Monday, July 6, 2009

What to Expect from Paatu Paadava..

With Paatu Paadava's promotional videos being shown up in Vijay TV quite frequently.. I was excited to know more information about the show & I came to know that its a lyrics game.. also its similar to what came in Star One "Bol Baby Bol". So, I thought it will be good if we get to know about the game show.. here it is..

Bol Baby Bol is a Hindi musical game show produded by Fox Television Studios that aired on STAR One every Friday to Saturday at 9:00 PM IST. It is based on the American show Don't Forget the Lyrics!. Hosted by Adnan Sami, the show features contestants that are quizzed on the lyrics of popular Bollywood songs. Contestants that provide correct answers can win as much as Rs 25 lakh, equivalent to about US $64,000. Adnan Sami hosts a brand new game show in which contestants are given a microphone, put on the spot, and challenged to remember the lyrics to popular Hindi film songs. The contestants must correctly fill in the missing lyrics for a chance to win money.

On Bol Baby Bol,contestants are given nine categories, which could be different lyricists, music directors, Bollywood actors and actresses, themes and situations. In each category, they will be given two songs of which they pick one. Then they'll take center stage to sing as the lyrics are projected on screen, but suddenly the music will stop and the words will disappear. The contestants will have to fill in the missing words of the song to win. Once the lyrics are recorded, each word counts, and only the exact lyrics will lead the contestants to the jackpot of 25 Lakhs!

If they sing 9 songs correctly, they are presented with one final song and final missing lyrics for the top prize of Rs 25 Lakhs. In their journey through the game, contestants can use any of their three Back-ups:

* Farishtey - Contestants family member or friend can come to their rescue and help them with the missing lyrics.
* Adla Badli - The chosen song is replaced with two song options.
* Gustakhi Maaf - Any two mistakes in the lyrics a contestant has sung are pardoned.

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