Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Airtel Super Singer - New Year Special

Today we will have 3 hours of non-stop entertainment.. the show will have leading singers from the filmdom - Naresh Iyer, Vijay Yesudas, Benny Dayal, Mahathi, Singers of ‘Where is the party ‘ – Mukesh & Priyadarshini along with Ramya, Maya, Nikhil Mathew, Belly Raj, Deepa Maria, Haricharan.. music composer James Vasanthan will also participate in the new year bash.
Small screen celebrities Divya Darshini, Uma Padmanabhan, Chetan, Sairam, Yugendran and Hemamalini are also set to be a part of this grand entertainment... Last but not least the contestants of show will also be the part of this super duper episode.. they start at 9 PM and go on till the new year bell... enjoy the party tonite..

Simbu @ UYAP

On January 02, 2009 Amul Ungalil Yaar Adutha Prabhu Dheva the 12 contestants (7 boys and 5 girls) of the competition will fight out for their spot to the next round.. Actor Silambarasan aka Simbu will be part of the show & its expected that the contestants perform for the songs from Silambattam film.. ‘Where is the party’, ‘Vechukava unna mattum’, ‘Nallam thana’ might be songs they choose..

New Year Programs Schedule

December 31, 2008

Back 2 Back Hollywood blockbuster films
10 AM - ‘Air Buddies’
1 PM - ‘Rob B Hood’
4 PM - The Breed’

9 PM - Airtel Super Singer - New Year Special (3 hours show)

New Year Day – January 01, 2009

5.30 AM - ‘Mangala Isai’
Nadaswara Vidwan P.V.Shanmugam & CO gives feast for all the viewers

6.00 AM - ‘Arulurai’
7.00 AM - ‘Aandu Palan’

8.00 AM - Ideal Pressure Cooker Sirappu Pattimandram.
The topic of debate is “Should India grow as a democratic or autocratic nation?”

9.00 AM - Idhayam Mantra Koffee with Anu Season 2 New Year special.
The guests are famous tamil writer Balakumaran and politician Ila. Ganesan.

10.00 AM - Lion Dates Syrup Neeya Naana New Year special.
Topic: Is it fair to adopt violence or follow ahimsa to put an end to the social problems across the world

11.00 AM - ‘Prakash Raj - Appavum Naanum’.
Actor Prakash Raj speaks about the beautiful relationship between a father & children

12.00 PM - ‘A.R.Murugadoss udan meendum ghajini uruvana kadhai’.
Interview with director A.R.Murugadoss & actor Amir Khan, they speak about the making of the Hindi blockbuster film, Ghajini starring Aamir Khan and Asin.

1.00 PM - ‘Nambiyar – The real hero’
Actors from the tinsel town pay tribute the great hero and speak about his contribution to Tamil cinema. The man known for being a popular villain in films lived his life as a super hero and has set a good example for all.

2.00 PM - ‘Simbuvin Silambattam’

3.00 PM - Hollywood blockbuster film Speed 2

Speak Out...

Speak Out.. this is what Gopinath says in Nadanthathu enna this week.. interestingly this week's doesnt have any particular case rather various issues that we have been into for quite long time.. the series of problems that the public face.. from getting house for rent, conditions being put by house owners, auto rickshaw & their charges which doesnt change after being put lot of rules, violating traffic rules, 2-wheelers riding without helmet, crossing railway gates when the gate is closed, throwing garbage in roads & few more.. we the people must take initiative on few of these things & act properly to make our city better..

None Eliminated.. 0 Out, 8 In

There was surprisingly no elimination to the contestants in the Emotions round of Airtel Super Singer 2008... since there is going to be a special show tonite... the emotion round got over in 2 days itself. judges wanted to end the 2008 with happy note & thats the reason for no elimination being done.. Rohit & Prasanna were the top 2 performers in this round. I felt Raghini & Vijay would have been in red alert zone if they have gone ahead..

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Emotions Round..

Emotions round of Airtel Super Singer 2008 got over yesterday.. today there will be a special show in the Super Singer so the round got over.. Rohit started yestrerday's show and he was very good in both of his songs.. "unakkena iruppen" from kadhal and "kalakalakalamaaga kadhalukku naangal arpanam" from Punnagai mannan.. Renu followed him with "enge enathu kavithai" & "vaan megam".. she was quite good.. she lost it in 1 song alone..

Prasanna was the star of the day with Rohit.. he started with sad emotional song "vaazhve maayam" & rocked with "madai thiranthu". Last was Ranjani with her "evano oruvan vaasikiraan" & "naalaam naalaam thirunaalaam".. the second one was quite good.. All were happening after the great director Balu Mahendra gave a guest appearance in the show..

Balu Mahendra @ Super Singer

Director Balu Mahendra was present yesterday in the emotion round of Airtel Super Singer.. it was a sudden guest appearance by the great director... he said that he came to the studio to show how shooting happens to his cousin from Canada & it happened that Airtel Super Singer show shoot was in progress.. he said that he likes the show a lot & his favourite singers are there as judges. For him the crew sang "En iniya pon nilaave" which was his first song being composed by legend Ilayaraja..

Balakumaaran & Ila Ganesan

Famous writer Balakumaaran & BJP leader Ila Ganesan will be the guests in Koffee with Anu New year special episode... Balakumaaran, whom I have admired a lot, has written more than 150 novels, over 100 short stories & dialogue/screenplay for more than 15 films. Seems he is fondly called as Ezhuthu Sithar by his fans.. In the promotional ad, Ila Ganesan tells that "anyone who had read any story/novel of Balakumaaran will know how to respect women".. i have heard that his stories are very very good & make the reader feel good..I am excited to see the show...

Back 2 Back

Star Vijay is up with back to back hollywood films today (is it today or friday ??).. there are going to be 3 films -

Air Buddies @ 10 AM
Rob-b-hood @ 1 PM
The Breed @ 4 PM

Enjoy back to back films..

Emotionally Started..

Anuradha Sriram joined the judges panel & she came to show singing "ennadi soodamani" from Pammal K Sanbandham.. this was after she was requested by Chinmayi.. Ravi was the first contestant & he ROCKED the stage with "rumbum bum aarambum" and his "uyire uyire" from bombay was even good.. but judges commented that it dint had the feel fully.. Raghini followed him with "unnai kaanatha kannum kannala" & "shakala baby".. i felt both were quite okay and not so great.. for a moment i thought she would be eliminated if all others perform well..

Vijay narayan was even quite similar to Raghini.. he sang "thirupachi aruvala" where he missed the lyrics few places.. and his "vellai pookkal" made him better.. Finally it was Ajeesh.. he was too good in both of his songs.. "poongaatre konjam" from friends and "mustafa mustafa".. i wish Ajeesh comes into top 2 of the contest.. judges commented that his first song was not so goood... let see how others do today..

Monday, December 29, 2008

Whats in Emotions Round...

Emotions Round of Airtel Super Singer had started in a very high note..This round is about expressing the feel of the song and how well the emotions comes out. the main thing Anuradha Sriram said was, not to get emotional but the way they sing will make the audiance emotional.. that was a good point.. Each contestant sings 2 songs and with different emotions.. most probably they will be singing songs of contrasting emotions..

Anuradha Shriram back again..

Anuradha Shriram is back in Airtel Super Singer 2008... she had joined the judges Unnikrishnan & Srinivas replacing playback singer Sujatha. I think Super Singer team should change all the judges.. its been the same judges for quite long time & for many rounds of the competition. this mite make them biased to few contestants even ;)

Too much difference..

In Ippadiku Rose last week, the topic was about the issues of the marital life of husband/wife with more age difference... I have seen some of them with more difference in my life but I never felt that they would have such difficulties in their marital life.... and its true that not many ppl come up and speak about this much.. the show had the women who got married to guy who is 13 yrs elder than her... I felt bad for her.. but I wish her husband knows these issues earlier otherwise this show would become a nightmare in their life...

Men are actively involved in parenting !!!

The show is said to be an eye opener and this time it was really so.. these days men are very actively involved in parenting & the way men spoke.. they were even better than women in few cases ;).. just for fun.. its always mother who has lot of responsibilites & care on child and men are not with much difference from women.. Actor Thalaivasal Vijay & Dr. Kamala Selvaraj were the chief guests in the show..

I liked the way the parents imitated their kids and they were very natural... these brings many of our memories.. Everyone has to agree that both of the parents give more importance these days to their kids & they take care of them atmost. the days of father doesnt know what the kid is donig - this situation faded away quite earlier..

Emotions Round...

This week of Airtel Super Singer will have 8 contestants fighting to move up in the contest... Its going to be emotions round & the promos look good as always.. but this time it shows everyone being called & said that they had somethink lacking in their performance... and i guess its going to be this way from now in the show.. the promos show Ravi singing "uyire uyire", Ajeesh with "mustafa mustafa.. dont worry mustafa". Lets see them tonight...

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Bombay Jayashri & T.M. Krishna..

I was amazed seeing the koffee with Anu program last week.. what a kind of achievement these guys had done.. really looks great.. they have written book on carnatic music and they dint had publishers. i was disappointed to hear that.. both jayashri & krishna have been doing some of their recent projects together & this being a film they had choice of songs.. also they had lot of inputs on the output...

We have been hearing about Shridar's work with audio of the films.. and this film in particular should be challenging for him since the singers dint want the microphone even.. all in all this film will portrait the carnatic singers & the nunukam of the way they sing.. I have heard much about jayashri earlier but not about T.M.Krishna.. the way they have contributed to carnatic music.. its mindblowing.. great work to be admired..

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Koffee with Bombay Jayashree & T.M. Krishna

This week's Koffee with Anu will have carnatic singers Bombay Jayashree & T.M.Krishna.. the show is set to have Jeyendra, the director of Margazhi Ragam.. I have heard Bombay jayashree & T.M.Krishna many times but dint had chance to listen to their concerts.. this concert which is released in theatres is a very good start to bring carnatic music to the next level.. I think Vijay TV is the media partner for this film.. is it film.. for this concert ;) Enjoy today's show with these ppl.. in mean time if you wanna to know more info about them.. visit their website..

Bombay Jayashri -
T.M.Krishna -

Margazhi Ragam - Carnatic Music moves beyond its boundary...

There are rare times when a classical art form moves past its well etched boundaries to present itself in a new medium with added sparkle and sheen. For Carnatic music this is that moment; the moment when timeless tradition chooses to don the attire of the times. The Kutcherry or the Carnatic Concert has now embraced the magic of cinema. For the first time ever, classical music of South India will beckon music lovers across the world from the silver screen - Margazhi Raagam.

Bombay Jayashri and T.M. Krishna come together in Margazhi Raagam to take this Chennai magic all over the world. Conceived and directed by Jayendra, with cinematography by P.C. Sreeram and audiography by H. Sridhar, this 110 minutes concert is set to change audience perception of live concerts, and open their eyes to a new musical experience. This concert, to be released in digital cinemas across the world, is sure to take Carnatic music beyond the conventional classical music audiences and reach people who love music from different cultures across the globe.

Cool Jeyanth @ UYAP

Cool Jeyanth was the special guest in Filmy funda round of Ungalil yaar adutha Prabhudeva.. it was Jeyanth who recomended 1 contestant for the next round & there was a drama between the judges in the show.... Sneha & Jeyanth were the special judge and guest for the show. I also heard that Cool Jeyanth is acting into movies even..

Friday, December 26, 2008

Paadum Office is back !!!

Star Vijay TV is now ready for its second season of Paadum Office. The show was launced last November 2007 & this time even its going be with more fun & excitement. Leading corporate companies will showcase their talents.. the companies include..CTS, TCS, ABN AMRO, Infosys etc, Caterpillar, Lister..

This time the show will have like - Each company will sing in categories like classical vocal solo (male and female), popular music vocal solo ((film based popular solo songs male and female), popular music (orchestra), Western music vocal solo (male and female categories) and Western music team (band). The show is hosted by Balaji who was one of the finalists of Paadum Office in 2007. He is also an upcoming playback singer who has rendered his voice for the recent super hit song, 'Surangani' from the film 'Pandhayam'.

Judges would be - Dheena, James Vasanthan, playback singers Chinmayi, Naresh Iyer, Uma Maheshwari (classical), Chengai Vaidyanathan and many more.Do not miss out on this one-hour non-stop excitement on Paadum Office starting December 28, 2008 every Sunday 7:00pm.

Thirandidu Sesame

I have seen some episodes of Thirandhudu sesaeme earlier but not for quite sometime.. the show was interesting early on but later I dint enjoy the show much. vijay Adhiraj does very good job anchoring the show.. Here is what the show does..

The concept of this big-ticket game show is very simple! Few contestants from a LIVE studio audience will be chosen by the host to play the game. In the course of the game, the contestants will be made to choose any one door or walk away with the prizes offered along the way. But, what lies behind the door is the question... The magical door could have anything from gold to clothes… home appliances to a car… Or NOTHING at all! If luck is at their end, all of this could be theirs for the taking.

Check the entry form here

Filmy funda...

Amul's Ungalil yaar adutha Prabhudeva is with Filmy funda round this week in which the contestants had to perform for their story.. and the judges expect the story to be proper & complete.. Punnagai ilavarasi Sneha had joined the judge panel & seems to have lot of drama left for today ;) I think in this show, the producers should have judges who are really good in dancing.. atleast in this stage of the competition.. The contestants are very very talented and I am amazed seeing the way they dance.. uhh.. but the comments of the judges are very bad as always.. they are very harsh on the ppl.

Whats in Kodambakkam Iskool

This sitcom is based around an evening school especially for the “grown up” dedicated to teach Tamil; situated right in the heart of Kollywood. People from various linguistic backgrounds sign up to learn Tamil! Need we to say that it’s natural for these students to aspire to be actors than scholars…!! Headed by a strict principal who knows no excuses… this is a class room of chaos.A variety of comedy acts will be featured in the show when these students try “to learn and speak proper Tamil. The show’s host and the ‘master’ who teaches them to speak Tamil is none other than Swaminathan who has appeared in ‘Lollu saba’ shows. The Kodambakkam Iskool team will resemble and mimic the popular stars and the Kalakkapovathu Yaaru winner Sivakarthikeyan joins the team in making this show a laugh riot which no one will want to miss on weekends! Half an hour of non stop comedy in Kodambakkam Iskool. Tune in for some great comedy every Saturday at 7 pm only on VIJAY.
Courtesy : vijay.india

Better parents for kids - Mother or Father?

This week again its going to be a healthy topic in Neeya Naana.. its about the better parent - is it father or the mother ????? these days you could see that fathers are taking care of their kids very well & I feel its the neutral these days.. you cant differentiate parenting between the father & mother bcos both play very important part... most importantly do their best for the kids...

Current teachers - are they competent??

Last week's Neeya Naana had a good topic on current teachers and their competency... interestingly its between the students Vs teachers. thank god they dint had parents Vs teachers that would not have brought this topic to much detail... Both the sides were blaming each other & I think teachers had more valid points n reasons.. and we know what really happens in most of the classes. I would not save that teachers are not competent but I feel the in whole arnd 10-30% of teachers are not competent in subject matters.

It was sad that teachers were not updating themselves with information & they struggled when asked which Indian won the booker award.. Gopinath had the student realized for his words.. when he said "thats their job" which is really offending the teachers.. It was a really a good topic to speak on..

Best of Airtel Super Singer Junior - 4

Best of Airtel Super Singer Junior - 3

Best of Airtel Super Singer Junior - 2

JN 1 Season 3 Final Judgement moments...

I thought it would be good to have judgement show moments..

Best of Airtel Super Singer Junior - 1

Koffee with Anu K.J. Yesudas - Christmas Special

Did KKK helped Michael/Hema ??

Michael/Hema jodi won the Jodi No 1 title in this season 3 of the show... I wished Sanjay/Pooja to win the title and followed by Michael/Hema jodi. But, to the surprise Michael/Hema won the title by margin of 86 votes.. Michael is a very good dancer.. he deserves this award.. but to me Sanjay was close to heart than Michael ;) I think that the viewers of Kana Kaanum kaalangal would have voted for Michael/Hema for sure & that is what made difference.... any say ???

Memorable Shows/Serials Series, Nayyandi Darbar

Nayyandi Durbar, one of the famouse talk show which ran for many years in Vijay TV is said to be in all time very good programs of Vijay TV. Yuhi Sethu, the anchor of the show used to speak with celebrities & ask them questions.. he used to be too fast & used to make fun on the answers.. I liked the show very much & I was a very big fan of Yuhi Sethu.

I could say that this appearance made him popular and even got him chance in film "Panchathanthiram". Later he appeared in few more films.. he used to appear in Vijay Awards in anchoring the show.. I really wish Nayyandi Durbar to be back in Vijay TV.. :)

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Awarded to Sujatha !!!

We all know that playback singer Sujatha was introduced by the legend K.J. Yesudas.. and he saw Sujatha singing from her age of 5. Sujatha had been singing with the legend for quite a long time. In the Koffee with Anu special show, Yesudas said that Sujatha would cry seeing the show itself :) and finally when the koffee award section came.. he gave the award to Sujatha herself !!!!

Something about legend K. J. Yesudas

Kattassery Joseph Yesudas, One of the greatest South Indian musicians of all times, was born on January 10, 1940 in Fort Cochin, the ancient port city of Kerala. His father Mr. Augustine Joseph Bagavathor, was a well known malayalam classical musician and stage actor of his time . His mother, Mrs. Alikkutty Joseph, devoted her time and energy in bringing up her children. In his childhood Yesudas had to face a great deal of hardships because of the meager financial resources of his parents. His father could recognize the boy’s musical talent at a very young age and decided to provide him musical education at any cost. Augustine Bhagavathor himself was his first music Guru. The boy was taught the fundamentals of Carnatic music at the tender age of five. Indian music world soon began to witness the appearance of a new bright star in the horizon. Later several music teachers in and around Cochin gave him valuable guidance he was seeking. It is his passion for music, hard work and dedication that created the musical legend we call Yesudas or more intimately "Dasettan".


K.J. Yesudas all the way !!!!

Is he really 68 years old ?? I could not believe it.. when we see him it doesnt show that he is 68 yrs old & his voice is still the same :) What a wonderful singer.. you could not imagine anyone better for Anu to meet with Koffee on a Chirstmas eve. Yesudas joined Anu with his wife, son Vijay and daughter in law Dharshana..

When the legend Yesudas was telling about his past.. and the time when he was struggling I felt very bad & almost all the famouse legends been under this kind of time in their life. When he said.. he ran ends of the chennai city for Rs.700 I almost had tears in my eyes.. When Vijay Yesudas came into the show with his wife Dharshana the show became very interesting. I dont have words to put in this post about the Yesudas.. I think its better I put in the video of the show instead.. so that we can see it again.. atleast few times..

Image courtesy : BehindWoods

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Koffee with K.J. Yesudas & Family

Koffee with Anu special episode on Christmas day will have the legend K.J. Yesudas with his family.. This is really a special for us... I like Yesudas a lot & I would love to hear his songs forever.. Will post once seeing the show.. Dont miss it.

Christmas Programs

Star Vijay's Christmas special programs

25th December, 2008

8.00 AM : Christmas Nal Vaazthukkal
10.00 AM : Koffee with Anu special
11.30 AM : Santa Clause - Hollywood movie
5.00 PM : Jingle Bells
6.00 PM : Chinna Chinna Aasai. Namitha meeting her fans.
9.00 PM : Ungalil yaar adutha Prabhudeva starring Sneha.

It will be Iman's marriage in Namma veetu kalyanam this week..

Neha Basin again ;)

It was first of the kind with special performers giving multiple performance in 1 round of Airtel Super Singer 2008.. Neha Basin came back on the 3rd day of the rounds with her "ikluk ikluk" hindi number.. i was not familiar with that song but her dance was awesome.. i really think how she could dance that good & sing even.. :)

Favourite Songs..

All the 4 waitlisted candidates were asked to sing any of their favourite song to impress the judges.. the show started with Prasanna singing "En kaadale en kaadale" from Duet & he himself judged his singing & the same was repeated by the judges... Then came Ajeesh who ROCKED with "kaiyil mithakum kanava nee" from Ratchagan.. It was a very very good performance & he really ROCKED the stage...Aruna was very clever in her choice of song selection with "mannavan vanthaanadi thozhi" which will suit her very well.. Vijay's "uyirum neeye udalum neeye" was quite good..

8 In, 1 Out

There is 1 elimination being done from the 9 contestants of the Airtel Super Singer 2008. Now, its left with 8 ppl goin on for the next round of the competition. Aruna is the only person to get eliminated in this tribute to commercial movies round of the show. With 4 contestants in waiting list,Aruna & Prasanna were the last two in danger zone after their favourite perforamances.. Judges took call on Aruna & decided to eliminate her.. She is a good singer and we will miss her for sure !!!

Waitlisted !!!

Tribute to commercial movies round of the Airtel Super Singer 2008 now has 4 contestants in waiting list/red alert/danger zone & they wil have another round of performance to choose best amongst them.. Aruna is the one female in the list & Prasanna, Vijay & Ajeesh are the others..

Warm hero intro..

Yesterday's Super Singer had all the 5 guys completing their performances with the hero introduction round.. this week of the show is tribute to commercial movies.. Ravi was very very good with his "karka karka" from Vettayadu vilayadu. Ajeesh was even good with "Singa nadai pottu sigarathil yeru" but judges comment was he got to have open singing... Prasanna's "aadungada enna suthi" was quite good but in some places he was missing the originality of the song. Rohit had a good comeback in this round with his "devuda devuda ezhumalai devuda".

I was thinking wats gonna happen after this episode bcos we still have wednesday's episode.. then came the judges selecting Ravi & Rohit for next round and others are in waiting list...

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Item Numbers got over !!!

In yesterday's show of Airtel Super Singer 2008 being dedicated to commercial movies, all 4 women contestants completed their performance... their item numbers were really good & we will have the rest 5 guys with hero introduction songs today and tomorrow... it was Raghini to start the singing with "kodaana kodi" from saroja and it was quite okay.. the dancers were very good for this song ;)

Renu's "Machakari machakari" was very good and it was a very neat performance.. judges even said the same way.. it was followed with ROCKING Ranjani with her "Thoothu varuma" and it was mind blowing performance.. Aruna was quite disappointing sterday with her "may matham 98il" and she is now in red alert/danger/waitlisting zone ;) and it was Ranjani with the best performance of the day...

Monday, December 22, 2008

Dedicated to Commercial movies...

Airtel Super Singer 2008 now has 9 contestants in the competition.. having said that this round of the show is being dedicated to commercial movies... so the male contestants are going to rock with hero introduction songs & female contestants with item numbers ;)
When the show started with this round all the judges were singing their favourite item number & the hero introduction song...

Sneha in Ungalil Yaar Adutha Prabhudeva

Punnagai actress Sneha is appearing as the judge in this week's Amul's Ungalil Yaar Adutha Prabhudeva.... Sneha is becoming glam doll from homely gal ;) and now in this show she comes up in red skirt & performs a rocking dance steps.. And its not over with it.. the promos shows that there is some misunderstanding between judges & chief guests and Sneha goes off in the midst of the show....

Neha Bhasin @ SS

Playback singer Neha Bhasin was back in Airtel Super Singer for a sizzling performance.. she was dancing with her "sey ethavathu sey" & entertaining all of us... I have seen her in Isai kudumbam earlier where she gave similar performance.. She gave the start for this week's show..

Uma Padmanabhan for Kids special..

In Pigeon's Samayal Samayal it was Uma Padmanabhan & her friend Rani came into the contest again Sairam & his wife... Devadarshini was quite happy in having a stronger team but this team was not just enough to beat Sairam & co. The topic was Kids special & both the teams had quite a different choice of foods that the kids would really love to have. I was thinking that Uma's team would stop Sairam team's dream run but it was not so... I had a feel that the chef was quite biased. it was quite bad that he was amazed seeing potato inside appalam... I think that made him to select Sairam for the next round.

Uma team's preparation, naming of the dish & presentation were too good.. anyone would love to eat them when they see it itself... Their colourful sandwich & Casata dosa still in my mind...

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Pa Vijay & Iman...

Last week's Namma veetu kalyanam had lyricist Pa Vijay's marriage.. earlier when the show was brought up I thought it would be just for hero & heroines but now I feel that this program would go for quite long time and there would be lot of celebrities to see on..
On 27th December it would be Iman's marriage and it would be a Christmas special program.. I dint had a chance to see this week's show but I should somehow see the next one atleast..

Hero intro & Item numbers..

This week's Airtel Super Singer 2008 will be funfilled with hero introduction songs by men & item number songs by women... Cool... The promos show that all the men are in black coloured dress.. Ranjani's "thoothu varuma" & Ravi's "karka karka" were in ads & it seems they both were too good..

Its Michael-Hema...

Season 3 of Jodi No 1 title winner is Michael-Hema jodi.. they were closely followed by Sanjay-Pooja.. and the margin of victory was just 86 votes !!! its sad that there was no announcement of no of votes being casted for them..I was expecting Sanjay/Pooja to win the title but it was not.... I am happy for Michael-Hema pair to win the title.. Best wishes for them..

Friday, December 19, 2008

Super Singer Junior is Back !!!

Airtel Super Singer Junior is back in Vijay.. there were ads on the show & request for kids between 6-12 years apply for the contest... I wish this time even the show will be too good & entertain us.. I will update here with the address/contact info to whom CD should be sent.. All the best for everyone..

Shaam @ Ungalil yaar adhutha Prabhudeva

Actor Shaam was one of the judge in pair round of Ungalil yaar adutha Prabhudeva.. and I felt very bad in his judgement.. leave about his judgement.. his way of speech to the contestants was too harsh. His facial expressions, speech & behaviour was unpolite and this shud not be the way for top 18 contestants who have been selected from whole TamilNadu. These kind of things make me away from this show & now I am not really interested to watch it regularly..

Dance for Life !!!

There was an interesting part in the pair round of ungalil yaar adutha Prabhudeva.. It was Dance for life.. the contestants who are in the waiting list finally will dance for their life in the competition & best amongst them will be chosen for the next round that they call as cool zone.. It seems this has been practised for quite some time & this sounds very interesting with the name even..

Pair Round..

Pair round of the Ungalil yaar adutha Prabhudeva got over this week & there are now 16 contestants left for the next round.. 2 of them got eliminated this week... sadly I felt all of them are very well talented in dancing & its really difficult to choose among them..

Surya @ Jodi No 1

Actor Surya will be the guest in Garnier Fructis Jodi No 1 Season 3 finals results round.. This week the jodi who is selected by the audiance & judges will be announced.. Sanjay/Pooja are the frontrunners for the title & there might be a chance for Rajesh/Suhasini or Michael/Hema even.. The winning title & prize money of 10 lacs will be given by Surya himself to the winning jodi.. I am waiting for that grand celebration..

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Chance to meet Namitha ;)

Vijay TV had organised an event for actress Namitha's fans to meet her... Namitha will meet the lucky winners on December 25th.. all you have to do is.. send AASAI as SMS to 57827.. Further you will get 50 questions about Namitha & once you answer them correct you get a chance to meet her !!!! I think 50 questions is too much ;) they should have 5 questions ideally..

Retro Round gets over..

Retro round in SS got over this week & its now left with 9 contestants... I dint post about day b4's episode.. it was quite good.. started with Ajeesh & he was too good.. he is the person to watch out for.. he might come into top 5... his "unakenna mela nindran oh nandalaala" from Simla special was very special.. then came the entertainer Prasanna with his "jegame thanthiram" and he Rocked the stage as always... Ranjani followed with "ore naal unai naan" and she was quite good..

Yesterday show had just 2 contestants left Rohit & Aruna, I liked Rohit's "Aagaaya gangai" very much but in contrast judges' comments very quite opposite.. they said that shruti was bad :( then finally came tensed Aruna with her "yen vaanile ore.." after quite some time she got good comments from the judges.. she has been in red alert zone for 3-4 times earlier and this round will help her a lot I think..

1 Out, 9 On

Retro round of Airtel Super Singer 2008 saw one elimination from the competition.. Santhosh was eliminated from the contest yesterday.. he was quite good until this round but his performance was not good in this round of the show... Hard luck Santhosh. It seems this is his first singing competition and its really wonderful that he had come up till this level.. With 5 members in the red alert zone, Santhosh, Vijay Narayan, Ranjini, Raghini & Rohit.. there was 3 selected for next round and left with Santhosh & Rohit... Rohit's song selection was difficult & that made him to thru for next round...

Fallen into Red Zone !!!

With Viijay & Ranjani already in the red zone, yesterday Santhosh & Raghini Shree also joined them !!! Seems Santhosh has some trouble with his health & not able to perform properly and Raghini Shree was quite okay.. not good or bad ;) With today's performance we will get to know how many ppl fall into this red zone category and who all get eliminated..

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Comedy Convent - Kodambakkam Skool

Starting this December 20th this comedy convent will start functioning.. Kodambakkam skool is all set from this saturday at 7 PM... this show will have the comedy kings & part of lollu sabha team even. I think this will be a very good entertainer replacing kalaka povathu comedy kings.. same team & contestants with some difference in the show ;)

Andal Thirupavai, another new entrant will be from December 16th to January 14th.. and can we expect some other bakti program replacing this ????

Monday, December 15, 2008

Good start to Retro...

This week's Airtel Super Singer is with Retro round and the show started off really well yesterday... It started with S. P. Sailaja singing "Raasave unna naan" beautifully.. she is replacing Sujatha for this Retro round to judge the contestants... first contestant was Ravi.. his "Ennadi meenatchi" was quite good but Srinivas pointed out correctly that he was giving different feel from the actual situation of the song ;)

Then was Srinivas himself singing "namma ooru singari" being his favourite.. Ranjani was quite okay with "oru iniya manathu isaiyai" from johny... Vijay Narayan's "Senthazham poovil" dint impress me much and even with judges.. Finally it was Renu completing yesterday's show with "entha poovilum vaasam undu".. she was good yet again in this round. S. P. Sailaja said that Renu's voice resembles to Shreya Ghosal's.. and thats a very good appreciation. I feel she has the capability to come in top 5 even.

With yesterday's show Vijay & Ranjani are in red zone & they might move out from it depending on other contestant's performance.. lets see wats gonna happen..

Whats in Retro round..

This week's Airtel Super Singer 2008 is with Retro round.. it would have songs in 70s and 80s.. it is intended for the contestants to take the people to that period with their singing ;).. Retro round is with S.P. Sailaja added to the judge panel and Chinmayi having a break for this week..
Retro is a term used to describe, denote or classify culturally outdated or aged trends, modes, or fashions, which have since that time become functionally or superficially the norm once again. The word "retro" derives from the Latin prefix retro, meaning "backwards" or "in past times".

With music, Retro, during the 1980s, referred to a new genre of music, particularly dance music, popular in the U.S. at the time and Psychedelic genre of the late 1960s and 70's. Many of the songs and albums termed retro at the time came about during great advancement in the development of generating music electronically (with computers and electronic equipment)

Courtesy - Wikipedia

SS 2008 or 2009

Agreed.. Airtel Super Singer 2008 is a very interesting program.. but with the name of the show SS 2008 is very bad.. the way the show is been stretched it should also be given season 2 or 3 ;) rather the year... with the current situation the show might go on till Jan or Feb 2009 even.. I think the show these days are added with some elements to have one round per week.. its just 10-15 contestants and having them around for 3 hours is really good job by the producers of the show..

Quite many changes..

This week's Airtel Super Singer 2008 will have lot of changes.. Chinmayi wont be there this week and will be replaced by Yugendran/Malini, judge Sujatha will be replaced by playback singer S.P. Sailaja and we will also have special guest for the show Mr. Malaysia Vasudevan.. Last time when Yugendran/Malini anchored the show, it was dedicated to the legend and this time he is in the show even..

S P Sailaja is back !!!!

This week's Airtel Super Singer will have playback singer S.P. Sailaja replacing playback singer Sujatha to judge the contestants for 70s-80s songs round. I dont remember this week's name of the round but its that the competitors have to sing songs that came during 1970s & 1980s... Its good to see Sailaja back in Super Singer.. I think she is one of the better judge...

Ellam avan seyal

Koffee with Ellam avan seyal team was impressive.. not with story of the film or anything with film rather the show had Manivannan, Roja & R.K speaking with Anu... Manivannan was the first guest to start of the show and I wanted Anu to have one session with Manivannan & Sathyaraj alone.. ;) Seems.. Sathyaraj & Manivannan are very good friends & he said it might be bcos they have similar thoughts and feelings.. swimming incident that he mentioned was really funny.. Anu welcomed Manivannan as "King of dialogue"..

Then came actress Roja.. "only actress who can dance step to step with Prabhudeva" - Anu.. I never knew she had joined politics and even she is against chiru. Her start to career was interesting when R.K. Selvamani, her husband fell in love.. Then R.K joined the show, and the crew started speaking about the film "Ellam avan seyal". In one instance Roja said, since its a social subject she took it.. yeah.. this would really help her in politics.. but sad that she is against Chiru.

Need for Trade union..

This week's topic in Neeya Naana was on Trade Union & its need.. one side was with ppl favouring trade union and on the other side with ppl opposing the same.. The debate got strengthened after the topic went on to why trade union is not required. The show was quite interesting for me to know about trade union, employees welfare that we dont see in software industry much. There was a point raised on software companies with the culture they follow.. Human Resource manager and their hierarchy that helps. But to be frank if there is going to be a lay off in software company none can help the employee from the falling knife.

Its a valid point made by ppl opposing that they look for other jobs and they are not disturbed if the company is in bad position.. I felt there should have been topic for need of trade union and problem in trade union separately.. In the opposing side there were very few who were able to speak out the problems caused by trade unions. I was shocked to know that directors, employers are killed in problems with trade unions.. thats very scary to know even.. My view on this topic is - have trade union for less skilled labours so that their job is secured.. for others its upto them to join it or not..

Video: Class + Mass

Here is the Class + Mass Sanjay/Pooja performance...

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Class + Mass

Jodi number 1 season 3 finals was over day before yesterday. The final winner will win 10 lakhs as prize will be selected by audience poll & judge's choice. Judges started campaigning for the jodis and there would be votes that are influenced by such clips...
Sanjay- Pooja are tipped to win .. Suhasini- Rajesh and Micheal-Hema might be fighting for the second spot. Tinku, the winner of Jodi number 1 season 2, did not hide his discomfort in this new company and his performance was a well planned suicide.
Hema - Micheal performance was very good and it was best for the finals, but their choice of song was not so good... Rajesh/Suhasini was as usual rocking, but their dance was lil lesser compared to Sanjay-pooja.... Sanjay/pooja dance was class plus mass.. I will post their dance soon..

Sanjay-Pooja all the way !!!!

It was Sanjay-Poojay all the way in the Grand finale of the jodi no 1 season 3 competition... They are the front runners for the title & 10 lac cash award.. The competition was very tense with almost all the final contestants giving their best in the show. sanjay/Pooja pair was extraordinary with their performance.. they were with all sets of dances.. western, salsa, folk and rocked the stage. For me, I voted for this jodi and wish them to win the title..

Nalla Neram !!!

Astrologer & Kumudam Jothidam editor A. M. Rajagopalan will be in Vijay TV every sunday morning at 8.30 AM. This show had already started from yesterday.. the show is featured to have weekly rasi palan (forecast), answer questions from viewers and talk about temples... This would also be a very good program since Rajagopalan is very well known astrologer and show is on sunday mornings ;)

Andal Thiruppavai

Margazhi month had come and our Star Vijay starts with a new program Andal Thiruppaavai from December 16, 2008... It is to be telecasted both in the morning & evening at 5.30 AM and 7.00 PM... Dr. Venkatakrishnan will be explaining the 30 pasurams rendered by Sri Andal and Selvi Saindhavi will sing them... Its not that all.. the show will also have Bhargavi enacting the pasurams in Bharathanatya. Its very good that there will be explanation, singing and dancing for the pasurams... the sets have been designed by P.Krishnamoorthy and Maniyan Selven...

Sadagopan Ramesh - Aparna

It was Sadagopan Ramesh-Aparna's marriage in Namma Veetu kalyanam.. Former Indian cricketer got married in the year 2002 with Aparna and from then Aparna had been his source of strength for his return to squad... They were sharing their marriage and honeymoon moments... Last I saw Ramesh was in the film Santhosh Subramaniam as Jeyam Ravi's elder brother and its been sometime his name appeared in paper with cricket. He was a good player but when Sehwag & Ghambir came into play this guy was not having great time.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Rose raising tall...

Ippadiku Rose will raise tall this week when they meet some men who have not grown physically. "Uyaram illatha manitharl" will express their feelings and make public understand what they feel and how should we behave with them.. From the promotional ads, they come up as clowns and then as ordinary man when they speak out. In one instance one person said.... if a child & its parents are passing by, most of the time parents points out about these ppl to their children.. thats really very bad. Ideally they should be teaching their child but its other way round..


Yesterday I was watching AFV in our Star Vijay, it was telecasted at 10.30 - 11.00 PM.. I saw the show last week at 7 PM even. not sure about the schedule of the program.. will have to check the schedule for this for sure. The show was very well organised with the videos being categorised properly.. usually we dont see this in other channels/websites.. they have separated the videos with the content and categorised them into different genres. Its really lot of fun watching these videos.. they just come for few seconds and make u laugh.. anchors of the show Jegan and Babuji are doing quite a good job..

Voting Mechanism

Each competing jodi have been assigned a unique number for them and the voting should be done with this no. Here is the list of numbers for the finalists

Rajesh/Suhasini - JN01
Michael/Hema - JN03
Sanjay/Pooja - JN04
Tinku/Santoshi - JN07

Reliance Mobile Subscribers call 5123493X (this X is the Jodi's number) and cast vote for the Jodi.

Other viewers can SMS JNXX (XX is the Jodi's number) to 57827 and cast vote for the Jodi.

Voting is also available on I will update the link once it is up in the website.

Voting open from the start of the show to December 14, 2008 10:30pm.

Grand Finale - Fully Charged !!!

Season 3 of Jodi No 1 had been a big bang with Vijay TV roping in 16 celebrities from small-screen... The show had unique and different themes right from the begining - Kids Special, Entertainment round, Celebrity round, Hero Special etc., With the competition reaching its last leg, I am fully charged to see the grand finale. One among the 4 jodis, who gathers the maximum votes, both from the viewers and from the Judges will be adjudged as the winner of this Season.

Celebrities of this grand finale are




Aishwarya Dhanush

Special Guest



10, 00, 000 INR (1 Million INR)

I will post info about the voting procedure soon...

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Absent again !!!

Chinmayi will not be featuring to anchor next week's Airtel Super Singer show.. it would be Malini/Yugendran back again to take her position. It seems there is some dates clash for her & Super Singer producer even have some constraints.. We will miss her again next week... For the speculation being her absence in kuthu round.. her health was not in proper condition & had concerts in other dates.. So, lets not speculate next week with her absense.. but for sure she will be missed..

Thanks Stephen !!

Until I saw the unplug round of Airtel Super Singer 2008, I never knew a pianist can make the BGM for the whole song.. what a performance it was from Stephen himself playing the BGM for almost 15 songs in the show. there were variety of song selection even and he showed the character when he tried to be in sync with the singer. I felt thats an amazing thing to mingle with an unknown singer that too in a competition... Agreed that he is not competing in the show ;)

He had acheive a lot of things in his musical career.. I wish him for more and more achievements to be made and wishing him all the best for all his future endeavors..
Thanks for entertaining in the show..

Unplug Ends

Unplug round of Airtel Super singer ended with ten contestants left for the next competitive rounds of the show. Yesterday's show started with Raghini Shree singing "kaatrin mozhi" from Mozhi and it was quite okay.. she was very shaky after few minutes itself. Judges comments was - she sang gazal kind of song like keerthanai :)) Unnikrishnan checked her carnatic notes even ;). Then it was Vijay Narayanan singing unfamiliar song "Sakeeye nee thaan thunaiye" from the film Anthimantharai.. original being sung by Unnikrishnan himself. Vijay said he likes this song very much and wanted to spread this song and thats the reason for choosing this !!! There was not much comment since judges dint remember the song properly ;)

Prasanna was the last contestant and he was entertaining this week even.. his "unnidam mayangugiren.. ullathaal virumbugiren" was perfect choice for this round. Prasanna & Vijay got automatically selected to next round with their good performances..

Special by Madhumitha & Aishwarya

Yesterday there was a special performance by Madhumitha and Aishwarya in the unplugged round of the Airtel Super Singer show. They were in top 22 contestants but were eliminated from the show in earlier rounds... I was happy to see these girls in the show again.. They sang "Enn Vaanile.." and they were good in it. when they were called in stage Chinmayi made sure that its special performance and not competitive one.. For a moment I thought they could even be yet another RAC candidates into the show ;)
But, Hari was not given a chance to sing.. that was lil sad..

1 Out, 10 On !!!

There was 1 elimination from the Airtel Super Singer 2008 in the unplugged round... Finally the judges were forced to eliminate Arvind after his dream run in the competition. I thought this decision should have been taken sometime back.. With 4 contestants in danger zone, the judges went and had a look at the recordings.. Rohit was selected soon after the decision was taken and Raghini & Aruna were given yet another chance to perform well..

Nethran Vs Arunadevi

Yeah.. its Nethran Vs Arunadevi in Samayal samayal.. kitchen killadigal last week..Nethran/Arunadevi being a competitive pair in jodi no 1 were ready for the cooking event also but with their respective real life jodis... Nethran had already won previous week and was in his second round.. The topic given to them was sweet and they made all possible things with ghee and sugar ;)

Arunadevi finally won the contest and now she moves to next round of the show.. There were payasam, kesari, chakrapongal... mmm.. i like sweets a lot ;) The sadest part of the show was, Nethran team did pineapple flavoured semiya kesari and the judge asked whether its pongal !!!!!

Caught in Danger Zone !!!

With 2 days of performance got over in the unplugged round of Airtel Super Singer 2008, there are 3 contestants who are in the danger zone... this means others who have performed until now are selected for the next round. The 3 are - Aruna, Arvind and Rohit.. I dont think Rohit was bad in this round but lets see wats gonna happen tonight.
Now, its left with Prasanna, Ragini Shree and Vijay Narayanan for today.. With the promotional ads, Raghini Shree even seems to go into danger zone and there is some major decision taken on these people.

Special Judge - A.R.Murugadoss

A.R.Murugadoss will be the special judge for the grand finale of Jodi No 1 Season 3. After a long time with hindi version of Gajini Murugadoss is back into kollywood.. He even got the hair cut of Gajini Surya (second part ;) ). It will be really good entertaining show with this real "special" judge.

Hindi Gajini is all set to release on December 25th, 2008 !!!!

Get ready for Grand Finale !!!!

I am getting ready for the grand finale of the Garnier Fructis Jodi No 1 Season 3... hope u guys even are ready for the same. there was promotional ad yesterday and it seems to be very good.. Michael/Hema come in as ghost, Rajesh/Suhasini are like butterflies tied behind.. Sanjay/Pooja.. Pooja is tied from top and they do a sequence. Tinku even was doing some fast dance steps.... Its even will have marks from judges & viewer's voting..

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

They are back but..

In the unplugged round of Airtel Super Singer 2008, some contestants who were eliminated earlier were found in the show.. but this time as audiance :( I think they wanted to see Stephen Devassy and get the feel of his BGM. Hari (Ravi's brother), Aishwarya and Madhumitha were sitting and enjoying the music.. I am sure they would feel very unlucky to miss these rounds of the competition. I felt for all 3 of them and they are promising young singers who have the potential to become playback singers.. I wish them all the best for a very bright future...

Unplugged !!!!

Yesterday's unplugged round of Airtel Super Singer 2008 was overwhelming.. there were wonderful performances and I enjoyed it very much.. The show started with Srinivas singing "zindagi..zindagi" and it was too good.... he was joined by Chinmayi and they both were giving a best time for me.. First contestant of yesterday's show was Arvind.. he was no good and there was no feel in his "kaiyil mithakum".. I felt his singing was bad but judges said he was good but Srinivas reiterated his feel for the song.

Santhosh ROCKED the stage with his "Oh vennila.." and he was the second best untill now in this round. I never thought he would be this good in slow songs.. then came Ravi.. he was as always the best with "thendrale thendrale". Cant get anything better !!!! Ranjani even was good with her "kannalane enathu kannai" but judges were commenting that the choice of the song was not so good and I guess in this round slow songs would be the best for the contestants.

JN 1 Season 3 Finalist Series, Tinku/Santhoshi


Birth Date - 13 August
Star Sign - Leo
School - Karthikeyan MHS School
Loves - Kid (daughter)
Hates - None
Hobbies - Horse riding, swimming
Favourite Food - Chinese
Favourite Holiday Spot - Mauritius
Favourite Colour - Black and white


Birth Date - 31 March
Star Sign - Aries
School - Holy Angels
Loves - Pets
Hates - Telling lies
Hobbies - Listening to Music
Favourite Food - Ice cream
Favourite Holiday Spot - Bangkok
Favourite Colour - None

Courtesy - Star Vijay.

JN 1 Season 3 Finalist Series, Sanjay/Pooja


Birth Date - 09th June
Star Sign - Gemini
School - Chettinad Vidyashram, St.Johns
College - Hindustan College of Engineering
Loves - Life
Hates - Crass behaviour
Hobbies - Indo-anglican fiction, Tango
Favourite Food - Tender coconut souffle
Favourite Holiday Spot - Rishikesh, Seattle
Favourite Colour - White


Birth Date - 23 December
Star Sign - Capricon
School - Jayagopal Garodia, west mambalam
College - Ethiraj College for women
Loves - Soft toys
Hates - Telling lies
Hobbies - Music
Favourite Food - Paneer
Favourite Holiday Spot - Switzerland
Favourite Colour - Blue

Courtesy - Star Vijay.

Monday, December 8, 2008

JN 1 Season 3 Finalist Series, Rajesh/Suhasini

Veghan Rajesh Kumar

Birth Date - 17th June
Star Sign - Gemini
School - KPS High School, Royapuram
College - Sarath Sir Thyagaraja College
Loves - Parents
Hates - None
Hobbies - Watching movies, listening to music
Favourite Food - Everything that's tasty
Favourite Holiday Spot - Any hill station
Favourite Colour - Blue


Birth Date - 24th July
Star Sign - Leo
School - Kendriya Vidyalaya
College - Kalakshetra
Loves - Rajinikanth
Hates - To lie
Hobbies - Dancing and Singing
Favourite Food - Dosa
Favourite Holiday Spot - North Eash
Favourite Colour - Red

Courtesy - Star Vijay.

Quite Good..

Yesterday's show of Airtel Super Singer 2008 was quite good with Stephen Devassy performing the BGM for the contestants.. The show started with Rohit's performance which was quite okay.. not bad.. judges were commenting that he was pretty nervous since being the first person in this round. Then came Renu.. her "munbe vaa" was very slow.. atleast I felt that the song was very very slow.. but no comments from judges ;)

Aruna's was not much impressive.. might be her choice of song was bad. finally with Ajeesh..Oooh.. he was too good. very well sang and all the judges had him in top of the list with the first day's show.. Srinivas even said that Ajeesh is the only person who had understood this round n sang brilliantly..Hope there are few more ppl who understoods this round later today n tomorrow.. But it will take time for me to understand it :(

Unable to Follow..

In this Unplugged round of Airtel Super Singer I felt very bad on unable to follow the music properly.. I think its difficult for the contestants even.. the way judges commented were not really impressive... Whenever Srinivas, Unni and Sujatha were praising Stephen for his excellent play of piano, I was sitting puzzled and badly wanted to know about it much !!!!

Getting used to it ??

In the promotional ads of Airtel Super singer for the unplugged round with Stephen Devassy there was a comment made on 4 contestants "you are getting used to it".. they mean getting onto last few ppl with respect to scores... It seems the judges have a discussion on the same and come up with a different judgement. The contestants on last 4 are Rohit, Raghini Shree, Arvind and Aruna :)
The ads project as all 4 of them will be eliminated from the show.. but as always Vijay TV will make this kind of suspense to the show... but of these 4, u tend to see Rohit & Arvind making it into last few many times and Aruna and Raghini Shree few times. I am waiting to see what is going to happen in this week's end.. Unplugged !!!

Something about Stephen Devassy

Stephen Devassy (born 23 February 1981 in Ottapalam (Palakkad), Kerala) is an Indian pianist. He composes, sets tunes and arranges music for the Indian music industry. Stephen Devassy started learning the piano at age 10 and entered the world of music, under the guidance of Leslie Peter who was his first guru. He learnt the organ and then was introduced to the piano by Fr. Thomas at Chetana Music Academy in Thrissur where he completed his Eighth Grade examination conducted by the Trinity College of Music, London.

At 19 he started a music band called Seven along with singers Franco Simon and Sangeeth. A Hindi pop band, they released an album 'Yeh Zindagani.' Stephen, who started performing at a young age, has done the music arrangement for many films like Majaa, Thambi, Nammal, Azhagiya Thamizh Magan and Hariharan's album, Waqt Par Bolna. Hariharan Pilla Happy Aanu was his maiden music directorial venture in Malayalam. Stephen’s solo stage shows have propelled him to the top league of on-stage performers.

He entered the Chennai music scene with the Sacred Chants of Kosmic Music, which has now released five volumes. With Sanskrit slokas, mantras and verses from the Upanishads, Sacred Chants is set to a background of western music. He is now trying a new instrumental album. It will have a mix of world music, sprinkled with the flavour of real piano, a song sung by Hariharan and the other by Karthik, the playback singer.

Courtesy - Wikipedia & The Hindu

Unplug with Stephen Devassy

This week of Airtel Super singer will have the contestants singing for the music by Stephen Devassy. It will be a wonderful experience for the contestants to sing with him.. The ads show that Srinivas is very much moved by Stephen and he even sings with Stephens keyboard.. Lets see how it goes in this round..

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Naveena Theendamai ??

Very rare topic of debate.. Naveena theendamai.. I thought Vijay TV should have taken theendamai topic first then go for this one. Good topic and I never thought serial actors would have such a bad experience in searching for house. The group agreed that each individual has his own rules and definitions... I liked these words "Engaluku pudikalaya.. naanga othungukirom" and its not "naanga othukurom" which was well pointed out by Gopinath.

Its a fact that many people dont like many things and its difficult to convince them to adjust for others.... The show was at its best when the girl who was speaking about her problems with transgender in trains/public places, went on to hug a transgender who was in the show... She was deserved to get standing applause. I felt sad for small screen actor RajKamal and his wife..who are still searching for the house. The show would help lil to the society but I guess its still a long way for a complete change to happen..

Mehabooba Mehabooba

Enjoy this funny sequence from the Wild card result round..

Its Rajesh/Suhasini !!!

Finally the results is announced.. Rajesh/Suhasini jodi is selected for the finals in the wild card round of Jodi No 1 season 3. I felt sorry for Venkat/Nisha jodi but this Rajesh/Suhasini were really good and they will give very tough competition. It seems they have been voted most by audiance and even got highest scoring from the judges... they have become the clear winner amongst the wild card contestants.. I was thinking that Venkat/Nisha would have got the most in Judges Wild card round. Good that these guys got into finals.. and lets see how many weeks does final round goes on.. ;)

Friday, December 5, 2008

Venkat/Nisha or Rajesh/Suhasini

Its going to be very tough fight between Venkat/Nisha and Rajesh/Suhasini jodis for the wild card round selection to the finals of the Garnier Fructis Jodi No 1 season 3. After seeing yesterday's recap of wild card rounds I got a feeling that Nethran/Arunadevi might also be a surprise winner fot the final spot.. but we got to wait and see whats gonna happen.. Ideally the Jodi No 1 team should have announced the results last week itself but they are dragging it.. but unless we loose the interest they should make things happen ;)

Today even there will be some sensational performances by Deepak ;) and a rocking performance by Venkat where he asks Tinku "Enna pathu porama padaria" :)) Also the wild card result is been shown as the final result... More to this Jeeva is back in the judiciary panel...

Koffee with Poo

This week Koffee with Anu will have the Poo film team sharing their experience about the film.. "Poo" film is getting positive response from the audiance and I think this show will increase the expectations about the film more.. I think this film will make actor Srikanth to shine again in kollywood..

Hello Jodis, 106.4 fm

The jodis being selected for the finals of the Garnier Fructis Jodi No 1 Season 3 were in Hello FM station. Yesterday's show had some part of this... this Jodi No 1 team knows how to drag the show to the maximum.. its been almost 6 months and still the finals is to be relayed. In the FM station.. everyone were asked who would be the wild card jodi selected for finals and Tinku dint answer for long time. Finally he said Venkat/Nisha ;).. i have heard that Venkat and Tinku are very close friends even... There were votes for Venkat/Nisha and Rajesh/Suhasini.. Today we will know who would be that jodi..

Thursday, December 4, 2008

AFV @ Star Vijay

Yesterday I was seeing a new show 'America's Funniest Videos'.. its a 30 mins show which has Reel Pathi Real pathi fame Jegan and Thirandidu Sesame fame Babuji as hosts.
It seems in this America's Funniest Videos first season in Star Vijay is with the footage of what happens when adults, children and even inanimate objects are at their spontaneous best.

The show will feature the funniest and amateur home videos of millions of Americans that includes themes like funny videos of babies and kids, sports, gags, parties, weddings, birthdays, picnics and many more.

Ippadiku..Ilangai thamizhan

Ippadiku Rose is now started taking the current issue into their topic and this week is going to be srilankan tamils... The show will have some Srilankan tamils speaking out emotionally their problems that they have after migration to other country/state. It was sad to see their tears and their problem with money/job/job security. I am not sure whether I will watch this week's show.. temme your thoughts on the show if u happen to see it... I wish Rose meets the people who escaped from Bombay terror strikes and listen to their horror stories.. It will be good to have some top police/commandos to advice public...

Ajeesh, Ravi - too good..

Ajeesh and Ravi were too good in their medley round performances. Ravi was as always good but Ajeesh excelled in this round... The songs that he chose was brilliant and it never looked like multiple was a perfect blending and judges appriciated the performance very much. The terror trio of Ajeesh, Vijay Narayanan and Santhosh are still in the race for Super Singer title and lets see any one among them could win the title and how many go into the last few..

Who knows.. You might be the Super Singer :)

Who knows.. You might be the Super Singer :).. this is the comment Srinivas gave for Ravi soon after his medley performance was over in the show. I felt happy for this comment.. mainly bcos when some contestants are not been out even after poor show I thought one day Ravi might even be eliminated from the show ;) Ravi is very professional in all the activities in the show and he is very very consistant on all the rounds..He deserves the comment and also he deserves the title Super Singer even.... I wish he wins the title and am waiting for his song for Yuvan Shankar Raja..

1 Out 11 On !!!!!

This week in Airtel Super Singer 2008, its 1 contestant out from the competition and now left with 11 for the next round. It was shocking to see Deepshika being eliminated from the competition and I still feel that she is better than some ppl who are in race for the title. Earlier judges nominated Rohit and Aruna in the elimination list and they both were called back to the race leaveing Deepshika out. I am sure she would get singing opportunity even she does not win the title....

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

2 Out 10 On

2 contestants are in Elimination nomination list of the show and still there are 3 contestants left to perform in the show. There were 5 performances yesterday.. with Rohit, Aruna, Santhosh, Arvind and Ranjani & out of them I felt Rohit and Ranjani were good...

Arvind was not so good and even judges comment was very negative on him.. Sujatha said she got irritated, Srinivas saying he wants some improvement and Unnikrishnan with he should take judges comment and act occordingly. I was expecting that Arvind name would be in the elimination list but sadly it became Aruna and Rohit. What I dont understand is Unnikrishnan told Rohit's performance was good and he liked it very much. Somehow I got feel that there is biased judgement going on in the show from the entry of RAC candidates.....

With 3 performances still left in the show, there is very less possibility of Aruna and Rohit to escape since the rest 3 are very good singers (Ravi, Deepshika and Ajish). If any of their performance is bad they might replace Rohit or Aruna...Quite shocking episode....

Nominated for elimination ???

Yesterday there was a shocking information in Airtel Super Singer 2008. There were 2 contestants who are nominated for elimination from the show. Sounds interesting ;)... and the sad part was I never expected these two ppl to get out from show. I am angry on this bcos there were other contestants who dint perform well and dint even got good comments from judges and not nominated :(

Aruna and Rohit are in the nomination list for the elimination from the show. Yeah.. Both of them are very good singers and Aruna in particular is talented enough to get into top 10 or top 8 even. We will have to see how other do in today's show to know whats going to happen..

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Where is Priyadarshini ??

Last week's Samayal Samayal show dint had Priyadarshini in it.. Donno whether she will be back next week atleast... I liked the show when Devadarshini & Priyadarshini were anchoring and it was interesting with them. They were very natural in their speech...
Its good that the show have one team atleast with celebrity of small screen. Last week had Rajesh (Jodi No 1 fame) and his sister in the show.

Double strike ;)

Vaaranam Aayiram, The team strikes again program in Vijay TV became still more exciting last week with Gopinath asking interesting questions on Harris-Gowtham relationship. When asked this, Gowtham replied that he is interested to work with Harris Jeyaraj and he is not willing to break the team !!!

The show had Ratnavel added to the trio and I have not seen him earlier but his name was flashing in many films. When Dayanidhi Azhagiri was asked about the next project he said he is ready to have full swing in the production house of Cloud Nine. He was ready to ask Gowtham-Surya combination for the next film even ;) thats the confidence he has in the team... In Vijay there is an ad/promotional video for the film Vaaranam Aayiram and it asks viewers to send SMS and they could win a chance to watch the movie with Suriya. sounds interesting... and its only for 50 members.

Confusing !!!

Yesterday's show had Prasanna, Renu, Vijay Narayanan and Raghini Shree performing the Medley round and the first two's performance is in question mark. Jedges commented Prasanna & Renu's song selection were not that good.. atleast for Renu it was lil better than Prasanna. But their singing was good and judges even had no doubt about that...

Vijay Narayanan was quite okay but he lost rythm in 2 songs and dint quite attract judges and even me ;) Raghini shree's song selection and change was ultimate but she lost breath and not able to do justice to all the songs. One song she missed rythm and came back again with last song... Lets see how the show goes today and then we will know who will be in back seat and might be eliminated.

What is medley ???

With the Medley round in Airtel Super Singer 2008 had started the question raised in me to know what is medley round exactly in singing and what does the judges expect from the contestant. I just googled and found these info.. just the meaning of medley is - a mixture of things that are not usually found together and with respect to music - a piece composed from parts of existing pieces, played one after another, sometimes overlapping.

To be frank all our contestants did this but Prasanna and Renu were told that their song selection is not proper and its not the actual medley. Then looking at other performances I think judges expect mixture of songs and they should not be of same type... it should differ with their raagam or style and thats where you put your imagination of bringing them together.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Kodambakkam Skool

With the end of Kalakka povathu comedy kings vetri vizha, there was talk on Kodambakkam skool but there was no info on wats that.. but today there was ad on kodambakkam skool and I guess it might be the next show for stand up comedy. Might be with Kalakka povathu comedy kings getting into more than 3 seasons, its time to take some break on the show and come back again after some time. The voice over in the ad said something with comedy only but I dint hear it properly.. anyone knew wat its exactly ??

Namma Veetu Kalyanam

Starting this December 06th, 2008 Vijay TV is coming with a new program "Namma veetu kalyanam". This show will have marriage video sequences of our popular cine artists and the ads show Surya-Jyothika, Srikanth-Vanthana, Jeeva marriage clips and very interesting and memorable moments of the same.. I am not sure how long this program will continue or will they be dragging the show with some clippings alone ???

Shes back !!!

Chinmayi is back in the Airtel Super Singer 2008 show after a break for a week... I am very happy seeing her bak in the show & eager to know the reason why she was missing last week. My dish tv was having some problem and it dint work from 9 to 9.5PM and I dint see the show's start. Was there anything she told when the show started ??

Will Chinmayi comeback ???

This is the question that raises in everyone's mind when we look at the Super Singer show today.. Will it be Chinmayi who will anchor or Malini/Yugendran continue to anchor the show ??? From the ads that Vijay TV shows, they were not showing the person anchoring and that makes us guesssing still wats gonna happen...

Medley Round

This week of Airtel Super Singer will have Medley round and Srinivas saying.. this is the difficult round in the competition. Its like, the contestants got to sing 4 different songs in 4 mins and the difficult part over here is they will have to sing in the songs originality. Usually what happens is, ppl tend to remember what they sung a min back ;) and to change the ragam is tough one.. From the ads, it looks Santhosh, Renu and Ravi (to be mentioned ??) did well.. lets see how it goes

What husband & wife speak ???

The Neeya Naana's topic this week was absolutely great and I am sure its going to help lot of couples. As always Gopi started the show with.. How did the guy spoke with his fiancee before marriage and how much time he used to spend in phone. Almost everyone were saying minimum of 2 hours a day and few speaking till 1-2 AM :) But then after marriage was asked, the answer was sadly few mins to no talk in phone :(

Men accepted that they were not finding it to be exciting to speak in phone after marriage. Very sad !!!! It was a good point that Gopinath asked the guys - why do u always teach your wife.. do you think they are not intelligent enof as u??? and men were sitting unanswerable.. Finally there were some men accepting their mistakes and told they will try to change themselves. Good topic to speak about that makes the ppl aware about things. Also, women equality will be thought by many ppl.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Gundu Venkatesan

Venkat and Nisha in wild card round 2 of the show were better than others. It was a quite innovative round for the jodi. First half of the song was with gundu venkatesan dancing with Nisha. He starts dancing after having a dance injection ;) Then came the six-packs venkatesan for the dance. Judges were commenting that the gundu venkatesan was in sync when dancing with Nisha and the actual venkat was not in sync. Now the show is with Rajesh/Suhasini and Venkat/Nisha fighting for the top spot to make it for the finals..

Wait for Wild

The wait is not over for the wild card round of the jodi no 1 season 3. With the show going for long time and no of rounds nearly 20, this season is the longest until now. Wild card round 2 was for the judges and the contestants have to impress the judges. Sadly Jeeva was not available this week even in the show. Might be out for shooting for some film...

Rajesh/Suhasini were okay, not their best performance in this round. Their UV dark steps were good for eyes. Venkat/Nisha was very good, their best in the show till now i think. Venkat came as a stout person and danced for sometime, that was very cute ;) Arunadevi/Netran team did well even but not sure who is going to go to the final round of the show. We got to wait for a week for the result.. donno whats that they will have for 2 days next week ;)

Young playbacksingers with Anu

Ranjith, Prasanna, Roshini & vinaya were the guests of Koffee with Anu this week.. They were having lot of fun in the show and I never knew they have sung these many songs in films. And many of the songs were super hits !!!! Prasanna was trying to tease others and wooing on Roshini ;)..

Anthakshari & quiz was there but Anu forgot to ask the 4 young playback singers to sing their originals.. but later she asked them for it. Ranjith had sung duets with Roshini & Vinaya and Vijay Antony had given them good opportunities. The show had a good part on the youngsters telling the ways to make revenue when they are new to singing. From devotional songs to pop albums to films !!! their journey is growing strong. Finally as always Anu gave gifts to all the 4 singers.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Memorable Shows/Serials Series, Madan's Thirai Paarvai

Madan was well known cartoonist in leading magazines, newspapers. He was an expert in reviewing any film and he is known for his experienced knowledge on the aspects of filmmaking. I used to watch this show regularly and I feel that he gives unbiased reviews on the film. Usually in the show the film directory/actor would be invited & Madan used to ask them questions. Finally when the show ends, Madan used to draw cartoons to give his feedback on the film and that used to be my favourite part of the show.

This show had more than 100 episodes and the mark was celebrated. During the felicitation famous film stars, directors were present. I am waiting for Vijay to start this show again..

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Memorable Shows/Serials Series, Reel Pathi Real Pathi

Reel pathi real pathi was one of my favourite program in Star Vijay. Nandu, Vandu and Chendu (characters in the show) used to update on the latest from the film industry. The show was anchored by Jegan who comes in all 3 characters.

I dont remember which characters are with Nandu, Vandu and Chendu.Out of 3, first guy with white dress used to tell good reviews about the film, next guy (red color dress) used to criticise about the film (both good & bad) and the final one will give very funny reviews/activities on the film & actors. The third guy's voice itself will be very funny that it makes us laught. I wish this program is again started in Star Vijay.

Impolite Judges

Somehow I get a feeling that the judges in the Ungalil yaar adutha Prabhudeva are very rude and dont listen for the contestants. This is one of the reasons why I dont watch this program much. In this week's episode, the top 13 women contestants are participating. The ads/promotional videos of the show was telecated for last 3 days and in one instance a judge was not ready to listen what contestant got to say. Moreover, he just shouts saying "naanga ethuvum kekka mattom.. yaarathu.. muthalla ivangala veliya anuppunga"..i.e "we cant listen to you. send her out from here"

Is this the way to speak to a contestant and that too who had come into top 13 out of thousands ????? This is not the only instance.. there were many earlier but this is too much. I dint see the show even bcos of this.. and I dont want to see it ever untill they have judges of this kind !!!

To be continued..

Yesterday I noticed in few serials that are telecasted in our Star Vijay. I was moved by these small innovative ideas and I think these attract people very much. Usually when serials start then give episode no-xx, when episode ends.. then give tag "thodarum"/"to be continued".

In Kaaka Kaaka serial.. when it ends the text is "kadamaigal thodarum".. in kanaa kaanum kaalangal it starts with "kanavu xx" and when it gets over.. "kanavugal thodarum". I really liked these things and these attract me a lot :)

Semma Kuthu

Kuthu round of Airtel Super Singer got over this week and it had now left 12 contestants going on for the next round. Yesterday's show was power packed with Santhos, Arvind, Renu & Aishwarya. Santhosh ROCKED the stage with "yemmadi aathadi" and his dancing was even good. Renu was very casual in her singing.. I have a feel that this girl will be in top 5 contestants even. Arvind was good (for the first time I liked his singing) with "thirunelveli alwa da". Only disappointment was Aishwarya singing "Kokku meena thinnuma" & got eliminated from the show.

With Chinmayi, Srinivas missing from the show, will they be back for the next week's competitive round ??? Friday/Saturday we will get to see the ads in between other programs :)

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

1 Out, 12 On !!!

There was 1 elimination in the kuthu round of Airtel Super Singer 2008. Sad that it was Aishwarya.. cute lil girl.... Soon her performance was over, with the judges comments itself she was about to cry. When Malgudi Shuba asked her age and motivated her that she has lot of talent in her & even lot of time is available for her to shine.. I was disappointed with her elimination even.. She dint pitch the song properly & the song was very mild.. that was the reason for her elimination. I liked the way she spoke with the contestants after elimination..

Especially a special wish for Ravi anna & renu akka...

Afraid !!!!

Initially when Malini & Yugendran were anchoring the show, I had a feel that Chinmayi is out for a week. I used to read her blogs and thought that she is busy with her concert & thats the reason for not appearing in the show. But, to my surprise when I was looking around the net, there are lots of people searching for Chinmayi fight with Vijay TV, Srinivas.. I am shocked.. :(

Now, I am really afraid whether she would be back anchoring the show since there was no reason mentioned in the show by Yugendran/Malini on why Chinmayi dint appear last week. Lets see what happens further.. I have a feeling that there is some issue going for Chinmayi.. after reading her blogs I got this feeling... I take this opportunity to wish Chinmayi a great success in all her endeavors.. we will miss you for sure !!!

Is it Venkat/Nisha ???

The wild card round 2 trailer was telecasted in Vijay TV yesterday... They were showing performances of Venkat/Nisha and Sangeetha commenting that the performance should have been done in the finals.. she meant that its so good. Aishwarya Danush went onto stage to congratulate them.... But there was nothing shown about Rajesh/suhasini :(
I am waiting to know whats going to happen in this case.. will Venkat/Nisha go thru to finals or someone else.. Eager to know the voting status even...

Disappointed ??

When Prasanna performed the song from "Murattu kalai" film in the kuthu round, I felt that Malgudi Shuba was not much interested in commenting for the same. I am not sure whether its only me who felt this way.. I remember it was Shuba who eliminated Prasanna from the competition earlier... its obvious that she would be disappointed to see someone back even after being eliminated earlier.

She said everything is ok and commented that judges would express about shruti of the song. Then, Unni krishnan asked Prasanna to sing in his own voice rather immitating Malaysia Vasudevan's. It was for the same reason (not using his own voice rather immitating) he was eliminated earlier. He performed really well is agreed and he even got lot of appreciation from Yugendran (son of Malaysia Vasudevan) but will this be the end of the road again for Prasanna ????
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