Friday, May 27, 2011

GV Prakash Criticizes Vijay TV Music Awards

GV Prakash has come out in the open to discuss an important issue. The film industry and the media are surprised by how GV Prakash has outspokenly criticized Vijay TV and their (Music) Awards ceremonies. GV Prakash tweeted about his dissatisfaction with the channel’s awards. Also, there have been criticisms on the channel pleasing a few stars to have their extended cooperation. GV Prakash tweeted, “Worst award functions conducted by some channels and very ingenuine awards given just to please stars and increase their TRP… Injustice!”

GV Prakash was apparently displeased with the importance given to Yuvan Shankar Raja. Although, he expressed his apparent displeasure due to bias, many a technician in the Tamil film industry has also expressed displeasure in the award functions.

Some of the directors, technicians, editors, cinematographers and actors have all criticized Vijay TV awards and music awards, although some did anonymously. “They are just for the TRPs. Why would Kamal Hassan be given Best Lyricist Award for a failure film as Manmadhan Ambu? Has he written better lyrics than Vaali and Vairamuthu?”

“Yuvan Shankar Raja was given many awards as was given to AR Rahman. Why was SS Kumaran not given any awards for Kalavaani? The channel’s prime focus is TRP rating. If you have Kamal Hassan, AR Rahman and Yuvan Shankar Raja on screen, the TRP increases.”

“Adada Mazhaida and Thuli Thuli Thuli from Paiyaa have also come under criticism for they were not the best of songs of last year’s albums. The channel has two categories as “Best” and “Popular” which ensures that they please all sorts of technicians and bring them on the stage for the TRPs,” says a source.

The real meaning of awards is lost. They are no longer the credible recognition for art, music, movies and entertainment. The commercialization, commercial and ulterior motives of award committees have brought down the value of awards.

“They create categories on their own depending upon what happens in the industry and who agrees to attend the function. “Neela Vaanam” was awarded the “Best song sung by an actor”. If a director sings a song this year, they will have a category as “Best song sung by a director”, next year, and so will it be with “Editors, Cinematographers, and Producer,” notes humorously, a source.


balaji said...

nice post.... me too agree with it.... yet we cant say that they want more trp... the only channel which gives quality program a/c to me .....
the music talent should come up.... like said kalavaani..... it was awesome album.... nice to discuss stuffs which does not work but its very tough to be in the channel yto under go pressures.....

shankarganesh said...

I was looking forward to some blog like this to post my view. Though am a big fan of Vijay TV prg, this is a stupid prg made just with and for 4 celebs, Kamal sir, yesudoss sir, rahman sir and msv sir.

Even the tribute was a show off not from the heart. It is a good thought to honour the musicians passed away, but should have been done in a right manner. When lengthy clips about Kamal sir Rahman sir are shown, why not a clip for Chandrabose sir, Vasu sir and others?

I even felt Shahul sir was honoured to make Rahman sir happy. I think same way Mr.Sridhar.

No doubt Shahul sir is a great singer and so many media given their condolences for his demise that time itself. If we take a task, we should do neatly. If it is a tribute for musicians passed away in 2010, then fine, if they pkan to rewind, they should do that fully. No other musicians passed away after Shahul sir? When they remember Sound Engineer Sridhar sir, how can they not take Sundarrajan Sir (Conductor for Maestro Isaignani)? Sundarrajan sir is one genious who passed away with little or no popularity and I hope their family is also poor. To remember him, recollect the old voice in "Potri Paadadi Ponne".

Media is a powerful Medium. Please don,t cheat people and make them believe the votes are from them, though your tv decide the votes for your close Celebs.

One more doubt, Mr.Vijayaprakash called Mr.Blazee on stage and why an award came for him. Whoever comes to the stage, award will be given is their logic I think. They would have ordered in abundance. (Pathetic thing, Mr.Vijayaprakash was not awarded for his beautiful "Poo Vaasam" or "Om sivoham" earlier and was given for an easy simpe song like this...)

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