Thursday, March 11, 2010

Kadhai Alla Nijam

Monday-Thursday, 12 noon

The reality show that hit the small screen eight years ago with actor Lakshmi at the helm, is back. The show reaches out to housewives and working women. Interesting stories await viewers this time round too --- two warring villages and their quest for peace; a kidnapped child saved by a family in Kerala, who prefers them over his biological parents and a woman suffering from Muscular Dystrophy trying to find solace.


hema said...

Dear Ms. Lakshmi,

A sleepless night after watching Animuthu. As this is my first mail to a TV channel, i really dont understand what to write. But i pray God that the boy is reunited with Mr and Mrs. Naser.

As he appeared on the screen every one would have watched the eyes of Mr and Mrs Naser. As we could see the lovein their eyes and the love, care etc that he has received in those 15 months. His father will not be able to affort or give him the care what Mr and Mrs Naser had given him and will give him in future. We could see the difference between this boy and the other children.

I know its really difficuly for a parent to give away the child but in case they did not find him what would be situation.......

They were really happy without this child as their process of producing a child did not stop...........

Anonymous said...

I totally disagree with Lakshmi and she is talking as if she is brokering a deal here. First of all, you should understand that the boy was kidnapped from a loving parents. They were not desperate to have their son disposed like commodity. Moreover, the parents have gone through a lot of pain to search this boy and redeem. They were never happy to see him vanish!!

Though I appreciate the fact that the muslim couple had taken care of this boy and done the needful but they failed to realize the anxiety that the parents would have undergone or validate the legal process through which this boy was handed over to them. There is no right for them to demand this boy to be with them while the boy truly loves to be with his parents and brothers. Remember he is just 5 years old and was kidnapped when he was 3 1/2 yrs.

The real culprits haven't been brought to justice instead Lakshmi is asking a question as if she is providing the bread and butter to the boy's family to give up of one of his sons for adoption. This sounds like a puppy dealing in a kennel. First of Lakshmi should not use sarcastic/wounding words on such a small boy who was kidnapped while he was 3 1/2 years old. Does she ever realize what level insecurity that kid would have gone through? She doesn't.. Rather than appreciating the boy's maturity and courtesy to greet the muslim parents and others, she is blaming the little kid to be a villain and playing double role. Who is the villain here? It's you Lakshmi and I am totally disappointed with your senseless logic and was expecting a better common sense approach from a matured personality like you.

Also, the boy's real father was interrogated with sensitive questions on having many kids. Who is she to question that? He can have as many kids as he can so long as provides love and affection and has the power to raise his family.

The boy's parent did not ask anyone for monetary support to raise his kids. Did he? Even, if he asks there is nothing wrong since I see him genuinely love all his kids.

Anonymous said...

Dear laxmi,

I really feel, anyone cannot handle such shows but only by a very strong, unbiased and practical minded person - which I find in you, by nature and not for the show alone. This I can say from the thoughts that you convey and the words that you use while conducting programes. Someone criticised you for using "hurting words".. probably you should take care of that, but as a viewer, we should also understand that many things are said in light hearted way.. like we generally talk.. in our real life... and must not be taken very seriously... it is a slight humour attached to her comments that is all. Again do not question, does humour required for such sensitve shows? probably yes because, the idea is not to cry along with the victims or affected, it is to give them solution, so to have a little light hearted fun hwile conducting the program, is not a crime. Lakshmi is not really hurting or offending, it is an expression of surprise, shock or whatever it may be... and in our real life we do use Oh you are a villain, Oh you are a are your own enemy..etc..

Lakshmi, welldone despite many comments by critics, which will also surely will be taken as tips to improve.

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