Saturday, January 9, 2010

Unseen/Bloopers Week..

It is Unseen videos and bloopers in Boys Vs Girls season 2 this week.. Last week the result of this season was out and Boys emerged winners this time.. This week the program has the unseen videos of the audience.. there were many unseen videos which were little serious and fight scenes ;) yesterday's had loads of fighting scenes which were not aired to I guess it would be bloopers in the show.. there were lot of bloopers even that will entertain us for sure..

I am wondering the way these scenes were and the shooting would have taken lot of time.. Its easy to say that realty show makes money but its not easy to have a realty show with lots of participants and celebrity judges.. for each week of the show they would shoot for atleast 5 to 6 hours I think.. I am really eager to know the time they take for these shows.. These bloopers and unseen vidoes.. if they are aired before the result and if the public votes count.. these shows might even change the judgement of the show easily.. and public sympathy/emotions will play a bigger part..


gayathri said...

hi shiva, belated happy bday.

blooper videos super. children's day special la rinsen pranav kuda oru scene pannirunthinga, handsomea irunthinga.

michael mathiri ponnunga en pinnadi varamatranganu solringalae, neenga ethanai ponnungaloada kanavu nayagan theriuma?

gayathri said...

hi shiva, priya kuda neenga panna duet round, awesome.

u are great man,u simply rocked that day.

gayathri said...

hi shiva,
unga timely commentlam simply superb.
all are doing mimicry like rajini sir, but neenga pannumpothu, unga personalityku supera match pannuthu.

boys vs girls mudinchu pochunu romba sada iruku.

we miss u shiva.

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