Thursday, September 17, 2009

Arthi Eliminated

It was Aarthi whos eliminated from the Anu alavum bayam illai show last week. The show is getting interesting as the level goes up and I think this show had got lot of viewers even. It was really difficult for Arthi to compete with the other contestants who are continuously getting best performer award every week. I think it was a very good run by Arthi given her physic and she had performed really well to be in the top 4 in competition.

Water Challenge again..

It was the challenge in water again but it was unlike the previous water game which was non-competitive round ;). There was a glass box which contains water and water can be filled in it even. So, the first task was to enter into the tank from top upside down. There will be a small box screwed all 4 sides in the bottom of the tank and upon opening the box there will be a stone( i dont remember exactly this).. Contestant got to enter upside down (ofcourse tied with the rope) and unscrew the box with spanner and take up the material. Water will be already available in the tank and water will also be filled continuosly from the top.

Next task was to stand in the tank with some water. Legs will be tied with a chain and locked. There would be 3 keys in the bottom of tank which the contestants got to search with their hands only. When they find it they will have to open by having their head immersed in water. AFter opening the 2 locks, there will be another lock on top of the tank which also should be opened. This task also has water coming into the tank regularly.

Now having Arthi eliminated from the show, it is with Santhoshi, VJ Pooja and Tarika competing for the next level in the competition..lets see how it goes..

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