Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Kaviyin kural - 2

kaviyin kural round is getting interesting with valiba kavignan Vaali's songs got over yesterday.. its now with 5 contestants who will be singing songs written by Vairamuthu.. yesterday's show started with lyricist Snehan coming to the show and he is now into acting in films even ;).. after his entry, the show started straight away with Renu. It was Vijay Narayan, Rohit and Prasanna who did really well in this episode of the round.. but it was Rohit who had been selected for the next round and wins the gold coin even..

Raghuram.. Obviously.

Dance master Raghuram will be join the judges of Ungalil yaar adutha Prabhudeva.. this week with the solo round performance I think Raghuram master is the best choice for judging.. I thought after Gayathri Raghuram came into the show it should be obvious for Raghuram to join even.. He has been top dance masters in tamil film industry and he was also commenting about the show during the pongal special episode... I think with the competition heading to top few contestants its time for the top dance masters like Raghuram, Sundaram to judge the performance..

Where was Sneha ?

It was supposed to be Koffee with Anu featuring Sneha with her family but I am not sure what had happened last week.. I was out of home and came back at 10 PM & when I saw Star Vijay it was Ungalil yaar adutha Prabhudeva show going on which was for 3 hours.. Was the koffee with Anu which had Sneha got over prior to it or any change in timings ????

Hunt has begun...

With Achi's Tamizh Pechu Engal Moochu got over and Vijayan from Thanjavur bagging the award, the hunt has begun for the next season of the show. This time its like junior version with the entry is open only for ppl aged between 8-15 years. it will be fun to watch young talents trying to speak in tamil... Interested ppl can send sms and get registered for the audition. be ready for the action to start...

Ravi Immunized !!!

It was Ravi to get immunized in kaviyin kural round of Airtel Super Singer 2008. it was with Kannadan special sterday and contestants have to sing songs written by the legend. Ravi came up with "Senthamizh thenmozhiyam nilaavena.." and ROCKED the stage with his brilliant impressive performance. Sad part is, he wont be singing in today's and tomorrow's episodes..

Kaviyin kural - 1

It was dedicated to the great Kannadasan's songs in first episode of the kaviyin kural round in Airtel Super Singer 2008. show started with Renu singing "nenjam marapathillai" which was quite good, it was followed by Prasanna with his "paramasivan kazhuthil".. as usual he was singing in the voice of the singer. Rohit came in next "kaalangalil aval vasantham".. his performance was bad and he sang very different from the original. Ajeesh was the next with his "then sinthuthe vaanam", it was good performance by him too. judges were commenting about his open voice yet again ;)

Vijay Narayan gave simple performance with "annan ennada thambi ennada" which was definitely wrong choice of song bcos he could not prove anythign with the song. Ravi was the next to rock the stage with "senthamizh thenmozhiyam nilavena" and he was very impressive with it. Finally Ranjani came up with another rocking performance "naalai indha velai paarthu". Her performance was equally good as Ravi's.

Whats in Kaviyin kural Round ??

Kaviyin kural round started yesterday in Airtel Super Singer 2008.. this round will have the contestants to sing songs written by Kannadasan, Vaali and Vairamuthu. So, it would be 1 song of each great lyricist by each contestant.. yesterday it was for Kannadasan and today,tomorrow will be with Vaali & Vairamuthu. More to this 1 best performer will be immunized and will be automatically selected for the next round. with that the best performer will also get a gold coin as appreciation.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Sada in UYAP

Actress Sada will be the special judge for the solo round of Ungalil yaar adutha Prabhudeva show.. after having quite familiar actors as the special judges like Shanthanu, Shaam, Srikanth, Sneha, Gayathri Raguram its now Sada.. from the promo this week's judges are quite good with their comments and I hope they dont hurt the contestants with their comments :)

Solo Round..

It will solo round in Amul's Ungalil yaar adutha Prabhudeva this week..it will be good to see these top contestants in solo round and till now whenever they do solo performance they seem to do better than in group :) in the dance for life round where eliminations were decided they used to perform solo dance & almost all will be quite impressive. So, this round will be a treat to watch for sure. More to it the show will have Raguram master to judge the performance of the contestants.

Pasumai Ninaivugal..

With Tamizh Pechu Engal Moochu show getting to an end last week, it was recap kind of show yesterday. It was said to be pasumai ninaivugal and showed the clippings of the performance of the finalist in particular.. I saw the oviyam round which was shown sterday again.. and nothing much.. but there are ads for the next season for the show even..

Everyone is back...

Everyone in Aitel Super singer 2008 is back this week which is dedicated for kavignargal.. Chinmayi will be hosting the show after last week's absense.. then the judges will be with long time team of Srinivas, Sujatha & Unnikrishnan :) With top 7 contestants fighting for the next round spot I feel its time for the show to change judges..

Snehan in Super Singer..

Lyricist Snehan will be featured in this week's kavignargal week of Airtel Super Singer 2008.. I felt he is good choice for this round of the show or might be thamarai would also been a better choice :).. lets see whether he gives any lyrics for the competitors to sing in this round..


This week of Airtel Super Singer 2008 is dedicated for kavignargal.. especially for kaviyarasu Kannadasan, Vali and Vairamuthu.. so this show wil have songs from these legends :) Chinmayi will be back in this show & it will be a good entertainer..

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Modern ???

In Neeya Naana it was debate between the so called modern ppl & traditional ppl... Modern side was with women who dress like men.. say with cropped hair like men, shirt, pants/jeans, shoes like men and even men with long hair. traditional side was with normal ppl who dislike the so called modern dresses ;) but its all for attention & attraction these ppl try to do something so that they are being looked for everywhere they go..mmm... some women who came were really difficult to identify whether they are men/women just by seeing..when it came to a question whether ppl are ready to marry those modern ppl.. it was no straight away.
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