Friday, September 17, 2010

Neeya Naana Gopinath Apologizes to Vijay Fans

'Neeya Naana' Gopinath on Sunday apologized for 'hurting the feelings of Vijay Fans' on the Aug 29th Neeya naana episode where a participant expressed her views on Vijay acting in films lacking proper storyline, or has the same storyline or are remade films from other languages(Araccha Maave Araikathinga). These statement had made Vijay supporters angry and the fans had expressed their anger through blogs and mails to Vijay TV office in Chennai.

The incident went to the extent, that the angry fans of the star had started making hundreds of abusive calls to Kamaraj, the executive producer of Mercury Networks, which produces 'Neeya Naana' , "My inbox has been flooded with hundreds of derogatory messages, threatening me with dire consequences," Kamaraj says. Apparently, Kamaraj's number was shared on the actors active community on the popular networking site, Orkut for this purpose. "The fans can't take an alternate view about their star," grieves Kamaraj, who hopes for respite from marauding fans.

Now after the emotional outburst of Vijay’s fans on blogs and the internet forums, Gopinath on behalf of Vijay TV has apologized just before taking off the Sep 5, Neeya Naana Show. Speaking to the viewers, Gopinath said, "Neeya Naana is a user participated show which brings out many social issues on stage, and participants express his/her opinions freely. Sometimes when the participant share his/her views, opinions and counter-arguments emotionally, there are chances that statements made by the participant may hurt the feelings or sentiments of somebody else. Unfortunately a participant's comment about actor Vijay in the recently telecasted episode hurt the feelings or the sentiments of the actors fans. We sincerely convey our apologizes for the comments made as our program is a genuine, neutralized and unbiased.

Actor Vijay has been given his contribution in all the big endeavours of Star Vijay. He has honored Vijay TV by participating in various Vijay TV programmes.I assure you all again, Neeya Naana is not does have any intention to hurt any one personally. Likewise, many of the audiences have conveyed their regrets as few 'Neeya Naana' programmes have hurt their religious beliefs and Thali sentiments. In a program,where participants are free to express their views and opinions, it is inevitable that words coming out of frustration and emotion might hurt others. However Vijay TV apologizes for the statements made and will be rectifying these issues in the future". It is worth mentioning that Vijay TV had earlier apologized to actor Vijay for teasing the actor in a lollusabha programme (Pokkiri as Bakery).

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