Sunday, June 21, 2009

Talking Myena

Some can talk, some can only talk. Talking and Listening has become very important part of our life. Actually many must be wondering how come this paragraph starts with the words some can talk, while all with a mouth and a tongue can talk. But the fact is not all that which comes out from the mouth is talking. It is not people who think, 'they have a mouth and hence can talk', who can talk but it is those who look consciously for ears who can talk. It is this inseparable pair, a mouth and as many ears which gives the sense to talking. More the ears, better and popular the speaker.

Singing is a talent, which is different from a speech for it is about musical notes in a voice. Both Singing and talking can succeed only if the ears permits. And it is very rare that a single voice can do both with ease. Singers bring in their voice, feelings of sadness, joy, drama, shock etc etc and connect it with the listening ears and through it the heart, by their melodies and less noise. Speakers are also like musicians for they use their words instead of voice to connect. The connect is common. They both help their audience 'connect' with their emotions. Many musicians seldom speak, for may be it counter productive or may be it interferes in the quality of their voice. Very few like SPB and Chinmayi can do both with equal ease and with absolute no discomfort to either talent. The gift of the gab and the voice is bestowed on them.

Chinmayi knows many languages and is a popular singer. Also she can master any show by her elegant eloquence. She became a singer because of a TV program and she became an accomplished anchor again because of a TV show. She was a popular RJ, till the end of May in Aahaa FM in which she was a part right from it's inception. She in the end of last year abruptly disconnected herself from a popular TV show Airtel super singer for which she was the Anchor. Surprisingly it was malini who replaced her in both, raising eyebrows and a question whether it is sheer coincidence or more than what meets the eye.

Malini's confidence and elegance is of course her strength and her ability to cheer any audience is her forte. To compare Malini and Chinmayi is wrong for both have very different strength's. In fact may be it is unfair to Chinmayi to compare them. As for as RJing is concerned Malini is no less proficient for she had earlier anchored many shows, won many beauty pagents in Malaysia, and had headed Swarnoli, a FM station in Lanka. She is a Sinhalese by birth, brought up in Malaysia and lives in Chennai only after Marriage. So her accent is no way local and has all the mix of Lanka and Malaya. But then a Tamil ear likes an offbeat accent. An anchor of a sol vilayattu never can get more popular than a 'isai kudumbam'.

But what pains is should one talent grow only at the expense of another? Is there not enough space for a proper and decent co existence? Why should one chase and shoo the other to make a living?

Chinmayi is suddenly seeing many complex situations. Her voice is suddenly pulled out of AIR and her presence is very seldom in the small screen too. Now there is also competition in the dubbing field too, where a small group have ganged together as an union and are aiming to prevent RJ's from becoming Dubbing artiste. So it looks like the parrots have ganged against a talking Myena. The some who can talk only are edging out the very less who can also talk, it seems.
Chinmayi is a multi faceted person and is immensely Intelligent and talented and surely she will find her space which will only be big. When a door shuts it is always a key for a bigger door. Apples do not grow everywhere, surely not in Chennai, but is sought everywhere.

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