Saturday, July 16, 2011

‘Jodi Season 5’: A report from the sets

Five weeks into ‘Jodi Season 5’, the energy is running high, with the ten dance pairs of this season bringing their best moves to the foreground. On Thursday, as the clocks strikes two in the afternoon, Prasad Studio is abuzz with activity as at this point (sixth episode onwards), the elimination rounds begin.

The dance floor is being laid, the white-balancing and lighting checked meanwhile a few hopeful participants request extra stage time for last minute rehearsals.

Daniel Xavier, director and producer of the show, seems very proud of his new Jodi team. He says, “Unlike the previous four seasons, which focused on celebrity partners, we have a wide variety of partners this time.” Take for instance, a father and his 9-year-old daughter (Nethran and Abhinaya), body builders (Prabu and Tyson), classical experts (Jayalakshmi and Moulika) and even look alike siblings (Ajeesh and Aneesh Rehman and Nirmal and Manoj Kumar).

So far the season has seen celebrity judges like Shanthanoo, Sneha (who made her presence for the Dasavatharam round) and Prasanna.

The fifth episode which goes on air this coming Sunday will have actress Meena on board for a Rajini special, coinciding with mass hysteria at his return in good health. Also a much anticipated guest on the show is Janani Iyer, of ‘Avan Ivan’ fame who will be seen in the following episode.

The highlight of this episode is the fusion round, complete with classical, western and folk styles blended together.

“Each participant will have to present a three minute performance which will be evaluated based the co-ordination skills of the pair and how far they reflect a mirror image,” Daniel explains.

And just when you think, that things might be getting a tad predictable, Daniel pipes in, “Two of our contestants, Rinson and Rafiq will be taking quite a risk by performing on nails. This is after Rinson fractured his little finger in the previous episode.”

The stage is set at 3.30pm and anchors Bhavna Balakrishnan, in a pretty gown and Siva Karthikeyan take their positions. Apart from the only permanent judge one the show — Ramya Krishnan, the other celebrity judge is actor Shaam. Although the elimination round was meant to be kept secret from the participants, Shaam happens to breaks the news unexpectedly, unnerving several dancers set to take the stage.

First to perform were the Rehmaan brothers, who had skipped the group formation round and have lost points. And next up, is Manoj and Nirmal, but unfortunately, Nirmal hurts his leg badly during performance. As the anchors and judges discuss whether they should be given a chance, it is doubtful whether Nirmal will recover in time. So will this lead to the duo getting eliminated?

After every performance, it is taken care of that the participants get a drink of water and have their faces wiped before the comments from the judges. Despite the bright lights and sequined costumes on camera, it is apparent that after a long afternoon of sweat and nerves, nothing comes easy in showbiz. (The sixth episode on Jodi No 1 will be aired on Vijay TV at 7pm
next Sunday, July 24).


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