Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Mytho-thriller 'Yaamirukka Bayamein'

A pioneer in creating differentiated content, Vijay TV is soon to launch a thriller based fiction series titled 'Yaamiruka bayamein'. First of its kind, Vijay TV is very proud to introduce this spiritual-thriller which is sure to captivate audiences. The recent promotional message on the channel goes like this: "Boomikkul pudainthu irukkum ragasiyam urangividum; manitha managallukul pudaintha ragasiyam urangaathu"; the secret buried remains undiscovered but the secret inside one’s mind always would urge the person to explore".

An extensive marketing activity is underway apart from the on air promotions. A spiritual Van is visiting the abodes of Lord Muruga spreading the message about the navabaashanam based Idol at Palani. It is an innovative below the line (BTL) activity which has created ripples in the market.

Story synopsis:
'Palani' is one of the sacred abodes of Lord Murugan. Going by the legendary stories, Lord Murugan’s idol was created and consecrated by the sage Bhogar (popularly known as siddhar). The idol is believed to be made of an amalgam of nine substances (navabhashanam), and placed upon a pedestal of stone, with an archway framing it. It is also believed that Bhogar had created a similar looking idol and its whereabouts are still not known.

The second statue is said to be hidden in the hills of Palani and many groups are in search of the idol since time immemorial. But the search has never been accomplished by anyone so far & the search continues!
In the recent past, Indrani and Thinaikaathan – members from two different families hailing from the Palani hills are in rigorous search of the statue, claiming it to be their ancestral property. In this attempt to search the statue, both the families have faced many deaths too.

With the continuing murders, Inspector Vettrivel is pressed to investigate the case and his friend Aarumugam who is from Palani says that this mysterious death is strongly associated with the search of the Lord Murugan Idol. At first, Inspector Vettrivel is very skeptical about the story but there are startling facts that emerge as he moves along. With many unexpected twists taking place in the story, Yaamirukka Bayamein is sure to hold the viewers interest throughout.

Apart from the two families who are already in search of the idol, another group of people are in it for the money. Will the search end in finding out the missing second idol or more lives would be sacrificed? Was there a second idol at all? What is the story behind Bhogar and the never ending search? Tune into Yaamirukka Bayamein to find out more, February 22 onwards.

Cast & Crew:
With the popular story-writer Indra Soundarajan doing the screenplay, Director Naga who is known for his mythos–thrillers along with Ramji has written the main story of Yaamirukka Bayamein. The music is scored by Srihari Krishna, Actors Vadivukarasi, Master Chanakya, Sasi Anand, Anil, Mahalakshmi and many more would be a part of this serial.

Do not miss to watch the mystical serial titled "Surya TMT Yaamirukka Bayamein" beginning from February 22, 2010, will air every Monday – Thursday, 7:30pm on Vijay TV.

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