Thursday, December 17, 2009

Sigarangalin Sangamam

December 20 and 27, 4 p.m

This live show, in front of a huge audience in Tirunelvelli, was a huge success. Celebrities from the world of cinema and music paid tribute to the legendary composers and singers M.S.Viswanathan, T.M.Soundarajan and P.B. Srinivos. Singers such as Srinivas, Suchitra, Saindhavi and Naveen sang some evergreen hits of these legends including ‘Paatum Naanae', ‘Thulluvatho Illamai', ‘'Nilavae Ennidam' and ‘Kaalangalil Aval Vasantham.' The show was hosted by ‘Kalakapovadhu Yaaru' winner Sivakarthikeyan and Divyadarshini. For all the Nellai fans who missed the show and music lovers of Tamil Nadu, the event will be aired as two parts the next two Sundays.

SS Jr - Christmas Special

It's that time of the year when Santa comes a calling and the holiday spirit spreads everywhere. Keeping the Christmas spirit alive is Super Singer Junior 2. The sets have been re-decorated with the beautifully done-up Christmas tree. As for the participants, they can choose from three themes -- melody, folk or western. A special gift is in store for the child who exhibits exceptional talent – a cash prize of Rs. 1 lakh! Also on Christmas eve, the children who were eliminated in the earlier rounds, will get a chance to perform. And yes, they too will get gifts!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

India ranks No 4 in online film and TV piracy: MPDA Report

The Motion Picture Distributors Association (India) (MPDA) has released two internet piracy studies that go to say that copyright infringement online is a major problem in India. The first report by Internet company DtecNet - based on tracking of downloading IP-addresses on P2P networks - showed that from April to September 2009, India was among the top 10 countries in the world with the largest number of illegal P2P activities.

Similar results were found by internet company Envisional. In its internet piracy landscape report, Envisional found that online piracy of film and television content in India was mainly carried out through the file-sharing network BitTorrent and cyber lockers or web-based file hosts such as RapidShare or HotFile. Video streaming sites are also popular, though their usage is lower than Bittorrent and cyber lockers. The major international BitTorrent portals were heavily used by Indian downloaders. In addition, the number and popularity of a range of large Indian-focused BitTorrent trackers was extremely high. Within a range of BitTorrent swarms for six MPA member studio films, 6.5 per cent of IP addresses located could be traced back to an Indian IP address. This placed the country as the fourth largest downloader after the US, Great Britain and Canada.

Hindi films are the most widely available domestic Indian content with most down loaders in Delhi, Bengaluru and Mumbai. The recent film Kaminey is estimated to have been downloaded just over 350,000 times on BitTorrent with around two thirds of those downloaders located in India. “The numbers the surveys have come up with just underpin our constant refrain - that the economic and social impact of online piracy is enormous and will have even greater long-term implications if not addressed,” said MPA president and managing director, Asia-Pacific, Michael Ellis. “We are only too aware that more needs to be done to help people understand that when they take unauthorised content off the internet, or pay next to nothing from a pirate street vendor, they are indulging in online theft and therefore damage the very movie-making community that has been bringing them decades of entertainment,” Ellis added.

Moreover, India is one of the largest users of cyber lockers in the world. On an average, 8.2 per cent of visitors to the top ten cyber lockers worldwide are located in India and the country makes up 11.8 per cent of visitors to the top ten cyber locker link sites which collate and index pirated content held on cyber lockers. As broadband penetration is now accelerating in India, measures for stemming internet piracy should be considered or the numbers of subscribers involved in P2P file sharing in India are likely to grow exponentially in tandem with the country’s broadband growth, and are expected to pose even more significant risks to its domestic film industry as well. Added MPDA (India) managing director Rajiv Dalal, “Around the world, film industries face the same problems. We need strong laws to support copyright, strong enforcement of those laws, stiff sentences for people who violate those laws, and most important, an understanding by ordinary citizens, the people who love movies, that buying pirated movies hurts the industry and makes it difficult for movie makers to make new films.”


Sunday, December 13, 2009

Sivaranjani Eliminated..

Superstar Rajinikanth's birthday was celebrated in Airtel Super singer Junior 2 studios.. last week in the show had contestants grooming like Rajinikanth and singing some of the super hit songs of his films. First day of the show was with Elimination Challenge where 5 contestants who were in danger zone performed and Vishnu Charan was the one with lowest judges' scores.. then Mano gave him a chance and he was not eliminated.. From tuesday to thursday it was all 19 contestants giving tribute to Rajinikanth for the occasion of his birthday. There were some stunning performances as usual from the kids and finally it was Sivaranjani to be eliminated from the show.. so now its 18 In, 1 Out..

Mano's mimic for commenting the performances was really good.. All the contestants were saying some punch dialogues of Rajini's movies and their own dialogue that would suit the superstar. It was funny and very innovative things being done by the contestants.. There was birthday song even sung for the superstar by everyone in the show..

‘Bandits’ attack on Boys VS Girls

Vijay TV’s Aachi Boys VS Girls Season 2 semi-finals this week. The teams disguise as highway robbers and bandits and are ready to steal viewers’ hearts with their performances. First time ever such a theme has been attempted and executed in any Tamil reality show. To suit the Bandit theme, the sets of Boys VS Girls are also customized. The robbers are ready to steal points from each other. Boys and Girls would be dressed as cow boys, highway thieves, bandits and outlaws. Being the semi-finals, both the teams are to work hard and many turning-points are expected to take place in the ‘highway robbery performance’.

The Judges - Meena and Shyam would decide after seeing the unique performances of the robbers, as to who would make the great loot and lead the way to the finals? - Boys or the Girls?


Koffee with Nathiya..

Season 3 of koffee with Anu started of with a bang.. it was evergreen young actress Nathiya in the show with Anu sharing the koffee mug. To tell about the season 3.. I will write it in a separate post and now in this only about the episode. Nathiya's father even came to the show for sometime. Best part was the directors/actors speaking about her.. it was Jeyam Ravi, Jeyam Raja, Sundar C speaking about the actress who acted with her in the comback journey in tamil films for Nathiya.. later in the show it was time for calling anyone of guest choice and speaking with them.. it was actor Suresh who was called.. Anu and Nathiya made fun initially speaking together and confusing Suresh and later he identified Nathiya.

The show had Anu speaking with Nathiya about her passion, marriage life and the comeback in the industry and lot more.. Nathiya said she was not passionate to act in films and it was just her hobby.. :)

A musical extravaganza

Vijay TV, one of the great entertainers in the small screen section, is all set to enthral the audience here on December 12 at Exhibition Grounds with the evergreen numbers of celebrated composer M.S. Viswanathan, who has scored music for more than 700 movies and legendary singers T.M. Soundararajan and P.B. Srinivas.

The show, titled ‘RMKV Sigarangalin Sangamam,’ would pay a tribute to the legendary music composer and the singers, who have carved a niche in the world of Tamil tinsel world. Playback singers Srinivas, Suchithra, Sainthavi and Naveen would sing some of the evergreen hits of these legends. Vijay TV’s ‘Super Singers’ Ajeesh, Ravi, Renu, Prasana and Raginishree would share the centrestage with these singers. Sanghavi and ‘Siva Manasula Sakthi’ fame Anuya were expected.

The musical night would be a great entertainer as the music would be joined by some foot tapping numbers. Dance performance by Sherif, Manoj Kumar, Prem Gopal, Nanda, Jeyalakshmi, Sai Pallavi and Divya of ‘Unagalil Yar Aduththa Prabhu Deva’- fame would amuse the audience. Free entry passes for this event are available at Rm.K.V., Vannarpettai, Menaka Cards, Palayamkottai and Univercell Tirunelveli Town.
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