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Celebrity Host - Anu Hasan

Celebrity Host - Anu Hasan

Star Vijay TV Celebrity Hosts/Anchors Series

Celebrity Host :
Anu Hasan

Vijay TV Programs :
Koffee with Anu (multiple seasons)
En Samayal Arayil

Anu Hasan's Kofee with Anu program has been one of the very popular TV shows in tamil regional television channels. She has been able to maintain the momentum for the program and it is like a great missing between the seasons. Koffee with Anu started as Koffee with Suchi which was being inspired by Koffee with Karan in Star Plus. If not exactly similar to Hindi version of the program, Koffee with Anu manages to satisfy the expectations of tamil audiences. There were quite many variants in the show between the seasons and every bit has been entertaining. Best of Koffee with Anu is the best amongst the season where you get to see the more entertaining parts of different guests interview.

Television interview featuring celebrities/guests were not so interesting earlier and not too frequent as in weekly basis. We used to have television interviews of the celebrities during festival only. Koffee with Anu made a huge impact in having interviews with the celebrities every week and more interesting part has been the home work that they do to speak about the incidents of the celerbrities life. With the 3 seasons completed in Koffee with Anu and all of us waiting for the next season to launch, I thought I should write about this show and anchor Anu Hasan here.

With guests from various fields but most of them from the film industry made to the show. Within film industry we have seen people from Musicians, Directors, Actors, Comedians, Supporting actors, Evergreen artists from which we still remember some of the most memorable events. Apart from film industry, we had also seen people from Sports, Hospital, Politicians in the show. I always thought that they could increase the show with people from non-film industry but after all it becomes more entertaining with popular figures in the show.

Anu and her team has been doing lot of homework to bring celebrities to the show and get funny incidents, photos, albums into the show. Apart from Koffee with Anu, Anu Hasan also hosted En Samayal Arayil aired during the weekends afternoon which showcased her cooking talent. This show was a tailor made for her which had her cooking style and her friends tasting the food. I would have liked Star Vijay TV to continue this program with few more celebrities.

There were several different segments in the Koffee with Anu program and I wanted to list them here for our remembrance,

Koffee Award - Guest select a person from the film industry who is given a coffee cup autographed by the guest. This coffee cup is the koffee award.

On TV Segment - This segment features friends or family sharing their thoughts about the guest.

Rapid Fire - Questions are fired in quick succession at the guests. Best part is the gift hamper to best answered guest.

Nostalgic Moments - The host brings on to the set, something really special to the celebrity... A special object, photographs or person from the past and the nostalgia is shared.

Prank Call - Guest get into act to make prank call and make contraversial statements to them which will make the person on phone to speak out something in camera.

Koffee Tarrot - The host has a set of photographs of people, usually celebrities, the guests are acquainted with. She places the photographs face down on a table. Each guest picks up three photographs and speaks about their views or experiences with those celebrities for a few minutes.

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