Friday, January 16, 2009

Star Vijay TV Availability..

Service Provider & Channel No

DirecTV USA - Channel 2004
Tata Sky India - Channel 807
Dish TV India - Channel 914
Vietbao CATV Vietnam - Channel 37
Big TV India - Channel 3470
Dialog TV Sri Lanka - Channel 52
Sun Direct India - Channel 06
StarHub TV Singapore - Channel 28
now TV Hong Kong - Channel 798
World On Demand Japan - Channel 731

Athanaikkum Aasaipadu

Athanaikkum Aasaipadu show had been one of my favourite programs in Star Vijay.. Sadhguru speaks out the importance of spirituality in our life & I remember when actors vijay, Parthiban, Crazy Mohan went on & spoke with him in the show. It was interesting when popular actors/ppl who dont believe in god or spiritualism speak with Sadhguru and how he answers their questions... I have read some small stories by Sadhguru in weekly magazines earlier but this program in Vijay TV was still more better. I will write separate post on Sadhguru and the ppl in show but now thought of adding this in my list of posting.. to start of with..

Whats they are upto ???

With the curiosity of what the jodi no 1 crew will do is broken with the new program Boys Vs Girls, the anxiety is still on how the show is going to be.. I am waiting to see the first episode atleast to know whats gonna happen in it.. Star Vijay is a leader in bringing new programs in the tamil channels & they bring these quite frequently.. I was thinking whether they will stick on with jodi no 1 pariticipants or they will also include ppl from ungalil yaar adutha Prabhudeva.. to get to know the answers for these questions.. we got to wait for 1 more week..till jan 23rd atleast ;)

What is TRP and how is it computed?

A television programme or a commercial sent over the air, on a cable system, or direct from a satellite is available for viewing by millions of viewers. How does one know how many of those millions are actually viewing a particular programme? Unlike a newspaper or a magazine, where the publisher can count how many copies are sold, there is no direct way to know exactly how many people are watching any given programme. Hence, indirect measuring techniques based on the statistical sampling theory, called Television Audience Measurement (TAM), are used.

Technically speaking, TAM is a specialised branch of media research, dedicated to quantifying and qualifying detailed TV audience information. In India, TAM is commonly referred to as TRP or TV Ratings Points. Generally, when used for the broadcast medium, a rating point equals 1% of the given
population group.

Why do we need these ratings?
With the hundreds of crores of rupees spent annually on TV programmes and commercials, reliable TV audience information is required to evaluate and maximise the effectiveness of this investment. This has led to the ever-increasing desire by broadcasters, advertisers and advertising agencies to have accurate, consistent and detailed information about TV audiences. These ratings, if reliable and valid, become `common currency' for the market's commercial airtime. Media planners and buyers evaluate the alternative programmes offered to best achieve their advertising goals, broadcasters evaluate programmes or a station’s popularity and how much to charge advertisers for commercials during a programme or on a given
channel. In those cases where the channels are funded wholly or partly by public licence, they provide accountability.

How is viewership measured?
There are many ways to measure the audiences. One is through random telephone calls (if teledensity is satisfactory). Another is by using TV diaries, booklets in which samples of viewers record their television viewing during a measurement week. However, with the increasing numbers of channels, multiple broadcasting platforms and increased numbers of TV sets and remote controls per family, electronic gadgets called people meters are used to measure audiences. The people meter, about the size of a paperback book, is placed on each TV set in the sample home. The box has buttons, and lights are assigned to each person who lives in the household (with additional buttons for guests). Each meter is capable of accurately monitoring every second, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, what is being viewed on each TV set and by whom. The meter stores this data. The data is then periodically transmitted by means of the family's telephone line, or a dedicated cellular telephone line to a central computer for analysis. In actual practice, all the three methods are used in combination, for increasing the
accuracy and for crosschecking.

The world's first people meter was installed in 1976 in 500 homes in Italy by LCM Graman, an Italian market research company. Today, AC Nielsen, AGB Group and Gallup are the three leading TAM agencies. Most of the television markets in the world have a single TAM rating. However, India till recently had two - one called TAM done by AC Nielsen and other INTAM reported by ORG-MARG. However by the end of this year, TAM and INTAM will be merged to form a consolidated industry standard.

How reliable are TRP ratings?
As with any sampling, TRP ratings could be inaccurate due to sampling errors like inadequate coverage of the TV owning population. In India, for example, TAM ratings are based on people meters installed in only 16 top cities in nine states. Also, the panel households exclude lower middle and top income bracket households, which are keen watchers of niche English channels. Then the whole system is based on the list of metered households being confidential so that their viewing habit is not unduly influenced.

Courtesy : Television point

Pongal Thiruvizha ends..

Pongal thiruvizha in our Star Vijay had come to end but I hope to see the programs in youtube and other websites few more times.. there are some of my favourite programs that I wish to see again atleast once.. hope you even have similar in your mind.. enjoy seeing the shows.. as usual Vijay TV ROCKS in the variety of programs..

Nayanmigu Nayanthara

No doubt that Nayanthara is the leading actress in tamil film industry and she looks to be top for quite some time... it was good that Vijay TV had her interview... I dint see the show fully but made up for quite interesting questions ;) when the show was about to end there were 3 fans of Nayanthara who could not control themselves started wooing in front of camera.. it was in the house boat where she was speaking and 1 guy said that he would even fall in water if she asks him to do so :).. so die hard fans.. there were questions asked to Nayanthara on her friends in film industry and even about Simbu ;)

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Villuku Vijay..

It was after quite some time seeing actor Vijay in small screen for 2 hours speaking with his fans, other actors and about his latest film Villu... the show was with full of Vijay fans & they speaking on what they liked in Vijay and what they expect from him... it was nice to see Vijay speaking with director S.J.Surya and actor Danush and the way he called them "anna"... and it seems thats the way he has been until now. there were dance performance by Pooja (Sanjay/Pooja jodi girl), Nethran & few more ppl..Vijay, usually seems to be very reserved kind of person was made to speak out by Gopinath & his fans..

Koffee with Sneha..

It will be Sneha & her family to have koffee with Anu this week.. From the promo, Sneha comes in with her sister and her sister's children. I am not sure whether she had come earlier even in the show for any movie... she says that everyday after waking up she will her mother's face & thinks that to be lucky ;). I was expecting her to be in the show bcos she came in for ungalil yaar adutha Prabhudeva and also in a special interview for pongal..

Villu special !!!

Its Villu film special everywhere in Vijay Tv.. In Amul's ungalil yaar adutha Prabhudeva contest, 11 contestants will be fighting for the next round with Prabhudeva himself coming to the show... it is expected that they will perform most popular numbers like ‘Rama rama’, ‘Daddy Mummy’, ‘Jalsa’, ‘Dheem ta na na’, Vada mapillai’, ‘Nee kobapattal’...
another program villuku vijay that has actor vijay in the show speaking with Gopinath & answering the questions. In the show Prabhudeva tells Vijay as Director's Actor & any producer is ready to spend money for his film..

Prabhudeva at UYAP..

Prabhudeva himself will be available in the competitive rounds of the Unagalil yaar adutha Prabhudeva show.. the contest now left with 11 contestants are all set to perform songs from the film Villu.. so far the show had dance master Johny, Ashok Raja, Raguram, Cool Jeyanth and many more leading choreographers from the industry as judges. Also actors like Sneha, Gayatri Raguram, Lakshmi Rai, Simbu, Shyam, Santhanu and many other popular faces from the film fraternity have judged the performances. Prabhudeva in one instance says that he is also eagerly waiting to who is the title winner

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

City Vs Town

Its Pattikada or Pattanama in Neeya Naana Pongal Special. The show started with Gopinath asking the ppl from town to share their problems when they came to city. there were many problems from dressing, language, food, etc... but the show spent quite some time discussing the dress & dressing sense of ppl from town. i think they dont get similar exposure to the malls & shops that city ppl have.. but for sure when the ppl from town come into city, say in few months they get adopted to the environment. with the language even, in city like chennai these days ppl started speaking more of english words and thats not found in town..

There were comments on thinking & thoughts of town ppl and that makes them to feel inferior in front of others.. and I feel thats true. In this time of the world, I dont think there are much of problems for the town ppl bcos they are changing a lot & the adoptability of the ppl have improved..

Sivakumar's diary

Sivakumarin diary was very impressive program that the Star Vijay had telecasted on pongal day. The show was for 1 and a half hours & it was meant for Mr. Sivakumar to share his life experiences that he had penned in his diary. He spoke about his early stages of his life when he struggled a lot.. it was great achievement by him in his teens was able to learn and practice yoga. we could see lot of difficult ones being achieved in 6 months... in his terms, love during teen would be a disaster in life :( and he expects ppl to love and get married when they get settled in job.

His first experience in AVM studio was also very interesting.. his first acting chace was to speak a dialog & was given 3 days time... not a big dialogue though. there were some celebrities speaking about him in the middle of the show and sharing their experience with the life time achiever.

Shivakarthikeyan everywhere..

This week we see Sivakarthikeyan everywhere in Vijay TV ;).. he came in the samayal samayal show with the topic being "bachelors special" meant for the bachelors who could cook with what they have left behind in the house. Sivakarthikeyan & his friend did "Bread Pondichery" and they are selected to next round of the show even. He is into Kodambakam iskool speaking like Ajith. He is seen in some performance in Trisha's special program tomorrow. Also, he is into new program Boys Vs Girls promo ad. I think anyone would like to see him in screen bcos he makes everyone laugh and Star Vijay doesnt want to miss him :)

Too much of Editing ???

In last few weeks of Neeya Naana there seems to be lot of editing being done in the videos.. in the promotional ads they show few clips that doesnt come in the show. We could easily see the editing errors in Airtel Super Singer & Jodi No 1 but to the list is added with Neeya Naana. might be censored by the directors/producers themselves ?? if so why not in the promo ;)

Boys Vs Girls

With Jodi No 1 getting to an end.. as expected கி பி 2009 is going to replace the show. Its going to have many serial actors dancing but with a difference. It will be competition between men & women & optly the show is named as Boys Vs Girls with tag "maaberum nadana potti". It has DD, Deepak, Sivakarthikeyan, Michael & many many more.. lets see how they come up with this program..

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Not impressive..

Unplugged fusion round of the Airtel Super Singer got over yesterday.. but I was not impressed with the show. in fact I dint see the show fully.. it was like a concert rather as competition.. I felt lil disappointed first for misssing Chinmayi then for missing the contestants & their performance. the show looks like dragging a lot. Also, it would have been good experience for the contestants to sing with the background musicians :)

Guests/Judges all the way...

Unplugged fusion round of Airtel Super singer 2008 started of with Anuradha Shriram singing "athan ennathan" and it was followed by Srinivas himself with "kallellam manika kallaaguma". There was Shaindavi who made her visit to the show & sang "unnai onru ketpen unmai solla vendum" and she was followed by Haricharan with "ullathil nalla ullam". Then came the duet part of Shirnivas & Anuradha with "thanimayile inimai kaana mudiyuma". finally srinivas came back again with individual performance of "kaalangalil aval vasantham" & Anuradha withh "marainthirunthu paarkum marumam enna".

Whos in Unplugged Fusion ???

With the Unplugged fusion round started yesterday in Airtel Super Singer 2008, it is with great musicians who will score the bgm for the contestants & guests. The ppl responsible for the background music are,

Stephen Devassy, பியானோ

Umashankar, கடம்

Rajesh Vaidhya, வீனா

Naveen, பிளுடே
I dint find the photo of Naveen, will post that soon I get :)

Unplugged Fusion

This week on Airtel Super Singer, the round is called as Unplugged Fusion. It has leading musicians who play around with their instruments. Since, this being the pongal time, the there will not be any competitive round rather it looks like concert ;)... Yesterday there was no performance from the contestants and it was with special guest & judges themselves singing. Also, Chinmayi is missing from the show & replaced by Yugendran/Malini..

Monday, January 12, 2009

Pongal 2009

Special programs in Star Vijay for Pongal.


05:30 • Mangala Isai

06:00 • Arul Urai

06:30 • Samarpanam

07:00 • Deiva Thamizhisai Vizha

07:30 • Sivakumarin Diary

09:00 • Koffee With Anu Season 2

10:00 • Villukku Vijay

12:00 • Nayanmigu Nayanthara

13:00 • Cheranin Pokkisham

14:00 • The Transporter

17:00 • Pudhu Paadalgal

17:30 • Nandalala - Oru Sirappu Paarvai

18:00 • Koffee With Anu Season 2

19:00 • Nayanmigu Nayanthara

20:00 • Cheranin Pokkisham

21:00 • Sivakumarin Diary

22:30 • Nandalala - Oru Sirappu Paarvai


05:30 • Mangala Isai

06:00 • Arul Urai

06:30 • Samarpanam

07:00 • Deiva Thamizhisai Vizha

07:30 • Pongal Vaazhthu

08:00 • Sirappu Pattimandram

09:00 • Neeya Naana - Pongal 209

10:00 • Azhagiya Cindrella - Pongal 20009

13:00 • Smiley Sneha

13:30 • Darling Darling Divya

14:00 • Naan Aarya

15:00 • Chennai Virundhu

18:00 • Taxi 4777 - Oru Sirappu Paarvai

18:30 • Villu - Oru Sirappu Paarvai

19:00 • Smiley Sneha

19:30 • Darling Darling Divya

20:00 • Neeya Naana

21:00 • Villukku Vijay

I was Jodha Akbar !!!!

In Nadanthathu Enna, today it will be meeting woman from a very popular family who remembers her previous birth & claims that she was Jodha Akbar in her previous birth.. sounds interesting... she says, if anyone walks through the path in which they went in previous birth then they will remember about the previous one & their life. will update after seeing the show today ;)

Whats Next ???

There was no promo ads for Airtel Super Singer 2008 on this week's show.. I was waiting to see any promo but dint happen to see any.. did u guys know wats going to happen next..which round is gonna come. there will not be any special episode for pongal anyhow but not sure about regular show...

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Boys/Girls Down Down..

Recently there are some animated promotional for the next version of the Jodi No 1 participants.. I guess its already with promo which has ki pi 2009 & shows men Vs women. Over to that this animated promo even flashes quite frequently showing boys down down and girls down down. with jodi no 1 getting over last week, this week we might see some new program which will have competition between men and women...


For the first time I saw Kodambakkam Iskool yesterday.. Wooo.. it was too good. Seeing all the stand up comedy kings in one room was quite exciting. Each playing their part in imitating the heros from Ajith, Bagyaraj, Captain, Gounda Mani, Loose Mohan & few more. Yesterday's class was about Thirukural and comment by students (comedy kings) will make everyone laugh. Its a very good initiative by Star Vijay by bringing in new programs that would attract the audiance very much. I will continue watching the show every week...

It was S V Shekar's marriage...

It was actor/comedian S.V. Shekar & his daughter's marriage in last week's Namma veetu kalyanam. Both S.v. shekar with his wife & his daughter with her hubby were in the show.. (not together) speaking about their marriage.. it was great to see S.V. Shekar's wedding album where all leading actors were in the photos. Even his daughter's marriage, the dance & entertainment was interesting. His sense of humour was ultimate when he said.. few ppl thought that they dance for marriages & enquired about dancing in other marriages even ;)

அ ஆ இ ஈ

There was a special program on the film A Aa E Ee with the crew.. almost everyone except the upcoming actress Sharanya Mohan. Actors Navdeep, Monica, Arvind with the director Sabapathy were in the show. I never knew that the film is from AVM productions... I wish Saranya was even there ;).. any idea how is the film ???

Dance King/Queen

This week, final week of Jodi No 1 show was with some of the season 3 participants performing individual dance for the Dance King & Dance Queen title. Its not that all, they would even take away 1.5 lacs worth LCD TV. The difference with the show is, when men dance, all other women contestants will be judging & vice versa... The comments obviously were not so great bcos everyone were teasing others ;)

With 5 men & 5 women fighting for titles, it was finally judged - Suhasini as Dance Queen & Nethran as Dance King. I felt Suhasini's dress was too bad...Others were quite okay & good.

Its Vijayan..

In Tamil Pechu Engal Moochu had come to end with today having Vijayan as the winner of the show. I have been seeing this show for quite sometime but not all the rounds. But, it was very informative & interesting show. In the grand final, the choice of winner in 2 final rounds was by ballot, voted by the audience in the hall.

Vijayan, the lad from Thanjavur was judged the Winner and crowned the 'Best Tamil Orator of Tamilnadu'. He was awarded a prize money of five lakhs. Vijayan who has Political Interests promised to spend the prize money for the upliftment of the downtrodden in Villages.

Coming to an end..

The best Tamil contest show ever had come to an end today. Tamil Pechu Engal Moochu is not only an inspiration for the Tamil lovers but was also equally an entertaining and informative program. Among Channels run by people who claim to be the guardians of Tamil, Vijay TV, Nellai Kannan and James Vasant have not only proved that Tamil can be a TRP earner, but also that it is a channel with a difference which believes in results and ingenuity.

In the audition stage, the participants were made to choose from a Tamil " letter", " word", or "sentence" who spoke extempore. Renowned Tamil scholars, 'Thamizh Kadal' Nellai Kannan and Arivumathi judged the competition. From the 6 zones, over 200 best orators were selected and they were put to task at various levels of competition. Post elimination , 30 final contestants were chosen and they were put to test in many rounds varying from Story Narration, Poetry recital, Pattimandram, Elocution etc. Innovative rounds like ‘Kaaviya Surukkum’ (novels); where the participants need to narrate any great epic like the ‘Silapadikkaram’, ‘Manimegalai’, ‘Kundalakesi’ in 3 minutes, ‘Vaadham Vivadam’ (debate),“Vannangalum Varnanaigalum”, “Arasiyal Vivadha Medai”, “Pazamozhi Kuttikathai”, “Makkal Suttru” and many more rounds were a part of this successful television show that showcased the spirit of Tamil language.

Courtesy : Chennai TV NEws

Grand Final

The Grand Finals of the Tamizh Pechu Engal Moochu show was held on December 20th in Anna Auditorium. Nellai Kannan was the Judge. Nellai jeyantha , Sivakumar, Nanjil Sampath, Nakeeran Gopal , Vasanthi stanley and Malaiswamy were special Judges. It was in front of a packed auditorium full of renowned Tamil scholars and patrons. Among those present were Kundara Kudi Ponambala Adigalar, Dr. Nannan, Former Director Thamizh Development Commission, Government of Tamilnadu and Dr. Thamizh Annal, Former Head of Madurai Kamaraj University, Dr. Thiruvasagam, Vice Chancellor Bharathiyar University - Coimbatore, Dr. Rajenderan Vice Chancellor Thamizh University - Thanjavur, Dr.Ponnaivaikko Vice Chancellor Bharathidhasan University - Trichy and Dr. Palanisamy Vice Chancellor Tamilnadu Open university

Vijayan, Arul selvan and Abhirami who are for this final round were asked to speak for 15 minutes on 'Tamilan, Yesterday, today and Tomorrow'. They went to the second round where they were asked to speak on "Where is the nation Going?"
koffee with anu super singer jodi no 1 anu alavum bayam illai celebrating kamal's 50 vijay tv vanga pesalam kallikaattu pallkoodam maharani vijay awards vpl en peyar meenakshi yuvan vijay tv anchors kings of comedy