Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Star Vijay Nite in UK

UK is getting ready for the Star Vijay Nite programmed on Saturday, October 08, 2011. This will be a LIVE show for the UK people, so get ready for this musical extravaganza. I am sure this show from Vijay TV will be a treat to watch given the musicians who are attending this event. Earlier Vijay TV had the Star Vijay Nite in Dubai with Sneha and Vikram as the chief guests but for this show in UK no actors has been committed yet. Since they have time for next 3 weeks, Star Vijay TV might negotiate with leading actors to get into the show.

The star Vijay Nite in UK will have Shankar Mahadevan, Hariharan, Sujatha Mohan, Swetha Mohan, Karthik and Ranina Reddy giving Live performances. The show will start at 5.30 PM on October 8th. Tickets for the show starts at £30 for adults with VIP ticket being priced at £100. I think the tickets will take a while to get sold out but make sure you get them early.

Show venue:
King Edwards Road
B1 2AA

I am sure the Super singer 3 title winner along with the top level contestants with yesteryears contestants will be adding more flavour to the show. Its good that Vijay TV conducts these live shows outside India to attract people. This might be one of the reason for Vijay TV to be the top tamil/south Indian television channel.

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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Michael, Vandana married..

Vijay TV Jodi No 1 winner and Boys Vs Girls contestant Michael got married with the Boys Vs Girls contestant Vandana.. I was surprised to hear this but later found few photos of the wedding in fb..

My hearty wishes to the couple and did it all started with the Boys vs Girls sets ??? :)

Monday, September 12, 2011

Saravanan Meenatchi starts today

After a great success from En Peyar Meenatchi and Madurai Vijay TV is back with next similar genre mega serial titled "Saravanan Meenatchi". All these serials sounds to be very unique and has successfully got into hearts of the viewers. Saravanan Meenatchi started today and will be aired Monday to Friday at 8.30 PM, the prime time for the television channels and for Vijay TV. I think Vijay TV is set to bang other channels to get an upper hand during this prime time for ther serials.

In the promotional video of "Saravanan Meenatchi", they say "A journey from marriage to love". The story is around the hero and heroine of the serial, Saravanan and Meenatchi. These roles are played by Mirchi Senthil and Sreeja. Senthil acts as a chennai based RJ (yeah, he is RJ in real life too) and Saravanan likes to live and loves life, enjoying every moment of his life. On the other hand, Meenatchi is from a small town near Tirunelveli and works as a teacher. She is independent but has all qualities of a village girl. Story starts similar to En Perya Meenatchi but while visiting the girls house itself instead of marriage. Things go wrong between families which bring up enemity amongst them which spoils the wedding. The story will go ahead as the movie "Dum Dum Dum" where after the wedding gets cancelled they get into love and convince their families to get married.

Since it would become like a remake, this story has something more onto it. After marriage, the couple get into trouble with difference of opinion and involve their families to resolve the issues. But, how they cope up with the change and resolve the differences/issues gets into the climax of the story. I think this will be an another super hit serial of Vijay TV.

Mirchi Senthil


Story, Screenplay, Dialogue


Sunday, September 11, 2011

Vijay TV for International viewers

Star Vijay TV has been one of the top tamil channels and its viewership has been steadily increasing. They are meant to be the trendsetter in the television shows with their stupendous reality shows which bring more viewers. I always had in mind how would it matter for the international viewers. Vijay TV always had huge international contestants and its the popular channel amongst the tamil television channels in the international level. Its interesting that Vijay TVs serials are also becoming popular these days as compared to Sun TV.

But, the channel sadly doesnt aired in real time to the international viewers. They always get the shows delayed by a week. Yes, by one week. The shows are narrowed to less than 50% of what we see in India and then further the shows are delayed by a week. Star Vijay TV is still telecasting the wild card round in other countries and will continue in this week even. This makes the international viewers to watch the shows/programs online wherever available to satisfy the curiosity. Star Vijay TV is now available in many countries including Americas, European countries, South Africa, many  asian countries. While they increase the availability to many more countries, I also suggest them to bring certain shows in realtime with the Indian relaytime. This will bring them more viewers to subscribe for their channels. I certainly think many of the viewers just keep it to internet to watch the programs just because the shows are non-real time and they could see it well in advance for free. If the vijay TV is available completely then the subscribers count will increase for sure.

Also, Vijay TV can start On-demand shows with the provider which will also bring more revenue and ease for the viewers to watch their shows at their convenient time. With the internet providing everything for us, its difficult to bring in viewers to watch in TV but if the infrastrucutre is avialable, things will improve soon.
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