Monday, September 21, 2009

Speaking English..

In Neeya Naana it was an interesting topic to speak on.. it was the debate between the people who know & speak english and people who dont know english but try to speak. The show started really funny with the people saying what they thin about the opposide side. Then came to what nick name they use for people who speak in english... from Peter, Elizabeth, Vetti Scene and so on.. I think it was earlier that theere was differentiation in people when they speak english but now this differentiation is not much but still there are some in schools and colleges. Difenitely it takes time for the people who had not studied in english medium school and they try hard to speak in english. It was an great moment when that person who was shown the door during his interview when he doesnt know english spoke in the show in english. Although his english was not fluent, I think he has achieved what he had thought of.

I thought there was reason in both the sides and they were really rite. But sometimes on the non-speaking english side, there was some inferiority complex kinda feeling that makes them to get angry when they see people who speak in english. "One Pomogranate please", "Opportunity" was quite funny..When special guests came in it was a boost for the non-speaking side when his points were really true.. It was an enjoyable show..

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