Saturday, December 27, 2008

Koffee with Bombay Jayashree & T.M. Krishna

This week's Koffee with Anu will have carnatic singers Bombay Jayashree & T.M.Krishna.. the show is set to have Jeyendra, the director of Margazhi Ragam.. I have heard Bombay jayashree & T.M.Krishna many times but dint had chance to listen to their concerts.. this concert which is released in theatres is a very good start to bring carnatic music to the next level.. I think Vijay TV is the media partner for this film.. is it film.. for this concert ;) Enjoy today's show with these ppl.. in mean time if you wanna to know more info about them.. visit their website..

Bombay Jayashri -
T.M.Krishna -

Margazhi Ragam - Carnatic Music moves beyond its boundary...

There are rare times when a classical art form moves past its well etched boundaries to present itself in a new medium with added sparkle and sheen. For Carnatic music this is that moment; the moment when timeless tradition chooses to don the attire of the times. The Kutcherry or the Carnatic Concert has now embraced the magic of cinema. For the first time ever, classical music of South India will beckon music lovers across the world from the silver screen - Margazhi Raagam.

Bombay Jayashri and T.M. Krishna come together in Margazhi Raagam to take this Chennai magic all over the world. Conceived and directed by Jayendra, with cinematography by P.C. Sreeram and audiography by H. Sridhar, this 110 minutes concert is set to change audience perception of live concerts, and open their eyes to a new musical experience. This concert, to be released in digital cinemas across the world, is sure to take Carnatic music beyond the conventional classical music audiences and reach people who love music from different cultures across the globe.

Cool Jeyanth @ UYAP

Cool Jeyanth was the special guest in Filmy funda round of Ungalil yaar adutha Prabhudeva.. it was Jeyanth who recomended 1 contestant for the next round & there was a drama between the judges in the show.... Sneha & Jeyanth were the special judge and guest for the show. I also heard that Cool Jeyanth is acting into movies even..

Friday, December 26, 2008

Paadum Office is back !!!

Star Vijay TV is now ready for its second season of Paadum Office. The show was launced last November 2007 & this time even its going be with more fun & excitement. Leading corporate companies will showcase their talents.. the companies include..CTS, TCS, ABN AMRO, Infosys etc, Caterpillar, Lister..

This time the show will have like - Each company will sing in categories like classical vocal solo (male and female), popular music vocal solo ((film based popular solo songs male and female), popular music (orchestra), Western music vocal solo (male and female categories) and Western music team (band). The show is hosted by Balaji who was one of the finalists of Paadum Office in 2007. He is also an upcoming playback singer who has rendered his voice for the recent super hit song, 'Surangani' from the film 'Pandhayam'.

Judges would be - Dheena, James Vasanthan, playback singers Chinmayi, Naresh Iyer, Uma Maheshwari (classical), Chengai Vaidyanathan and many more.Do not miss out on this one-hour non-stop excitement on Paadum Office starting December 28, 2008 every Sunday 7:00pm.

Thirandidu Sesame

I have seen some episodes of Thirandhudu sesaeme earlier but not for quite sometime.. the show was interesting early on but later I dint enjoy the show much. vijay Adhiraj does very good job anchoring the show.. Here is what the show does..

The concept of this big-ticket game show is very simple! Few contestants from a LIVE studio audience will be chosen by the host to play the game. In the course of the game, the contestants will be made to choose any one door or walk away with the prizes offered along the way. But, what lies behind the door is the question... The magical door could have anything from gold to clothes… home appliances to a car… Or NOTHING at all! If luck is at their end, all of this could be theirs for the taking.

Check the entry form here

Filmy funda...

Amul's Ungalil yaar adutha Prabhudeva is with Filmy funda round this week in which the contestants had to perform for their story.. and the judges expect the story to be proper & complete.. Punnagai ilavarasi Sneha had joined the judge panel & seems to have lot of drama left for today ;) I think in this show, the producers should have judges who are really good in dancing.. atleast in this stage of the competition.. The contestants are very very talented and I am amazed seeing the way they dance.. uhh.. but the comments of the judges are very bad as always.. they are very harsh on the ppl.

Whats in Kodambakkam Iskool

This sitcom is based around an evening school especially for the “grown up” dedicated to teach Tamil; situated right in the heart of Kollywood. People from various linguistic backgrounds sign up to learn Tamil! Need we to say that it’s natural for these students to aspire to be actors than scholars…!! Headed by a strict principal who knows no excuses… this is a class room of chaos.A variety of comedy acts will be featured in the show when these students try “to learn and speak proper Tamil. The show’s host and the ‘master’ who teaches them to speak Tamil is none other than Swaminathan who has appeared in ‘Lollu saba’ shows. The Kodambakkam Iskool team will resemble and mimic the popular stars and the Kalakkapovathu Yaaru winner Sivakarthikeyan joins the team in making this show a laugh riot which no one will want to miss on weekends! Half an hour of non stop comedy in Kodambakkam Iskool. Tune in for some great comedy every Saturday at 7 pm only on VIJAY.
Courtesy : vijay.india

Better parents for kids - Mother or Father?

This week again its going to be a healthy topic in Neeya Naana.. its about the better parent - is it father or the mother ????? these days you could see that fathers are taking care of their kids very well & I feel its the neutral these days.. you cant differentiate parenting between the father & mother bcos both play very important part... most importantly do their best for the kids...

Current teachers - are they competent??

Last week's Neeya Naana had a good topic on current teachers and their competency... interestingly its between the students Vs teachers. thank god they dint had parents Vs teachers that would not have brought this topic to much detail... Both the sides were blaming each other & I think teachers had more valid points n reasons.. and we know what really happens in most of the classes. I would not save that teachers are not competent but I feel the in whole arnd 10-30% of teachers are not competent in subject matters.

It was sad that teachers were not updating themselves with information & they struggled when asked which Indian won the booker award.. Gopinath had the student realized for his words.. when he said "thats their job" which is really offending the teachers.. It was a really a good topic to speak on..

Best of Airtel Super Singer Junior - 4

Best of Airtel Super Singer Junior - 3

Best of Airtel Super Singer Junior - 2

JN 1 Season 3 Final Judgement moments...

I thought it would be good to have judgement show moments..

Best of Airtel Super Singer Junior - 1

Koffee with Anu K.J. Yesudas - Christmas Special

Did KKK helped Michael/Hema ??

Michael/Hema jodi won the Jodi No 1 title in this season 3 of the show... I wished Sanjay/Pooja to win the title and followed by Michael/Hema jodi. But, to the surprise Michael/Hema won the title by margin of 86 votes.. Michael is a very good dancer.. he deserves this award.. but to me Sanjay was close to heart than Michael ;) I think that the viewers of Kana Kaanum kaalangal would have voted for Michael/Hema for sure & that is what made difference.... any say ???

Memorable Shows/Serials Series, Nayyandi Darbar

Nayyandi Durbar, one of the famouse talk show which ran for many years in Vijay TV is said to be in all time very good programs of Vijay TV. Yuhi Sethu, the anchor of the show used to speak with celebrities & ask them questions.. he used to be too fast & used to make fun on the answers.. I liked the show very much & I was a very big fan of Yuhi Sethu.

I could say that this appearance made him popular and even got him chance in film "Panchathanthiram". Later he appeared in few more films.. he used to appear in Vijay Awards in anchoring the show.. I really wish Nayyandi Durbar to be back in Vijay TV.. :)

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Awarded to Sujatha !!!

We all know that playback singer Sujatha was introduced by the legend K.J. Yesudas.. and he saw Sujatha singing from her age of 5. Sujatha had been singing with the legend for quite a long time. In the Koffee with Anu special show, Yesudas said that Sujatha would cry seeing the show itself :) and finally when the koffee award section came.. he gave the award to Sujatha herself !!!!

Something about legend K. J. Yesudas

Kattassery Joseph Yesudas, One of the greatest South Indian musicians of all times, was born on January 10, 1940 in Fort Cochin, the ancient port city of Kerala. His father Mr. Augustine Joseph Bagavathor, was a well known malayalam classical musician and stage actor of his time . His mother, Mrs. Alikkutty Joseph, devoted her time and energy in bringing up her children. In his childhood Yesudas had to face a great deal of hardships because of the meager financial resources of his parents. His father could recognize the boy’s musical talent at a very young age and decided to provide him musical education at any cost. Augustine Bhagavathor himself was his first music Guru. The boy was taught the fundamentals of Carnatic music at the tender age of five. Indian music world soon began to witness the appearance of a new bright star in the horizon. Later several music teachers in and around Cochin gave him valuable guidance he was seeking. It is his passion for music, hard work and dedication that created the musical legend we call Yesudas or more intimately "Dasettan".


K.J. Yesudas all the way !!!!

Is he really 68 years old ?? I could not believe it.. when we see him it doesnt show that he is 68 yrs old & his voice is still the same :) What a wonderful singer.. you could not imagine anyone better for Anu to meet with Koffee on a Chirstmas eve. Yesudas joined Anu with his wife, son Vijay and daughter in law Dharshana..

When the legend Yesudas was telling about his past.. and the time when he was struggling I felt very bad & almost all the famouse legends been under this kind of time in their life. When he said.. he ran ends of the chennai city for Rs.700 I almost had tears in my eyes.. When Vijay Yesudas came into the show with his wife Dharshana the show became very interesting. I dont have words to put in this post about the Yesudas.. I think its better I put in the video of the show instead.. so that we can see it again.. atleast few times..

Image courtesy : BehindWoods

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Koffee with K.J. Yesudas & Family

Koffee with Anu special episode on Christmas day will have the legend K.J. Yesudas with his family.. This is really a special for us... I like Yesudas a lot & I would love to hear his songs forever.. Will post once seeing the show.. Dont miss it.

Christmas Programs

Star Vijay's Christmas special programs

25th December, 2008

8.00 AM : Christmas Nal Vaazthukkal
10.00 AM : Koffee with Anu special
11.30 AM : Santa Clause - Hollywood movie
5.00 PM : Jingle Bells
6.00 PM : Chinna Chinna Aasai. Namitha meeting her fans.
9.00 PM : Ungalil yaar adutha Prabhudeva starring Sneha.

It will be Iman's marriage in Namma veetu kalyanam this week..

Neha Basin again ;)

It was first of the kind with special performers giving multiple performance in 1 round of Airtel Super Singer 2008.. Neha Basin came back on the 3rd day of the rounds with her "ikluk ikluk" hindi number.. i was not familiar with that song but her dance was awesome.. i really think how she could dance that good & sing even.. :)

Favourite Songs..

All the 4 waitlisted candidates were asked to sing any of their favourite song to impress the judges.. the show started with Prasanna singing "En kaadale en kaadale" from Duet & he himself judged his singing & the same was repeated by the judges... Then came Ajeesh who ROCKED with "kaiyil mithakum kanava nee" from Ratchagan.. It was a very very good performance & he really ROCKED the stage...Aruna was very clever in her choice of song selection with "mannavan vanthaanadi thozhi" which will suit her very well.. Vijay's "uyirum neeye udalum neeye" was quite good..

8 In, 1 Out

There is 1 elimination being done from the 9 contestants of the Airtel Super Singer 2008. Now, its left with 8 ppl goin on for the next round of the competition. Aruna is the only person to get eliminated in this tribute to commercial movies round of the show. With 4 contestants in waiting list,Aruna & Prasanna were the last two in danger zone after their favourite perforamances.. Judges took call on Aruna & decided to eliminate her.. She is a good singer and we will miss her for sure !!!

Waitlisted !!!

Tribute to commercial movies round of the Airtel Super Singer 2008 now has 4 contestants in waiting list/red alert/danger zone & they wil have another round of performance to choose best amongst them.. Aruna is the one female in the list & Prasanna, Vijay & Ajeesh are the others..

Warm hero intro..

Yesterday's Super Singer had all the 5 guys completing their performances with the hero introduction round.. this week of the show is tribute to commercial movies.. Ravi was very very good with his "karka karka" from Vettayadu vilayadu. Ajeesh was even good with "Singa nadai pottu sigarathil yeru" but judges comment was he got to have open singing... Prasanna's "aadungada enna suthi" was quite good but in some places he was missing the originality of the song. Rohit had a good comeback in this round with his "devuda devuda ezhumalai devuda".

I was thinking wats gonna happen after this episode bcos we still have wednesday's episode.. then came the judges selecting Ravi & Rohit for next round and others are in waiting list...

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Item Numbers got over !!!

In yesterday's show of Airtel Super Singer 2008 being dedicated to commercial movies, all 4 women contestants completed their performance... their item numbers were really good & we will have the rest 5 guys with hero introduction songs today and tomorrow... it was Raghini to start the singing with "kodaana kodi" from saroja and it was quite okay.. the dancers were very good for this song ;)

Renu's "Machakari machakari" was very good and it was a very neat performance.. judges even said the same way.. it was followed with ROCKING Ranjani with her "Thoothu varuma" and it was mind blowing performance.. Aruna was quite disappointing sterday with her "may matham 98il" and she is now in red alert/danger/waitlisting zone ;) and it was Ranjani with the best performance of the day...

Monday, December 22, 2008

Dedicated to Commercial movies...

Airtel Super Singer 2008 now has 9 contestants in the competition.. having said that this round of the show is being dedicated to commercial movies... so the male contestants are going to rock with hero introduction songs & female contestants with item numbers ;)
When the show started with this round all the judges were singing their favourite item number & the hero introduction song...

Sneha in Ungalil Yaar Adutha Prabhudeva

Punnagai actress Sneha is appearing as the judge in this week's Amul's Ungalil Yaar Adutha Prabhudeva.... Sneha is becoming glam doll from homely gal ;) and now in this show she comes up in red skirt & performs a rocking dance steps.. And its not over with it.. the promos shows that there is some misunderstanding between judges & chief guests and Sneha goes off in the midst of the show....

Neha Bhasin @ SS

Playback singer Neha Bhasin was back in Airtel Super Singer for a sizzling performance.. she was dancing with her "sey ethavathu sey" & entertaining all of us... I have seen her in Isai kudumbam earlier where she gave similar performance.. She gave the start for this week's show..

Uma Padmanabhan for Kids special..

In Pigeon's Samayal Samayal it was Uma Padmanabhan & her friend Rani came into the contest again Sairam & his wife... Devadarshini was quite happy in having a stronger team but this team was not just enough to beat Sairam & co. The topic was Kids special & both the teams had quite a different choice of foods that the kids would really love to have. I was thinking that Uma's team would stop Sairam team's dream run but it was not so... I had a feel that the chef was quite biased. it was quite bad that he was amazed seeing potato inside appalam... I think that made him to select Sairam for the next round.

Uma team's preparation, naming of the dish & presentation were too good.. anyone would love to eat them when they see it itself... Their colourful sandwich & Casata dosa still in my mind...

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Pa Vijay & Iman...

Last week's Namma veetu kalyanam had lyricist Pa Vijay's marriage.. earlier when the show was brought up I thought it would be just for hero & heroines but now I feel that this program would go for quite long time and there would be lot of celebrities to see on..
On 27th December it would be Iman's marriage and it would be a Christmas special program.. I dint had a chance to see this week's show but I should somehow see the next one atleast..

Hero intro & Item numbers..

This week's Airtel Super Singer 2008 will be funfilled with hero introduction songs by men & item number songs by women... Cool... The promos show that all the men are in black coloured dress.. Ranjani's "thoothu varuma" & Ravi's "karka karka" were in ads & it seems they both were too good..

Its Michael-Hema...

Season 3 of Jodi No 1 title winner is Michael-Hema jodi.. they were closely followed by Sanjay-Pooja.. and the margin of victory was just 86 votes !!! its sad that there was no announcement of no of votes being casted for them..I was expecting Sanjay/Pooja to win the title but it was not.... I am happy for Michael-Hema pair to win the title.. Best wishes for them..
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