.R. Rahman and he had answered them. whenever the contestant comes in to sing answers to his question was shown.

It was Ravi to start the show with "thai manne vanakam" and it was quite good.. his performance was followed by Renu with "malarodu malarkindra" from Bombay.. she was back with bang after few bad performances. Rohit's "thamizha thamizha" was not much impressive.. finally it was Ajeesh with "vellai pookal" from kannathil muthamittal. Ajeesh is very impressive in last few weeks and he will be a very good competitor for the super singer title..

Tribute to 'Mozart of Madras'

Republic Day is one of the most important days in Indian history as it was on this day the constitution of India came into force and India became a truly sovereign state. India celebrates its 59th Republic Day and to mark the greatness of this day Vijay TV has lined up some special programmes for its viewers.

The Super Singer contestants will pay tribute to the ‘Mozart of Madras’ – A.R.Rahman by singing songs from his composition. The contestants will get the rare chance to ask any questions to this great man and the legend himself will answer to the contestants’ queries. Along with the Mozart of Madras wishing the contestants, many celebrities and playback singers like Harini, Tippu, Karthik share some interesting aspects about the living legend, Rahman that is not known to the viewers till date.

By Chinmayi..

This is the post written by Chinmayi in her blog...

Monday, January 26, 2009

Miss you Chinmayi !!!!

Chinmaye has detached herself from Airtel super singer and will no more be a part of it. Her last program in Airtel super singer was on January 21st. Yuvan and Malini will take over from here and may be hosting the forthcoming Junior singer too. Both Chinmaye and Airtel super singer have been value adding mutually and it could be a loss for both though mostly for the latter. There are many who are inspired by Chinmaye's cool approach to anchoring and while using the remote, stick to Vijay when they see her face and hear her voice.

Her mother had written in her blog on January 10th that she was quitting. Well no one is indispensable but the frequent absence of chinmaye and substitution by Yugendran and Malini in the past few months only suggest that it was all as per plan made months ago. Both sides have been diplomatic and deny any other motive other than chinmaye's preoccupation with her pursuits and the longer than usual program series length, it is evident that not all was OK between them in near past.

Courtesy - Chennai TV News

Got a break..

It was a few days break for me.. I was away for the long weekend & dint had chance to look into the blog or post. Even, I dint see Vijay TV for quite some days until sunday :) but for sure I have got lot of things to post ;) it was a very nice long weekend.. I enjoyed a lot. Hope you guys had good time with Star Vijay programs for Republic day and several other new shows.
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