Thursday, February 4, 2010

‘Goa team’ @ Adhu Idhu Edhu

This week Vijay TV Adhu Idhu Edhu show "Goa Team" Director Venkat Prabhu, Actors Sneha and Aravind Akash. They would be performing to three different rounds – ‘Group – le-dupe –u’, ‘Siricha pochu’ and ‘Poi solla porom’. The elevator arrives with a group of three members from the same background, (3 conductors / 3 vets / 3 lady cops / 3 karattae artists etc.,).

Venkat Prabhu, Sneha and Aravind Akash each take consecutive chances to ask one question to each to one person in the group. At the end of this the celebrity need to identify the odd one in the group. The winner will be the one who finds out who is faking it in the uniform. In the second segment ‘Siricha pochu’, the elevator brings comedians who would perform certain stand-up acts in front of the celebrities. The one who laughs first would lose out on points. The third segment being ‘Poi solla porom’; each celebrity needs to narrate an incident of their experience with imagination. Before each of them will be three lit bulbs. The celebrity who identifies the three lies would be adjudged the winner.

Venkat Prabhu and his team, who are already best known for their witty comedy and timely sense of humor, are sure to enthrall the viewers with their laughing therapy. Tune into SVS Sun Oil Adhu Idhu Edhu this Saturday, February 06, 2010 at 7pm on Vijay TV.

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