Saturday, November 28, 2009

Anu in a new role..

Its been quite sometime we saw Anu Haasan in the channel.. after Anu alavum bayam illai everyone were expecting her to host the second season of the show and it did not happen.. then there was news of koffee with anu starting season 3 and that too did not happen. So it looked like Anu is busy and hav taken a break from hosting any shows in the channel.. but now she is back with a new role.. I have heard Anu Haasan saying that she likes to do anything new always and does not try to do things for long time. Now she is in En Samayal Arayil, a new cookery show in Vijay TV featuring every sunday afternoon 1 PM and the news in here is Anu herself will cook in this show.. I remember she opened a juice shop in few places in Chennai and was taking care of that business.. will this make her to start restaurants in the city ???

Whom did you Vote ???

First time a serial getting audience response for the story in the serial.. Vijay TV, after knowing the viewers following their love story "Anbe Vaa" came up with twist where the viewers can choose whom the hero should marry. There was voting mechanism and sms voting being done.. So, you guys voted for someone ?? Whom did you vote for ??

CavinKare ABILITY Awards

CavinKare ABILITY Awards were instituted in 2003 to honour achievers with disabilities who have soared beyond conventional barriers to realise their chosen dreams. They are national awards recognising exemplary services as well as accomplishments of the achievers. The world of social entrepreneurs, especially those with disability, is a lonely one. And those who have succeeded and brought about significant changes need to be recognised and appreciated. Giving these awards, the Foundation believes, leads to awareness-building on the capabilities of persons with disabilities. The awards come in two categories:

CavinKare ABILITY Award for Eminence is given to 1 person with disability, who has demonstrated a commitment to others that goes beyond personal triumphs. The Award comprises a memento, a citation and a cash prize of Rs.2 lakhs.

CavinKare ABILITY Mastery Awards are given to 3 persons who have not allowed their disability to come in the way of attaining excellence in their chosen field. These awards recognise mastery in any area of one’s choice and to those who have set high standards for themselves and achieved their ambitions. The Award comprises a memento, citation and a cash prize of Rs.1 lakh each.

Vijay TV is the media partner for this award and I think Vijay TV has been doing very good promotion for the award.. Thanks to the channel for the same..

Carnatic round..

This week in Airtel Super Singer Junior 2 it will be Carnatic songs round.. I am not sure about the name of the round.. it could be carnatic or classical songs round.. I expected this round be little later in the show but now its early with top 19 contestants fighting for the next round spot. ofcourse given the title of the round.. there are special guests/judges in the show.. this week;s show will have Nithyashree and Unnikrishnan.. apt people for this round and I dont know why Vijay TV missed Sudha Raghunathan.. I will be happy to see her along with these two. This round in the competition is going to be very very difficult for few contestants and very easy for many of them.. lets see how it goes..

Periya Karuppu Thevar wins dream kitchen..

Periya Karuppu Thevar featured in the Samayal samayal kitchen killadigal for few weeks and yesterday he had won the dream kitchen after beating his opposition for 3 consecutive weeks. Periya Karuppu Thevar came with his wife and it was his wife to cook all the three weeks and they were like ice on the cake when sterday's round was authentic food.. they cooked a dish with chicken and fish and was very confident in winning the dream kitchen. I did not see the show for few weeks and sterday I dont want to miss it. With other samayal program gearing up in the channel.. I think we will have more recipes in coming days...

I am pretty much impressed the way this show is being drived by Priyadarshini and Devadarshini.. from their dresses to the hosting they are really best. I think for now this is the best cookery show in tamil channels. what say ??

Kungumapoovum konjupuravum yet again..

This week Vijay TV is again telecasting Kungumapoovum konjupuravum film.. sunday 10 AM.. I remember this film had already featured in the channel few times. I think the channel can be consistant in featuring tamil films on sunday mornings instead of hollywood films.. this will definitely bring them more viewers. With other leading channels geared up with lots of new tamil films, Vijay TV is not in the race at all. Now, with the Eeram film being bought be Vijay TV and I guess it would also be featured in the same way as Kungumapoovum konjupuravum. What do you guys think ?? I think they should change their stratergy in featuring tamil films and I dont think they are in anywhere competition between the other channels.

Friday, November 27, 2009

En Samayal Araiyil

Sundays, 1 p.m.

Here's a brand new cookery show in which anchor Anu Hassan whips up some time-tested yet forgotten recipes. Also, pick up useful cooking and storage tips from the show, which begins on November 29. Anu has recipes for special occasions as well. And to add that personal touch, she invites her family and friends to her kitchen to share her preparations. Its been quite sometime we have seen Anu in vijay TV and I thought she will be back with next season of Koffee with Anu but now she is back with En Samayal Araiyil. The promotional video of the show looks very promising but the only concern would be how long this show will continue in the channel..

From 29th November 2009, Sundays 1 PM

Sanjana Eliminated..

Sanjana is eliminated from Airtel Super singer Junior 2 this week.. it was Mottukalin mettukal round and there was very good competition between top 20 contestants in the show..It was little sad to know that Sanjana is being eliminated from the show.. I guess in the Boys Vs Girls round even she did a very good job. Now, the show is left with 19 contestants fighting for the next round spot. So, now its left with 19 In, 1 Out..

Whos in Mottukalin Mettukal round ?

So, this week on the show we did not had Malgudi Shubha judging the perforamnces of the contestants.. it was only Mano and chitra doing the honours.. Voice expert Ananth Vaidyanathan was available and he gave his comments on each contestant before their performance. looks like there has been considerably good improvement from the kids after his arrival.

Home Theatre..

From this week, the eliminated contestant will get a Home theatre worth 10,000 INR as gift and hearing that Sanjana was quite happy.. This gift is been sponsored by Singapore hardwares..

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Sun TV to increase ad rates after two years

For almost two years Sun TV Network had left its advertising rates untouched as the market stayed sluggish. But effective 1 January, the southern broadcasting major will up its rates as it forecasts a 20 per cent jump in advertising revenues for the full-fiscal. For its Tamil channels, the ad rates will go up between 9-33 per cent. The increase in ad rates will be across Sun TV, KTV, Sun Music, Sun News, Chutti and Adhitya.

"We are looking at an ad revenue of Rs 6.9 billion for FY'10, up 20 per cent from the previous year. The last time we had an ad hike was in February 2008. The downturn prevented us from going for a rate hike in FY'09," a source in the company tells Sun is accordingly increasing the slot fees (broadcast fees) received from the content producers. The changes in ad rates for other general entertainment channels of Sun TV Network - Gemini (Telugu), Udaya (Kannada) and Surya (Malayalam) - will be announced by the company within a fortnight.
So how does Sun TV's rate hike impact the market? "The market was working at a discounted rate. Sun was not selling at their required premium. With the market leader upping rates, it will be good for everybody," says Star India president (South) Jagdish Kumar.


Monday, November 23, 2009

Preetha Eliminated..

Finally the elimination in Anu alavum bayam illai season 2 started this week.. its been practice/rehearsal rounds for the contestants and this week it was the first elimination of the season. It was Preetha to get eliminated in this round at very early stages of the contest. This was the first elimination round and there were two tasks given to the contestants. First task is to get into a glass box and they will have cocckroach, rats and beeds.. the contestants got to stitch the beeds in the thread.. the second task was to walk in very high altitude joins.. Preetha was not able to complete her second task and that made her out of the competition straight away.. all others completed their task and Neelima Rani had the best performance of the week...

North Indian Girls Vs South Indian Girls..

It was an interesting topic in Neeya Naana yesterday.. Vada Indhiya Pengal Vs Then Indhiya Pengal.. I am sure Gopinath really meant when he said.. "thousand men can be handled but he is not able to handle 50 women.." hahaha.. really funny.. So, the show was not said to be an eye opener given the topic.. it was a fun and something to chew topic.. hope many of the viewers would have tuned on to this episode for sure. The show had discussions on how north and south Indian women behave in roads, coffee shops and other places when they meet each other. It was total silent when Gopinath asked whether the girls have boy friend.. there was none who stood up in north Indian side but there was 1 in south Indian side..

They then spoke about how the north Indian women dress, their dressing sense and in compared with south Indian women.. when it came to comparing men of both south and north India.. south Indian women really gave their full support for south Indian men. When it came to number of men who join army.. south Indian women were in complete silence.. It was overall good fun in here in the show.. especially for Gopinath for handling 50 girls..

Captain TV from Pongal 2010 ??

Pongal 2010 turns to be the most happening occasion for all the entertainment buffs. The spotlights are on the big releases with loads of entertainment to offer for the small screen viewers too. Actor Vijayakanth is all set to launch his Captain TV by Pongal 2010 and he’s actively working on the preplanning phase. Vijayakanth, as we know is already juggling between acting and politics and now has his hands full with a television channel as well. The actor is in talks with professionals of leading satellite channels to be part of this channel as executives. Vijayakanth is very clear on what he wants on his channel, insisting on not having spoof shows of films he wants politics to be given prominence with no daily soaps.

Anbe Vaa Stars..

No Elimination

It was no elimination in boys Vs girls round in Airtel Super singer Junior 2 last week.. the top 20 contestants had Boys Vs Girls round where the boys and girls contestants were seperated as two teams and compete against each others' challenge.. the competition was really good and the round was not bad at all except for the judgement.. the final judgement was.. no elimination in this round of the competition.. I think keeping in mind Children's day and giving another chance for them to prove themselves.. it was a kind of request from Ananth Vaidyanathan, the voice expert who had joined the show in very early stage than his usual entry. Judges responded positively to this decision.. with that all the 20 contestants get into next round in the competition..

The Anbe Vaa Twist..

Anbe Vaa, a young love story, is a story of three couples who are in love and are under constant pressure to make
their relationships work. Interesting twists and turns await the audience on this interesting love story in the coming weeks. Jana who is in love with Devi is accused of murdering Devi’s dad. Devi is not only heartbroken that her love is broken but also angry at Jana and decides to unleash her revenge on him. Jana pleads innocence but Devi doesn’t believe this and readies herself to get married to another person.

The triangle of love between Jeeva, Sandhya & Priya is at the cross roads. Sandhya is resigned to the fact that Jeeva and Priya are destined to marry each other and reluctantly agrees to marry the suitor that her dad proposes but life takes an interesting turn on the eve of Sandhya’s wedding.

On-air contest in Anbe Vaa:

With so many unanswered questions in the serial, there is a special on-air contest for Anbe Vaa viewers. The viewers need to choose who would marry Jeeva? – His close pal Sandhya who has been with him through all times or Priya to whom Jeeva loves. The viewers need to choose between Sandhya and Priya by means of voting and the audience poll would determine Jeeva’s partner in marriage. Voting promos would commence from this Friday Nov 20th.

Voting mechanism:

Viewers can SMS “SAN” (for Sandhya) or “PRI” (for Priya) to 57827 and vote for the one whom you think needs to marry Jeeva. The opinion votes would be taken into account from Friday, November 20th onwards. Tune into “Anbe Vaa” Monday - Thursday, 8pm on Vijay TV and find out whether Jeeva marries the girl of your choice.


Advisory on coverage of Mumbai terror attack anniversary

Ahead of the first anniversary of the Mumbai terror attack, the Information and Broadcasting Ministry has issued an advisory to all television channels urging them to do "balance" and "responsible" reporting which showing programmes on the incident. The Ministry has said that as the investigation and trial of the terror attacks in Mumbai are in progress, there is need for balanced coverage. On the occasion of the first anniversary of the terror attacks in Mumbai on 26 November 2009, the Ministry expects channels to show special programmes, news items, talk shows and interviews to highlight the incidents of last year. “Replays of disturbing visuals showing scenes of blood and gore or images of dead or seriously wounded or the emotional distress of victims/hostages and their families may bring back dreaded memories of the tragic incident and may indirectly fulfill the basic design of the terrorists to spread fear and insecurity in the minds of people,” the advisory said.

The media has been advised to keep in mind the contents of the communication while telecasting programmes in connection with the anniversary of Mumbai terror attacks. The government had issued directives on 27 November and 3 December last year to media, regarding the coverage of the terrorist attack, in which TV channels were asked to exercise caution while covering the incidents to avoid any adverse impact on the rescue operations. The advisory noted that while the media has “always been in the forefront of the crusade against terrorism by building strong public opinion and consensus against the senseless acts of terrorists”, it is necessary to continue to display “a high degree of maturity and sensitivity” while covering events of terror and terror related issues. “Perhaps the occasion could be used to reiterate India’s commitment to fight terror and our continuing resolve to effectively counter any acts of terror against the country,” the Ministry communiqué added.

Pallikattu Sabarimalaikku

Swami Iyappan, a popular serial on Vijay TV, depicts the life of the Lord Iyappan. The series is based on many stories based on through generations has been enacted beautifully by a strong cast. Keeping in track with the season of Lord Iyappa which is depicted by the coming of the month of Karthigai, Vijay TV has introduced a new show titled, Pallikattu Sabarimalaikku airing everyday at 6.30 AM. This show talks about the mystical and magical powers of Lord Iyappa and the specialty of karthigai month. The show also features details of the pilgrimage to Sabarimalai, how the fast for 41 days is observed, the motive for the holy trip and the significance of the 18 steps.

Earlier there was similar show with same name which had testimonials of devotees who speak about the greatness of Lord Iyappa and how the Lord has changed their lives in the time of difficulty. It will also feature few spiritual Gurus’ speaking about the greatness of the holy land – Sabarimalai. Along with them devotees of Lord Iyappa will also speak about the magnitude of the Lord Himself. Pallikattu Sabarimalaikku airs as a prelude to Swami Iyappan and the viewers can get the blessings of Lord Iyappa at 6.30 AM on Vijay TV.

Anbe Vaa Contest

Anbe Vaa is a love story of Jana, Devi, Jeeva Sandhya and Priya, who are under constant pressure to make their relationships work. Unusual twists and turns add to the drama. ?Now, there is a special on-air contest for ‘Anbe Vaa' viewers. The viewers have to choose who will marry Jeeva - his close friend Sandhya, who has been with him in times of trouble or Priya with whom Jeeva is on love. The audience poll will determine Jeeva's life partner. Voting promos commence from today (November 20).
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