Friday, October 16, 2009

Ulaganayagan Kamal 50 - Day 1 Part 2


I dont remember which actor started about the 1980s films. It was SP Muthuram and Prabhu

SPMuthuraman: “Me and Manorama Achi's first film as assistant director & female comedian was Kalathur Kanamma. We are proud to say that this is our 50th anniversary function as well. When Kamal was kid, I used to take him around the shooting set and explain him things... but now this guys is taking me around and showing his collections, world cinema“.

Prabhu - ”Kamal had spent more time with my father than me and my brother Ramkumar. So, I could say that Kamal is the real heir for my father in acting". I think Kamal had given Prabhu the break in the film which was a very big break in his career.

Heroines Stage

Actress Radhika came into the stage and she was making the show live... really live..she said, "Without heroines like us how can Kamal be called as Kaadal Mannan? Everytime I see movie or act with Kamal in scene where he romancing the heroine, I always believe that Kamal loves that girl in real life. But, after acting with him I came to know that if its even a buffalo he will look so romantic still. It shows his acting skills. I can tell here that I like Kamal Haasan;s eves very much". She started calling the heroines to the stage, Actress Revathi, Taby, Gowthami, Urvasi, Radhika, Rohini..

Revathi started singing "Ingi idupazhaga", Tabu spoke about what she learnt from Kamal.. on his make up time.
Gowthami said " I have acted 4 movies with him and after these many years I just wanted to say thanks". Gowthami was introduced by Radhika as Kamal Haasan's real life heroine.
Urvasi spoke about his eyes and his kissing and how she used to be in the sets.
Rohini had her poem about Kamal.

Kids with Flowers

It was very emotional moment when kids came in dancing for Kamal's super songs. Suddenly they started running to Kamal and danced in front of him with a rose in hand and Kamal was moved by this. Kids' dance was even very graceful and I liked this a lot.

Musical Delight

S P Balasubramaniam and Hariharan rocked the stage with their performances of the Kamal Haasan's songs. Stephen Devassy was scoring the background music and it was a perfect fusion in the evening. SPB said even though we sing the song, Kamal Haasan brings the emotions in the screen and that makes the song a super hit and popular.

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