Saturday, October 10, 2009

Whats up with Kalakapovathu yaaru Junior..

Kalakapovathu yaaru is one of the trademark shows of Vijay TV. The show started few years back and it was shelved for simetime after other channels copied and started similar shows. Vijay TV has this tendency.. whenever other channels start something similar to what they have.. they shelve that show and start new shows.. Now, Kalakapovathu yaaru Junior is back in the channel with a bang. I think this time it will again sweep other channels with the viewers ratings & interest.

Whos in KPY Junior ?

This being a stand up comedy show.. obviously we would have judges only with the comedy track and background.. yeah.. this time it is comedy actor, directory Pandiarajan and VJ Archana who used to anchor shows in Sun TV earlier with comedy genre are the judges. Definitely its a different change from the channel.. I was expecting uma Riaz in teh show but I guess she would join at some point of time..

Pooja - The WINNER

VJ Pooja emerged winner of the realty show Anu alavuam bayam illai.. it was the grand finale this week and the show had VJ Pooja from SS music, Tarika and Santhoshi competing in the finals of the show. It was a very very tough competition between Pooja and Tarika. The show had 2 levels of tasks after which Santhoshi was eliminated. Later it was left with Tarika and Pooja to emerge as winner. Then the competition became still more difficult with both of them showed loads of courage, patience, stamina, will power.. it became very difficult for the organizers to choose a winner.. with task 3 getting over there were none emerged victorious.. so, the show continued with tie breaker.. the tie breaker saw Pooja as the winner. Pooja's reaction after winning was way too good.. she was running and jumping for almost few minutes.. yeah.. ofcourse it brought out the happiness of her efforts and hard work. Pooja takes home a car by winning this show.. I will write another post to explain the tasks later..

24 in, 1 out

Finally the Airtel Super Singer Junior 2 with the main level of the competition had the eliminations in the show.. its been quite a few weeks the show did not had elimination and it was going slow.. as always.. Last week it was Kuthu round and the kids were performing really well.. they were very impressive. The show had got Airtel special 5 zone and the super kids award given to the contestants. Mano, Chitra and Shubha comments were soothing and hope they continue the show till the end.

With the top 25 contestants competing at this stage of the was 1 girl being eliminated from the show. so.. its now left with 24 contestants to compete in the next rounds.. I was shocked to see the reaction of the contestants after the elimination was announced..they walked in to the stage and consoled her. I never expected such a matured behaviour from these kids.. do you remember anytime someone eliminated from the show in Airtel Super Singer 2008.. the other contestants coming onto stage and consoling the eliminated contestant ??? Way to go kids..

New Schedules..

Slumdog Millionaire film promotional video was out sometime back in the channel and I thought it would be telecasted during Deepavali.. The date is announced by the Vijay TV.. it would be on October 15th, 2009.

Kallikaatu Pallikoodam, the next season of Kana Kaanum Kaalangal promotial video was also out and it was impressive.. this show's date is also announced.. so the show starts from next monday 19th October, 2009 and its from Monday to Thursday at 7.30 PM

Ulaganayagan Kamal 50, the grand event that was held in Chennai to felicitate Kamal Haasan and the whole film industry was out there to wish him.. this show was organized by Vijay TV and the show is telecasted on October 12 and October 13 at 7 PM..hope we will see its retelecast quite a few times atleast.

Nadanthathu Enna with special program on Rajinikanth's travel to Himalayas is retelecasted due to public demand.. if you dont wanna miss it.. watch the channel on October 11, 2009 at 11 AM.

DTH revenue to cross $100 bn by 2018: study

As subscribers switch to higher ARPU (average revenue per user) premium services, subscription revenue from the overall direct-to-home (DTH) industry is expected to grow from $65 billion in 2008 to over $100 billion by 2018. According to the NSR report -Global Direct DTH Markets, revenues from basic DTH services are expected to contribute smaller percentages going forward. The report also suggests that DTH subscribers will grow from 114 million in 2008 to 209 million by 2018.

A total of 99 DTH operators were beaming over 13,800 channels at the end of 2008. However, at a compounded annual growth rate of 4.6 per cent, the total number of channel to be beamed is expected to cross more than 21,000 by 2018-end. The report spans 10 regions and finds both similarities and differences that have made the whole DTH market greater than some of its parts. North America, Western Europe and East Asia dominate all channel, subscriber and revenue counts, and growth in these regions comes from premium services such as High Definition (HD) and Digital Video Recorders (DVRs). Central and Eastern Europe, South Asia and South America, on the other hand, are very much on the growth track, but in their case, plain vanilla DTH subscribers are the biggest drivers. NSR's multi-regional presence with analysts in five distinct regions of the world provides for both local perspective and global coverage of these trends.

Another trend that defines the mature markets is that of fierce competition as cable and satellite battle it out, and the threat of IPTV looms large in countries such as France and the US. Elsewhere, DTH platforms are cooperating with telecom giants to carry the trinity of voice, video and data over a combination of media. Foes turn into friends as platforms consolidate in order to achieve the critical mass required to bring in advertising revenues. NSR has not only looked at the prevailing market trends, but gone on to analyze their impact, both in the past year and forwards until 2018. Regarding the difference of this report from other DTH studies, NSR senior analyst Prashant Butani stated, "Television is an industry that everyone can talk about because we are all part of the audience. However, quantifying market trends is a different issue altogether, and this is where NSR's 10 region, 100 operator, 2,800 data point forecast delivers the bottom line to those that want more detail. NSR's report further segments these numbers into 4 product categories that allow companies serving this industry to go after their target market more effectively."

Courtesy - Indiantelevision

Vijay TV's novel idea Repeatu..

Superstar Rajinikanth is known to be a regular visitor to the Himalayas where his guru resides. For persons curious to know what drives Rajinikanth to the holy place, Vijay TV revealed the answer few weeks back in Nadanthatu Enna.. A group from the reputed satellite channel has gone with Rajinikanth's best friend Hari (who has always accompanied Rajinikanth during his sojourns to the Himalayas) to the Himalayas to find the facts and bring bring them to viewers. Nadanthatu Enna, started airing on Vijay TV, promises to have all the trappings of a visual treat.

This show is retelecasted in the channel tomorrow i.e 11th october 2009 at 11 AM.. looks like due to public demand to the Vijay TV they air this again..hope this will be in Vijay TV's golden moments too ;)

Grand Finale

The winner of nail-biting reality show Anu Alavum Bayamillai will be announced this week as the finals begin. In the recall round, Santoshi emerged the third finalist. VJ Pooja and Thaarika are the other two finalists.

The finals will see the contestants face tough tasks. Spread over three levels, each will test their fear quotient, stamina and will power. The one who completes the tasks in the least time will be adjudged winner. Whom do you think will be the winner ???

Ulaganayagan Kamal 50

Vijay TV’s month-long celebration to mark 50 years of Kamal Haasan’s film career, culminated in a grand event attended by the glitterati of South Indian Cinema such as K. Balachander, Ilaiyaraja, Rajinikanth, Mohanlal, Mammootty, Sarath Kumar, Venkatesh and A.R. Rahman. This show will be telecast in two parts on October 12 and 13. The show saw celebrity emcees including Madhavan, Parthiban, Prakash Raj and Radhika introduce several film personalities who have worked with Kamal. An interesting moment was when Kamal Haasan interacted with his heroines such as Jayachitra, Revathy, Gautami, Shobana and Tabu on stage.

Sundaram Master and Prabhu Dheva dedicated a special performance to Kamal Haasan while Shobana performed to a contemporary-classical number. S.P. Balasubramaniam and Hariharan treated the audience to an unplugged medley of Kamal Haasan’s hit songs. A truly star-studded event to watch out for!

Monday & Tuesday (12,13 October 2009), 7 p.m

Rajini's speech @ Ulaganayagan 50

Rajini and Kamal were found together after a long time in Ulaganayagan Kamal 50 event.Rajini who is generally very choosy about the function that he attends agreed to come to Kamal's big event.Rajini was on time for the function and was present for the whole function which was more than 5 hours. Kamal and Rajini showed the industry what real friendship is and Rajini mainly spoke about their early days in film industry and their association with KB sir. "Kalai Ulagam Anna" was the name given to Kamal by Rajini in is speech.

Rajini also spoke that he could speak about Kamal for more than 2 days, so much is the achievement that Kamal has made to the cinema industry. He also said that when he came to film industry Kamal was already a established hero but Kamal never interfered in the role of Rajini that shows tha character of Kamal.He also added that he still remembers after Ninaithale Inikkum Kamal called Rajini and told it would be better if you act as a hero so that it could increase your growth in film industry,that was the real turning point in my life.

Kamal was called to say some few words. Kamal was emotionally moved by Rajini's speech said that no actor would be so frank as Rajini and he told that Rajini is his best friend and he would remain to be his best friend forever.

Courtesy - by Balaji.

Krish-Sangeetha judging this week..

Actor-Singer jodi Sangeetha-Krish are back in Vijay TV in Boys Vs Girls Season 2.. This week they will be the only judges in the show and Meena, shyaam are not available.. From yesterday's judging I felt bad for Sandra and for her performance. I felt she did a very good job but the comments from the judges were very bad..I think its better Vijay TV does not bring judges who dont have experience in that specific field. Sangeetha was also not so giving good comments for the performances. I personally feel Krish can be invited as special guest for Super Singer Junior and that should be fine but not into judging. what do you guys think ??

'Eeram’ sold to Vijay TV?

‘Eeram’ clearly swept everybody with its rank one narration and fine technicalities. The movie even won rave reviews for its, narration, stupefying romance, spellbinding dialogues and last but not the least, the thriller side of the film. As we expected, a satellite channel has laid its hand over ‘Eeram’. Yup! Grapevine is abuzz that Star Vijay TV has grabbed the TV rights of this Shankar’s product. And the important point is that the film was bought for a whooping 1.5 crore…

‘Eeram’ by debut director Arivazhagan has proved its worth. In fact it’s rumored that this is the best proposal for any new comer’s movie till now!

I&B plans to toughen TV entry

Information and Broadcasting minister Ambika Soni is understood to have asked the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (Trai) to examine issues relating to expansion of private television channels in the country. In a letter sent to Trai chairman J S Sarma earlier this week, the minister is understood to have asked the sector regulator to examine ways of checking the financial viability of parties that apply for setting up news channels in the country. This will include checking whether those applying for new channels are genuine applicants. It is also learnt that Trai has been asked to consider whether there should be a cap on the total number of private channels in the country. Meanwhile, Soni has written to Home minister P Chidambaram – and orally discussed with him – about the foreign television channels being shown illegally by cable operators all over the country. She has asked him to examine ways of checking this. Soni had earlier addressed a similar communication to chief ministers, urging them to strictly implement the Cable TV Networks (Regulation) Act 1995.


Airtel Special 5 Zone

So, the main competitive rounds have started and whats new with this season of the Airtel Super Singer ???? its Airtel Special 5 zone thats introduced in Airtel Super Singer Junior 2. From the contestants there will be five contestants with best performances will be selected.. and this 5 contestants will be seated in special zone called Airtel Special 5 zone. These contestants can be sure that they will not be eliminated from this week's show. That will be more relief for them and their parents... So the contest will be open for elimination for the rest of the contestants. This is not that.. these 5 contestants will also be given Airtel DTH as gift as appreciation. I think its good promotional for the DTH business for the Airtel.

Also, there is another award given to 1 contestant and the kid is selected as the best performer of the week. The award is named with the sponsor.. Rin Super Kid of the week.. there is also a gift hamper from Rin for the super kid.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Dhoni tops celeb power list, SRK follows

With the cricketing season pouring on to the television space, the game "endorsers" have surely had their brand impact on the target consumers. As a result, MS Dhoni has emerged as the top player to rule the all-India power list when it comes to celebrity brand endorsements, according to the second round of the CelebTrack findings, a joint endeavour between Percept Talent Management (PTM) and Hansa Research. Dhoni has ousted Sachin Tendulkar, who led the first round findings, and has now slipped to fifth place.

Interestingly, Dhoni is also the top-earning cricketer in the world as per the Forbes’ list of the 10 top-earning cricketers in the world. Meanwhile, in the CelebTrack findings, following Dhoni is Bollywood 'Badshah' Shah Rukh Khan, not a cricket star surely but, of course, the owner of the Kolkata Knight Riders IPL team. SRK has jumped three spots from his previous ranking of five. Next in line stand the Bachchan clan, with daughter-in-law Aishwarya Rai Bachchan taking the third slot and Amitabh Bachchan grabbing the fourth.

While Tendulkar takes second top-of-the-mind brand post when it comes to cricketers, it's Sania Mirza who tops the charts when all the other sports besides cricket is considered. Brand Smriti Irani, meanwhile, continues to rule the 'all India celeb power list' when it comes to television stars in the Hindi speaking market while Rakesh Roshan leads the director's score board. "Our study also reveals the top 10 celebrities in the Hindi speaking market. Here too, Dhoni tops the list while Shah Rukh Khan ranks second. Big B comes third, followed by Akshay Kumar, Aishwarya Rai and Katrina Kaif. Hrithik, Yuvraj, Sachin and Aamir are also part of the list," says PTM CEO Manish Porwal. With the endorsement market pegged at approximately Rs 10 billion, CelebTrack aims to trail celebrity perceptions amongst masses that would help advertisers choose the right brand fit for their products and services.

According to Hansa Research MD Ashok Das, the research was conducted on the basis of five parameters - 'popularity', 'persuasive power', 'image attributes (personality)', 'media presence' and 'over exposure'. Says Das, "The second round of the bi-annual study was conducted over a period of six months starting April 2009, across 39 cities with 12,000-plus respondents. Approximately 400 celebrities from the national, regional and local favourite list were shortlisted from the arena of cine entertainment, cricket, other sports, music and television."

The joint body has also performed a study for the southern region to find that Dhoni, Aishwarya and SRK top the favourite chart in Karnataka. "Currently, we have nine clients on board. They are Tata Indicom, Pepsico, ING Vysya, Cadbury, Airtel, Vodafone, Hindustan Unilever, 9Wins, United Spirits and Pepsi," adds Hansa Research associate VP Vineet Sodhani. The study will be available to consumers on a subscription basis, the price of which stays at Rs 1.08 million.

courtesy - Indiantelevision

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

I&B issues notice to NDTV imagine on show

The Information and Broadcasting Ministry on Tuesday issued notice to NDTV Imagine asking why its reality show 'Pati Patni Aur Woh' should not be stopped. Ministry sources told that the show cause notice has been issued under the clause (a), (l) and (o) of Section 6 (1) of the Cable Television Networks (Regulation) Act 1995 and the channel has been asked to respond within 15 days.

Meanwhile, the Delhi High Court today declined to stay the screening of the show, giving the channel a breather for now. The channel had contested NCPCR (National Commission for Protection of Child Rights) notice and Justise Sanjeev Khanna, after hearing counsel for the channel, said that there was nothing on record to warrant the stoppage of the programme. Earlier, the counsel for the channel which had filed the petition said that the NCPCR did not have any statutory authority to demand stoppage of the programme.

The NCPCR, which is an autonomous body under the Women and Child Development Ministry, had earlier asked the channel to stop the series, following representations by NGOs to the Women and Child Welfare Ministry about the use of babies in the reality show. The NCPCR had also sent a note to the I&B Ministry to take action against the channel for the show in which five celebrity couples take care of other people's babies.

courtesy - Indiantelevision

Kuthu Round..

It is kuthu round in Airtel Super Singer Junior 2 this week with the top 25 contestants fighting for the next round spot. This will be the first main competitive round after few non-competitive rounds had given the contestants some trials. Looks like there will be definite eliminations in this round.

Whos in Kuthu round ?

Its the so called Permanent judges of Airtel Super Singer Junior 2 show Mano, Chitra and Malgudi Subha judging the performances of the contestants. Show also has special guest Manickam Vinayagam who had given some trainings for the contestant for this round. Divya continues to anchor the show..

Slumdog Millionaire for Diwali ??

For last few days we have been seeing the promotional video for the Oscar award winning film Slumdog Millionaire in our Vijay TV. Promotional video has the trailer of the film and says coming soon in the channel. Hopefully this film will be out for Deepavali I think. Good that Vijay TV had got this film and dont tell me some other channel even showing the same film at the same day and same time ;) lol..

Recent days Vijay TV had started premering some films in the channel and they were doing it long back. But now they have started this again.. its good to do that since other channels have new films being telecasted for festivals.. this will keep them in the competition and ofcourse good films will have more TRP ratings..

Monday, October 5, 2009

Ravi Menon joins Sun TV

Sun TV Network Limited has created a new post and appointed former Star India executive Ravi Menon to head its programming across it's bouquet of channels. In his new mandate, Menon will oversee the strategy, development and management of all programming and on-air content produced by Sun TV Network. This includes Sun's entire channels across Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Kerala. Menon will be report to Sun TV Network COO Ajay Vidyasagar. Menon moves in from Star India where he was Star One EVP and GM. He was also responsible for turning around Star's Tamil channel Star Vijay.

Courtesy - Indiantelevision

Santhoshi gets into finals..

It was Santhoshi to get selected in the recall round in Anu alavum bayamillai show last week. The show had the recall round after Tarika & VJ Pooja got the finals berth. The recal round was found to be tough competition between Santhoshi and Sandra. Aarthi did not make it up to the show with some personal reasons.. I guess since she is getting married she does not want to take any risk. It was left with Kutti Pooja, Ujjaini, Santhoshi and Sandra to fight for the final spot.

Kutti Pooja did not attempt and was directly eliminated from this round. I thought Ujjaini will not attempt but she made me wrong. She attempted and tried to her potential but when the flag was near snake's head she did not go further. Sandra and Santhoshi completed their tasks and they were almost equal.. the show was very interesting because Anu did not reveal the timings of any contestant until the last contestant completed her task. This brought in more curiosity for the numbers... finally it was Santhoshi who was better than Sandra by 17 seconds to go through to finals.. I felt sad for Sandra.. who knows Vijay TV would have recall round 2 and have Sandra for finals ;)

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Shilpa takes home LCD..

Small screen actors Devadarshini, Shilpa and Preetha were the guests in Athu Ithu Ethu show sterday.. the show was lively every moment with all the contestants were very jovial and making fun with each other and Shivakarthikeyan. In groupla doopu it was football players and Shilpa won the round.. she is only contestant to find the doop player. Unfortunately no one laughed in the next round where Vadivelu Balaji even tried his best. Final round was also very good for contestants... none of the audiance found the lie in their story. Shilpa was dressed in western wear and was looking quite different from her usual attire. Finally it was Shilpa to take home the LCD TV after winning the competition..

KKK -> Kallikaatu Pallikoodam

Much awaited Kanaa Kaanum Kaalangal is back in Vijay TV.. it will be Kallikaatu Pallikoodam, the so called brand new serial in Vijay TV that will be starting soon.. I think the last auditions that had selected ppl for the next seasons are acting in this season. With the name being Kallikaatu Pallikoodam.. its going to be story in village school but from the promotional videos it looks like the girls are with makeup.. and I am not sure how well village school children dress for school.. KKK was a super hit serial in Vijay TV and having the same in village.. will that work out for the channel ?? we will have to wait and see..

If this season starts of with village.. then how will next season be ?? in village or back to school with red and blue boys. I also think that the break for the last and this season is too much.. they should have started this much earlier and I had posted that this show will start from the month of August but it got delayed. Since the story (nothing really ;)) goes on with the current date.. its going to be exams soon in the show.

Delhi Ganesh @ Boys Vs Girls

Actor Delhi Ganesh was chief guest in Boys Vs Girls Season 2 Agraharam round.. he came in Brahmin attire and was having good time with the crew. I think it was nice choice to have Delhi Ganesh especially for this round since we have seen him in brahmin character in many movies. He was also made fun by the boys team by reminding his character in the movie "Avvai Shanmugi" where theliyavechi theliyavechi adipaangale.. ;).. He gave his comments for all the performances and his comments were really good.

Usually there is a team selected for the best cheering team award and the prize money of 5,000 is given to the same team. This week it is chamathu team for the prize money of 10,000. Delhi Ganesh was asked to choose the chamathu team who dont speak much and do their job... he chose Girls team for the same.
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