Sunday, January 3, 2010

Dance Attack Round..

This week in Airtel Super Singer it will be Dance attack round.. the contestants are supposed to sing fast and peppy numbers that will make the audiance, judge, special guest, host to dance.. from the promotional video it looks like whole of the crew and audiance dance for the songs.. it is something like who makes the crowd to dance most.. ;) Promotional video says, from chuttis to pattis, shubaji to manoji.. everyone is to be made dance.. thats in store for Super singer junior 2 this week with dance attack round..

It looks like Divya will continue to host the show with Chitra, Shuba and Mano judging the performances of the contestants..Ananth Vaidyanathan, the voice expert will continue in the show giving tips and tricks to the contestants..

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Anonymous said...

i cant belive that they eliminated sri prassana
he was my all time favorite contestant and i started crying so much when they said he was eliminated
i hope they keep on working with him and he comes back to the wildcard round or to ssj3!
i am going 2 miss him sooo much
anyone has any idea why there is not kalikattu palikoodam?
and those anyone have any pictures of shri prassana?

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